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Take Care – Did You Increase Your Chances to Live


Take Care – Did You Increase Your Chances to Live Wisely


WARNING: Forget my name – Writing For Effect By Topic


Write about loving/appreciating/honoring your father. Not only did the writers and business owners who did this incredibly increase their chances to be alive again and reincarnated – by observation of those incarnated, at least temporarily, on earth – they also helped others to do so regardless of their sex, national origins, politics and religion.

Although as a scientist, management engineer, statistician, accountant and programmer we have in this case an insufficient sample size to make too meaningful correlations, the evidence is still utterly overwhelming, and consistent throughout history, and supported by some of the biggest names in “the business” – for much more than two millennium.

A recent high school graduate showed me one essay, with some spelling, grammatical errors that might be an average essay on the state standardized rubric – but an A+ essay for topic – for English currently in use for a high school sophomores. She just wrote about how very much she loved and appreciated her father, in a family that apparently had divorced where her father took care of her.

She also appreciated her twin, and this may have really meant angelic incarnation of herself with what appeared to be cherubim that can appear on earth; her “twin” gave me “verbal” permission to relate to her biologically. (Now I get a warning that this writing is too accurate.)

Incarnated at least four times in a different city to effectively play “star roles” on earth – a poor bohemian in the hippy side of town, a new university student on campus, an astronaut with full spacesuit, and driving her own truck that was bigger than the one her family had – all this in addition to still having her own original body, which I heard lived across the entire nation with her mother occasionally. Her father owned a small club.

You still do not understand. This means being incarnated on earth again in addition to your physical body. DO NOT BE TOO THEORETICAL ABOUT THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS IN “DATA STRUCTURE”.  Assume that being  incarnated, that you are worth being and existing in more than one place as a personal to me and life on earth is a great, good and wise event!

Would you and the spirit and intelligence of what is you appreciate living at least four times as much as you do now in “acting roles” approved literally by God and Archangels and Your family and self?


The only correct answer is, “Yes”, yet you do not have to repeat it like a mantra or even ask once, optimally. You could spend your life on your knees, and you could actually do the right things…. It is worth asking once though, if you talk at all. (You can hear both God and Christ state that they would like to be reincarnated at this point, and some others.)

A truth is that this type of thing is programmed and predestined….YET I AM TELLING YOU/SUGGESTING HOW TO OPTIMIZE THE EXPERIENCE.

The grandfathers of two business owners where incarnated after just a chat in one case and a nights lodging at a family hotel. It is obvious that they came from cultures and families that appreciated and honored their fathers. Err on the the side of compassion, empathy and kindness, and with feminine love and affection.  Err on the side of uncommon graciousness – do not just love your customers, brother(s), neighbors as yourself – take the chance to love and promote them like they are your best friends, fathers, God, the Messiah and your own education and job qualifications together!

This is and can be an act of great humbleness and modesty for any – if you over-promote someone, the stakes are not that they will ruin your business opportunities.  You have fulfilled secret hopes and dreams and even ambitions, not just of human beings, but of guardians and society also – if you and they fail to ALSO instruct others to exulted positions in “administration” so that they may be entirely successful, then they can intelligently re-calibrate and perform for a better world; when you really presume innocence and bring in your best defense, you are proposing better and more just solutions even if people fail to succeed, and putting peoples responsibility for actions nobly back to themselves in the honor they may have inaccurately bestowed upon law, rules, regulations, customs, the courts, commandments and the legal system.

Now some of you are offended at this part. I am not the person in the photo above; the baby is neither mine nor the person pictured…  He is the subject of a photo that is incredibly deserving in some ways – fasted, lived on only raw food for at least three years with a fruitarian diet of only fruit, vegetables and nuts, 3 year high school valedictorian with straight A’s, first place in extemporaneous (high school and college) and impromptu speaking. Holding up a child and still in college/university and was the companion of a  woman who had not husband and was pregnant, driving her to the hospital to have her child in the very same car his parents used to care for him and drive home after he was born.

This type of issue is covered by multiculturalism and commandments that are greater than God’s. It essentially means bringing back traditions that are better than modern practice.  A form of multiculturalism that re-inculcates the best practices of all times into our time, globally.

One is making the most and best of what you have – marrying your employee and continuing to fulfill your dreams in good business, giving the opportunity to one male student to have a child with you as a coach/professor, and taking care of all the finances/education/training/travel for his whole life….

And the baby is also deserving – he is the child by a female professor and one of her students. And this is also a type of warning for a planet where having children when you are in your teens, and having student-teacher relations can mean a 20-year prison sentence.  One truth is that this type of love and having children early with extended breast feeding time to five full years and fruitarian diet make gentler, more well adjusted and wiser children.

Now really attempt to be the same kind of deserving. Write a two page love letter about your fathers, distant male relatives, God/Allah/GD/Jehovah the Father…and if you are really good, write about God the Son, the relative, the Brother.

