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Is it because they are too poor – wisdomintelligencewiserlove

Originally posted on Consultant Rapha Solomon Light     Because they are too poor…. These are the verbal instructions of what is largely credited with establishing Commandments and Laws on earth thousands of years ago….and a basis for death penalty and violence and “domestic violence” for thousands of years:

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by …

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Fasting Examples: Making the Difference, Fasting and World Administration: Celebrity, Acclaim, Popularity and the New Wise Worthy



“TAKE THIS OPS” –   Graciousness, protocol, provisioning and feedback – seasonal guarding out for purpose – BET ON IT!  Is it worth it and how – event time for you


Fasting, Conservation, Examples Making the Difference

AZ Making –



For thousands of years, fasting is not just a solution; fasting effectively forms a bar to participation in prophesy, law-giving, wisdom, acclaim and peacekeeping – self control and wisdom in action and example can mean a lot more and for good reason.

Promote fasting and AWARD, reward ONCE in a lifetime, for two times if lucky….

However I have yet to meet a biological human who REALLY overcomes what amounts to predestination, being predicted by beings that in effect live in a broader width of perceiving the dimension of time and social event time.  You can very humbly take this to mean that even if you go five days without food AND water, really spend a week each year with only water, and even fast for 40 to 80 days, you will not automatically live longer biologically nor do miracles nor be realistically perceived as a law-giver and peacekeeper of enough notoriety to make a difference socially in inspiring a better world on the physical earth.

News economic policy and law that saves lives

News, economic policy, law: save lives, end war, unemployment, malnutrition

Perhaps very carefully doing what you really believe and know is right, legally and effectively and socially, writing about loving your father, fathers and even your Father, Your Father and male progenitor(s) makes more of a difference….

(For most readers, this language idiom requires explanation(s)….as would a “World Without Wages, Money, Poverty and War!”)

Making the real difference in global administration and solving local problems internationally….


Multiple copies, reading levels, free translations made wordpress earth’s best place for new stories and wise administration – wordpress.com – win on every level.

“WordPress needs contests, rules, winning in international publicity – personal answers from owners and management put writehere in the running for teens.  Golden Opportunities Lost – Lessons in Profit, probability and set assurance – it’s springtime, summer.”

One could vie/campaign as Prime Minister, President, Chief Rabbi of Earth, Chancellor, Pope and Commander and Chief of the armed forces with these 30 solutions to earth’s worst problems, if your object is to make a more intelligent, wise, Godly planet, nations, cities and increase life expectancy and quality and end earth’s worst problems – expand and simplify these solutions to make an even 50, 100 for good statistical comparisons, adapting the writing for all educational levels and programming.

veganworldadministrator.com – a proposed .com that last longer than biological life…it’s Your chance…

Making all the difference – reconsider: You did not well understand even the few paragraphs above, reader.  I mean you can literally go without food for more than 40 days – and I know of one who did this twice that long – making the difference up to you with the best solutions to earth’s worst problems for all times, and no computer ever realistically beats them, nor any mere human think tank and university for the rest of time, social event time, and the time biological life exists on earth – not in another hundred thousands years!

Because you were pointed in the right direction for all peoples by fasting.  Making all the difference wisely, intelligently.

Here’s another interesting “difference”: What I am about to describe MUST exist.  If God and what is attributed to Him exists, then I assure you all of God AND all of earth AND all of humankind together could not do what is suggested above.  Yet if people earn life and existence through time, there must be an “overflow” planet.

I am making all things new….

Yes, people can be temporarily incarnated on earth again for various reasons – I have personally seen some 1000 of the in 10 nations.  And surely there is a new heaven and earth.

Yet statistically and computationally, there should be another earth “all the time”, an overflow storage earth, where people go, and places in heaven that function as such.  I pointed you in the direction – you owe me feedback when you get there…and some “extra credit” work, and maybe even some supplies.  To the physical body writing this – and whatever is left of it when you can manage as a first priority.  Yet do not be only spiritual with me, I really need the supplies.  I am like a fire that covers the earth in wise and more intelligent data structure, that is making a better world for every….no computer is fast enough, I have enough work for planets of humanoids….even ones like you, and have travelled through the entire earth in less time than it takes to finish writing this one sentence….

best options, consulting, ECONOMICS, fathers, global, investment, multiculturalism, reform, revolution, transportation

I cannot afford you: NO ACTION – CUT! Let us reason and afford together making better decisions

You can afford more work, volunteerism before renegotiation, and better decisions on Awarding More Action Graciously and Practically

No action. CUT!

I cannot afford the groups of actors, presidents, prime ministers, the wealthy who are programmed to continuously violate and control! It is far too expensive in reincarnate you, even for a short time; you and parts/copies of you are being used to violate, control, mock, denigrate and defame what has attempted to reincarnate you, and you are being made negligent in addition.

Here is a very brief story of a man who had millions in his accounts and four homes in different states, he was a certified stock broker, a PhD, a navy pilot, vegetarian and a colonel just short of being made a general; his family employed some 2000 workers and he measured his raw diamonds purchased personally from Africa in pounds, not carrots. He also had three sons that had earned doctorates.

He had other virtues and means of survival social….

He had been wounded in “an accident” that left him unable to walk, yet he had literally peddled a three wheal bike across the entire United States because he love the country and stayed here because he appreciated being close to his family – and spend some five months in the hospital after being hit by a car while doing so – and not even collected insurance. He could not necessarily always spell correctly on the Internet, but managed to make a five stop jet business excursion successfully while staying at my house.

