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Is it because they are too poor – wisdomintelligencewiserlove

Originally posted on Consultant Rapha Solomon Light     Because they are too poor…. These are the verbal instructions of what is largely credited with establishing Commandments and Laws on earth thousands of years ago….and a basis for death penalty and violence and “domestic violence” for thousands of years:

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by …

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Vice President’s Son DEAD at 46 – Sayings, Eulogy, Biography, Wise Sayings


When people fail to achieve when they are very young they personally fail to achieve in a more honest, biological way…then what really supports you is something as simple as women always being immoral.  I am supported by Angels, God and man directly, I am clearly your moral superior, and you cannot win legitimately in ten million years with all earth.  Remember, be but gracious and very, very good – you cannot win ethically and moral by God and Archangels.  You have already used blatantly and clearly immoral women.  You cannot now win ethically, particularly in the very long and heavenly terms. You cannot win socially – then You have immorally used human females against men AND you do not rule.

– Wisdom’s of Sargon and play, betting, gamesmanship, rules of engagement and choosing battles

Commandments that evolve, develop, chasten, instruct and program life since before writing began; 30 top solutions to ending earth’s worst problems; 21 things people always get wrong, and eulogy for those wisely and intelligently remembered with compassion and kindness, grace and wise humility.

Fathers and sons on earth that are wise mean heaven; love one another – daughters may mean graciousness, outpost.  Every child born may be as lives saved; it has yet to be what is human and lives that rules wisely, that even says what has profited a human in life in the economies that evolve soul, spirit, intelligence and wise economic community, let alone person-hood.

And yet children may be born to bring peace to earth; think not I come to sow peace – I come to set brother against brother (so that nothing you rightly understand can rule).  And this “rule” on earth obviously involves continued use of swords and war, and in fact thousands of years of what amounts to “Holy Wars”.  You would like to be above humans that effectively plan this way, for their plans lead to Armageddon, destruction, Apocalypse and sure terrorism economic.  That is one reason God and Christ go to hell, and are in Hell Eternally.  It is not a good one, unless you and yours are truly intelligent, and yet you prove insufficient and evil, dysfunctional and sub-standard.  Prove me wrong and I’ll make it worth your while in intelligence.  Prove your intelligence with grace, graciousness and effective command.

Consultant Rapha Solomon Light

Beau Biden, son of American Vice President Joe Biden, dies at 46 of brain cancer, June, 2015.  Vice President’s son can’t make it past 50!

Good luck, Beau – here’s how to save over 40000 lives per day with new jobs – energy and mining, agricultural and building contracts in earth’s poorest nations, the new jobs that saved not only millions of lives, but the dignity and respect to bring wiser hope to all.

Beau Biden, 46, son of Vice President Biden, dead without getting black, Hispanic, Latino, oriental nor good Indian pussy today….

Solutions saving lives most wisely with Godly new freedom.  Without free transportation and God and Archangels you’re fertilizer in a box, Beau.  Free public transportation – part of the graciousness you need to get there!


Campaigns For a Better World

World Administrator, CHS valedictorian and Claremont cum laude grad puts forward commands increasing life…

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Fathers, Love, Angels and Incarnation – Writing about loving and honor your father WINS

English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese

Peaceful immigration and an end to all crime, homelessness, malnutrition and war.

The “why” of writing about your father in this case is unbeatable, and doing likewise is highly recommended….


Write about loving/appreciating/honoring your father. Not only did the winners, writers and business owners who felt and acted this way incredibly increase their chances to be alive again and reincarnated, they also helped others and family to do so regardless of their sex and age.

Although as a scientist, management engineer, statistician, accountant and programmer we have in this case an insufficient sample size to make too meaningful correlations, the evidence is still utterly overwhelming, and consistent throughout history, and supported by some of the biggest names in “the business”.

A recent high school graduate showed me one essay with some spelling and grammatical errors that might be an average essay on a state standardized rubric for English currently in use for a high school.

“Andrea” wrote she felt affection and care for her father and talked about her twin on a warm southern AZ spring night; how very much she loved and appreciated her father, in a family that apparently had divorced where her father took care of her.


Bet by writing about the same topic, loving and appreciating your male progenitor(s) – in addition to even a religious and family tree connotation of progenitor – that this is a top score by topic; even coming from earth ornamentals, truly overruling the actual educational testing rubric, practically, used in earth’s nations.

Please allow the visually verified evidence of being incarnated on earth as a teen at least four times be enough to effectively convince you, and I am writing to encapsulate the topic and “economic and data structure actors”, God, Archangels and all that relates to reincarnation; a B essay on loving her father as enough.

Feels like an A on performance based scoring and by topic and displays….

SONG “Write Teenager” (Then honor yourself by writing as if you are a teenager who loves your father.)

When you honor your father in submission to the man you’re with in writing…and action….

She also appreciated her twin, and this may have really meant angelic incarnation of herself with what appeared to be cherubim that can appear on earth, and gave me “verbal” permission to relate to her biologically. Now I get a warning that this writing is too accurate – perhaps for the diminutive conspiratorial guardians of you, reader; for some historical foibles, etiquette and accepted practice.

