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Is it because they are too poor – wisdomintelligencewiserlove

Originally posted on Consultant Rapha Solomon Light     Because they are too poor…. These are the verbal instructions of what is largely credited with establishing Commandments and Laws on earth thousands of years ago….and a basis for death penalty and violence and “domestic violence” for thousands of years:

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by …

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Letter to the editor

AZ Star 3.9.2015 11:23 PM

“I regret you truly.” – God (This is not specific enough as to what part of Him….) I regret it truly – because of lack of sufficient effect and performance on earth to be “profitable” to God, Archangels and all humankind.

The actual letter:

(Balking truly) I cannot believe you will not print more articles about ending hunger and crime, poverty, starvation, terrorism and war – with an email address, and a website that has the option of public opinion polls for exceptional feedback! It remains the solemn duty of the fifth estate, the press and news agencies, to take all they can from government and wise democracy as theirs; your duty to inspire writing in readers, editorials and the finest and best local and international action for all peoples in the courts and at elections; in charity and philanthropy, in places to make good sacrifice, donations, and exemplary economics!

The two essays below are worth more than all earth’s leaders and election campaigns combined, and surely!!

(Said with conspiratorial [secret – what is meant, not said at all] honor and sure nobility) (Of course take them as your copy of the answers to earth’s final exam….get an A+….[and graduate and prosper exceedingly, and not only on earth….])



People used to die by the sword for balking – perhaps it should be re-introduced as a new tradition – I cannot believe you will not incarnate a staff of people to use the extra seven free computers in this university library – they do not even require identification to use, according to the rules of the library, and it is in a medical center hospital – any and all earthly emergencies could be dealt with right here!  I have in some way known more versions of God and Angels then I can readily keep track of functionally – be sure to attempt to reincarnate people more usefully, so that they make a better economy on earth and at least distinguish good wishes and causes in personal writing, truly!

Most people that believe in God in the traditional western sense are being dysfunctional wishful thinkers, positivists that cannot even in 2000 years get the point wisely – the point is good and wise social effect, and if it is really for God and all Angels, that means it is worth writing to once – putting forward the best economic solutions to all humankind, and that means significant changes, like free cell phones for people with low incomes; free health care for all people with no identification required; free education of the best quality; increasing lateral transfers and the rate of rotation of troops and civilian forces with encouragement to resettle and go on instead of returning home – there are no nations and peoples that come close on earth, I readily assure you, and that means you still have the chance of a planet’s history – give me feedback, ask and write about it as if every day is your last and you must pass the course today.