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Is it because they are too poor – wisdomintelligencewiserlove

Originally posted on Consultant Rapha Solomon Light     Because they are too poor…. These are the verbal instructions of what is largely credited with establishing Commandments and Laws on earth thousands of years ago….and a basis for death penalty and violence and “domestic violence” for thousands of years:

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by …

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Wisest changes in national administration that save lives and improve life wisely.
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Delta Alpha Omega – the change that brings the wisest good – personally, socially, economically in “data structure”

Delta Alpha Omega: Being the change that makes the wisest, best and greatest good

Be the change that makes the greatest good – Delta Alpha Omega – between creation, evolution and the beginning and the end of time

Changes that promote the wisest good from throughout history to after the end of time, and in “angelic and Godly event time“…. Sodom and Gomorrah; the flood that drowned all life except Noah; the genocide of Moses when his killed all the men and the women except virgins; killing the first born of all male children by the ruler, the ones that could really make the difference; telling a father to kill his favorite son; allowing a brother to kill his brother – the one who sacrificed only vegetables; world wars… see He and Archangels really have to keep going in on the most clash, the most murderous and genocidal drama – a man dividing his wife into four parts and distributing them among four tribes, the beheadings.

And by translation He hates all earth to have this written, the books of old; that God is being all merciful in the short to “regular” long term is apparently an impossibility; that this is practically unfathomable and mysterious is not. That is why Hell, Purgatory, Heaven, Earth and related data structures exist as “fire walls”, and why religions are like viruses, adware, spyware and malware. He saw how it would be in Genesis and “said He was sorry”.

Reconsider – it is also written that churches will become the most evil organizations – perhaps the one’s people give hopes and dreams and financial contributions to that really fail vainly, and the ones that control and violate homes, families and businesses illegally. The pretend good that is really utter evil, particularly to biological life and freedom – that which destroys and controls for power, and spreads like a virus to be profitable.

Promoting fasting from many angels, as a new holiday, a week’s endeavor at least for all mature, if promoted globally, takes out the need for war, genocide, starvation if you also communicate more than than who are carnivorous; if you also promote the best in writing to news agencies, editorial boards and editors, representatives , non-profits and those you love and meet.

So you could attempt to correct them, or utterly ignore religions and solve economic problems at least once in writing (so you are wise enough to really deal with earth’s economies instead of deride, shun and play pretend in vain hopes and expectations of goodness, and simply ignore, mock and make fun of them as a special assignment in the heuristics of living a profitable and good life that makes the wisest difference intelligently. To actually be intelligent instead of a glorified child of egoism and secularism and diminutive focus, even in writing and communication, even “academically”.)

God, Archangels, freedom and the owning and ruling class…

And that is because for most of history even God and Archangels – for a time on earth at least – “wisely”, in their case, lack the ability to make better and more profitable decisions. Without reprogramming of data structures retroactive, beings are a certain and have a spiritual and physical economy and this cannot readily be changed in general. Generating power by torture and genocide, control and war is business as usual for Gods and governments because thy think and act with and for power, ownership, control and greatness in general.

So you see that the calamities and tragedies and horrors of “accidents”, wars, genocide, disease and the failure of prayers are not possibly mysteries in regards to God, Messiah, Archangels and all economies and data structures. And of course freedom – the freedom to buy their way to paradise, to literally be reprogrammed in data structures for innocence AFTER Sodom and a few Holy and Nuclear wars for control and spheres of influence and what some define as victory – security and ease on earth, yet even this none do wisely and intelligently, I assure you.

Yet this era of global communication, free translations, social networks has unique possibilities that, if they are not used early to really end earth’s worst problems, end up falling from grace and acceptance if you fail to use them to the limit, and for free – as the performance of a lifetime of wise change and impact.Yet during the 20th and 21st century, these solutions are simply: Decisively and in great numbers transport people and equipment to earth’s most impoverished areas for free sustainable economic substructure, education, honoring their parents, being fasting, standing guard, standing corrected, vegans, fruitarians, in efforts exceeding all military preparation for all wars.

That is why fasting and veganism and fruitarianism are good – if they are promoted fast enough and achieve exponential success and majority application…. What is the change that, if popularized, makes the greatest decisive good – changes society to best develop heart, spirit, souls, wisdom and bring the best parts of Godly and Archangelic data structures to earth as guardians, standing corrected, and wisely being productive and living and in love – fasting, good freedom and better employment opportunities in earth’s worst areas as if this means more than all wars combined – and you writing about fasting and promoting the best solutions globally, at least once.

