"Higher Duties", acclaim

WORLD ADMINISTRATION: Ending war, terrorism, starvation, unemployment and malnutrition – simultaneous solutions


Stands on public and private issues:

1). Free public transportation. All buses and public transportation are free for all to use – increasing the goodness and graciousness of society so that those unemployed can more easily find jobs, the elderly and poor can more freely find what they need and view the sites of their cities and state, more gracious to tourists and visitors. Paid for with increased gas and energy taxes.

2) Global educational programs, media coverage and publicity, the “what” of these economic policies will be promoted to preempt the “who” of all stories and sports, fashion, society and celebrity coverage. These are government policies and press releases, no abridgment of freedom of the press is at all intended. When the accent of the press focuses on the most critical policies and practices globally, we move toward a new efficiency in promoting best practices and ideas.

3) Better housing for those who live in the street, with fewer regulations…  Unused hotels and apartments will be purchased by for use by the poor and those seeking jobs, and as overflow immigrant and even detention/restrictive housing. This means government housing and identification will be made available more freely and easily, and that those who do not possess this will be given shelter and vegetarian food, water, clothing and help to find jobs regardless and longer term shelter. By promoting policies that are true on more than one level – biologically and socially, supported by love, compassion, kindness, religion and science for human needs, not for profits, we win the support of all time.

4) Vegan, vegetarian and particularly fruitarian and other food donation centers are encouraged, and public planting of edible fruit trees instead of ornamentals, encouragement and deductions and marketing for fruit and vegetable producers; an object will be for stores to be able to display and offer basic foods for free to any. Provided more trust and security for all humans, more and wisely won faith in society and trust in a most basic and simply way, this one measure reduced the desperation of crime, bringing prosperity and more honest and practical care globally.  Alternative activities that are realistically good for every and a kinder, more efficient and compassionate wisdom in practical environmentalism. Reprioritize life for better feedback and decisions, Decisions for Wiser Democracies.

5) Completely free medical, dental, vision, health and child care. This means that you can walk into a health care facility obtaining health care without question and without requirement; hospital and elderly care goals are always to provide the best and most efficient full exemplary quality service, lowering waiting times.

6) Increased supervision for charity, philanthropy and donation centers; increased guard jobs (this represents a form of honor that angels and God aspire to, a tradition from all time worth re-introducing to society – guarding, honor guard more intelligently), making sure lists of available food, shelter, clothing, health care and donation centers are up to date, efficiently optimized and available publicly.

7) Elimination of the death penalty; increasing us of penalties that amount to banishment (this penalty, particularly when taken globally and inter-culturally, made the difference not only in new personal lives, but a greater awareness and life for all, as did increasing the transfer rate of deployment and lateral job transfers to new locations for employees) and greater territorial restriction; nations and courts will effectively admit, as will hospitals and educational institutions, that the fault for crime remains as the obligation of the state, nation and planet. When the state is found guilty of not effectively relocating those who have requested new housing and employment, penalty for illegal activity will amount to making travel, high quality education and transportation arrangement and providing new jobs for those who have been misled to commit crime and terrorized out of their constitutional right using “undue persuasion”.

8) All medical care and health care will be free, as will all emergency services (there will be a reduction in accounting for insurance and records, and this will be replaced with efforts to improve housing and services and international employment opportunities; part of the meaning of this is that the pay-as-you-go system of accounting will be replaced by free goods and services).  This policy means that we simply recognize that everybody needs health care and emergency medical, fire, police and maintainence and we provide the best for everybody.  FREE JUST MEANS EVERYONE’S ACCOUNTING IS EASIER!  Does every have to use a service – then to every it is free!  Let freedom ROAR!  Research in over 10 nations shows “abuses” of the system are practically non-existent!

9) Freedom for those convicted of marijuana and alcohol offenses, retroactive elimination of sentences; the burden of finding better employment and housing for those who have committed crime, and eliminating defamatory public record available on the Internet will rest with the state, national and private institutions to help increase both volunteer and employment opportunities.

10) Increase the transfer rate for employees between cities, states and internationally; these are leaves for the healing of cities, states and nations; people will be afforded very easy free Internet access to public jobs. Since increasing transfers, troop rotations and opportunities for relocation helps give people and those seeking employment fresh starts and a new environment that can, with good local support, mean that they are more responsible, have realistic confidence in the system, and be more alive, these lateral transfers and promotions will be advocated globally.  Scandinavia, Greenland, Iceland, Finland, New Zealand recommended globally – they earn more of their type of business “legitimately”.

