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Is it because they are too poor – wisdomintelligencewiserlove

Originally posted on Consultant Rapha Solomon Light     Because they are too poor…. These are the verbal instructions of what is largely credited with establishing Commandments and Laws on earth thousands of years ago….and a basis for death penalty and violence and “domestic violence” for thousands of years:

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by …

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You Can Be World Administrator in a Day – Better than ANY President, Prime Minister


Nobody believes it…Earth’s and America’s “No Confidence” Vote

When what has been called the first black president of the US was elected, I was somewhat surprised in very ethnically diverse parts of town to see absolutely nobody celebrating.  No so-called minorities expecting the world’s problems would justly be solved, no blacks celebrating or cheering for the perceivable end of racism and new hopes of progress, nor anyone else behaving as if all earth might get the best chance to solve the problems of slavery, racism, wage slavery, starvation and poverty in Africa and unemployment and economic stagnation in the US, Europe…nothing.  What about new jobs fulfilling the hopes, dreams, prayers and promises by simply negotiating development contracts with earth’s poorest nations for education, sustainable economic infrastructure, development contracts including part ownership.  No chance.

As a reporter, I asked a few people why.

The answer was simple.  Someone said they are just not that naive.

Yet in greater and more complex data structures of all life other answers exist.  One is that we are simply in a part of demonic hell, partly based on the history of a nation that murdered and ripped off native Americans and Mexicans and enslaved blacks and Chinese to make a living, while at the same time espousing and expounding constitutional rights of freedom and equality, the 10 Commandments, non-existent constitutional law and equality in practice, not just writing, the very same nation that was the first to use nuclear weapons against civilian populations, the one who writes, “In God We Trust” on its money and produces the most chemical, conventional and nuclear weapons in history while it wages and supports wars in Africa and the Middle East, and has a picture of the pyramids and those enslaving on the same money.   (Mostly white supremacist dominating pigs, boors, schemers without greater top-down vision and prophesy, playing one long game of burn in hell, rip, cease to exist and get a limited, bad deal as angelic biology.)

Another answer that involves potential is that economies that play for power and profits instead of wisely increasing longevity and employment and intelligent activity that lead to solutions needs collapsing, change, reform and by some definitions revolutions regularly and by city, state, province, nation and globally.  The facts of histories many mistakes makes a reasserting of angelic guardians and intelligent authority a contest with democracy and education.

That means this nation played for power, transcendence, inclusion without good reductionist economics, new jobs and better administrative planning.  An America that is proxy ruled by a big white devil and demons, one might conjecture in the bigger data structure.  One that must be reformed, redirected, eventually revolutionized and inspired to wiser genetics, eugenics and more efficient and well planned care, yet care that appreciated economic, social cycles more diversely.  One in as if penalty and war and execution, imprisonment, classism with commanding and wiser and more honest ability in a data structure sense globally literally maintained Hell’s Rule on earth, perhaps unbreakably, from some Godly perspective.

Nations not strictly proud to serve, one that is proud and therefore CANNOT serve well and generates the greatest amount of vanity and sin.  Unhumble.  Restricted in development wrongly from a human standpoint.  (This leads to a type of reform/revolution in thought, a change of heart, reassigning of groupings and apparent ability without wisest and most ethical jurisdiction.  Vanity and the loss of inheritance in some ways, Solomon in wisdom might regard.

Utter phonies, compromisers (instead of complex, intelligent and deep thinking multiplex and multivariate statistical problems solvers) and in general proud, hateful and ludicrously sinful, compromised and compromising and controlling mostly white phonies, playing for power and control.   I have literally watched a multimillionaire at complete and free liberty, who is also a full colonel, PhD and licensed stock broker go to what is call the land of wailing and gnashing his teeth before me for having this kind of will….

That there is something worse than dictatorial genocidal and racist murderers and mass murderers and even the God that killed almost everyone in the Great Flood of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah and inspired the tribal genocides and mass murders of Moses, David and Solomon – while somehow failing to even manage to keep two brothers from killing each other after expelling a couple from the garden for talking to a snake and eating from the wrong tree, and not even surely dying, at least not immediately.  There is something WORSE than this for more reasons than one.

So an answer is that the nation that is both economically and socially uncreative in global solutions AND utterly proud and hypocritical – and still in ways unenlightened, WHILE PRETENDING TO BE THE GOOD, WHILE PRETENDING TO BE THE SAVIORS, WHILE TALKING ABOUT LOVE AND GREATNESS – these types of behaviors are in ways worse than being an outright genocidal nation ruled by a dictator – all that and lying about it too….an insult to all intelligence as well.  Proud arrogance literally supported by white devils from Hell, visually observable just as Muslims say, PRETENDING to be the all-knowing solutions, greatest and best, the champions and the heroes.

Yes, being earth’s one and only, wisest and most intelligent can be this easy….
Be honest, attempting to be once-in-a-planet’s history virtuous and creative at international problem solving can be less than one sentence simple, and yet not all of the earth’s military, governments nor any can come up with better solutions: Why not expend at least a public display’s worth of advertising – let alone practice, example and discipline – to simply use the press to attempt to convince Muslims to fast and be vegans – good for Allah, good for God, good for Archangels, virtuous, saves resources, shows dedication and devotion, well founded for thousands of years.
Why not convince those involved in Holy Wars that, at least theoretically, it has scarce been half a millennia since the majority knew the world was in fact flat, and were killed, tortured and murdered for stating that earth obviously is not the center of the universe and all creation – could we all be good enough to try fasting and virtue instead of carnivorous ways and weapons – just as as alternative activity.
Not at first saying you have to give ANYTHING up – just an extra activity – we all know that some percent of people will actually agree to the point of really fasting, going without food, and finding God/Allah/Archangels/Prophesy by, for example, travel, compassion, kindness, problems solving, virtue, veganism, scientific biological truth and simply end up not becoming terrorists and mercenaries.  Why not have the entire governments of the western nations that are at war with those who believe in Allah, Prophesy and their own brand of religious/national supremacy try a little public and private fasting and veganism…just to the tune of putting forward a popular commercial about fasting/God/Allah/prophesy.   This is not rightly simply called being “subversive” – it is simply more intelligently true in a scientific AND religious way!  Is it worth a government, private, military institutions attempting to change history in this way to the tune of one single commercial to convince entire peoples and nations not to fight in so-called religious and holy war – try fighting after not eating for several days, a week and more!

So another answer is NOT that we are wise, intelligent, practical and not naive, having “gotten wise” to the ways of the world, another answer is that we have no realistic hope left, no practical inspiration, no innocence and real intelligence and confidence WITHOUT HAVING TO FIRST EXPERIENCE POVERTY, CRIME, HARDSHIP AND EVEN ADDICTION OURSELVES.  We have no innocent and realistic dreams left; there is not real progress on earth in some ways; these humans look no more intelligent in their Facebook and Twitter posts than blood-letters and idol worshipers of hundreds and thousands of years ago.  In a  world full of advertising, obviously cheap and inferior products for profit and addiction, pseudo-science for profits….

Of course all of these are partly true from some perspective; they are theoretically partly or completely true for some orders of angels (or what fiction and myth dictate if you do not believe in these except as existing in literature and the data structures of human imagination) and some groups of people, and if not the whole truth at least sufficient hypothesis to start testing and getting feedback….

Consider how really much more independent and brilliant earth could be….

But who would you vote for knowing it is really best to be intelligent, educated, mature and independent yourself (one of God’s ancient names is “The Independent One”; that in less than a day you can put a case forward that, regardless of your political party and affiliation, is among the most intelligent and best heuristics and the best policy to most quickly, wisely, intelligently, peacefully, legally and democratically to end earth’s worst problems most quickly AND literally bring heaven to earth by observation.  I mean you can personally do better than ALL US presidential candidates TODAY FOR FREE at putting forward winning economic and educational political policy, law, reform AND peaceful, legal, democratic revolution.

Getting earth’s best economic, social planning policy, reform, revolution and even effective sociologies right in best action takes less than a weak end, locally to globally.  That’s the easy part.  It’s free.


You can make books, essay, MIS, IE, Statistical and Mathematical studies and save billions of lives from here.  It’s the convincing that takes more perspectives, ethically, and the education, sociologies multi-culturally optimized.  Convincing you.

That campaign to most efficiently end all wars, unemployment, terrorism, malnutrition, crime, disease, poverty and destitution, increasing life expectancy and quality most AND bringing heaven to earth will not be exceeded by ANY government, think tank, leader nor group of humans on this planet in all history, the best of reform, peaceful, legal, democratic revolution and even eugenics and genetic theory good from the times of the Industrial Revolution to long past the end of all corporeal life on earth, and even better planets; particularly good since the inventions of international communication with Internet, phone, fax, newspapers and printing.  Let’s face it, for the majority of earth’s population free cell phones and International computer availability is realistically as good as it is going to get – what comes next is a fall from confidence and grace when these are used for emails scams, endless advertisements and recreation on a planet where some eight times as many starve to death each day in disease, destitution, poverty and unemployment as died in earth’s best remembered terrorist attack.

