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Is it because they are too poor – wisdomintelligencewiserlove

Originally posted on Consultant Rapha Solomon Light     Because they are too poor…. These are the verbal instructions of what is largely credited with establishing Commandments and Laws on earth thousands of years ago….and a basis for death penalty and violence and “domestic violence” for thousands of years:

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by …

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DRAFT: It’s ALL Yours – Ethics, Negotiations, Practicality, Deprogramming and the Golden Rule

Possession and deprogramming for a new world, heaven on earth, reform, peaceful, legal, democratic revolution, evolution and change….

No it’s all yours – this essay, the computer, more than the whole planets and everything in between.  Let’s get real!

There’s a problem in possession, command, utility and performance.  I’m sure you may have a different focus.

Yet people do not get comfortable enough to make good decisions, let alone strategically wise ones that make the difference. In one scenario, it’s better to leave as close as what looks like enemies as possible – deprogramming can be counter-intuitive to civilized logic and society and training, particularly when all this led to illegal behavior, dysfunctional behavior that is not realistically looking for correction, and passive behavior in an emergency situation that disregard flight and fight response, responsibility and protocol.  There is not a single human being that has ever come close to getting a good deal on earth, not angel, God nor human in the history of the planet.

No one on earth, not angels, God(s) nor ANY human, has ever REALLY made a good and wise deal….

The word “miracle” has become cheapened, yet this is a generation of communication, global transportation and potentially a new wisdom and intelligence….

When people are incarnated, they in general have no concept of possession and law overtly – these are not concerns and they are in general as equipped as they can be for what they do – they are not searching.

The only good attitude is that it is all yours, no part mine – not anything.  The foibles of possession and law apply when they do, yet the fact of what people go through to get their implies that, as a standing rule, you own nothing; ownership is a legal and social fiction.  Yes, it’s the “fiction” that allows all commerce and existence on earth, however that is not what is being addressed here – we are interested in bringing heaven to earth literally, and for all the wisest reasons, one of which is example.

Authority, possession, rules, regulations and protocol….

See no one is this good an actor, not even in the movies – take my hand – I did not offer it to you….

You are going to come over to my place, we are going to do our business and then, to assure that we would like to meet again on earth and in heaven, we are going to take out all the other guardians by parting as what look like enemies and adversaries as much as possible – because we have to take out what is preventing us from being otherwise and be more intelligent in other data structures through time, and all of that amounts to some kind of rough ride, struggle and dysfunctional behavior.  The physical world almost always loses on this score – when next we meet.

The answer from the spiritual world conscious is not, “we’ll see how it goes”, nor and if/then statement – the spiritual world would like to and expect to call all the shots and be right about “social event time” and agreement.  Fall to this trap and your life is a done deal, not in the ancient Godly sense, in a neo-modern pseudo-religious and mythical trap that likes to pretend it represents all the relevant spiritual world as long as it can!  Through marriage, war and world wars, love, business and everything else.  Have you noticed any in business who REALLY get to make a written deal about life on earth and the hereafter in writing?  Do any even really claim this except very rarely in movie fiction?

Let’s start by assuming this is a human mistake completely.  That lawgiving, laws, rules, regulations and “binding” contracts and negotiations on earth are REALLY not respected AND go a step further: humans have never met a single contract in writing EVER.  All contracts in writing are made with a specific person at a specific clock time AND FOR THESE CONTRACTS TO BE ENFORCED IN HEAVEN AND ELSEWHERE THEY ARE VALID ONLY WITH THE SAME PERSON AT THE SAME AGE AFTER COMPLETING A MISSION AND ASSIGNMENT.

It’s more than a question of identity….

If I agree to purchase, then the sale is only valid if I am dressed the same and have not aged at all since the agreement – if I am exactly the same person who made the agreement.

Humans fail to understand and have agreements accepted in writing and through time – this comes close to being the real reason if your consider what they are in the infinite run, in the eternal and everlasting spiritual world to God and Archangels.  This is very far from just an academic concern, when you consider the assumption that potentially MORE than all that is written about God and Archangels and all that is attributed to them is true.

Prove to me that in all written history, for all humans and humanoids ever, there exists a single written agreement between two individuals that is signed and good on earth and in heaven regarding ANYTHING.  And when you know you cannot, when you have reasoned and weaseled out of this type of proposition, consider that solutions that are good for many reasons must all be simpler through time; what makes earth’s economies more realistic must be simplifying solutions, not really more complicated social ones; it must be better to develop freedom of action and free spirits and non-possessive ones instead of attempting to be “responsibly reassured by traditional and comfortable interactions”.

Go to hell!  You are damned!!  I balk, rebuke, rebuff and revile you!  You have failed to live up to a single essay!  You get an “F” in life and do not get to retake the course, unless it’s in what your think are your own dreams!  Go to heaven and hell and purgatory per se, GET OFF MY INTELLIGENT AND WISE PLANET RIGHT NOW – you are still being dishonest to a human, the one reading this essay!

I am obviously not talking to you, I have not said a word.  Take a walk and write ten essays on related topics and publish them all after fasting for at least a week.  I never knew you.

