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Is it because they are too poor….



Because they are too poor….


These are the verbal instructions of what is largely credited with establishing commandments and laws on earth thousands of years ago….

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.


In genocidal world wars, the holocaust, some two-thirds of the progeny of the same peoples were exterminated, killed, starved to death, poisoned, worked to death and sadistically, wickedly and as evilly as you can possibly dream murdered in the last century.  Sodom and Gomorrah, the great flood, Moses and tribal invasions – God invented genocide.

You live on a planet of endless poverty. Those will billions of euros can hardly afford to actually give more than 0.5 to 4.5 percent of yearly earning to any charity, philanthropy and non-profit.

The veterans of foreign wars, some of whom have communicated to me from current world battle fields from the ranks of soldier to general, cannot even afford to transport the tens of millions of US dollars, gold and precious gems they have looted from the Muslim and Arabic homes and families they have exterminated. Why, one female officer was so very poor, she actually wrote to me on the Internet because she apparently could not afford to have an opinion on such issues, and even sent me articles about the topic to try and help.  REALLY not morally responsible, culpable, truly.

Well you all must surely know how utterly poor, impoverished, over-worked and misunderstood all God and Angels and Heaven are….what with millions dead and endless prayers, some 40000 people starving to death each day on earth. These organizations have surely been over-extended attempting to help the human race with Holy Wars, continued genocidal conflicts, providing the affection and love that little boys need globally by playing with them more than any other group in the history of earth.

Maybe we should take out the idolatry, statues, animal while you are forgetting my name, do the right thing occasionally….

And you may be aware that this church is so very poor that it cannot, for example, even afford to publicly recommend fasting, standing corrected, being a vegan or a fruitarian. And you might expect that if this was what God really wanted for all humans, and is in fact biologically comparative, evolutionary truth also, that one called the Son of Man and another called the Law Giver and a billion members of religions globally could sacrifice some defensive publicity and take up a few minutes of public announcements to promote something as free to most peoples and simply not eating…how could these religions, law givers, Messiah, God, Archangels and all humans be so poor that they cannot recommend doing something that can be good for so many reasons and really costs nothing?

Collecting answers with three college/university degrees and 50 nations with God for two centuries….

I mean if what are carnivorous little boys, soldiers, owners, presidents, and even so-called “religious leaders” really simply knew that they didn’t have to play with each other so roughly, and that actually not eating would inspire them to act very differently, and if this is good and healthy for almost everyone, why don’t they spend a few more sentences in various books and public speeches recommending the practice to any and every, at least for writing purposes….

I submit to you that they are in fact too poor. Some of them are conditioned to think, act, behave and move to generate and create power. If they do not recommend killing sheep and twisting the heads off of birds, if they do not recommend burning animal flesh and war and all other crimes indirectly, then they really can hardly even afford to think at all! And if doctors, scientists and those who own and control the means of production and distribution and support wars recommend that people cease consuming goods, even if only for a few days, then they cannot afford to purchase space ships and jet airplanes, spend tens of millions of Deutschmarks, Pounds, Rubles, Dinar, Shekels, Kroners on homes, castles, cars that may cost at least half a million to be armor-plated….so you see, the whole planet REALLY is to poor – God, Archangels, Civilian and Military Leaders, all the inventors and marketers of the Internet and cell phones, churches.

I can only afford to give it all to you for free.

And surely and truly the tens of thousands of children and parents that starve to death today in dirt and disease – what more could we all expect of them. Too poor.

I mean this whole economy, all data structures, heaven, purgatory, hell, and all earth are too poor. You are too poor to realistically contemplate what to do about the issue effectively.

So here are all the answers to earth’s final exam for everybody for free. I know you are all also too poor to be good students, and getting college and university degrees can be more than a world more expensive in more ways than one then they are worth.

So far, my master’s from Stanford, MS, BS and BA from the special Claremont Colleges, (CMC) have yet to earn me a years tuition in three decades.

Now some of you may look at the essay above and say that it’s primary meaning is to beguile, to make people righteously angry. But then you would be too poor to actually write about the issue intelligently and convincingly. God is that kind of poor too. Part of him has paid for it with His life.

So these answers to earth’s final exam represent the very best answers that every can give, and more, so that all of the beings and groups represented above can be able at this time in earth’s history to make much better and affordable decisions. The order is not optimized for some purposes, and the value of the documents is about the value of the entire planet as far as actually using them wisely, intelligently, effectively and productively globally.

Now that means that God and Archangels already have all they need from this planet, and earth’s course and history preclude better development than the taken set – the “copies” of humans already taken by God and Archangels and what is generally defined as theirs is better than what earth will ever produce, and this planet is cursed, reviled, damned and falling from goodness and grace and improvements in science and technology REALLY making life better in general are lies, propaganda, advertisements, more wars to end all wars.

Genocide, continued war, terrorism and sub-intelligent bravado from planet Feckless and its inhabitants….

Take care, the documents cost much more than you may ever know; and are worth a whole new planet literally, if they are used correctly. So they are free to you and you can use them any and every why you think is good, without a name or any authorship, as your own and by pen names.

Now you still do not really understand how all of these are truly too poor. If beings do not have enough effect, make enough noise, meet certain quotas, they lose their employment and existence. There is even more reason to be wise and intelligent about the topic, which for most humans takes many, many lifetimes and in fact thousands of years. These answers are calibrated and calculated to also make you more alive and more intelligent and wiser also.

So what you should do with your answers to all earth, heaven, and every data structure’s homework is make the most of them…go ahead, have more children and make millions on them – build entire new cities of billions of people with them and end all wars and make earth more efficient and good for every. There are better ways to put this information forward, please forgive me for being too poor; anyway, every day wasted is another 20000 or so dead children that are my responsibility.

you owe me      I was your wisest love                                YOU OWE ME                                                        You Owe Me


One thought on “Is it because they are too poor….

  1. Only philanthropy, charity and supporting non-profits has clearly proved to be close to a single digit constant in accuracy and global goal fulfillment across all income levels, from those in the lowest, middle and highest income brackets globally. Decisive personal, state, national and global reinvestment is called for at unprecedented levels to provide the new employment opportunities in earth’s worst areas that not only bring tens of millions of new jobs globally each year, but exceed all military expenditures in every war. This type of decisive government and private action alone makes the difference in bringing true freedom, fraternity, brotherhood and opportunity; launching a global war on poverty and increasing the life expectancy of earth’s poorest nations fulfills the hopes, dreams, prayers, promise and good expectation of all peoples, giving all your good reformist and peaceful, legally, democratic revolutionary ideals – and great wisdom and efficiency, their best chance is a classless society no less that world wide.

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