The wordpress account above and below has earth’s best solutions to it’s worst problems, in on planets that have gone wrong for thousands of years, and with their bests artists and “science” clearly shown how earth is obviously the center of the heaven and the universe while murdering and exploiting their very wrongly carnivorous ways like viruses supporting obviously misinterpreted God, angels, religions and profiteering from chattel and wage slavery runs planets for all, even God, gods, and those who own the means of production and distribution – even billionaires might well prefer to live on a more intelligent and wisely administrated planet.

This means You can vie like a star for president, prime minister, world administrator right now….

Here are over 1000 members of the local to global press as Twitter follows – you can vie for any and all world offices from here in less than a solar day, for free: @PrimeMinisterAZ (@destitutepoor has 1000 vegan and other charities, non-profits and philanthropies).

Now all earth’s hopes, dreams, prayers and promises have been exceeded, God and Christ have come back to earth both together and separately, and all four named archangels have somewhat been socialized with and commanded, and commandments that God states are greater than His, and yet include them, have been written to evolve, reform, revolutionize and more intelligently inspire all corporeal life from before humans could write to species much superior to all human life….  Over 1000 humans and humanoids have been transported/incarnated in 16 nations to my personal observation, and they can take walks, use the computer, drive cars, have conversations, and a “hope” that is greater than all time and every concept of JUST time is that some may go back into angelic and other preservation of economies and people and improve and reform history – I have watched earths be created that are “void and without form” as in Genesis FASTER THAN I CAN COMPLETE WRITING THIS ONE SENTENCE.  This writer has watched God on earth AND in heaven.

No other writer or speaker does this, not one….

So to be even more realistic, human reader: Guardians, are you going to allow the human reading this to understand this simple English and actually personally make one good, safe and legal attempt to solve earth’s problems (the lesser problems can be solved with some small degree of intelligence once you and all this planet are on the right course; these 30 solutions are sufficient for the entire planet as top-down economic/social/civilian/military/international and diplomatic planning. Humans will be able to literally comfortably predict, for example, all so-called natural disasters and other problems if the even realistically begin to implement the 30 solutions simply and in complex ways address below.)


Here it is in Japanese, partly to show you the best government policies that no group of humans can practically exceed is already in 20 languages:

But human, I already indicated to you that the truth can be better than fiction – seeing God on earth, watching men wave an arm and create human life where none existed before –  on earth; seeing some 1000 humans transported/incarnated in 16 nations without ANY use of technology….
As a “special bonus”, if three of the top 10 of the 30 solutions are actually enacted on earth, the planet will avoid what is classically called one of God’s wraths.  That’s right, if you can help convince this nation and all earth to, for example, (1) end the death penalty, (2) make public transportation free and (3) negotiate building, mining, education and sustainable economic infrastructure contracts with earth’s poorest nations, then a wrath of God will be avoided as enacted on the earth where you and your friends, relatives and associates live.
You CANNOT pay me nor make ANY monetary or financial contribution; CANNOT purchase ANY product or service from em, and NONE have been accepted in 16 nations!  The name means law, laurels and “Leight” is simply an Eastern European spelling of Light, what all life needs to live and the first thing God created.
Commandments that evolve ALL and ANY planets with corporeal life, the REAL optimal solutions to earth’s worst problems – what are You waiting for, World Administrator – I mean you, the person reading this….
You could write a book about each policy, adapt the writing for all ages and educational levels, improve translations, start a .com where ANY can vie as president, prime minister and the head of ANY organization and government on earth – or just modify and add to the campaign and, again for absolutely free, make world history and personal history today simply by having your own person statement about how earth can best solve each problems.
Lawrence Morris Leight on Facebook – you can join the groups World Administrator, All Are World Administrator, Vegan World Administrator, leave comments on wordpress, Facebook and in a group that simply searches for optimal solutions.
Lawrence Leight and @lawrenceleight on LinkedIn and Twitter, @lawrenceleight, @primeministerAZ, @destitutepoor
The ideas and truth are easier than you estimate, and so is the “why”….
On planets that have gone so very wrong for tens of thousands of years and been competitive because of shortages, climate change and insufficient production, there are ALWAYS simplifying solutions that improve the quality of life for all, from the owning and ruling class to the poorest of workers, criminals, mental patients and the unemployed and underemployed.  It is legal and democratic education and the Industrial Revolution, mass production techniques and global communication that make better solutions possible; solutions that work are developed and elected democratically.  The ideas are this simple, enacting the solutions takes education, negotiations, new jobs, consulting, estimating, various type of engineering and international cooperation and planning – nations can compete to see who really develops the best cultures and resources internationally in earth’s poorest places….you can consider being interested only in “stars”, “celebrities”, “personalities”, religious figures and politicians that are good enough to go without eating and be vegans to prove points of economy, agriculture, diet and even religion that people have obviously gotten completely wrong and only partly right for thousands and thousands of years.
(HINT: If you are actually good enough to be a fruitarian, eat only fruit AND avoid the forbidden fruit(s), God still hold special virtue for you on earth….before the law, before commandments, before any talk of love came correct diet, diet where comparative biology, REAL science not developed to justify the meat and dairy industries and God as he originally was, as well as many other religions ALL agree, biological vegetarian frugivore, fruitarian.
Just so you have this clear, I am suggesting and have given you in writing what you need to be above ANY world leader for the rest of earth’s history in a single day for free: earth’s best economic/religious/political/legal/military campaign and the press/news agency and philanthropic Twitter address so you can vie for the top office of any/every nation in a single day – I have done so myself.
This is earth’s best chance in history. You are welcome to take these solutions back through time and employment them earlier, retroactively and in different and more productive and trending and popular ways.

If you make it very easy for me and, for example, become my friend on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter, then you get what is earth’s best writing, more powerful if enacted than the theories that spawned nuclear power AND saving billions of lives over time for free.  Humans, men, editors of men’s magazines, legal and related magazines (that’s who is in the Bcc line) – you had and have much more than just your chance – you have the chance of a planet’s history.  You cannot steal the idea – it is yours for free, a company that literally God, Gods, Archangels and the best of ET’s billionaires and all world leaders would start and join:


Commandments equal to in every way AND greater than God’s (says God): https://lawleight.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/commandments-that-process-all-life-technology-cultures-and-law/

Human, I’m the one that really, truly wants the best for you AND all earth – those “if you win then somebody has to lose” scenarios are for hell, exploitation at everyone’s expense, and lesser men, entrapped and limited economies and the children of lesser Gods.  On planets that have brought wars against their fellow beings instead of inspiring virtue and data structure compassion and intelligence, there are truly such good, wise, intelligent AND practical solutions – it is no more illegal, revolutionary in a negative way, against the rules and customs or impractical than, for example, paper reduction acts.
Please be sure to read this paragraph….
Yet finally, remember – it’s not worth killing yourself for; make no martyrs and don’t die for me – the truth is so good you should ONLY choose to live for it.   Try intellectual cross-training and better planning, scheduling, listing more activities to put forward good ideas and management information systems and industrial engineering – it’s not worth a single drop of blood, the use of ANY physically existing weapons, getting a single scrape or a bruise….it’s worth thinking about longer and deep thought solutions in space, time and other data structures simultaneously and dynamically, wiser and deeper solutions, like internationally negotiated business contracts for development, education, land use that bring tens of millions of new jobs both at home and abroad and end the infuriating reputation of this nation as literally white devils, ludicrous and expensive hypocrites and exploiting, hokey, impossible and autocratic disillusioned phonies making expensive publicity for themselves and for decades murdering Africans, those in the Middle East and infuriating earth’s peoples with impossible pride, hatred, resentment, prejudice, exploitation, waste and wasteful wealth and simply a complex set of abominations, scams, advertisements, phony heroes and violent movies, false hopes at enslaving expense and hypocrisy for both rich and poor, the living and the dead.

So who is your candidate for president now?

PS1:  Any and all questions, comments, offers, improvements and critiques accepted and welcomed – you can leave these at wordpress.com, Facebook, Twitter and my email address, lawrencemleight@aol.com.

PS2:  In part of the future of this planet, there were many who absolutely ceased to seek diversity and uniqueness in different fashions, clothing, body art, jewelry, make-up – they knew that this – real beautiful intelligence, wisdom and virtue – is contained partly in the data structures of heart, mind, heaven, angels and God and even gods, and shunned such superficial and material ways to appear to be different, stand out and be unique, just so you know something truly interesting, employable and useful about the future and humankind – so these people lived more Spartan and esthetic and humble lives, rejecting all the sub-optimal and complex products and advertisements and labels and labeling of earth.

Unburdening the accounts of even angels and guardians, and humans too…

There are more concise and proactive answers to the question of given all this what is to actually be done, that is really wise. Humans seek to even give angels simplifying solutions by making a material world that is very simple instead of expensive and physically diverse (with cheap products and advertisements of brand names) SO THEY CAN INCREASE THE LOG CAPACITY AND DATA STRUCTURE AND WISDOM AND INTELLIGENCE OF THEIR MINDS, HEARTS, SPIRITS AND SOULS AND MORE. Write back and you can have the answers for free if I still exist any longer on earth (and not a single billionaire nor any man on earth does a good all around job, not one in all history)!!

