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Too little, too late, I cannot afford you – Insufficient Sacrifice – NO GOOD ACTION – CUT!


I CANNOT AFFORD YOU – no good action, CUT


So very sorry – misunderstandings, sub-optimal choices and ungracious earth impractical….

Humans economies and society evolved from hardship and sacrifice. Publicly burning sheep and twisting the heads off doves for GD, sacrificing virgins, killing the first born and genocide, plagues and world war that had as their presumed cause the will of God, and variously His prayers and support; fasting to near starvation with just water at most to prophesy, be Messiahs, wise kings and peacekeepers; overpopulation of the poorest people because they had nothing better to do than have more children and increase the infant mortality rate.

Progress in technology has never been as good as it looks….

Some imagined that the Internet and cell phone, like the Industrial Revolution and mass production, would put an end to earth’s problems of scarcity, and inspire consummate ends to earth’s worst problems, like the war to end all wars. Obviously, this has never happened for the economies of humans on earth, and despite obviously over-optimistic estimates, we are not even coming close.

Can you play a better game for this reason….

When you give up material possessions, you allow the guardians of your life – no matter whose they are – to improve their efficiency and take into account bigger and better issues and problems. When you give away and put up for sale the art, symbols of society and economy that you collect, you take a better chance to be able to communicate for the good of all you know, and honor rightly and wisely those who have helped you. When you make better use of what you have – a photo to vie to end earth’s problems with a global campaign, you give a new inspiration to relatives and friends, and this is even better if done to new peoples on the other side of the world, begging and pleading personally for them regarding non-profit, business and government investment in earth’s worst areas.

Classism only goes on so long – why God himself is apparently forced into feeding the birds and dining on the flesh of kings as a back up measure! The billionaires and so called leaders, rulers and owners of earth, and even those who win physical titles for ability and genetic superiority – even they only very seldom meet the obvious goal of having more children to improve earth eugenics and genetics.

It’s more than a good exercise….go all the way….

There are very occasionally picture of wealthy attempting to solve earth’s problems by going to the poorest areas, and spending a night camping out in areas of crime, poverty and segregation. Now this is something that every actor and politician, every popular musician and public figure can do, and to them the cost is a few days or less of effort, some video coverage, a few quotations and availability for exceptional and maverick publicity. They can even make a contest out of this by attempting to live on the street and make it with the clothes on their backs, and check out a few nights in jail, waiting at public places, begging for food and change and making it on the Internet at public libraries – and make a movie and documentary with a website and email to respond to suggestions, vying for top elected office as they do so.

Planet earth, you are not even trying, not even close to good behavior…it’s more than a cosmic joke…on playing the downside of academic, innocent and it’s not an exemplary show in the worst senses of the terms…

Human life has been predicted for thousands and thousands of years – 911 is an emergency call number and the date of one of earth’s most famous terrorist attacks; NASA stands for Needing Another Seven Astronauts more than once – let only these two examples be enough for you, because this is still the time in history when angels and God(s) are calibrated to make the difference globally with apparently miraculous reincarnation and transportation – you have to make enough difference to satisfy the “why” – miracles are a performance issue.

The world wide web allows for increased polling – and pollution – for earth’s most critical issues and concerns, and voting on how to run businesses and government. The more lateral transfers to new locations, the more trips that are taken without return to settle in new areas, the better of we all are as far as new guardians and improving data structures are concerned globally. And if new immigration and settlement goes to those areas that were not involved in world wars and are not currently at war and do not harbor nor consider experiments with nuclear weapons, then this is even better. Just this one paragraph, and fasting, going without food for as long as possible and making this globally popular is enough to have prevented the last world war!

Insufficient support of children when they are younger, job opportunities for high school students and writing, communications and the chance to have children when they are younger in a world they make good – this is the wise opportunity all humans need to better develop spirit and soul and wisdom – popular among all earth’s cultures, religions and peoples – yet we need a better world to do it, with improved recycling and conservation and intelligent conservatism, compassion, graciousness and kindness.

Satisfactory and more than meager….

We are neither putting forward the life and death publicity that really saves lives nor making more than meager sacrifice to prosper all earth’s people intelligently. Charitable giving amounts to less than five percent across all income levels, and let me assure you, those who pass away never use what they have wisely nor take anything with them of value for practical purposes – and by observation, except knowing what they have done is optimal and right. We have to re-calibrate our conspiracy and secrecy to give people better chances at good employment and fair action that really makes the difference, and retroactively.

The price is too high….

After exceptional changes in communications like television, radio, telephone, cell phones, computers and mass transportation, expectation are always high that we have a new golden age, yet the price is now a miraculous one, which in data structure literally means God and Archangels and others have to transport people back to the past when computers first had free social networks. As we continue to fail to end earth’s worst problems with sustainable economic infrastructure that conserves the intelligence of all, the price increases. I am literally begging you to give away the stored books, awards, clothing and furniture you have not used in years and whatever else is unnecessary for this planet to succeed. I am pleading with you to vie for the top elected offices for free, so that the best solutions to world problems will be put forward decisively and uncompromisingly.

Stand corrected literally, stand guard, go without food as if a global disaster has occurred – humans are never rightly prepared for the supposed accidents, catastrophes and tragedies of biological life – never – not even God and Archangels really are! Every good thought you think and every good move you make literally buys a few extra seconds and minutes of life, sometimes for those in history who made the best difference.

Attempts at prophesy partly mean that people move through “social event time” – not clock time nor biological time, and that is partly why I would that all my sons were prophets.

