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Is it because they are too poor – wisdomintelligencewiserlove

Originally posted on Consultant Rapha Solomon Light     Because they are too poor…. These are the verbal instructions of what is largely credited with establishing Commandments and Laws on earth thousands of years ago….and a basis for death penalty and violence and “domestic violence” for thousands of years:

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by …

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Earth's best actions explained - you can save lives - and love.
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Challenge: Improve the list of earth’s greatest wrongs at a personal level

Humbling Planet Earth and Beguiling Wisely, Affordably: 


Truth, Honesty- Universal Earth “Sub-Optimal” Wrongs – this planet has yet to be even close to bringing heaven and God to earth, and for very good reasons….


1) You are eating to much, you should be a fruitarian who avoids apples

2) You are not standing corrected, standing guard and proving yourself by fasting wisely

3) You are indulging too much in popular and ludicrously vain consumerism, not only in products, clothing, vacations that are not also business trips and resettlement/immigration opportunities, make-up, drugs, magazines, newspapers but in reformist causes that REALLY do not make the difference partly because they do not ramp up quickly enough

4) You are not supporting improved childcare, vastly increased breastfeeding times and a more wisely, intelligently nurturing environment and more child production with “creative arrangements”

5) You are making grammar, writing and accuracy mistakes, and using bad language, being bespoken and dressing down dysfunctionally – smearing yourself in ways that just don’t look good, descending to an unacceptable and unproductive level of socialization that enforces ego, pride, slang, bad “ins” that make earth evil, vain, diminutive, substandard, inflated and hateful dysfunctionally

6) You are expending your attractive and sexual energies without promoting, marketing and “selling” your ability to have children and effectively donate human eggs and sperm productively and realistically, particularly when you are younger

7) You are not honoring your mother and father, grandparents and teachers, professors and instructors effectively, giving them your first fruits

8) You are not varying your act and adding enough different skills, good hobbies and activities to make yourself interesting to God and angels effectively

9) You are underestimating and mis-estimating the effect you, society and others must have to be realistically optimal for God, Angels and your own nature all

10) Those who are celebrities, popular and in ownership and leadership positions are completely mis-estimating the utility of good publicity that is very simple and good for all ages and times historically – promoting fasting for many reasons, standing corrected with arms above head, spending a night in the poorest places to stand guard and stand corrected, the goodness of clear and simple instructions and websites for more effective polling and feedback and actions that everyone can take, political and economic influence abroad, investing in people before causes and organizations, high school valedictorians before non-profits, veganism, fruitarianism, vegetarianism, The Eden Diet

11) Industry, investors and governments are grossly underestimating the need for new and better jobs in earth’s areas of lowest life expectancy, and increasing international employment opportunities and military peace promotions that completely eliminate global unemployment AS A FALL BACK POSITION

12) The ability of God and others to do “miracles” that amount to giving some an extra few minutes of life, and to be temporarily transported globally and alive again from heaven, purgatory and hell – better answers to actions thousands of years old; while attempting to be far too controlling, dominating and predicting – you do not understand the differences between prediction, prophesy, estimate, demonic/angelic/devilar conspiracy and supremacy and making a good show in data structures variously (This one wrong costs millions+ of lives.)

13) The absolutely critical need for all governments and people to attempt to use publicity to solve all earth’s problems overtly and retroactively (This wrong cost good action, ability, hopes, prayers and promises.)

14) Incentive to travel no return, easy re-settlement, a no-harm, no implied punishment policy for failure and understood easy and repeated relocation (This wrong and the first one can literally account for world wars.)

15) That earth can have many times it’s current population and children born to younger parents can be better, more gentle and well adapted

16) Failure of free housing, 24/7 building utilization with computers for jobs, making like earth is in continuous emergency crisis and that problem stabilization has not been reached acceptable

17) Way too much over-branding, over-advertising, overestimating of savings and benefits, services and public services that are too difficult and cause emotional and mental problems

18) The utility of war – presidents, prime ministers, members of parliaments and congresses should take credit for the numbers of dead from starvation; those who support wars, enforcement, judges should really have to endure some of the worst penalties temporarily. Example: “I am responsible for the death’s of 40000 humans lives today because I did not start campaigning for the top elected post of this nation from age seven.” When the right people do this, and use new mining, energy and building, education, manufacturing and consulting contracts as overt conquest of earth’s worst areas, then wars, terrorism and crime begin to end permanently if this is done with sufficient global resources.

19) Insufficient investment in people, inefficient wealth accumulation without profitable investment. Example: My male progenitor invested in me financially and God and Angels invested in me spiritually for 2000 days – some 1000 humans were at least temporarily incarnated on earth who could go on tours, use a computer, take walks, stand outside, and spirit and soul were evolved, developed with heart and new hopes. When it is written that God invested – I mean He literally invested Himself at age 18, and did some of what He did for the entire nation of Israel.

20) You did not take this writing effectively. You should share it like absolutely free gold, the most expensive diamonds, computer and stocks for your children in the 1980’s….

21) You are not possibly mature negotiators, adults, and did not appreciate cultures of the past even at an elementary school level. Example one: How ludicrous can you be by having a planet that pretends to worship those from one national territory, and fails to find the non-secular intelligence to actually, respectfully and humbly to find them. Are you some type of Christian or related religion – go stay with Hebraics if they will let/allow you. (I mean that after witnessing this mistake for over 2000 years, stating that dogs literally have more intelligence in a way or that this is a planet of falsely religious ludicrous idiots, morons and phonies and that churches are the most evil places on earth is close to a toss up. Since this is obviously true, I will state the implied action in another way: Did you appreciate the characters of the good book, the Old and New Testaments and Holy Books…. then go to the Jewish Community Centers and beg to volunteer and work for free at Hebraic schools and businesses; marry Jewish people and give to them freely; be a whole lot more admiring, humble and reticent about your own utilities to God and all His. Example two: This writer has been party and reason to incarnate some 100 times as many people as the Jewish people this planet has written about and worshiped for over 2000 years in 15 nations – are you offering me your only car free and clear without obligation, signing over all your material possessions to me to live among the poor, begging that your daughters starve and become vegans so that I might just find some use for one….

Now look, if your are reading this and from the native lands where this language is spoken I know yours really do not have the intelligence and decisive ability to take the writing reasonably correctly without new guardians. Surely, truly, egolessly, in fact, flatly. Actually being intelligent, wise and good enough to make a difference is much more difficult – INCARNATING 1000 HUMANS INCLUDING GOD MORE THAN ONCE DOES NOT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE MEANINGFULLY.

If you are not literally going to start off by offering me 12 different gifts before you even begin to ask me a question, then I truly could not care less about your comments and what you think of this writing. Your social standing and wealth and influence makes close to no effective difference to me; I see and hear God EVERY day, have held His head in my hands and have a Son with him personally – one that is REALLY a Son of God, that looks like him and is superior to humans meaningfully, unlike one who is called this popularly in the New Testament. Are you just a human on earth in the 21st century….you have nothing of interest to me in fact – I am looking for good protocol in presentation and offer that is gracious, considerate and exemplary.