You see there is even a higher adage than “virtue is its own reward”; there are in fact goods that CANNOT be intelligently misused, economic equations that, unlike nuclear energy, cannot also be used to make bombs.

Then human, it’s worth doing once on earth, and the rest is case by case.   It is worth putting your own personal case forward once to solve each and all of earth’s problems – even if it is purely Utopian, a thought experiment and theoretical.

The writing above represents an “A” set of solutions to the entire planet’s final exam.  You can turn it into your own A+ without any fear of plagiarism; like the policy of some colleges and universities, copies of final exams and mid-terms from other semesters and quarters are free and freely available.

Good bye, earth’s first World Administrator and ONLY ruler, commander, educator and corrector of all earth in two centuries, human who all God and His wise men lay prostrate for in heaven face down on the ground before their thrones.

No, I mean you, human, the one reading this now….I’m the one who REALLY much more than just intelligently loved you and all life….more than your parents, all ancestors, educational institutions, archangels and God and societies combined….

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Vice President’s Son DEAD at 46 – Sayings, Eulogy, Biography, Wise Sayings


When people fail to achieve when they are very young they personally fail to achieve in a more honest, biological way…then what really supports you is something as simple as women always being immoral.  I am supported by Angels, God and man directly, I am clearly your moral superior, and you cannot win legitimately in ten million years with all earth.  Remember, be but gracious and very, very good – you cannot win ethically and moral by God and Archangels.  You have already used blatantly and clearly immoral women.  You cannot now win ethically, particularly in the very long and heavenly terms. You cannot win socially – then You have immorally used human females against men AND you do not rule.

– Wisdom’s of Sargon and play, betting, gamesmanship, rules of engagement and choosing battles

Commandments that evolve, develop, chasten, instruct and program life since before writing began; 30 top solutions to ending earth’s worst problems; 21 things people always get wrong, and eulogy for those wisely and intelligently remembered with compassion and kindness, grace and wise humility.

Fathers and sons on earth that are wise mean heaven; love one another – daughters may mean graciousness, outpost.  Every child born may be as lives saved; it has yet to be what is human and lives that rules wisely, that even says what has profited a human in life in the economies that evolve soul, spirit, intelligence and wise economic community, let alone person-hood.

And yet children may be born to bring peace to earth; think not I come to sow peace – I come to set brother against brother (so that nothing you rightly understand can rule).  And this “rule” on earth obviously involves continued use of swords and war, and in fact thousands of years of what amounts to “Holy Wars”.  You would like to be above humans that effectively plan this way, for their plans lead to Armageddon, destruction, Apocalypse and sure terrorism economic.  That is one reason God and Christ go to hell, and are in Hell Eternally.  It is not a good one, unless you and yours are truly intelligent, and yet you prove insufficient and evil, dysfunctional and sub-standard.  Prove me wrong and I’ll make it worth your while in intelligence.  Prove your intelligence with grace, graciousness and effective command.

Consultant Rapha Solomon Light

Beau Biden, son of American Vice President Joe Biden, dies at 46 of brain cancer, June, 2015.  Vice President’s son can’t make it past 50!

Good luck, Beau – here’s how to save over 40000 lives per day with new jobs – energy and mining, agricultural and building contracts in earth’s poorest nations, the new jobs that saved not only millions of lives, but the dignity and respect to bring wiser hope to all.

Beau Biden, 46, son of Vice President Biden, dead without getting black, Hispanic, Latino, oriental nor good Indian pussy today….

Solutions saving lives most wisely with Godly new freedom.  Without free transportation and God and Archangels you’re fertilizer in a box, Beau.  Free public transportation – part of the graciousness you need to get there!


Campaigns For a Better World

World Administrator, CHS valedictorian and Claremont cum laude grad puts forward commands increasing life…

View original post 98 more words

"Higher Duties", apocalypse, Archangels, Arizona, AZ Making, security

Security, Guarding, Standing Corrected and Multiculturalism


Security, Personal Sanctity, Guards, Standing Corrected, Multiculturalism and Better Service


“Life through time can be like living in a sphere that is guarded by angels of various types, God, Archangels, ability and what lives in ‘social event time’.  To really break out to a new level, you need efficient performance, new ideas, tactics, plans, priorities and additional activities and wise connection that mean sustainable business and opportunity.  To move ahead, you need to lend exemplary support to what all need to make a better world.”  – Laura Solomon


If the spiritual world comes before the material, the signs of home invasion and the loss of sanctity may mean conquest in ways that even the most expensive systems cannot protect against – here’s part of the solution personally.

Increasing home security can be an enticement for some, and a deterrent for others – what may make the difference is taking the solution up several levels – actual standing guards, increased home security, surveillance and the knowledge that some of the best solutions are not really of earth, really not of this world.  If intelligence and God and Archangels and Messiah and the spiritual world comes first, REALLY comes first, what amounts to complex solutions that give greater visibility and awareness out of the box of conventional thinking are superior.

They live and move through “social event time”, not clock time….except this as a lemma, a prerequisite to an Einsteinium thought experiment, a testable hypothesis.  That one sentence best leads you to the right ways AS A SINGLE G-rated sentence.

It means God, archangels and what is attributed to them live in “social event time”….

Humans life has been predicted for thousands of years – that is part of what prophesy, moving in “social event time” instead of clock time are all about – that is how God and angels live!  So, just as all you may ever be is already in the “data structures” of heaven, so all that happens on earth is in the data structures of angelic and other event times.  Do you have posted “high guards” that interpret signs and voices, information and feeling like God and Archangels?  If not, literally all the security in the world will not save you, depending on what you are looking for!  See exactly how “high” the bar is to a quantum better performance, and what that means in quantity of what is produced and dispersion.

Obviously, increasing human security and technology is  one indication of appreciated security and solutions – if this were sufficient, then many from thousands of years ago would already be as gods and live forever and obviously, I assure you.  Yet I submit to you that counter-intelligence, being counter intuitive, has a wise place in an overall strategy.

Because it affects what you do every day….

Have you tried fasting to refocus your deeper goals; given intelligently to the poorest peoples in a personal record setting way; attempted, at least in writing on the world wide web to solve earth’s worst problems and honored your own male progenitors in particular in and exemplary fashion.  If you have not, then in a critical way you have not earned guards and security!

Consider starting off simply by making a list of what you are searching for in security – have you found yourself obsessed with the not-yet-ever-happened-to-me possibilities and overlooked a daily routine that in any way implies you do not appreciate security, personal sanctity, guards, exceptional service?  Then again you may not really wisely deserve good security from and angelic and other perspectives.  I have yet to meet a human in over 50 nations that has verbally or in writing expressed that they really do!

Wisdom appreciates the company of the wise – what humans in these generations that have gone so very far wrong for thousands of year lack is real graciousness, kindness, compassion and assurance of good provision and security.  Even when it is as free to do so as the computer you are viewing this writing on, you have not even attempted to write a few paragraphs of letters to the editor, magazines, newspapers, news agencies, government offices and the media to intelligently try to solve earth’s worst problems – a course worth of effort in all the courses you took in school, college, university to finding better solutions! Even an impossible, a fictional, a fantastic attempt to put forward best solutions to educators, investors, philanthropies, military and the government.  Then to some, revolution can be peaceful, legal and democratic, and to others, it means go back and be more innocent and wiser that what humans call love.

Al-Qaeda, Allah, Archangels, genocide, God, Hamas, ISIS, Islamic, Muslim, terrorism, war, wisdom

Special OPS, Secret Service, Intelligence in Promotion, Communication and Preventing Terrorism and War

Special OPS, Secret Service, True Intelligence in Promotions – Ending Terrorism and War


Earn your standing – stand for what is peaceful, legal and optimal in honor for any….

This assignment takes optimal, free, legal and democratic moves to prevent clear given reasons for one of earth’s worst problems – it is to prevent terrorism and war long before they happen, and intelligently and legally. Like solutions that are as elegant as the equation that relates energy to the speed of light and matter, they can seem very simple. Promote fasting globally and in many languages.


Is really preventing war something that you could do as an elementary school project, something we need only a teacher for, not even leaders and government….

For those who fight so-called holy wars, promoting fasting, going without food, is righteousness and goodness – good for Allah, God by all His Names, Archangels, Prophets, Wisdom and every. Emails to embassies, financial centers and banks, government offices, religious organizations, labor and trade unions, news agencies and publishers are freely available for every nation and international organization at educational, embassy and public libraries and the Internet – the “Europa World Yearbook” is one source.   It is actually set up to view one at a time on the Internet, and is easier to use in hard copy.

Simply write to encourage fasting. Some say that if only fasting was greatly, wisely and effectively popularized over 100 years ago, then the impetus for genocidal starvation camps and even world wars would have vanished; that simply promoting fasting and veganism and similar ideas and practices sufficiently and globally – retroactively – would have been enough to save millions of lives from world war.