Divest of all that you have that is not useful; play as if earth’s is going out of business just as an educational exercise.

The New Accounting – increased life expectancy and quality of life and opportunity….

Award the best, the best at fasting, contrition, fruitarianism and veganism; the best at putting forward earth’s best solutions in decisive, uncompromising ways that make a difference and create tens of millions of new jobs in earth’s worst areas, completely ending unemployment. Critical feedback at every opportunity, every job, every time you get public and private service – all people can be like children to you, because none ever really got the kind, loving attention they needed when younger. Did you get five years of breast milk, get to eat a fruitarian diet, get completely free education – earth is the empty set of the worthy, and so are ALL it’s companies, governments, leaders and administrations (they always have been).!!


2 thoughts on “Too little, too late, I cannot afford you – Insufficient Sacrifice – NO GOOD ACTION – CUT!

  1. Spirit, soul and love are better evolved on planets that do not have “stops” at every exchange – paying for public transportation and tickets at every ride, endlessly accounting for receipts, bills, taxes, potential infractions of medical, city, state and national laws, and misguided expectations of the goodness and nobility of the courts, judicial systems and the institutions of earth. The log time of human consciousness is wasted every time this unnecessary accounting for goods, services, ownership rights occurs. This is a critical part of the “why” heaven, purgatory and even hell out-perform human economies – and earth’s best attempt at improvement in a new freer economy – free public transportation, free health care, free access to public computers with streamlined job application and availability even if this means a higher turnover and job transfer rate – which are also benefits to keeping people alive at a higher level. This is not mere proposition, by observation, humans are almost never reincarnated in the places they were used to – this one fact makes them more alive by exploring new territory. These comments and essays are designed as EMERGENCY measures to improving economies of goods, services AND PEOPLE – earth and all it’s guardians never effectively realize the state of emergency that earth is in to realistically prevent war, terrorism, felony crime, starvation and disease, and the desperation that poverty and unemployment bring to every.

    Failure to most help the worst offenders and all accused brings hell to earth literally…do not just forgive them because they know not what they do, really offer every free help AND guidance until the problem is really solved, and then offer more support also.

    Increasing performance and sacrifice by fasting, by virtue, by love and particularly wisdom is part of being superlative, and as a good estimate, you can surely take this to mean that setting yourself up to spend a semester’s work on ending earth’s problems three times a week, like a high school, college, university course, is worth it to all people – your input is worth having in writing no matter your beliefs, practice and social stations.

    The types of failures discussed below mean that for thousands of years biological human life was woefully undervalued, life was cheap in the very worst sense, Armageddon and the end of time was viewed as being around the corner for thousands of years and for billions of people, and this was used to terrorize people into sub-intelligent decisions of abandonment and crisis and desperate acts, as well as completely giving up with illegal, immoral dysfunctional behaviors and indulgences. Earth’s economies and social systems, it’s medical care and institutions have effectively insulted people into hateful, resentful yet often noble rebellion, discontent, anarchy and revolutions that fail to do anything but promote violence without good reformist or peaceful, legal, democratic revolutionary changes. It is obvious that these acts of desperation have been made into big business in some nations – they are diagnosed as “mood swings”, “manic-depression”, “multiple personality disorders”, “schizophrenia” and simply are the result of social stigmatizing, being ostracized from family and friends, being forced out angelically and dominated into desperation and civil rights violations from lack of good, kind, compassionate care and opportunity. They are also the result of racism, murderers and other activities misleadingly attempting to enforce nationalism, and racist and political prejudice. Please let me assure you, this planet has for hundreds of years been in such critical condition with regard to WHAT IT COULD HAVE ACHIEVED in ending earth’s worst problems, that it is truly unwise to silence any human biological input – this is a deadly mistake that leads to a classist hell, terrorism, racism, insecurity, fear, domination, crime, and hatred for all humankind.

    (This means that humans are misled into hating each other, and angelic and other and spiritual guardians conspire to literally hate all biological life and control humans to do so, in an economy that weighs the benefits of starvation, chemical weapons, the neutron bomb, using nuclear weapons and naming them “Peacekeepers” to death in genocidal death camps, beheading, and starvation with fasting and social efficiency, evolution and harvesting.)

    Consider these two tactics combined: We are making humans more efficient and freer so that their guardians can better focus on important issues for people instead of material assets and accounting for tickets and social and economic services – making out physical economy more efficient so that our biological economy and guardianship may be improved also, and increasing feedback, good care and communication in doing so. We help improve training, care, and giving people a chance to know their feedback is appreciated.

    Even though felons are disenfranchised from voting rights, their input is still critical not only in inspiring a better world, but in averting disaster when their guardians find ANY hypocrisy and dysfunction, and failure to do this, to provide free and easy input that is publicly available from what have been deemed earth’s worst and most undesirable illegal aliens and criminals, drug addicts and those poor and destitute, has contributed to heinously undervaluing the good contributions of biological human life – failure to do what the above implies has literally forced physical earth to absorb the very worst parts of hell.

    HINT: As a writer I have the direct input of arch-conservatives/militants/”war hawks” and God and what represents Him immediately. Most of you have completely misunderstood and taken the wrong position to the paragraph above – the topic sentence is the last one.

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  2. These writings are designed to give the most wise and efficient solutions to earth’s worst problems and improve economies intelligently and greatly, at a standard of potential lives saved per writing with global and multi-lingual acceptance.


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