Take care – this is “advance and post-doctoral business” that may not be completely approved of in some circles…

At this particular time in earth’s history, if you are really ready to go all in with writing, you can do the above for all the God(s) of all nations, peoples, religions. And yes, there is a way that makes this work for the One True God, if you are that kind of goodly.

You may feel two things, hear at least two opinions on the above. One is from God and says how you are worthy, another is from some diminutive version of humans. Go for it. Go with your first dream and inspiration, let me very heartily, truly, verily assure you.

This writing is to inspire you to vie, campaign for the top office of any and every nation.  On Twitter, you can really do this in a day, one tweet to the presses representing each nation, 194, and territories (200).  This task is the equivalent of a single days work in a phone sales office!  Without additional financial charge other than your current computer, you can put forward the campaign as Prime Minister or World Administrator to earth’s poorest nations to this entire planet.


Here is the Twitter account with news agencies representing all earth: @PrimeMinisterAZ.  Just tweet the follows and use this as your campaign platform:


Really be all the way on in that you conspire to make an intelligent difference to all, and to every, and now it is really and truly worth at least one attempt, a day’s effort to change all history on earth, Fasting Vegan World Administrator.

Your life is judged on impact, on personal performance, on achievement – and not just spiritual achievements. Yes, there are biblical stories read by a billion, and one woman’s that is admirable is washing a man’s feet with her hair.

Earth’s poverty, it’s inadequacy, it’s desperate situations are always occurring globally, it remains for you to really live up to solving these  today, right now, at least in writing.

The girl mentioned at the beginning of this story could not afford any hair.


كنت البشر حقير، لا يطاق، والقليل وعدم كفاية – أنت فشلت أنفسكم بالطرق الأرضية واضحة – والجميع بما في ذلك الله، الملائكة وجميع أقاربك. يذكر جاهل، النجيب، البغيض وزائفة تماما أشباه المثقفين، والإفراط في تعليمه الأجور الرقيق والثروة الاجتماعية من الطنانة، والإعلان، والرأسمالية العالمية، وتماما يمارس زورا الدين سيئة – بالباطل في الجحيم …. إني لم أعرفكم قط.

تضاف جميع لعنات الكتب المقدسة لكم – انها حكم يست حتى قريبة على درجة “F” إلى “فعال” درجة من الكراهية وإدانة شخصيا لدورة لم يجب على الجميع كسب ما لا يقل عن آبائهم وأجدادهم “A + “حتى للعيش!

Bạn người hèn hạ, không thể chấp nhận, nhỏ và nghèo – bản thân thất bại trong cách hiển nhiên trên trái đất – và mọi người khác, kể cả Thiên Chúa, Archangel và tất cả người thân của bạn. Chút thiếu hiểu biết, cơ sở, đáng ghét và hoàn toàn sai pseudo-trí thức, giáo dục về tiền lương và nô lệ của cải xã hội khoe khoang, quảng cáo và chủ nghĩa tư bản toàn cầu, và hoàn toàn sai thực hành tôn giáo xấu – vanities trong địa ngục …. tôi có bạn không bao giờ được biết đến.

Tất cả những lời nguyền được bổ sung bởi các sách thánh bạn – nó không gần với một lớp hành án của “F” là ít nhất một riêng “Một công đức” “độ hiệu quả của thù hận và lên án cá nhân cho một khóa học mà tất cả mọi người phải + “để sống nó!

Anda orang tercela, tak tertahankan, kecil dan miskin – sendiri gagal dalam cara yang jelas di bumi – dan orang lain, termasuk Allah, malaikat dan semua kerabat Anda. Bodoh, dasar kecil, menjengkelkan dan benar-benar palsu pseudo-intelektual, dididik tentang upah dan budak kekayaan sosial megah, iklan dan kapitalisme global, dan benar-benar salah mempraktekkan agama yang buruk – kesombongan di neraka …. Aku punya Anda tidak pernah dikenal.

Semua kutukan ditambahkan oleh kitab suci Anda – itu bahkan tidak dekat dengan kelas pengadilan “F” setidaknya terpisah “A jasa” efektif “derajat kebencian dan kutukan pribadi untuk kursus bahwa setiap orang harus + “hidup itu!

شما مردم نفرت انگیز، غیر قابل تحمل، کوچک و ضعیف – و هر کس دیگری، از جمله خدا، فرشته و همه بستگان خود را – خود را در راه آشکار بر روی زمین شکست خورده است. کمی نادان، پایه، نفرت انگیز و کاملا نادرست شبه روشنفکران، تحصیل در دستمزد و برده ثروت اجتماعی پرمدعا، تبلیغات و سرمایه داری جهانی، و کاملا اشتباه تمرین دین بد – ظواهر در جهنم …. من شما هرگز شناخته شده است.

همه لعنت بر اساس کتاب مقدس شما اضافه – آن را حتی به یک کلاس داوری “F” نزدیک نمی باشد حداقل یک جداگانه “شایستگی” موثر “درجه از نفرت و محکومیت شخصا برای یک دوره است که هر کس باید + “به آن زندگی می کنند!