From one arch-angelic perspective, the advantages of fasting and even starvation are a reason for it to be allowed. Promoting travel and settlement in areas that are not at war and were not involved in world wars and do not harbor nor consider nuclear weapons in another exceptional, peaceful, legal and G-rated way to boycott what in the existence of even God and Archangels and all attributed to them supports and deals with wars through some “economy and data structure”, conflict, clash and desperate, illegal and undemocratic terrorism, crime and genocide.

Combining this type of practice – fasting and veganism – with the travel and settlement advice above does include part of what was God’s warning, and really does prevent death and war – no one would have traveled to and settled in nations supporting the first world wars, and the impetus for violence – carnivorism among clearly fruitarian humans – would have been avoided.

Very long term to medium term and better – you are taking out the reasons, the emotional excuses, the cheer leading for terrorism and war campaigns, and some of it very rightly….as reasons, yet not as effects, as practical new jobs and lives.  This campaign does both and commands, redirects, educations and employs.  You are a reader right now – be a volunteer wisely.

Global discretion is clearly and surely a better and wiser part of valor – continually asserting what amounts to the right of military conquest simple adds fuel to the fire of war and terrorism, in which their in always a combination of rights and wrongs on both sides, always.

The New Virtue Economy implies that bringing back the goodness and virtues of society – competition for virtue, not power – fasting and raw food fruitarianism, brings virtue directly from God, and wisdom that inspires earth rising to the occasions of global starvation and war more practically in finding better alternatives for profit, increasing spheres of influence, true intelligence and multiculturalism in that the best practices are brought up from all cultures.  These practices involve long-term negotiations for energy, mining, building, consulting, investment, aid and educational contracts, bringing millions of new jobs both at home and abroad, and refocusing our intelligence – our organization and political party has found clear, safe, legal and brilliant solution to win the leadership of all earth.

When religions, peoples and belief practices REALLY do what they believe in, and this is multi-culturally good, we all make better decisions…

The mission to realistically, widely and effectively promote the above is indeed a mission with a narrow gate – one of true and natural human intelligence. There is always a place for this in any society; the challenge remains to make it the majority position safely, wisely, carefully.

Promoting this type of idea once is really beyond question, not subject to objection rightly – making a lifetime career out of being in the obviously correct minority can still be as unfortunate as claiming the world is indeed round and earth is not even the center of the solar system, let alone the universe.

This is a Special Operations Assignment, a Secret Forces Mission, a way to earn your golden belt in communication, publicity and education. Obviously, these are heavenly, very long term to medium term solutions to the problems mentioned – and mandatory preparation for real human intelligence in communications and global understanding, wise cooperation, education and defeating the reasons for terrorism, war, crime and fraud and over-optimistic estimate rightly, safely, legally, socially and to the good of every – these actions redirect what are taken as enemies intelligently, with empathy, compassionately and wisely.

Being a nation that loves God wisely is something we and our party have believed in since before this nation was founded, we can readily, practically and for a time put our leadership and all voters actions where their religion really is, and since the wisdom of the Old Testament, wise kings, law givers, prophets and Messiah – and even find agreement that honors the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” and “Love God with all your heart”, and “Love others as yourself” all at once – when you honor your ancient and founding fathers, and current one, with this kind of intelligence, goodness and wisdom in Special Operations and Secret Service in communication, journalism and election campaigns.

If you even just went to junior high school and use the Internet, please let me assure wisely – these solutions are worth writing about before and as part of your school English assignments and before you play video games in the action on earth and all that pertains to life – writing topics good for all levels of education, research, journalism and elections and employment.

Why spend years learning how to use weapons and not even consider the good “weapon” of writing to really help people do what they believe in more effectively – and thereby find better activities socially.  This is part of earning your “golden belt” and rank no matter what type of warrior you are!

To be even more realistic – these are writing topics good for all educational levels, and may I respectfully suggests that you start in K-12. Actually write elementary school letters to the editor, mere high school essays on fasting and veganism from many angles being as positive as you can – then know this was enough for God and angels to reincarnate on – because when you write that way when you are younger, it matters so much more in the long run.

Now write that way for your younger self, in many languages and particularly, for example, Scandinavian languages and the languages of those peoples not currently at war first, as remedial and extra credit work. See how just the one suggestion of writing to nations and in the languages of those not at war that were not involved in world wars and do not currently harbor and support nuclear weapons takes all the fight and clash out of the feeling of success – it takes this out of God and Archangels and all earth also.

Standing more, standing corrected, standing guard, greater availability of standing computers – the fasting frugal fruitarian communicating more than any and every and wisely…  You have your conspiratorial secret service assignments – for all earth and more than a lifetime – for all life, retroactively, and even for more planets than earth, if you follow the right writer, World Administrator.

[The writer has called you “World Administrator” so you can start at the top, be “The Independent One”, a (re)publican that upholds democracy, and be good enough to exemplify to all leaders, voters, students and the electorate how perfect and great all people’s may be – in writing, and personally. You are free to befriend me on Facebook, follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter and wordpress.com – ask for more than all the world; friend request and any questions and concerns are welcome.]

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January, February, March – Spring Changes Making the Wisest and Best Good Globally and Personally


Delta Alpha Omega: Being the change that makes the wisest, best, greatest good deeper Oxygen


Be the change that makes the greatest good – Delta Alpha Omega – between creation, evolution and the beginning and the end of time.

Changes that promote the wisest good from throughout history to after the end of time, and in “angelic and Godly event time“…. Sodom and Gomorrah; the flood that drowned all life except Noah; the genocide of Moses when his killed all the men and the women except virgins; killing the first-born of all male children by the ruler – ones that could really make the difference; telling a father to kill his favorite son; allowing a brother to kill his brother – the one who sacrificed only vegetables; world wars… see He and Archangels really have to keep going in on the most clash, the most murderous and genocidal drama – a man dividing his wife into four parts and distributing them among four tribes, the beheadings.

And by translation He hates all earth to have this written, the books of old; that God is being all merciful in the short to “regular” long term is apparently an impossibility; that this is practically unfathomable and mysterious is not. That is why Hell, Purgatory, Heaven, Earth and related data structures exist as “fire walls”, and why religions are like viruses, adware, spyware and malware. He saw how it would be in Genesis and “said He was sorry”.

Reconsider – it is also written that churches will become the most evil organizations – perhaps the one’s people give hopes and dreams and financial contributions to that really fail vainly, and the ones that control and violate homes, families and businesses illegally. The pretend good that is really utter evil, particularly to biological life and freedom – that which destroys and controls for power, and spreads like a virus to be profitable – Through More Than Time.

Promoting fasting from many angles, as a new holiday, a week’s endeavor at least for all mature, if promoted globally, takes out the need for war, genocide, starvation if you also communicate more than than who are carnivorous; if you also promote the best in writing to news agencies, editorial boards and editors, representatives , non-profits and those you love and meet.  You know now a way of delta alpha omega, change that makes the wisest and most intelligent difference for all means more in “social event time”, in emergency making life more realistic when it is that way.  This means perturbing relations, setting against to fall in spiritual world unless economized at least like God – because it is not obvious even He and all get a really good deal to be on earth, not simply except for what you do.

So you could attempt to correct them, or utterly ignore religions and solve economic problems at least once in writing (so you are wise enough to really deal with earth’s economies instead of deride, shun and play pretend in vain hopes and expectations of goodness, and simply ignore, mock and make fun of them as a special assignment in the heuristics of living a profitable and good life that makes the wisest difference intelligently. To actually be intelligent instead of a glorified child of egoism and secularism and diminutive focus, even in writing and communication, even “academically”.)

God, Archangels, freedom and the owning and ruling class…

And that is because for most of history even God and Archangels – for a time on earth at least – “wisely”, in their case, lack the ability to make better and more profitable decisions. Without reprogramming of data structures retroactive, beings are a certain and have a spiritual and physical economy and this cannot readily be changed in general. Generating power by torture and genocide, control and war is business as usual for Gods and governments because thy think and act with and for power, ownership, control and greatness in general.

So you see that the calamities and tragedies and horrors of “accidents”, wars, genocide, disease and the failure of prayers are not possibly mysteries in regards to God, Messiah, Archangels and all economies and data structures. And of course freedom – the freedom to buy their way to paradise, to literally be reprogrammed in data structures for innocence AFTER Sodom and a few Holy and Nuclear wars for control and spheres of influence and what some define as victory – security and ease on earth, yet even this none do wisely and intelligently, I assure you.

Yet this era of global communication, free translations, social networks has unique possibilities that, if they are not used early to really end earth’s worst problems, end up falling from grace and acceptance if you fail to use them to the limit, and for free – as the performance of a lifetime of wise change and impact.Yet during the 20th and 21st century, these solutions are simply: Decisively and in great numbers transport people and equipment to earth’s most impoverished areas for free sustainable economic substructure, education, honoring their parents, being fasting, standing guard, standing corrected, vegans, fruitarians, in efforts exceeding all military preparation for all wars.