11) Decisive and global support of federal programs for tens of millions of new jobs in earth’s worst areas, nations of lowest life expectancy, to inspire earth to rightly and decisively end all starvation, malnutrition, hunger, unemployment and war simultaneously by exceptional international example to those who would have been involved in wars and terrorism, negotiated between nations – increase international development contacting jobs until life expectancy increase in that nation, heuristically improving your example with international programs and by diverting military personnel, Internet marketing consultants, teachers, builders and engineers.  Demonstrating decisively our military is used for the most intelligent peace globally and more than once.

12) Popularization of fasting, standing corrected, standing guard both in private residences, businesses and schools, with attempts to make contests in these areas and charity, philanthropy and non-profits preempt sports, fashion, personality…the “what”, “why”, “where”, “how”, “when” of stories comes before the “who”. This is part of not only personally doing what is altruistic, noble and right; we are clearly attempting to reinitialize that very data structures of God so that they support idealism, and bring better guardians and all the future to earth now.

13) All Internet marketing, sales, delivery is legalized for all vendors. Military and civilian forces will be deployed, with global agreement, to, as a first priority, provide Internet marketing to vendors in nations with the lowest life expectancy, the poorest nations, so that their local products, real estate, art and investment will be available, shortening the path to responsible and charitable global investment for producers, buyers, charitable donors and markets.  This is our chance to reinvest our dreams of internet intelligence in a better world, and reassess what worked and made the difference.

14) Religious organizations leave their doors open 24/7 for all and any or lose their tax exempt status. (It has been determined that this is a much more true/accurate/accepted/honest provision to be a religion in the first place!)  They are encouraged to post guards, assistants and work continuously to end all starvation, hunger, poverty, unemployment, terrorism, hazing, stigmatization and war.  These organization are expecting to raise funds for non-profits, charities, philanthropies and religious organizations – there is a tremendous impetus to see these organization perform and “honest full capacity” to what any might well believe in, to perform as expected in ways indicating exemplary intelligence making the difference consistently in giving the poor jobs, practical and easy volunteer opportunities and community resources.  (This is a be one way or the other law, policy – a put up or close down alternative to “services” that have long been reasonably sub-standard AND exceptionally sub-standard AND simply wrong for thousands of years, Round Earthers.)  We are NOT legislating religion at all.   These are the top 30 most effective policies that can really make the difference to God, Archangels, Wisdom, Intelligence and all associated.  Your voting may end here, and yet it may just begin.

15) More jobs are offered for people straight from school, and best performance of students is awarded by the state at every high school and junior high with volunteer and job opportunities. We are looking for a more effective honor in our educational system, and that means more opportunities.  Top performers are not only encouraged with the best job opportunities, but also encouraged to have children early to promote eugenic and genetic improvement. Nations and peoples that are not as closely genetically related are encouraged by global free transportation and settlement bonuses to have children more children, particularly in nations that were not involved in world wars and that did not use nor consider harboring nuclear weapons and that are not at war.  (This is on of those policies that can be monitored through time, particularly so that, for example, students get sufficient volunteer and employment opportunities to honestly make the difference through time.)

16) All reference to “pride” and “negative emotions” is taken out of police and other advertisements and publicity. Some call this the very branding mark of corruption.  Efficiency and goodness come a world before pride.  When people are too efficient AND compassionate to include the words kindness and compassion is the world we are trending to as a heuristic.

It can be all in a line, a word….

It is very clear that giving publicity to these problems amounts to reinforcing their perpetrators and adherents, great sin and bad economies. This specific example is noted because it is a pervasive enough concern to make a quantum difference readily. So does advertising what people feel and think – these are private issues, not to be made public in general. Valuing and respecting personal sanctity and communication is a new trending need for all.  This is part of an invasion of personal data structures, hazing, stigmatization and “undue influence and negligence” that has very, very wrongly committed entire human beings and nations to causes without possible knowledge and realization as to what is meant, particularly in the all the data structures that represent biological humans.

17) The United Nations and governments will attempt to end all borders globally and reduce the number of nations and requirements for travel; international laws will be adapted that prevent deportation to the nation of origin; travelers must go on instead of going back.

18) It will be made clear to military and civilian personnel that transfers and foreign service mean that they do not necessarily ever return to nations of origin; travelers and personnel are encouraged to resettle in the nation that they are assigned to or go on to a place they have never been before, and prized immigration nations kept more visible.  These are global directives, good for all nations to calibrate requirements for travel, immigration, enforcement, care in your world, for you.

19) Civil rights cases are always put forward by the state – the major verdict being sought is that companies that have been shown to violate civil rights will be under new name and management and subject to retro-active class action against owners, managers and employees.