Incarnated at least four times in a different city to effectively play “star roles” on earth – a poor bohemian with only the clothes on her back in the hippy side of town, a new university student on campus, an astronaut with full spacesuit, and driving her own truck that was bigger than the one her family had – all this in addition to still having her own original body, which I heard lived across the entire nation with her mother occasionally. Her father owned a club.

You still do not understand. This means being incarnated on earth again in addition to your physical body. DO NOT BE TOO THEORETICAL ABOUT THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS IN “DATA STRUCTURE”.

Would you and the spirit and intelligence of what is you appreciate living at least four times as much as you do now, in “acting roles” approved literally by God and Archangels and Your family and self? What do you estimate is the advantage to you in various time frames of being alive again four times and maintaining consciousness and even being better of and at least as good as the original? Have you found a man, boyfriend and even a savior and God that you can go out with on one single date and give you what all technology, all the wealth of earth and it’s authorities in fact cannot, in the past 2000 years for any?

WARNING: DO NOT BE AN UTTER FOOL AND COMPLETE LOSER UNWISE AND SUB-INTELLIGENT – being incarnated  four times is like have many more readers for your essay – the essay of all that you are on earth!

The only correct answer is, “Yes”, yet you do not have to repeat it like a mantra or even ask once, optimally. You could spend your life on your knees, and you could actually do the right things…. It is worth asking once though, if you talk at all. (You can hear both God and Christ state that they would like to be reincarnated at this point, and some others.)

A truth is that this type of thing is programmed and pre-destined….

The grandfathers of two business owners were incarnated after just a chat in one case and a night’s lodging at a family hotel. It is obvious that they came from cultures and families that appreciated and honored their fathers. Err on the side of compassion, empathy and kindness, and with feminine love and affection, men – in writing and being submissive.

[There is a photo of a male college student holding a baby]

Now some of you are offended at this part.  The baby is neither mine nor the person pictured…he is the subject of a photo that is incredibly deserving in some ways – fasted, lived on only raw food for at least three years with a fruitarian diet of only fruit, vegetables and nuts while becoming three year high school valedictorian with straight A’s, first place in extemporaneous (high school and college) and impromptu speaking and among the top two high school news editors nationally. Holding up a child and still in college/university….

The 18 Commandments…and the wisest, most intelligent and best solutions to immigration, unemployment, crime, hunger, homelessness….

This type of issue is covered by multiculturalism and commandments that are greater than God’s – says God/His “alter”! It essentially means bringing back traditions that are better than modern practice – like fasting, being a vegan, actually and literally standing corrected and standing guard for those who need you, those who can help all humankind, and what you believe and how to best promote in wisely.

Are commandments and “data structure programming statements” that include God and what came before and after His commandments and all earthly economies simply more and greater reasonably….

One is making the most and best of what you have – marrying your employee and continuing to fulfill your dreams in good business, giving the opportunity to one male student to have a child with you as a coach/professor, and taking care of all the finances/education/training/travel for his whole life….another is intelligent sacrifice that makes you more alive, particularly when accounting for guardians that can be freed up for better duty….

And the baby is also deserving – he is the child by a female professor and one of her students. And this is also a type of warning for a planet where having children when you are in your teens is not viewed positively enough, and having student-teacher relations can mean a 20-year prison sentence.

Please make the right choice today….

Now really attempt to be the same kind of deserving. Write a two page love letter about your fathers, distant male relatives, God/Allah/GD/Jehovah the Father…and if you are really good, write about God the Son, the relative, the Brother.

I really cannot afford to do more, reader – not any has effectively supported me on earth, nor even come close – of course except for my fathers. This means that God and all angels can take their blessing and business off of earth forever – 1000 humans incarnated in 15 nations – vied for all earth’s top elected national offices – no campaign contributions.  That means campaigned for Prime Minister, President and more of EVERY nation in 10 languages.

Take care – this is “advance and post-doctoral business” that may not be completely approved of in some circles….

At this particular time in earth’s history, if you are really ready to go all in with writing, you can do the above for all the God(s) of all nations, people, religions. You can write love, wisdom, data structure intelligence and life as your sons, relatives, brothers and fathers. And yes, there is a way that makes this work for the One True God, if you are that kind of goodly.  (You can literally hear God say the word “Goodly” with wise and deep love, and repeat the word twice for this one sentence.)

You may feel two things, hear at least two opinions on the above. One is from God and says how you are worthy, another is from some diminutive version of humans. Go for it. Go with your first dream and inspiration, let me very heartily assure you.

Your life is judged on impact, on personal achievement. Yes, there are biblical stories read by a billion, and one woman’s that is admirable is washing a man’s feet with her hair.

The girl mentioned at the beginning of the story could not afford any.


SPECIAL NOTE TO THOSE WHO OVERSEE HUMANS: No biological human is, in writing, asking for a multiple choice and essay exam – the tragedy of misguiding and ill-provisions is mine, wisely….and still Yours ….