That is why fasting and veganism and fruitarianism are good – if they are promoted fast enough and achieve exponential success and majority application…. What is the change that, if popularized, makes the greatest decisive good – changes society to best develop heart, spirit, souls, wisdom and bring the best parts of Godly and Archangelic data structures to earth as guardians, standing corrected, and wisely being productive and living and in love – fasting, good freedom and better employment opportunities in earth’s worst areas as if this means more than all wars combined – and you writing about fasting and promoting the best solutions globally, at least once.

What is the change that makes the greatest difference, that God and Archangels can factor heaven and hell with most dramatically the greatest – but no quite wisest effect….as if they are the cause and control all existence not only in the eternal and “long” run, but forever, on all earth, as it is in heaven? You can take responsibility in writing for the 40000 humans who starve to death each day – they did no because you did not write and communicate enough at an early age; you can take responsibility for all those who die in war and terrorism – you needed the kind, compassionate care and guardians to bring earth’s best economies and solutions to solve earth’s worst problems forward effectively and greatly; and you can take responsibility for all unemployment, poverty, crime and violence – if you promote fasting and decisive military and civilian employment in earth and for earth’s worst areas, we end unemployment and create a vacuum for new and better employees globally, and, for the first time in history, rightly inspire an end to all acts of war, all battles of humans against humans, that intelligently redirects economies with a righteous end to what is perceived as religious and governmental hypocrisy.

You can do this profitably and practically to benefit all people and peoples as a goal – with reforms and changes for a New World Intelligence rightly, that alter the economy, improving not only longevity, but the quality of life. So you see that in a way the best/wisest social change…. is genocide.

Obviously, much more could be written, about how to be the most famous ones at it and get away with it – and even get a way with it in Archangels – Holy Wars by all their names, and the use of religion and conquest and authority as a top priority in recruitment and causation globally and in many languages and for many nations and all people. This is not just an academic essay, I am not just looking for likes and follows – You Are World Administrator is a page you can find help and advice and consulting from a college/university grad with three degrees who has lived in and traveled to over 50 nations – and for whom God has come to earth more than once!

You see this writing does in theory what some wishful and inaccurate humans like to do in practice – attribute ALL things to God and Archangels and all of theirs directly, in the economies of earth, and although this may be viewed as part of a prayer – on earth as it is in heaven, it is written that God Himself corrected people who are so wrong – you think that I am in the wind, but I am not in the wind – everything on earth is clearly not God’s work directly, and instead of pretending that it is, re-channel that energy and thought to writing, at least once, about something as simply and good as free public transportation for the elderly, those seeking employment, and to the good graciousness to travelers – to develop freer and better spirits, good hearts and souls – this is wiser than believing all is something when, on earth, it truly is not – it is not more true than the metaphor of all the world being your computer.

Yet I know that you have been exposed to competition that was not fruitful, instead of wise collaboration, conspiracy and the intelligence to even try once to do the right thing; I know that you, even the wealthiest of you are a mal-trained slaves – in a way – that truly and in fact do not know what is good for you. Then billionaires and multi-millionaires, it was worth it not only to take publicity shorts in the poorest areas and still do what is suggested above – or hire and get volunteers to do this, it was profitable in the good, Godly and long runs to have many more biological children.

From God to the most impoverished, from the Gods, owners, rulers, most wealthy and comfortable to the most impoverished have I thus written; yet the “whole course” is valued at the entire price of planet earth literally in potential – 1000 incarnated at least temporarily on earth including God more than once, high school and college and university professors, friends and relatives – and, of course, those simply scheduled by good behavior (which may be far from obvious).

Please take this as an effective inspiration to run for World Administrator yourself with a written campaign – that is what the social media and free services are designed for, if you are not a slave, controlled, or diminutive in acculturation. It is not just what your are that makes your wise, intelligent good and great – it is that you out-perform prophetic prediction of your own path personally – not in comparison to you fellow students and others in income, grades, social networks. Consider it as an actor would, as a star role – You Are World Administrator.


Now Intelligently do everything you can to save all earth in writing and socialization – come on, I’m asking for a writing assignment of a paragraph letter to the editor, some extra Tweets and Facebook links and posts, a day’s effort and your starry campaign to end earth’s worst problems on Twitter that is worth it once, like a school assignment, a special project for extra credit, a photo of you standing up all night in the poorest section of town, an extra love letter to your male progenitor. Do it – these are the type of extra credit assignments that save lives – including your own in the very long run – the heaven and hell data structures.


Part of the right of passage means that Heaven in the long run really cannot afford you; that even if you and your family are literally billionaires, you still have to out-perform angelic and even Godly expectations of your performance in ways that are exceptional easily, readily and surely – having more biological children than expected, solving a fundamental problem like ending starvation, war, unemployment, making public transportation free – which not only gives the elderly, those seeking employment and tourists a more affordable life, but allows better development of spirit, soul, heart and mind – and noble support of earth and it’s government.

Now you know a “right of passage”, Delta Alpha Omega.

And if God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, your best life comes close to being the Delta, the change that potentially offers the wisest AND greatest good and compassion, empathy, and intelligence in local – go global administration – write that way!! It is worth an essay to you, it is worth an “extra credit” assignment to all those who are your guardians – writing about fasting promotion as an angle to solve problems, veganism as a new kindness and compassion, standing guard and standing corrected wisely in public and in private as meditation – even if only for 20 seconds as if it is a commercial for your life to be in a wiser, more intelligent way, exercises and ways to bring the future and all heaven to earth now.

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Arabic: مدير العالم: الاقتصادية، والعسكرية، سياسات التوظيف – إنهاء المجاعة والفقر والجريمة والإرهاب وجميع الحروب

كيفية توجيه: التولي الكواكب مع الثورات الصناعية وتكنولوجيا الاتصالات العالمية ….

مدير العالم: الاقتصادية، والعسكرية، سياسات التوظيف إنهاء المجاعة والفقر والجريمة والإرهاب وجميع الحروب

ADMINISTRATOR العالمي: الاقتصادي والعمالة والصحة والقوات المسلحة السياسات المنتهية الجوع والفقر والحرب

يقف على القضايا العامة والخاصة:

1) القضاء على عقوبة الإعدام؛ زيادة استخدام العقوبات التي تصل إلى حد النفي (هذه العقوبة، لا سيما عندما تؤخذ على المستوى العالمي وبين ثقافيا، أدلى الفرق ليس فقط في حياتهم الشخصية الجديدة، ولكن زيادة الوعي والحياة للجميع، كما فعلت زيادة معدل نقل ونشر الوحشي نقل العمل إلى مواقع جديدة للموظفين) وتقييد الإقليمي أكبر. وستعقد الدول والمحاكم يعترفون على نحو فعال، كما مستشفيات الإرادة والمؤسسات التعليمية، أن الخطأ للجريمة. حادث و “القضاء والقدر” ما زال كما من واجب الدولة والأمة والعالم. عندما يتم العثور على اية مذنب لا نقل فعال أولئك الذين طلب المساكن الجديدة والعمل، لا سيما إذا أدى ذلك إلى الجريمة، وأنها سوف تعطى خيارات إعادة التوطين التي تعني الحل لجريمة يبقى الخدمات وفرص أفضل. وهذا يعني أن أي عمل من أعمال القتل لن يتم التسامح مع، وليس دفاعا ولا لأي سبب آخر. وليس كما فعل من الدول ولا الشعوب، ولا من الحوادث”، ولا من إجراء طبي. كلما كان هذا هو لأي سبب من الأسباب انتهكت، من قبل الجيش، والموظفين المدنيين أو المهنية، سيتم سن عقوبة تصل إلى النفي والتقييد الإقليمي …. ويبقى هذا النوع من الإجراءات الطارئة المتعلقة البشر الضروري يرجع ذلك جزئيا إلى التفاعل مع هياكل البيانات لا حصر له من السماء و الجحيم. ولأن الحياة البشرية لا عقد بقداسة بما فيه الكفاية وضعت من أي وقت مضى إلى كامل إمكاناتها. المعتقلين لهذا السبب سوف دائما أن يسمح لكتابة ويكون تسجيلها والتعبير عن أنفسهم أثناء اعتقالهم. هذا النوع من العقوبة حتى لأولئك الذين يمارسون دور هذه العقوبة (الأطباء يؤدون القتل الرحيم، إنهاء حياة المرضى تعتبر “ميتة الدماغ) ويستخدم، كما سيتم نفي والحجر الصحي ورفعت إلى مستوى أعلى بكثير من اتفاق ثم شيوعا في المحكمة العليا، وهذا سوف تبقى سارية المفعول حتى يتم إجراء مثل هذا القرار حرفيا من قبل برنامج الكمبيوتر، وستعقد بالتأكيد هذه البرامج إلى الكثير، أعلى بكثير المخطئين القياسية على جانب التقييد الإقليمي، النفي، ونقل، وإتاحة الفرصة للتعبير المنشورة كتابات الأسرى ….” كميات من السجناء والمحتجزين، السجناء، الذين في السجن. بالنسبة لأولئك الذين بعد لديك مشكلة مع هذا الاستنتاج، والنظر في جميع قصص ما يرقى إلى القتل والقتل من أوقات أخرى، وأنه في عالم حيث تلك من أوقات أخرى هي لأسباب مختلفة المتجسد، يجب علينا إما عقد واحتجاز أو نعترف بأن العقوبات هم أشد، وبالتالي فإننا في الواقع قد تقع بطريقة أو بأخرى لهم …. الجحيم والجنة هي أساسا هياكل البيانات لانهائية. حقا لا يتم رفع طفل بشري واحد في تاريخ كل الأرض جيدا على الأرض من بعض منظور واضح (تعرف أي الذين تربوا وأكل الفاكهة فقط، وحصل على خمس سنوات كاملة من حليب الأم …. وهذا لا يعد نعمة الأسرة والنسب / الصعود من النسب الإلهييخطئ دائما على جانب الحفاظ على الحياة والتعبير إذا كان الإنسان يمكن أن يكتب جيدا إلى حد معقول، وأنها تناسب معقول. تعرف بالتأكيد هذا الشرط هو “لا مسابقة” لكونها صحيحة؛ على الرغم من أنه قد يؤدي إلى نقاش لا نهاية لها والدراسة وظلت لآلاف السنين، وهذا ما يعني مرور تقف إلى الأبد، إلى الأبد وحرفيا ودون استثناء. الأرض لديها ما يكفي من الصور والأفلام وأعمال العنف والإرهاب والموت …. هناك صور بيانية لما في معظم البلدان في جميع أحكام الإعدام غير القانونية، وهذه يمكن أن تستخدم لأغراض مختلفة، في واقع الأمر هي المتاحة للأطفال باستخدام الإنترنت ….

