"Higher Duties", COMMANDMENTS

18 Eighteen Commandments of Inter-Temporal, Inter-Universal Conquering


18 Eighteen Commandments of Inter-Temporal, Inter-Universal Conquering


1. Banish, quarantine, cut and destroy current/previous societies: temporally, spatially and socially, taking spiritual responsibility for climate change, food supplies.
2. Check and consider custom annulment, redirection of resources.
3. Check command-lock destinies, outside fates.
4. Add action, custom, way of old societies, use what is intrinsic for change.
5. Note previous implementations (all God’s Commandments go here) and counter-balance.
6. Make love/gentleness/mercy process-intrinsic.
7. Avoid award (idolatry, focus on dysfunctional material representation, advertisements) – increase lateral transfers, relocation, new settlement, migration.
8. Check intensity, compaction, abilities of affect correct levels and ways.
9. Make process iterative, self-supporting… at all levels and inter-temporally.
10. Do not get caught, stopped or blocked, barred; avoid planet justice, credit, award maintaining sufficient intelligent action and will.
11. Cease, devolve, and annul, no, slight banished parts.
12. Implant new economies, and curtail old from consciousness absorption.
13. Curse, disdain, loath, reprove, rebuke, correct society, and sufficiently to
14. Avoid capture, being too big/small, being caught in retrograde justice.
15. Maintain sufficient service standard for Godliness, Archangels, command, new construction.
16. Action sufficient from at least three points on a planet, two-plus time checks.
17. Avoid personal repetition.
18. Abandon, take outside or outside/inside fate/destiny.


Divide/compete families, cultures, parties, societies; on a planet for profits, even direct education in the media passes for revolutionary (including web address, link, contacts) – media is a consumer good.
Check at all levels and “data structures” by way and function.
Intermix, set types of beings, ways, cultures, ideas, economies and abilities
to compete/cooperate avoiding dysgenic inbreeding, deploying angelic children and those from other planets and God(s).
Deprogramming/reprogramming and realization that what remains is angel or equipment can put one in the next generation.
The realization that what remains is vanity or egoism of previous implementations can put one above the process.
Choose a way likened to angelic wing attack.
Stand corrected, stand guard, reposition, move, supply, transit, adjust speed and way.


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