DRAFT: Freer “Write Teenager” (My love singing free) Write Teenangel

Can I love you like fire in the night loves forest in the mountains when lightning strikes;
Did I love you like fire in the day loves apartments and Mosques where men still pray;

These lyrics mean that nations and people have gone wrong and should act – with better motivations and more intelligent actions both privately and publicly in particular: popularizing fasting, standing corrected and vastly improved decisive local, state, provincial, national and world wide administration. Yes, there are other meanings; however, in a world where television and movies, advertisements and products are made for profit first, I AM ATTEMPTING TO MAKE THESE MEANING OVERT AND CLEAR, and give you what is heuristically earth’s best campaign and economic policy platform.

Then another meaning to the above is that love can be wisely “consuming” and take all people are from earth and replace them spiritually, and take them without replacement, as well as be consuming in vengeance to thousands of years of wrongs that continue today – intelligently, wisely and in writing and global popularization.

Consultant Rapha Solomon Light

Better guidance in theory and practice in one email than all earth’s religions and so-called leaders combined:

Words to promote in song and poem: Fasting, fruitarian, fruit, frugal, fruit eaters, vegan, vegetarian, standing corrected, standing guard, sanctity.

Concept in national and global economy: Sustainable infrastructure, deploying civilian and military forces to provide free Internet marketing to earth’s most impoverished areas paid for with international mining, energy, building, real estate contracts; free food, housing, apartments, education, schools; jobs that fulfilled the dreams and good intentions of any – acts of parliaments, congresses, senates, houses that decisively deployed tens of millions to earth’s worst areas ending unemployment, starvation, malnutrition and war at once.

If humans had religion right, they would fast, stand corrected, stand guard, just eat fruit and avoid the apples and related products…and make sure to communicate more than earth’s carnivorous biological fruitarians.

“Write Teenager” (Freer) My Love Singing Free

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