2) دعم حاسم والعالمي من البرامج الاتحادية لمليارات من فرص العمل الجديدة مع مرور الوقت في أسوأ المناطق الأرض ليلهم الأرض لعن حق وبشكل حاسم وضع حد لجميع المجاعة وسوء التغذية والجوع والبطالة والحرب في وقت واحد عن طريق القدوة الدولية الاستثنائية لأولئك الذين تورطوا في الحروب والجريمة والإرهاب. مع الدولية التعليمية والطاقة والتعدين، والبناء، والصرف الصحي، والعقود الزراعية والعمالة، وسنعمل على زيادة متوسط العمر المتوقع للشخص على مستوى العالم، ونوعية الحياة. سيتم منح حوافز لإقامة دائمة وتسوية الاستشاريين والإداريين والمديرين والموظفين على ما لهم مناطق جديدة على الصعيد العالمي، وتخفيف القيود ومتطلبات السفر وجواز السفر ليلهم مثال يرقى ليس فقط لجلب حياة جديدة لأسوأ المناطق الأرض، ولكن أيضا تحسين المناطق على وجه الأرض حيث بدأت القبائل والحياة لزيادة سكن والتزاوج، وإطالة حياة الجينوم البشري والترويج لأفضل الأعراف والممارسات الأرض، بما في ذلك توافر الفن والمنتجات والعقارات والفرص مع شبكة الإنترنت والتسويق المباشر والمحلي القروض الصغيرة للشركات الصغيرة جدا هي الأكثر أهمية في تحسين نوعية الحياة مع المزيد من الفرص التجارية المباشرة.

3) خالية تماما الطبية، طب الأسنان، والرؤية، والصحة ورعاية الطفل. هذا يعني أنه يمكنك السير إلى مرفق الرعاية الصحية والحصول على الرعاية الصحية دون سؤال.

4) زيادة معدل نقل للموظفين بين المدن والدول ودوليا؛ وهذه هي الأوراق لشفاء المدن والدول والأمم؛ سيتم منح الناس من السهل جدا الوصول إلى الإنترنت مجانا على الوظائف العامة. منذ زيادة التحويلات، وتناوب القوات والفرص المتاحة لنقل يساعد على إعطاء الناس وأولئك الذين يسعون يبدأ جديدة فرص العمل وبيئة الجديدة التي يمكن، مع دعم محلي جيد، يعني أنهم أكثر مسؤولية، لدينا الثقة واقعية في النظام، وتكون أكثر على قيد الحياة، سيتم دعا هذه التحويلات الجانبية والترقيات على مستوى العالم.

5) وسائل النقل العام مجانا. جميع الحافلات ووسائل النقل العام مجانا للجميع لاستخدام زيادة الخير والحفاوة من المجتمع حتى أولئك العاطلين عن العمل أن تجد بسهولة أكبر فرص العمل، وكبار السن والفقراء أن تجد بحرية أكثر ما يحتاجون إليه وعرض مواقع مدنهم والدولة، أكثر كريمة للسياح والزوار. يدفع ثمنها مع زيادة الضرائب الغاز والطاقة.

6) البرامج التعليمية العالمية، والتغطية الإعلامية والدعاية، و “ما” من هذه السياسات الاقتصادية سيتم الترويج لاستباق “من” جميع القصص والرياضة والأزياء والمجتمع وتغطية المشاهير. هذه سياسات الحكومة والنشرات الصحفية، ويقصد على الإطلاق أي اختصار لحرية الصحافة. عندما تركز لهجة الصحافة على السياسات والممارسات الأكثر أهمية على مستوى العالم، ونحن نتحرك نحو الكفاءة الجديدة في تعزيز أفضل الممارسات والأفكار.

7) سكن أفضل لأولئك الذين يعيشون في الشارع، ومع عدد أقل من اللوائح وسيتم شراء الفنادق والشقق غير المستخدمة من قبل لاستخدامها من قبل الفقراء وتسعى تلك الوظائف. وهذا يعني أن الإسكان الحكومية وتحديد سيتم إتاحتها أكثر وسهولة، وأن أولئك الذين لا يملكون هذه ستعطى المأوى والغذاء النباتي والمياه والملابس وتساعد على إيجاد فرص عمل بغض النظر. تعزيز السياسات التي تحققت على أكثر من مستوى واحد بيولوجيا واجتماعيا، بدعم من الدين والعلم لاحتياجات الإنسان، وليس لتحقيق أرباح، ونحن كسب تأييد من كل وقت.

8) النباتي، وغرس نباتي وبشكل خاص ويتم تشجيع مراكز التبرع الغذاء ثامر وغيرها، والعام من أشجار الفاكهة الصالحة للأكل بدلا من نباتات الزينة والتشجيع والخصومات والتسويق للفواكه والخضار المنتجين. سوف كائن أن يكون للمخازن لتكون قادرة على عرض وتقديم المواد الغذائية الأساسية مجانا إلى أي. تقدم المزيد من الثقة والأمن لجميع البشر، أكثر وفاز بحكمة الإيمان في المجتمع والثقة في طريقة أبسط وببساطة، وهذا قلل من اليأس الجريمة وتقديمهم الازدهار على الصعيد العالمي.

9) زيادة الإشراف على المراكز الخيرية، والعمل الخيري والتبرع. زيادة فرص العمل الحرس واقفا تصحيح (وهذا يمثل شكلا من أشكال شرف أن الملائكة والله تطمح إلى، وهو تقليد من كل العصور يستحق إعادة تقديم للمجتمع)، مما يجعل القوائم متأكدا من المراكز الغذاء والمأوى والملبس والرعاية الصحية والتبرع المتاحة تصل إلى الآن، الأمثل بكفاءة ومتاحة للجمهور.

10) كل الرعاية الطبية والرعاية الصحية ستكون حرة، كما أن جميع خدمات الطوارئ (سيكون هناك انخفاض في المحاسبة للتأمين والسجلات، وسيتم استبدال هذا مع الجهود المبذولة لتحسين السكن والخدمات وفرص العمل الدولية؛ جزء من معنى ذلك هو أن نظام دفع الاستحقاقات أولا بأول المحاسبة سوف تحل محلها السلع والخدمات المجانية).

11) الحرية للمدانين من الماريجوانا والكحول الجرائم والقضاء الرجعية نشط من مدة عقوبتهم. فإن عبء العثور على عمل وسكن أفضل لأولئك الذين يرتكبون الجريمة، والقضاء على السجل العام التشهير متاحة على شبكة الإنترنت على عاتق مؤسسات الدولة والوطنية والخاصة.

