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Freer “Write Teenager” (My love singing free) Write Teenangel on World Administration President Forever and realteenrebels



Better guidance in theory and practice in one email than all earth’s religions and so-called leaders combined:


Words to promote in song and poem: Fasting, fruitarian, fruit, frugal, fruit eaters, vegan, vegetarian, standing corrected, standing guard, sanctity.

Concept in national and global economy: Sustainable infrastructure, deploying civilian and military forces to provide free Internet marketing to earth’s most impoverished areas paid for with international mining, energy, building, real estate contracts; free food, housing, apartments, education, schools; jobs that fulfilled the dreams and good intentions of any – acts of parliaments, congresses, senates, houses that decisively deployed tens of millions to earth’s worst areas ending unemployment, starvation, malnutrition and war at once.

If humans had religion right, they would fast, stand corrected, stand guard, just eat fruit and avoid the apples and related products…and make sure to communicate more than earth’s carnivorous biological fruitarians.


“Write Teenager”   (Freer)    My Love Singing Free   (Write Teenangel)

My teenager wrote today, he called up just to hear you singing,
Teenager wrote today, she called up to beg in God’s name:
All of the world is yours,
Love means this when it’s true and free;

Be freer, that we are free, to be free, that we are,
Teenager write today, damn earth for all wars –
That should never be,
Teen angel writes today, honor needs

To be true and free,
Teenager write today, beg for worlds
That may never be,
All the world is yours,

Love means this when it’s you and me
We are freer, that we are free, freer that we are,
All the world is yours forever.


World Administrator

Lawrence Morris Leight



Facebook, (FB)


Song and poem to promote writing, freedom and wisdom in data structure…

How many songs and poems, commands and prophesies can
you make from the first words and last words of each line
of the poem above?

Can you see how the title, “My Love Singing Free” is
made from the first and last words of the statements
made from the first and last words of the above poem,
and the first and last words of these short poems?


Free worlds be yours,

Lawrence Morris Leight,


PS1: Please befriend me on Facebook at Lawrence Morris Leight (picture of the world) and tweet the follows of PRIME MINISTER @PrimeMinisterAZ for educational, local, national, international and global news agencies and media; Destitute Malnutriti @DestitutePoor for vegan and other food donation centers, charities, philanthropies and non-profits.

PS2: “When you truly have the optimal heuristics to end all wars, starvation, malnutrition, destitution and global unemployment simultaneously, freedom, free distribution and communication moves closer to being free – not a single special interest group, Political Action Committee (PAC) or ANY other donation from a special interest group that exists on physical earth. No financial contributions; vied for the top post of every nation in 10 languages from 16 nations. You can attempt part of this right now from the computer where you work.” – World Administrator

“Leadership is a dysfunctional myth from times of tribalism, primitive communism and classism. Administrators and managers organize products, services, production schedules and plant location and allocation problems and management psychology (Industrial Engineering, Management Engineering, Management Information Systems) – think for yourselves – we are looking for the establishment of a global system of society, peacefully, legally and democratically. Common ownership of the means and instruments for producing wealth by and in the interests of society as a whole means the very best goods are produced for human consumption, not for profit – this is a world more efficient than competition, unemployment, starvation, genocide and wars fought over private property, trade routes, oil and spheres of influence.”

“Redeploying tens of millions to earth’s most impoverished areas to build the sustainable economic infrastructure that brings free education, vegan and fruitarian food, schools, housing and new jobs with internationally negotiated mining, energy, building and real estate contracts in efforts exceeding all preparations for all war and popularizing fasting, standing corrected and standing guard to do so; bringing the best practices that nobody tries in public and private for free, as exercises in goodness, good nature, honor and nobility.”

