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Defective Products Cost Lives, Intelligence and Still Do: -inch that Stole Mistress

Spring Cleaning – Sue Majors, American Airlines stewardess, daughter, three sons


Forty years ago when I wrote my first five pages of Junior High school promenade with romance and love, my mother took out page four – The Scene – and it remained for some 10 years to tell me my British cousin’s daughter had befallen the same fate, only to marry a Scot after I worked in Glenrothes, Hughes Microelectronics, a company that makes night vision equipment and puts guidance systems in Abrams tanks, right near a new health club facility and gym – no sauna.

Hugh Microelectronic Glenrothes based burn-in circuitry module failed about 60 and 80 percent of all tests at a simple and complex level.  A useless state of the machine, all products were sent out essentially completely untested.

The company was taken to court by the US parent for defective goods; helicopters crashed in Israeli “action”, deserts and a ship was sunk instead of even getting close to saving ANY from terrorists.


Potential song, poem and solutions to victorious endings – earth’s easiest problems to solve and most pervasively – reform, revolution and improving revolution, eugenics and mating…..


Defective products for you can be merchandise you do not use – your decision to acquire was defective in that you did not ascertain use prior to acquisition; the products are not of the best quality for continued use, they are manufactured first for profits, not human use/consumption/example/”modern” example/exemplary example that is “practical” for other humans/example to other inhabitants not strictly human by some definition(s); products whose utility is not appreciated; products that hamper (your) accounting….


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