12) تعميم الصيام، والوقوف تصحيحها، حارس يقف على حد سواء في المساكن الخاصة والشركات والمدارس، مع محاولات لجعل مسابقات في هذه المجالات، والخيرية، والأعمال الخيرية غير الربحية استباق الرياضية، والأزياء، والشخصية “ماذا“، “لماذا”، “أين”، و “كيف”، “متى” من قصص يأتي قبل الذين”. هذا هو جزء من عدم القيام شخصيا فقط ما هو الإيثار ونبيلة والحق. نحاول بشكل واضح لإعادة تهيئة هياكل البيانات جدا من الله، والملائكة وكل ما هو موجود في أسطورة، أسطورة والأديان بحيث تدعم المثالية، وتقديم أفضل الأوصياء وجميع في المستقبل إلى الأرض الآن. هكذا ترون، أنه بغض النظر عن معتقداتك بشأن هذه القضايا والاجتماعية الأخرى، وهدفنا هو لتعزيز إعادة استثمار قانوني وسلمي ليس فقط من كل ما هو موجود في العقيدة والنظرية، ولكن من كل ما آمنوا وويعرف ليكون صحيحا. حتى إذا كنت تعتقد أن جميع أن البشر قد وضعت قدما في الدين والفن موجود فقط في الكتابة والعقل البشري، وجوه لدينا هو تحقيق المثل العليا لهذه الممارسة على الصعيد العالمي؛ إذا كنت تعرف أن الله بكل أسمائه والملائكة الوجود وبالتأكيد، ومهمتنا هي ليلهم على الأرض التي تجعل حق وجودها والمعجزات حقيقة المستمر على الأرض …. (هكذا ترون أن هذه السياسات يمكن أن تصل بوضوح إلى العالمية دعم الوصية لا تقتل”، فضلا عن رعاية أي وجميع كما تفعل نفسك بطرق واضحة وبسيطة مثل السكن والعمل، ورعاية الأطفال، وتوفير المواد الغذائية والملابس، بالإضافة إلى القضاء النهائي على المال ونظام الأجور ما لا يقل عن عالميا).

13) جميع الإنترنت والتسويق، والمبيعات، وتقنين التسليم لجميع البائعين. وسيتم نشر القوات العسكرية والمدنية، مع اتفاق العالمي، ل، كأولوية أولى، وتوفير الإنترنت والتسويق للبائعين في الدول التي لديها أدنى متوسط العمر المتوقع، أفقر الدول، بحيث منتجاتها المحلية، والعقارات، والفن والاستثمار يكون متوفرة، وتقصير الطريق إلى الاستثمار العالمي مسؤولة والخيري.

14) المنظمات الدينية تترك أبوابها مفتوحة للجميع و24/7 أي أو تفقد الضرائب وضعهم معفاة. يتم تشجيعهم على الرد على الحراس والمساعدين والعمل مستمر لوضع حد لجميع المجاعة وسوء التغذية والفقر والبطالة والحرب. محبطون الصور والملصقات وتماثيل البشر باستثناء ما هو سبيل المثال القيام الصور تدعم ممارسة وأسلوب الملابس، والاستمالة واللباس الذي يجعل الفرق. كما هو الحال في بعض المدن الكبرى، سيتم حفظ المناطق للممارسات التي تحظى بشعبية، مثل صالات رياضية مع زخات المجتمع، ومختلف الممارسات الغذائية والاجتماعية؛ لكن التوقع هو أنه، مع العمل على الصعيد العالمي حاسم وزيادة بسرعة شعبية، بدائل أفضل للجميع سوف تصبح واضحة بشكل كبير على كل.

15) وتقدم المزيد من فرص العمل للناس مباشرة من المدرسة الثانوية، ويتم منح أفضل أداء الطلبة من قبل الدولة في كل المدارس الثانوية والإعدادية مع المتطوعين وفرص العمل. لا يتم تشجيع كبار الفنانين فقط مع أفضل فرص العمل، ولكن أيضا لتشجيع إنجاب الأطفال في وقت مبكر لتعزيز تحسين تحسين النسل وراثي. الأمم والشعوب التي لا تتعلق بشكل وثيق وراثيا تشجعنا النقل وتسوية العلاوات الحرة العالمية أن يكون الأطفال أكثر من الأطفال، وخاصة في الدول التي لم تشارك في حروب العالم والتي لم تستخدم ولا تنظر إيواء الأسلحة النووية والتي ليست في الحرب.

16) يتم اتخاذ جميع الإشارة إلى “فخر” و “المشاعر السلبية” للخروج من الشرطة وغيرها من الاعلانات والدعاية. من الواضح جدا أن إعطاء الدعاية لهذه المشاكل يرقى إلى تعزيز هوية مرتكبيها وأتباع، خطيئة كبرى والاقتصادات سيئة. فهل الإعلان ما يشعر الناس ويعتقدون – وهذه هي قضايا خاصة، وليس على الملأ. هذا هو جزء من غزو هياكل البيانات الشخصية التي التزمت جدا، خطأ جدا الكائنات البشرية كلها والدول لأسباب دون معرفة ممكنة وتحقيق لما هو المقصود، وخاصة في جميع هياكل البيانات التي تمثل البشر البيولوجي.

17) الأمم المتحدة والحكومات سوف تحاول وضع حد لجميع الحدود على الصعيد العالمي والحد من عدد من الدول ومتطلبات السفر؛ سيتم تكييف القوانين الدولية التي تمنع الترحيل للأمة المنشأ؛ يجب المسافرين على المضي قدما بدلا من الذهاب إلى الخلف.

18) سوف يكون واضحا للأفراد العسكريين والمدنيين الذين النقل والخدمات الخارجية تعني أنهم لا يعودون إلى بلدانهم الأصلية؛ قد الاستيطان في الأمة أن يتم تعيينها لأو الذهاب إلى مكان ما لم تكن أبدا من قبل.

19) الحقوق المدنية يتم وضع الحالات دائما إلى الأمام من قبل الدولة الحكم الكبرى المنشودة هي أن الشركات التي ثبت لانتهاك الحقوق المدنية ستكون تحت اسم جديد وإدارة ويخضع الطبقة العمل لالرجعية فعال ضد أصحاب ومدراء والموظفين .

20) عند إجراء مساومات نداء التي تنطوي على الرد، وعود بدفع يجب أن يتم من قبل أقارب / أصدقاء المتهم، وإلا لن يسمح الصفقات نداء.

مكفول 21) المحاكمة أمام هيئة محلفين حتى بالنسبة لأولئك الذين لا يستطيعون الحصول عليها شخصيا. الدولة قد لا إكراه بشكل روتيني المتهمين لنداء صفقة، وقبول رسوم مخفضة والمرافعة مذنب” و “لا مسابقة”، ولا تتطلب منهم لأخذ دروس في فهم النظام القضائي والحصول على وصم عن طريق الفحص النفسي إذا رفضوا نداء الصفقة. وهو طويل، منذ زمن طويل أن البشر يدركون أن مشاكلهم هي سبب معظم بدقة بسبب الظروف الاقتصادية والاجتماعية مستحيلة وما هي أكثر دقة “اعمال الله والملائكة” نظرا ظرف الأرض. يتم تعيين الأسر والجيران ضد بعضها البعض اجتماعيا. جميع الحالات التي يتم إحضارها من قبل رجال المباحث والشرطة يجب التحقيق أبعد من ذلك، وأشار ونقل إلى اختصاص تصحيح من أولئك الذين يأخذون الشكوى.

22) جزء من معنى هذه السياسات هو أن إمكانات كل ما تم مقومة بأقل من قيمتها منذ بداية الوقت، ونحن تعزيز ما يرقى إلى نوع والعلاج الوجدانية، وإعادة التدوير، والحرية، وإيجاد الأماكن الأكثر إنتاجا للجميع للعمل.

23) وكجزء من التدريب للشرطة، وإنفاذ والمحامين والقضاة والسياسيين والمنتخبين للمناصب العامة، التى تلزم لقضاء بعض الوقت كما السجناء في السجون والسجون ومؤسسات الأمراض العقلية. وعلاوة على ذلك، يطلب منهم الوقوف طوال الوقت دون طعام، وسيتم إجراء أدائها في هذا المطلب العام للغاية، بما في ذلك مقدار الوقت الذي يمكن أن ينجح في الذهاب من دون طعام والماء والوقوف. لا أحد في الوظائف العامة، وليس وطنيا ولا على الصعيد العالمي، معفى من هذا الشرط. معنى هذا الشرط في أن جميع أصحاب، المدير، يطلب من المديرين التنفيذيين ورؤساء ورؤساء وزراء وتلك في الوظائف العامة على تحمل أسوأ العقوبات التي مؤسساتهم لهذا العرض. قد لا يكون وكلاء تقف في بالنسبة لهم، ولن تقبل مجرد الحبس لمساكنهم. وكلاء الملائكي والتقوى قد لا تقف في القائمة للبشر من الناحية البيولوجية على وجه الأرض. يعني هذه السياسة أيضا أن أولئك الذين كانوا أصحاب ومدراء، حملة الأسهم الكبرى وأصحاب وتشجيع أيضا للدعاية وأسباب أخرى كثيرة للتطوع لتحمل أسوأ جدا المجتمع عقوبات لهذا العرض. في محاولة للعيش في الشارع وفي المؤسسات ذات النفع العام وتوفير القصص والصور المتعلقة التجارب على الصعيد العالمي.

