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You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition – Improved Social/Economic Heuristics

You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition, Unemployment, Terrorism and Crime

(Make a completely positive version, one with “and” instead of (     ), … then humans, actually read up to this point and do so, and use social media and any and all influence to vie for any and all offices with this document as your “election platform” – try vying for “appositive” (I bet that no human knows what this word means AND can get back to me on the internet in writing, of course defining “appositive” and related terms in writing) as well….)
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DRAFT: It’s ALL Yours – Ethics, Negotiations, Practicality, Deprogramming and the Golden Rule

Possession and deprogramming for a new world, heaven on earth, reform, peaceful, legal, democratic revolution, evolution and change….

No it’s all yours – this essay, the computer, more than the whole planets and everything in between.  Let’s get real!

There’s a problem in possession, command, utility and performance.  I’m sure you may have a different focus.

Yet people do not get comfortable enough to make good decisions, let alone strategically wise ones that make the difference. In one scenario, it’s better to leave as close as what looks like enemies as possible – deprogramming can be counter-intuitive to civilized logic and society and training, particularly when all this led to illegal behavior, dysfunctional behavior that is not realistically looking for correction, and passive behavior in an emergency situation that disregard flight and fight response, responsibility and protocol.  There is not a single human being that has ever come close to getting a good deal on earth, not angel, God nor human in the history of the planet.

No one on earth, not angels, God(s) nor ANY human, has ever REALLY made a good and wise deal….

The word “miracle” has become cheapened, yet this is a generation of communication, global transportation and potentially a new wisdom and intelligence….

When people are incarnated, they in general have no concept of possession and law overtly – these are not concerns and they are in general as equipped as they can be for what they do – they are not searching.

The only good attitude is that it is all yours, no part mine – not anything.  The foibles of possession and law apply when they do, yet the fact of what people go through to get their implies that, as a standing rule, you own nothing; ownership is a legal and social fiction.  Yes, it’s the “fiction” that allows all commerce and existence on earth, however that is not what is being addressed here – we are interested in bringing heaven to earth literally, and for all the wisest reasons, one of which is example.

Authority, possession, rules, regulations and protocol….

See no one is this good an actor, not even in the movies – take my hand – I did not offer it to you….

You are going to come over to my place, we are going to do our business and then, to assure that we would like to meet again on earth and in heaven, we are going to take out all the other guardians by parting as what look like enemies and adversaries as much as possible – because we have to take out what is preventing us from being otherwise and be more intelligent in other data structures through time, and all of that amounts to some kind of rough ride, struggle and dysfunctional behavior.  The physical world almost always loses on this score – when next we meet.

The answer from the spiritual world conscious is not, “we’ll see how it goes”, nor and if/then statement – the spiritual world would like to and expect to call all the shots and be right about “social event time” and agreement.  Fall to this trap and your life is a done deal, not in the ancient Godly sense, in a neo-modern pseudo-religious and mythical trap that likes to pretend it represents all the relevant spiritual world as long as it can!  Through marriage, war and world wars, love, business and everything else.  Have you noticed any in business who REALLY get to make a written deal about life on earth and the hereafter in writing?  Do any even really claim this except very rarely in movie fiction?

Let’s start by assuming this is a human mistake completely.  That lawgiving, laws, rules, regulations and “binding” contracts and negotiations on earth are REALLY not respected AND go a step further: humans have never met a single contract in writing EVER.  All contracts in writing are made with a specific person at a specific clock time AND FOR THESE CONTRACTS TO BE ENFORCED IN HEAVEN AND ELSEWHERE THEY ARE VALID ONLY WITH THE SAME PERSON AT THE SAME AGE AFTER COMPLETING A MISSION AND ASSIGNMENT.

It’s more than a question of identity….

If I agree to purchase, then the sale is only valid if I am dressed the same and have not aged at all since the agreement – if I am exactly the same person who made the agreement.

Humans fail to understand and have agreements accepted in writing and through time – this comes close to being the real reason if your consider what they are in the infinite run, in the eternal and everlasting spiritual world to God and Archangels.  This is very far from just an academic concern, when you consider the assumption that potentially MORE than all that is written about God and Archangels and all that is attributed to them is true.

Prove to me that in all written history, for all humans and humanoids ever, there exists a single written agreement between two individuals that is signed and good on earth and in heaven regarding ANYTHING.  And when you know you cannot, when you have reasoned and weaseled out of this type of proposition, consider that solutions that are good for many reasons must all be simpler through time; what makes earth’s economies more realistic must be simplifying solutions, not really more complicated social ones; it must be better to develop freedom of action and free spirits and non-possessive ones instead of attempting to be “responsibly reassured by traditional and comfortable interactions”.

Go to hell!  You are damned!!  I balk, rebuke, rebuff and revile you!  You have failed to live up to a single essay!  You get an “F” in life and do not get to retake the course, unless it’s in what your think are your own dreams!  Go to heaven and hell and purgatory per se, GET OFF MY INTELLIGENT AND WISE PLANET RIGHT NOW – you are still being dishonest to a human, the one reading this essay!

I am obviously not talking to you, I have not said a word.  Take a walk and write ten essays on related topics and publish them all after fasting for at least a week.  I never knew you.