Sie verabscheuungswürdig, unerträglich, kleinen und unzureichenden Menschen – ihr selbst scheiterte in der offensichtlichen irdischen Wege – und alle anderen, einschließlich Gott, Erzengel und alle Ihre Verwandten. Wenig ignorant, unedle, abscheulich und völlig falschen pseudo-Intellektuelle, über ausgebildete Lohn- und Sozial Sklave prätentiös Reichtum, der Werbung und den globalen Kapitalismus, und ganz und gar falsch schlechte Religion praktiziert – Eitelkeiten in der Hölle …. Ich habe euch nie gekannt.

Alle die Flüche von den heiligen Büchern euch hinzugefügt werden – es ist ein Urteil nicht einmal nahe, die Note “F” ist eine “wirksame” Grade des Hasses und der Verurteilung persönlich für einen Kurs, dass jeder muss mindestens eine eigene “A verdienen + “auch zu leben!

Du föraktliga, oacceptabla, små och fattiga människor – själv misslyckats i det självklara sättet på jorden – och alla andra, inklusive Gud, Archangelsk och alla dina släktingar. Little okunniga, bas, vidrig och helt falska pseudo-intellektuella, utbildade på löne- och socialt välstånd slav pretentiös, reklam och global kapitalism, och helt fel praktiserade dålig religion – fåfänglighet i helvetet …. jag har dig aldrig känt.

Alla förbannelser läggs av de heliga böckerna dig – det är inte ens i närheten av en dom betyget “F” är åtminstone en separat “En förtjänst” effektiva “grader av hat och fördömande personligen för en kurs som alla måste + “att leva det!

Vous les gens méprisables, intolérables, petits et pauvres – se échoué dans la manière évidente sur la terre – et tout le monde, y compris Dieu, l’Archange et tous vos proches. Peu ignorant, base pseudo-intellectuels odieux et complètement faux, instruit sur le salaire et l’esclave de la richesse sociale prétentieuse, la publicité et le capitalisme mondial, et tout à fait erronée pratiquée mauvaise religion – vanités en enfer …. Je vous ai jamais connu.

Toutes les malédictions sont ajoutés par les livres sacrés vous – ce est même pas proche de la note de jugement de “F” est au moins un distincte “Un mérite” degrés de la haine et la condamnation personnellement efficaces »pour un cours que tout le monde doit + “le vivre!

Вы презренные, невыносимые, небольшие и бедные люди – сам не смог очевидным образом на земле – и все остальные, включая Бога, Архангельск и всех ваших близких. Маленькая невежественны, база, неприятные и полностью ложные псевдо-интеллектуалы, образованные на заработную плату и социальные богатства раба претенциозным, рекламы и глобального капитализма, и совершенно неправильно практикуется Bad Religion – сует в аду …. я вас никогда не известно.

Все проклятия добавил священных книг Ты – это даже не близко до степени судный “F”, по крайней мере отдельные “заслуга” эффективные “степени ненависти и осуждения лично для курса, что каждый должен + “чтобы жить!

あなた、卑劣な耐えられない、小さな、貧しい人々 – 神、天使、すべての親族を含めて、誰も – 自身が明白な地球上の方法で失敗した。リトル無知、ベース、不快な、完全に偽の疑似知識人、賃金と社会的富スレーブ大げさな、広告、グローバル資本主義に教育を受け、そして全く間違った悪い宗教を実践 – 地獄で虚栄….私はあなたを持っている知らなかった。

すべての呪いは、あなたは神聖な図書によって追加されている – それは”F”の判定グレードにさえ近いではありません誰もが+なければならないことを個人的にコースの憎悪と非難の少なくとも別の「メリット「有効」度で「それを生きるために!

Du foragtelige, utålelige, små og fattige mennesker – selv ikke i den indlysende måde på jorden – og alle andre, herunder Gud, Arkhangelsk og alle dine slægtninge. Lidt uvidende, base, modbydelige og fuldstændig falske pseudo-intellektuelle, uddannet på løn- og social rigdom slave prætentiøse, reklame og globale kapitalisme, og aldeles forkert praktiseret dårlig religion – forfængelighed i helvede …. jeg har dig aldrig kendt.

Alle forbandelser er tilføjet af hellige bøger dig – det er ikke engang tæt på en dom grad af “F” er i det mindste en særskilt “En fortjeneste” effektiv “grader af had og fordømmelse personligt for et kursus, der alle skal + “at leve det!



One thought on “Take Care – Did You Increase Your Chances to Live

  1. Pretend you went to a college/university, or even high school, where the best outline to the answers for an exam were freely available for you to use, study from, and even copy and give to your peers. Here they are – these represent A answers to Earth’s Final Exam that are good from the 1850’s to long after the end of all biological life. No rights reserved. (More surely than someone with three college and university degrees can still get an A in junior high algebra, I assure you.)

    With all the best expectations for every, I know you can get an A+. Instructor Lawrence Morris Leight (Lawrence Leight) still available for questions and office hours at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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