24) يجب على الدولة أن تسعى إلى العمل بشكل موحد في القضايا. القضاة، أصبحت المحامين والمحاكم الأعمال الروتينية حيث لعبت رمزي ومثيرة اللباس والسيئة والتقييمات مختلة و “الحكام” التي لا تعطي الأحكام متسقة وموضوعية وتأخذ على نحو فعال في تعليم الحساب وشهادة والعمل على التحذيرات والمخاوف من لكل من الضحايا والمتهمين. لا يجوز منع المتهمين من التحدث. ولا يجوز إسكاته. جعل الاعتراض شفهيا وخطيا وتسبب بشكل واضح لمزيد من التحقيق. لشدة الاعتراض هي سبب للتحقيق بغض النظر عن المتهم الخطأ على الجانب للدولة لجعل البدائل التعليمية وغيرها والإسكان والفرص المتاحة، فضلا عن زيادة التحقيق في العلاقات والمتورطين، حتى لو لم تكن مباشرة تشارك مع المتهم وتلك توجيه اتهامات.

25) المحلية، والدولة، وسيتم زيادة التصويت الوطني، الدولي والعالمي على كافة وأية قضايا، والتصويت عبر الإنترنت. والغرض من هذا التصويت وردود الفعل يعني في نهاية المطاف أن البشر التصويت على أي نوع من السلع والخدمات سيتم الترويج. يقف أجهزة الكمبيوتر العامة سوف تتاح باستمرار للتصويت، ولن تؤخذ التصويت وغيرها من الحقوق بعيدا لأسباب جنائية. ومعيار والمطالبات للدعاية، بهدف زيادة جودة وسلامة جميع المنتجات وبساطة وضع العلامات أن يكون الهدف.

26) سيتم زيادة الكحول والأسلحة النارية والسجائر، والماريجوانا والبنزين وضرائب على المنتجات ذات الصلة لدفع ثمن هذه المبادرات؛ فإن الغرض من إنتاج تكون في نهاية المطاف إلى إنتاج أعلى نوعية السلع والخدمات للجميع دون السعر بحيث يختار الناس أنماط الحياة أفضل ويتم إجراء هذه أسهل لتحقيقها. الطاقة والالتزام الذي يذهب إلى الإدمان والهوس، وسيتم توجيه العادة وجمع بسهولة وذكاء في الخدمات والفرص التي تلهم كل لعالم أفضل مقنع أفضل. هو دائما افتراض أن كل ما يسمى حادث، كل نوع من أنواع السلوك المختل هو في الحقيقة دعوة إلى مجتمع أفضل، من الأمراض والعيوب الوراثية للجريمة والإدمان.

27) والغرض من هذه، والدولة، والسياسات المحلية المحافظات والوطنية والدولية والعالمية والحوافز هو توفير التعليم السلمي والقانوني والديمقراطي لزيادة متوسط العمر المتوقع وانهاء جميع المجاعة وسوء التغذية والجوع، والبطالة، والفقر، والجريمة والإرهاب والحرب. وهذا يعني أن نحاول أن يلهم عمليا عالم خال من الأجور، والمال، والفقر والحرب.

28) سيتم إنشاء العطلات الجديدة التي تنطوي على الصيام، والوقوف تصحيح، واقفا أمامي، ثامرية وخضرية. وهذه ميزة الصور وكالة الأنباء والتغطية الإعلامية من يقف مع الأسلحة عالية فوق الرأس، واقفا طوال الليل، والاعتراف الاجتماعي للذين تجنب تناول واستخدام الموارد. نحن نبحث عن العطل الذي يعني الندم، واختيار الامتناع لأسباب عديدة، قدسية الإنسان، مع السجل الشخصي والعام من الصوم كما لو كان من المشاهير والمجتمع والتغطية الرياضية.

29) وسيتم تشجيع المخازن لنقل المنتجات الأساسية مجانا، والمزيد والمزيد من المنتجات ستكون متاحة من دون تهمة إعطاء الدعم الحكومي والخاص.

30) سيتم تزويده بالموظفين عمارات الإسكان العام وشيدت لأجهزة الكمبيوتر العامة (وأجهزة الكمبيوتر والمرافق العامة التي يمكن للناس استخدام بينما كان واقفا، بما في ذلك المطاعم) المتاحة للسكان لجميع الخدمات، وكذلك المكتبات وزيادة في المرافق العامة وتوفير كل تصور شكل من أشكال الرعاية، وذلك بهدف يجري لتقليل الحاجة إلى السفر المتكرر المحلي لفرص العمل، والرعاية الطبية، وعمليات التفتيش السكن والطعام والملابس للحد من استخدام الوقود وزيادة الرحمة والإنسانية وسهولة الخدمة؛ فإن الدولة والأمة شراء واستخدام المباني الفارغة للإسكان ليس فقط حتى يتم القضاء على كل التشرد حتى يكون هناك طاقة فائضة جاهزة في جميع المدن للهجرة.

ملاحظة: إذا كنت تقف عن أي وجميع هذه السياسات، في الواقع تقف تصحيحها. جزء مما يوحي التنفيذ الناجح للشخصية، والدولة، وطنية والسياسة العالمية وليس مجرد كونها ملطف حول يقف تصحيح، ليس فقط يقف تصحيح أيديولوجيا، ولكن في الواقع جسديا يقف تصحيح لطالما يمكنك وتثقيف وتعميم بكفاءة وبأسرع وقت ممكن. واحد التوقع هو أن الناس والدعاية وتوجيه طاقاتهم إلى أمثلة السياسات الوطنية والعالمية الحاسمة التي تجعل حقا الفرق. هذا يعني أنك قد تتخذ على الفور كتابة هذه السطور كما بنفسك عن أي وجميع الأغراض، وأحرار في اقامة علاقات صداقة مع لي وإضافة أي السياسات التي كنت ممتنا.

تحذير: تورطهم في هذا النوع من المسعى يعني أنك تخضع لما يرقى إلى أن يكون الحياة والموت اقتراح في كل ما تفعله وربما يكون …. هو مثل بناء سفينة الفضاء، ويأخذ الطاقم متنوعة للغاية، وكل الخبرات والمعرفة والمحبة والقدرة أنك تمتلك. وهذا يعني أنه في الحد الأدنى في المعيار، كل فقرة وكل جملة هي قضية الحياة والموت؛ سياسة هذا يعني إنقاذ آلاف الأرواح في سن بشكل صحيح.


ملاحظة حول اللغة والمعنى: الإنجليزية والأمريكية والاسترالية ونيوزيلندا عن الكتابة، والأخلاق، والدقة، بنية بيانات” والمعنى. النظر بشكل غير صحيح” وضع التعديل التي يمكن إما الرجوع إلى الناس، شخص، أو البيئة المرتبطة بها. اللغة المكتوبة المستخدمة هنا ليست بشكل طبيعي” جيدة بما فيه الكفاية لبكلمات سريعة / بسهولة إعطاء معنى الدقيق من دون مركب / الجمل المعقدة أو بيانات برمجة هذا المبلغ لكلمة “القضية” في باسكال / C +. تفسير واحد في التفاعل بين البشر وهياكل البيانات الملائكية، الإلهية هو أن البيئة نفسها يتم تبديل كنت حرفيا لا يعيشون تماما على نفس الأرض، وليس حقا في نفس المبنى، وليس حرفيا وجود نفس “في” مع نفس الناس، وكل ما يمثل لهم نظرا إجراءات معينة.

تقصد العالم كله بالنسبة لي ….

هذا يعني أن ما هو حقيقي” في مختلف الحواس التغييرات. واحد طريقة سهلة للنظر في ذلك هو أن لديك لمجرد الأوصياء مختلفة والأرض المادية، لم يتغير الأرض المادية على الإطلاق. البعض الآخر أكثر أو أقل حقيقية لك اعتمادا على الذين مبرمجة أنهم ينظرون إلى لك أن تكون، وكيف يتم التلاعب لك angelically وبطرق أخرى في جميع هياكل البيانات وتمثيلكم، وترجمتها إلى الأرض. هذا ليس صحيحا حقا في الممارسة العملية. الحقيقة تبلغ الملهم الفائدة في مكان، والبناء، والكائنات التي هي قادرة على صنع نسخ كاملة من المكان وبناء حياة الحفاظ فيه.

دعنا الحقيقي ….

في الواقع يجري المعنية أو المهتمة في المبالغ الموضوع أعلاه لكونها شعبية في المجتمع الأكاديمي جدا والصغيرة، ويمكن للمرء أن يجادل بسهولة. ليست هذه هي القضية. ثم ببساطة النظر في هذا النوع من البيان بوصفه وهذا يعني أن حتمية للفوز نعمة وصالح” من كل ما كان قائما من أي وقت مضى في مساعيها الأرض الحالية هي جدا أكثر من ذلك بكثير يتوقف على قدرة الأرض على استخدام ما فاز في مئات الماضية من السنوات في الصناعة، التكنولوجيا والاتصالات وتوريد وبناء لإجراء التغييرات في الحضارة التي انقاذ حياة البلايين من مرور الوقت، بما في ذلك مثل وسائل النقل العام، والإسكان، نباتي / نباتي الغذاء والكساء الحرة التي لا تساعد فقط الناس يجدون فرص العمل وتحمل كوكب أكثر كريمة، ولكن إنقاذ الناس التحركات التي تجعل عالم في تعقلا وأكثر أمنا وصحة وأكثر حرية.