“This objective is better than ANY so-called leader has done in all history. It is not attempting to change, control, alter the people that really makes a better world practically on earth. Peacefully, legally, democratically educating all earth’s peoples to comprehend global capitalism and voting, writing, singing and communicating sufficiently and exceptionally to revolutionize ownership and control of production, distribution and building made a new world of difference. ”

“When economies and societies have gone so very far wrong for thousands of years, simplifying solutions like free public transportation are one and two word and one sentence simple – the pay-as-you-go system means that intelligence and better spirits, hearts and souls go for everybody. Implementing enough change at once effectively becomes partly a case of very quick and effective education, popularity, comprehension and understanding…. This means I am asking you to pre-empt sports, society, fashion, advertisements and the “who” of stories with the “why”, “what”, “how”, “where”, and “when”. Presses need to go on strike not just for higher wages, benefits and working conditions, but also to be able to write the articles and editorials that end all war, starvation, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment….”

He stood in abandoned buildings, stayed under bridges, in open fields, used what he found in garbage cans, fasted, supported fasting, fruitarianism, veganism, vegetarians and the practices of standing guard and standing corrected…meet the human who vied for the top office of every nation, from 16 countries in 10 languages, and every peacefully, legally and democratically elected office on the planet.

Lawrence Leight

“Laura Solomon” on Facebook


PRIME MINISTER @PrimeMinisterAZ – over 1000 news agencies, education, national, international and global media outlets.

Destitute Malnutriti @DestitutePoor – over 1000 vegan, vegetarian and other donation centers, charities, philanthropies, non-profits on Twitter.


5 thoughts on “Freer “Write Teenager” (My love singing free) Write Teenangel on World Administration President Forever and realteenrebels

  1. Reblogged this on Consultant Rapha Solomon Light and commented:

    Can I love you like fire in the night loves forest in the mountains when lightning strikes;
    Did I love you like fire in the day loves apartments and Mosques where men still pray;

    These lyrics mean that nations and people have gone wrong and should act – with better motivations and more intelligent actions both privately and publicly in particular: popularizing fasting, standing corrected and vastly improved decisive local, state, provincial, national and world wide administration. Yes, there are other meanings; however, in a world where television and movies, advertisements and products are made for profit first, I AM ATTEMPTING TO MAKE THESE MEANING OVERT AND CLEAR, and give you what is heuristically earth’s best campaign and economic policy platform.

    Then another meaning to the above is that love can be wisely “consuming” and take all people are from earth and replace them spiritually, and take them without replacement, as well as be consuming in vengeance to thousands of years of wrongs that continue today – intelligently, wisely and in writing and global popularization.


  2. please realize that you write from a Pro-colonial structure of thought Ideology, and are actually promoting Colonial racist thought through your attempt at salvation.

    Please grasp the planet you cam from, pre-colonization. which mean you have to move past the Government educational system of defunct lies that we are all taught!

    IF tribal Law was so bad, why did Colonizers have to view humans as animals to gain control? Why did genocide have to happen if Tribal Law was so wrong?

    Your close. Just take your education to the next level, and make sure your house is on solid ground. Thanks.



    • I would need a video recorder and have to be a key grip or director to “….grasp the planet you cam from…” there is no mention of ANYTHING related to racism nor colonialism – these are surely, clearly and obviously your personal concerns. This writing is from someone with three full college/university degrees who has visited and lived in over 50 nations, and viewed “Tribal Law” as it relates to commandments, primitive communism, and even monkeys at the Monkey Temple literally. Take you action to the next level – use the writings to vie for World Administrator today on Twitter, Jacqueline – @PrimeMinisterAZ has news agencies representing all earth, and the writings are available in many languages. The writing explain genocide, offer wiser alternatives, and the answer to your questions is in the questions themselves (Tribal Law IS so bad therefore Colonizers viewed humans as animals to gain control – and power instead of virtue, since they were limited socially and economically and by ability also.) One National Administration (ONA) – as an educator, this is correct form to state an organization and abbreviation….so very sorry….(I really do not come from a Pro-colonial structure of thought Ideology, truly….as a make up exam, please attempt to delineate “thought ideologies” and even give a more specific guess – what does racism and salvation have to do with this writing, do you come from a white pseudo-christian colonial thought ideology….I would appreciate any new friends and more feedback. Please accept my apologies.


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