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Is it because they are too poor – wisdomintelligencewiserlove

Originally posted on Consultant Rapha Solomon Light     Because they are too poor…. These are the verbal instructions of what is largely credited with establishing Commandments and Laws on earth thousands of years ago….and a basis for death penalty and violence and “domestic violence” for thousands of years:

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by …

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Veganism Wins Admiral hp Bendover
Arizona, AZ Making, Kelly Kelly, Making The President

DRAFT: https://lawleight.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/best-solution-heuristics-to-earths-worst-problems-for-all-times/

Earth’s 30 Best Solutions: It’s worth it at least once – Solving All Earth’s Problems for Every

Commandments that process all life – looking back in time to planetary evolutionary, reform and revolutionary opportunities – finding solutions in data structures by predicting change….



(Not yet written and published on physical earth 4.20.2015)

From Arizona Making (‘sEarth’s Best Solutions”) we find keys for 30 ways to improve administration and economic policy – life – since the 1850’s until long after the end of all biological life, from earth to heaven directly, and God on earth by observation.  Retroactive application from one who might protest the use of java for more reasons than one, 1987 vegnford grad who studied at the Stanford Business school, computer science, statistics, engineering economy and management in Industrial Engineering.

Best solutions come in quanta – investment incentives and decisive deals for international development in earth’s most impoverished areas – guaranteed education, housing, medical care, communications and refocusing for earth’s surplus job market – a billion new jobs and unemployment ended globally.  Contests are for nations: Let those who did not participate in world war and neither harboring nor considering nuclear weapons and nations not at war win!

Making (‘s “Good Genius: Military and Civilian Policy”) did not just win a peace prize; all earth’s prizes and honors remained her’s in college and for all history to see for thousands of years.  Her unwavering decisive optimism, brilliance in action, put into life a plan that means there is yet a higher good for every in putting forward solution Godly to earths greatest potential areas for wisest victory.

Arizona Making Leight, arizonamakingleight on You Tube. lawrencemleight@aol.com,


God I love you

Make good sense in many little ways and you may make sense beyond and above greatness if you promote exceptionally, and with effective intelligence and follow through.

In “Laura Solomon”, Making finds the actions in life that really work once, and her companies and programs “Elected Office” and “President Forever” framed angelic and Godly wisdom in event time on earth, and all planets – from pre-natal care, breast feeding and earth’s wisest and most intelligent practice to uphold personally, and all earth and the heaven began to stand corrected in a new way; ending all disease, starvation, malnutrition wisely, as economic policy, new justice, wisdom and even more than godliness by example.

AZ focused on the Middle East in her first act to end war, terrorism, and starvation, malnutrition, disease, sanitation and unemployment problems her first time, and correct religious failures in time right, the first time.

[Simply DRESS THE PART if you can, AZ – and consider it optimally every time, AZ Making It Look Easy – admiral, pilot, astronaut, writer, getting a tan, fasting with arms above head, with hair as long as it gets WISELY!  Wearing traditional dress from each nation if available AND always having a business card, cell phone with email and video phone, plus portable pc as if you write and communicate everywhere and anywhere – without thinking really….more than human hard truly, and utterly terrifying until humans run out of consciousness and for more than one reason.


Congratulation (Admiral AZ Making) – you have commanded ten nations and more, and more than all God’s combined in the NEXT 100 and 1000 years.  Your brilliance and example did not just win genius and save lives, you won God on earth litierally standing behind you – more than all earth is yours truly.

…and all this is easier than writing this one essay.

Comedian Wisdom – been that way since I was younger than you may ever be again.

“CW” must obviously be

A) Able to change feelings of biological age and be a trainer of humans;

B) Changes age and feeling by shear will

C) Instructing, telling, being exemplary

D) REALLY succeeds every time in force

E) Needs guarding and feedback – you snooze you lose really in a way and clearly – stand guard to your own wisdom and instinct and do so as an exercise like learning violin, and increasing the reps, weights, depth of reason AND wise actions – go to the next level by giving next level performances sincerely WITHOUT EXPLANATION

F) Can wisely and intelligently put earth on guard, increase lateral transfers, and has contemplated problems for decades with optimal solutions

G) Topic, best topics to promote wise change, When Freedom’s REALLY Free – wise changes in local to global administration


WHICH OF THE ABOVE ARE True continually and how; which processes are obviously existing through time – and when you even only answer this one question your writing EXAMPLES and studies begin.  Then you learn value and impact over time and what is practical, modelling these decision in “Event Time”.

Now the reason you do this, the “why” is simple: just to survey the players, the peices and how them move through time, even if they are “economies” like cities and nations and calculate a circulation of 10000 as not being sufficient to purvey the best of ideas in time – that means play life all in, just in a teasing way, and decide what it means AS ACTION.

Think about what you are about to do from two to many perspective ONCE.

The above is something you might do forever, or once in a lifetime….at least naturally.

Beguile earth greatly and well and yet wisely and intelligently and as example EVERY time – fundamentally, it if more important that you do more than greatly well the first time AND excel any and all others in performance communication – a thousands men in business suits who be an unacceptably slow night, realistically or do not approach – tower not lest you mean war in fact truly; be the prize beyond dreams AND be more than perfect to God personally in fact AND in a good and godly way at least, and the last part may be what God, Archangels, Wise Men and very intelligent and good men are for.  Not only can you lecture them very much more wisely than ANY female – THIS IS FAR SHORT OF YOUR GOALS REALISTICALLY, AZ – and have earth’s best content clearly: This even computers will never excel at to your progenitor ON PURPOSE.

Yet in a way the purpose is not valid.  One solution is to have children and promote what you really believe in when you know what is obviously best for all the world.  All that is easier than writing this one letter – sorry says the obvious.  Say the obvious AND 20 chorus and you have compacted intelligence like an ET in simulation – to be worthy – and that COULD have meant fun too says another obvious.

“Give all of yourself with only wisest thought; a child born IS a life saved!” – Feminist Arizona Making, @realteenrebels @teennetrebels

“Makings hard stand against abortion and birth control made the wisest distinction between policy, practice, practicality – and wise love.  The first example and the best EVERY time, in new ways each day.”

– You Are Already More than ANY World Leader

Simultaneous multi-variable solutions and Righteousness – when churches, war, terrorism and Arabs all bring peace, and Allah’s Love of Every.


No one is asking – if you heard you’d popularize like it is nothing, like simply doing it right as a show, a potential skill like writing, communication, voice, presentation, and being a good enough public speaker to put forward dark suit and tie to make what is an “as usual” presentation of a lifetime EVERY time with plenty of back up.

Is all of this your job description, Admiral Making?


“So very sorry, the world will need them more now AND then.”

AZ Making Light