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Vice President’s Son DEAD at 46 – Sayings, Eulogy, Biography, Wise Sayings by Admiral HP Bendover

Beau Biden, son of American Vice President Joe Biden, dies at 46 of brain cancer, June, 2015.  Vice President’s son can’t make it past 50!

Good luck, Beau – here’s how to save over 40000 lives per day with new jobs – energy and mining, agricultural and building contracts in earth’s poorest nations, the new jobs that saved not only millions of lives, but the dignity and respect to bring wiser hope to all.

Beau Biden, 46, son of Vice President Biden, dead without getting black, Hispanic, Latino, oriental nor good Indian pussy of any kind today….

Solutions saving lives most wisely with Godly new freedom.  Without free transportation and God and Archangels you’re fertilizer in a box, Beau.  Free public transportation – part of the graciousness you need to get there!


“Now what are you more than not even good fertilizer in a box.” – World Administrator

Campaigns For a Better World

World Administrator, CHS valedictorian and Claremont cum laude grad puts forward commands increasing life quality and expectancy globally – new jobs in the US and abroad, solving earth’s problems and fulfilling our best dreams, prayers, innocent good expectations and hopes.  Vote ONLY for the wisest change – judge not – reformists do not really save you.  The best of eugenics, evolution, reform and peaceful, legal and democratic global revolution – Best New Directions.  Available for FREE at wordpress.com

For the infinite journey of life, we must clearly give opportunity wisely, and make earth enough good business to live, and have something to nay, do more than say, do in wise love.