What is the change that makes the greatest difference, that God and Archangels can factor heaven and hell with most dramatically the greatest – but no quite wisest effect….as if they are the cause and control all existence not only in the eternal and “long” run, but forever, on all earth, as it is in heaven? You can take responsibility in writing for the 40000 humans who starve to death each day – they did no because you did not write and communicate enough at an early age; you can take responsibility for all those who die in war and terrorism – you needed the kind, compassionate care and guardians to bring earth’s best economies and solutions to solve earth’s worst problems forward effectively and greatly; and you can take responsibility for all unemployment, poverty, crime and violence – if you promote fasting and decisive military and civilian employment in earth and for earth’s worst areas, we end unemployment and create a vacuum for new and better employees globally, and, for the first time in history, rightly inspire an end to all acts of war, all battles of humans against humans, that intelligently redirects economies with a righteous end to what is perceived as religious and governmental hypocrisy.

You can do this profitably and practically to benefit all peoples – with reforms and changes for a New World Intelligence rightly, that alter the economy, improving not only longevity, but the quality of life. So you see that in a way the best/wisest social change…. is genocide.

Obviously, much more could be written, about how to be the most famous ones at it and get away with it – and even get a way with it in Archangels – Holy Wars by all their names, and the use of religion and conquest and authority as a top priority in recruitment and causation globally and in many languages and for many nations and all people. This is not just an academic essay, I am not just looking for likes and follows – You Are World Administrator is a page you can find help and advice and consulting from a college/university grad with three degrees who has lived in and traveled to over 50 nations – and for whom God has come to earth more than once!

You see this writing does in theory what some wishful and inaccurate humans like to do in practice – attribute ALL things to God and Archangels and all of theirs directly, in the economies of earth, and although this may be viewed as part of a prayer – on earth as it is in heaven, it is written that God Himself corrected people who are so wrong – you think that I am in the wind, but I am not in the wind – everything on earth is clearly not God’s work directly, and instead of pretending that it is, re-channel that energy and thought to writing, at least once, about something as simply and good as free public transportation for the elderly, those seeking employment, and to the good graciousness to travelers – to develop freer and better spirits, good hearts and souls – this is wiser than believing all is something when, on earth, it truly is not – it is not more true than the metaphor of all the world being your computer.

Yet I know that you have been exposed to competition that was not fruitful, instead of wise collaboration, conspiracy and the intelligence to even try once to do the right thing; I know that you, even the wealthiest of you are a mal-trained slaves – in a way – that truly and in fact do not know what is good for you. Then billionaires and multi-millionaires, it was worth it not only to take publicity shorts in the poorest areas and still do what is suggested above – or hire and get volunteers to do this, it was profitable in the good, Godly and long runs to have many more biological children.

From God to the most impoverished, from the Gods, owners, rulers, most wealthy and comfortable to the most impoverished have I thus written; yet the “whole course” is valued at the entire price of planet earth literally in potential – 1000 incarnated at least temporarily on earth including God more than once, high school and college and university professors, friends and relatives – and, of course, those simply scheduled by good behavior (which may be far from obvious).

Please take this as an effective inspiration to run for World Administrator yourself with a written campaign – that is what the social media and free services are designed for, if you are not a slave, controlled, or diminutive in acculturation. It is not just what your are that makes your wise, intelligent good and great – it is that you out-perform prophetic prediction of your own path personally – not in comparison to you fellow students and others in income, grades, social networks. Consider it as an actor would, as a star role – You Are World Administrator.

Now Intelligently do everything you can to save all earth in writing and socialization – come on, I’m asking for a writing assignment of a paragraph letter to the editor, some extra Tweets and Facebook links and posts, a day’s effort and your starry campaign to end earth’s worst problems on Twitter that is worth it once, like a school assignment, a special project for extra credit, a photo of you standing up all night in the poorest section of town, an extra love letter to your male progenitor. Do it – these are the type of extra credit assignments that save lives – including your own in the very long run – the heaven and hell data structures.

Now you know a “right of passage”, Delta Alpha Omega.

And if God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, your best life comes close to being the Delta, the change that potentially offers the wisest AND greatest good and compassion, empathy, and intelligence in local – go global -administration – write that way!! It is worth an essay to you, it is worth an “extra credit” assignment to all those who are your guardians – writing about fasting promotion as an angle to solve problems, veganism as a new kindness and compassion, standing guard and standing corrected wisely in public and in private as meditation – even if only for 20 seconds as if it is a commercial for your life to be in a wiser, more intelligent way, exercises and ways to bring the future and all heaven to earth now.