20) When plea bargains are made that involve restitution, promises to pay must be made by the relatives/friends of the defendant, else the plea bargains will not be allowed.

21) Trial by jury is guaranteed even for those who cannot afford it personally; the state may not routinely coerce defendants to plea bargain, accept a reduced charge and plead “guilty” and “no contest”, nor require them to take classes in understanding the judicial system and get stigmatized by mental examination if they refuse to plea bargain. It is long, long past time that humans realize that their problems are most accurately caused by impossible economic and social conditions and what are more accurately “Acts of God and Angels” given earth’s circumstance; families and neighbors are set against each other socially. All cases that are brought before detectives and police must be further investigated, and referred and transferred to the corrected jurisdiction of those who take the complaint.

22) Part of the meaning of these policies is that the potential of all has been undervalued since time began, we are promoting what amounts to kind, compassionate treatment, recycling, freedom, and finding the most productive places for all to work.

23) As part of the training for police, enforcement, lawyers, judges, politicians and those elected to public office, they are required to spend time as inmates in jails, prisons and mental institutions. Further, they are required to stand the entire time without food, and their performance at this requirement will be made very public, including the amount of time they can manage to go without food, water and stand. No one in public office, not nationally nor globally, is exempt from this requirement. The meaning of this requirement in that all owners, administrator, executives, presidents, prime ministers and those in public office are required to endure the worst penalties that their institutions have to offer; they may not have proxies stand in for them, nor will mere confinement to their residences be accepted. Angelic and Godly proxies may not stand in for biologically existing humans on earth. This policy also means that those who have been owners and managers, major stockholders and owners are also encourage for publicity and many other reasons to volunteer to endure the very worst penalties society has to offer; to attempt to live in the street and in public welfare institutions and provide stories and photographs relating the experiences globally.

24) The state must seek to act more uniformly in cases. Judges, attorneys and courts have become routine acts where symbolic and dramatic dress up is played and bad and dysfunctional evaluators and “rulers” that do not give consistent and objective verdicts and effectively take into account education and testimony and act on the warnings and concerns of both victims and the accused. Defendants may not be prevented from speaking; they may not be silenced. Making objection verbally and in writing is clearly cause for further investigation. The vehemence of the objection is cause for investigation regardless of the accused – the error is on the side of the state to make educational and other alternatives and housing and opportunities available, as well as increased investigation of relations and those involved, even if not directly involved with the accused and those bring charges.

25) Local, state, national, international and global voting will be increased on all and any issues, and Internet voting. The purpose of this voting and feedback will ultimately mean that humans vote on what type of goods and services will be promoted; standing public computers will be made continually available for voting, and voting and other rights will not be taken away for criminal reasons. Standard and claims for advertising, with the object of increasing the quality and safety of all products and the simplicity of labeling will be the objective.

26) Alcohol, firearms, cigarette, marijuana, gasoline and related product taxes will be increased to pay for these initiatives; the purpose of production will ultimately be to produce the highest quality goods and services for all without price so that people choose better lifestyles and these are made easier to attain.

27) The purpose of these local, state, provincial, national, international and global policies and incentives is to provide the peaceful, legal and democratic education to increase life expectancy and end all starvation, malnutrition, hunger, unemployment, poverty, crime, terrorism and war; this means that we are attempting to practically inspire a world without wages, money, poverty and war.

28) New holidays will be created that involves fasting, standing corrected, standing guard, fruitarianism and veganism. These will feature photos, news agency and media coverage of standing with arms high above the head, standing up all night, and social recognition to those who avoid eating and using resources. We are looking for holidays that mean contrition, choosing to abstain for many reasons, human sanctity.

29) Stores will be encouraged to carry basic products for free.

30) Buildings for public housing will be staffed and constructed to have public computers available for residents for all services, as will libraries and an increase in public facilities providing every conceivable form of care, with the objective being to decrease the need for repeated local travel for jobs, medical care, housing searches, food, clothing to reduce the use of fuels and increase the compassion, humanity and ease of service; the state and nation will purchase and use empty building for housing not only until all homelessness is eliminated – until there is ready excess capacity in all cities for immigration.

Note: If you stand for any and all of these policies, actually stand corrected. Part of what inspires successful implementation of personal, state, national and global policy is not merely being euphemistic about standing corrected, not only standing corrected ideologically, but actually physically standing corrected for as long as you can AND educating and popularizing as efficiently and quickly as possible. This means that you may immediately take this writing as your own for any and all purposes, and are free to befriend me and add any policies that you would appreciate.


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