The whole of Albert Thomas Arnott deserves to life, guard, advise and be example – for safety and no injury in the industry of coal mining – for going to five different cities for business trips and coming homre – that’s what God and Angels love about Albert, “Uncle Albert”, father of three sons by a PhD mathematician.

Albert showed me pictures of his three sons, they were medical doctors, professionals with wives and families, PhD’s who turned out well….

A younger part of him was literally incarnated in his younger years before him and many of his friends, and I talked to this part of him standing in his military uniform loudly, next to him and some of his friend at a motorcycle repair shop. I talked to him in front of Albert, a fourth Avenue garage party and riders, bikers and three wheel enthusiasts.

Another part of him was incarnated in a new sports car, looking like more than a million, biologically superior and flawless. Yet this part of him was somewhat influence to slightly shake his head and indicate that he did not really want my service and help, as if he had made some calculation that, despite being in three separate bodies before me, this was not worth it! And also, despite the fact he had some 2000 miners in an accident free mine with a perfect safety record, he never manage to come the the conclusion that giving him months of nearly free lodging was worth an ounce of gold, a single gold coin – collecting and investing in precious metals was another hobby for him.

Yes, people making bad decisions, and costing them their lives literally….months to stay at a private home, twice incarnated IN ADDITION TO HIS CONTINUOUS TIME PHYSICAL BODY, cried for, and still he would not switch gears and NOT continue riding across the US, this time on the east coast south of New York.  Stop as soon as you can, even the potential danger is not worth it.  You did it right the first time, do something else….one type of logic, and another says do something a lot safer, kinder, gentler – afford a second wife to have a child.

I begged him crying not to ride his three wheel bicycle anymore – yet he decided not to go to his relatively safe home on Maui and went on another biking excursion back east. He was run over by a truck and, it was reported, that seven people called the ambulance – I can hear him now, he is telling me what to write partly.

Humans, do what I have told you to do! He could not take a single gold coin or a diamond with him, nor his sons, brothers, accountant or friends. No, he is not dead in a way, and still sounds as good as when he was alive – but now we cannot do something safe like vying for the US Presidency for the Republican Party, and ending all earth’s unprofitable wars, starvation, unemployment, malnutrition with governmental reinvestment, and I have yet to make him biologically alive again!

He could take is own intelligence, intellect and “natural and good advice” four one who lived and later wrote his story….yes, I told Albert directly what would happen in not much detail, and he did listen.

I could not make a decisive enough offer that was immediately accepted, and could not accept an offer that had a question at the time….then invest your extra millions and billions in have another child, taking photo, video of speeches in earth’s most impoverished areas, rise in love – Albert Arnott for US President, uspresident, primeminister and World Administrator .com, why are we wasting time with drinks, an ounce of gold, three peccary and stories….Albert usually just had a new three wheel bike shipped or road it to his new destination and very occasionally took the public bus in a wheel chairs the garage gave him for free.  We can fly to Holland and bike around were it is flatter, safer and there is a more diverse and multilingual population that’s bigger people in many ways, safer….he wanted to be near his sons, and anywhere in the world is a better place because it’s new and has advantages, Den Haag, Groningen, university towns with good travel and public opportunities and freedoms….

Look, human, I am telling you that God and angels and power seem to like people making wise campaigns in springtime, I’m telling you this in writing because he left practically free place to stay and use the Internet because and when the flowers were blooming – I was a gardener for a US Navy Admiral above Stanford for nine months while finishing my MS and taking PhD and business school classes, eating and tanning at the vegetarian and vegan dorms on campus.  I can manage to cut some white flowers from the bushes between my grandparent’s house and the neighbors….eventually.

This is my final attempt to tell you what you could do for free that you believe in….

Make sure you invest your extra millions in the most effective personal and global publicity that you can – and some of this is free – fasting, being a fruitarian, a vegan, a vegetarian, standing corrected as long as you can and standing guard – not only does none of the above cost anything, but it can be done by every for free. How simpler and better and uncontroversial could the best actions be! You can add praying to the list if you believe in it; yet all of the above is not enough – we actually have to make the world more efficient to increase the length and quality of life to more effectively develop spiritual gifts! This is something that humans could not practically dream of thousands of years ago because they did not, except for miracles, have sufficient production to satisfy humans wants and need.

We have had an Industrial Revolution, and fantastically improved transportation and communication and translation capability. I expect the world of you, literally! Really give until it hurts – yet do so wisely. Now you can all use Twitter, for example, to put an essay forward to a press from every nation and campaign for the top office of every and any nation in a day without exaggeration, and use the international news agency addresses at @PrimeMinisterAZ to do so, and one of the campaign propositions at this website as yours, modified, or completely your own.

THIS IS YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT. You can use the public library if you do not have a home computer. Campaign to end all earth’s worst problems for part of one day – ANY age welcome – some of you could do this from elementary school. Being this kind of great, wise, efficient and good makes the difference, and do not get caught up contemplating it’s practicality – it is easier than many school classes and you can do it for a semester, a quarter, an hour or the rest of a billion lives.

Do the latter and history will be reformed retroactively and heaven will exist on earth. Convince the government to completely end domestic unemployment with jobs abroad in education, mining, energy, building, consulting in earth’s worst areas. Reformist, revolutionary peaceful and democratic – now is your chance.


Are you starting today, writing and typing now, right now, with just making a new Twitter account at least? Not really….

Sorry, I cannot afford you. Life with technology, actors, billionaires and millionaires and admirals, generals, presidents, prime ministers and God(s) and more is STILL ONE VERY LONG GAME OF RIP AND CEASE TO EXIST IF YOU FAIL TO ACT. And you really lose the better half of yourselves and more if you fail to take out the dysfunctional parts of yourselves by inspiring action.