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Delta Alpha Omega – Be the change for the greater social good: ~ Exponential AZ

Be the change for the greater social good – try to do this continuously, in everything you do, as if you are an example to all life. As if you a reticently wise, standing corrected effortlessly to do so. Does the Messiah know that God is the greater good – then be the greater good to the Messiah and the part of God that your are (when you do this you are immediately above the Son of Man AND God, and can see this on earth and still be apparently a human being)….and yet is the world even close to perfect, wise and good for all – then be the wiser and even the more intelligent social good Above God. And are any and all angels effectively an aspect of God that is at least temporarily a social good even to Him – then be this wise social good to God and all angels. Know you are, and be that to all and every always, in every way you can and readily, easily. And if the world yet has any relation to God, then do you know whether it is best to be the social good that lives on earth at all – this calculation is quantifiable, about a thousand people on earth reading this is an effective social good to God. This is obviously written by an angel that can be above GD, Hashem, Jehovah and all creation.

Do this in dress, clothing, communication with every in the caring compassionate, wise and deep kindness that all humans have lacked in their upbringing on earth, as if all are but children, fellows, friends and comrades – if you find a situation where you cannot do this, be the social good that shows contrition, standing corrected, standing guard, leaving and standing askance from the conflict. Withdrawing the investment of yourself and your resources from the situation or even nation, going on strike wisely and intelligently. Redirect and avoid and be the exemplary social good that moves to a better place – the like leaving Sodom and war and taking your tacit support of these away by leaving nations at war and that have been involved in world wars and harbor nuclear weapons.

The writer is being the social good that encapsulates all possibilities for you. Humans almost always stay too long – being the social good that moves on and resettles and accepts lateral work transfers is usually a move toward more effective social change if the decision is close for you. Try to be this social good to all and any in writing in particular, and you can be the overarching wisdom and intelligence that literally has the service to take all God, gods, Archangels and even parts of earth and the universe, and travel through these and all earth and people also. Now you know how humans are transported through time and space in social event time partly, and how beings are incarnated through time, and how to administrate all earth, if you have the intelligence, wisdom and patience and “data structure and economies” to do so. And now you know that this is written by one who has know any and even every since writing and human time began, and may in fact rule all heaven, earth and even purgatories and hell literally and functionally – and inspire data structure improvements wisely.

All this is “predestined” for thousands and thousands of human years – if what is described above is not ALREADY done for you while reading this, then this indestructible pearl of utter conspiratorial and secret wisdom and “data structure” is not for now, at a first reading, necessarily for you – and what is left of you after you have read this, written by one whose energy has traveled through all the earth to someone during just a phone call, so they could be deprogrammed from lesser guardians, and be free and intelligent again wisely. Now you have a reason in social event time to literally travel across the whole earth, and faster than this sentence can be typed. There are other reasons. Verified by observation, no less a theory than the earth is round and not flat, nor the center of the solar system or galaxy, and that humans have walked on the moon. Literally over 2000 years and billions of lives have been spent to know what you know now, and the penalty for misusing and being too and wrongly communicative and acting in the wrong place is still imprisonment, stigmatization, mockery, jail, institutionalization, expulsion, suspension and death, just as it was for promoting the idea that earth was round at the wrong time and place, to the wrong people.

And finally, now you know how utterly and completely God and Angels are above science and technology, that you can do today and have already gone above GD in heaven and any and all Messiahs and Prophets and Kings and even wise men and other gods, and all heaven AND earth are yours and Yours forever, and all life from other planets with life, that they in fact are yours and yours to give commandments to and be that social good that evolves, reforms, improves and even peacefully, legally revolutionizes life through all cultures and technologies, all peoples and all life – and even more – and for free, no rights reserved: You are welcome to take all the writing of this one as yours, by your name and any pen name, and give commandment that God Himself acknowledges are greater than His – partly because they clearly include His, and evolve life from before writing and language began to long after all the biological life on earth is apparently gone forever.

“How to Evolve All Life, Guide Technology and All Existence – An Introduction to Law, Law Giving, the Laws of Angels, God and Man and Bringing Light to Every”

(The rest of how to do this is in the 18 Commandments and Essays on Fasting, and Global Administration. And these gifts are truly and realistically worth billions of lives over time, and increased quality of life for every and longevity also – and miracles truly. Do well what this writing implies at the end of the 20th and during the 21st centuries on earth and these essays are literally worth bringing God and Heaven to earth, by observation. Really effectively teaching the planet to do this takes the resources of more than this entire nation and the nations where this written language is popular – it is worth attempting to persuade them (governments, news agencies, Twitter, LinkIn and Facebook and YouTube and other social networks) – and by regular post and fax and poster – even if only simply as a day’s course work done once as an exercise in communication – as a creative writing and public and private exercise to the duty/enjoyment/appreciation of a semester/quarter’s worth of junior high school to post doctoral effort without thinking about it, meaning you have the syllabus and the assignments and can leave comments and ask question and – )

The Administration policies, proposed laws, new holiday and economic, political and agriculture and sustainable economic infrastructure and investment and travel and settlement policy by this writer at wordpress are REALLY the A answers to all earth’s final exam, surely good from the times of the Industrial Revolution and mass production techniques until the sun expands to envelop earth and end all life, and a third of the stars are gone – whichever comes first, of course depending on your performance. I would very much appreciate it if you earn the A+, – I expect if of you – and you can ask this one all the question you like as to how to do this – I really easily know that you can surely win. Vie/campaign for the top post of at least 20 nations per day to win – to save all the time and effort you can, get any and all help – the Honor System MEANS simply that you succeed (consider it the “New and Good Glory System”, there is no competition – it is the wise good that is the best change for greater good) – and you could do so simply by sending 20 Tweets to 20 nations with one link and less than 140 characters – see how I really gave you a conservative estimate, about how easy it is, that a junior high school student can do this – you could have done this at age seven in elementary school – and even perhaps in kindergarten.