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You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition – Improved Social/Economic Heuristics

You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition, Unemployment, Terrorism and Crime

(Make a completely positive version, one with “and” instead of (     ), … then humans, actually read up to this point and do so, and use social media and any and all influence to vie for any and all offices with this document as your “election platform” – try vying for “appositive” (I bet that no human knows what this word means AND can get back to me on the internet in writing, of course defining “appositive” and related terms in writing) as well….)
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Support Our Troops in Foreign Wars! ترحيل من الأطفال من البراز الأمريكي الأبيض في الملائكة كاذبة والبدائل والعاهرات

Deport Our Poops in Foreign Whores!!?
Now human, consider this very carefully:  If your mission, goal, object and hope was to prevent international nuclear wars that poison and incinerate and exterminate about 2.5 billion people – no, not “the fish”, human beings – then you would do what you can both personally and as global policy to deploy forces surpassing all previous military build ups to, at first, the most impoverished areas of earth that have not practiced genocide nearest to current war zones.
MORE free fish – these are countlessly floating on the shores after being poisoned, however – I have been there….

These forces would attempt to engender a World Without Wages, Money, Poverty and War by making sustainable economic infrastructure, full employment and free public transportation, housing, clothing, clean water, vegetarian food and superlative medical and other care.

That’s part of what some prides of racists, sadistic circles of power, lied to you about when they called state capitalism by the name of a system of society that has yet to exist on earth, socialists.

Now human, if you and the people and readership were really interested in being obedient to God, you would only eat of every herb yielding seed and not eat the forbidden fruit.  You would, in other words, be vegetarians,fruitarians, and not eat apples.  All the religions for the past 2000 years  and wrongly and evilly founded.  False foundation.  Evil and bad protocol.  Learn how to intelligently live for me and do not ever die for anyone nor anything, ever!The rest of what humans call the Bible and western religions are examples of a failure of data structure, not new doctrines for new peoples.  All that is vanity – and excuse for mostly white phonies to do little more than eat steak, seafood, pork and other animals and be conquering egoist is ludicrous, dead and false churches – I have yet to go to a live church of humans in over 50 nations.
You are a vegetarian, biologically.  To the extent that they have what appear to be biological bodies, so is God, most gods and angels – surprise, so are extraterrestrials.  The rest of modern economy regarding this topic is a lie for profit, vain advertising and pseudo-science.
Deport Our Poops In Foreign Whores!  I mean support our troops in foreign wars!This IS humor that is “good” for thousands of years. It is closer to eternal humor than humans ever get in the media. Do you remember the pictures of the torture of Muslims by invading foreign female soldiers, the ones pictured with men that had underwear on their heads, tortured in detention camps? Perhaps you recollect the recent headlines regarding the rape of teenage foreign girls by invading soldiers?

Deport our poops in foreign whores.  Pride is the greatest sin, it makes humans sub-intelligent of heart and mind, spirit and body.  They can still make lots of noise, purchase both cheap and expensive products and use technology and weapons to murder and control other humans, not knowing that they are literally and obviously really and truly white devils, wizards and demons in hell on earth when they do so.

It is not being implied that soldiers of any nation are poops, and that the victims of rape by violating troops are whores.Nor,for example, is the meaning of this statement of economic fact that what the women of America and the other invading nations extruded from their meat-fed loins are soldier or poops.No. If the human who commanded and instructed the entire planet earth were to write a longish book regarding this one sentence, it would take more than a PhD in data structures, economics and systems and industrial engineering simply for you to comprehend the meaning the meaning of these six words.

There seems to have been millennia-long misunderstanding regarding economics, religions and God….Of course, it is clearly NOT being implied that any should support troops in foreign wars…that actually results in another thousand years of terrorism, poverty, jacking and jiving, and international nuclear wars that kill over two billion people eventually (incineration, radiation, poisoning of resources…).
As an attempt to engender critical human economic understanding, consider a non-human whore as “someone” that goes from group to group, from family to family, from culture to culture under one set of auspices to carry out a task that to all seems temporarily, and almost always permanently dishonest, needlessly sadistic and violatory. See, this all has nothing to do with selling one’s body for money as in prostitutions; this in the longer term is called marriage….another way for religions and the state to make taxes and profits, and inspire vain reformist debates and bread, drugs and circuses.  
Consider that, to engender data structures such as heaven and hell and purgatory, and the evil, diminutive data structures of vain, false angels, dead controlled and programmed humans, and the various dead-end diminutive forms that twenty-first century humans are reduced to…witches, demons, devils, controlling child-like humans, sorcerers, enchantress, wizards…everyone and everything has to be within a live and partially dead and controlled data structure of beings.As,for example, human females pretend to take power and authority and be in control, they violate thought and bodily functions to make their diminutive and destructive and facile comprehension of reality “fact”.   They are really witches in the Satanic and evil sense, not in the sense of being a historical synonym for women.  It is truly not a verdict of equal pay for equal work, it is murder and violation by demons, white and other witches and devils supporting vainclassist hierarchies.Now women can murder and kill with weapons and make all the disgusting, evil, wicked and fraudulently immoral decisions that were once reserved for arrogant, bigoted primates called men and gods.  When the events fail to fit the facts, various sadistic spiritual and physical means are used to make it so, to make invasion, murder, racism, religious prejudice seem like heroism. (True intelligence is vastly otherwise.)

When the honor of those beings that is “eternal” is worn out and the condition of economies, variously, moves to inevitable crisis, recession and depression in both human and other classist and racist economies, the victims are of course the working and “lower” class, and that is inevitably specifically seen as those that have the most prominence variously, predominantly men.  The carnivorous wicked and lackeys of capitalism and production for profit first, instead of wise education and human needs have made it appear that even taking the veils away from those in the desert is somehow an act of feminist liberation as they torture, murder and export the gold and wealth “liberated” from private families that have been exterminated.  I have letters for male and female soldiers to officers with pictures of the loot to prove it – they need receivers on this end in the nations of “the liberators”.  Perhaps it might be pithier to state that the heinous and dishonorable, sadistic, proud, hateful and vain troops invading nations are pretentious and phony evils goaded by false honor, control and training by women and the owning and ruling class.  When they are not hiding behind skirts and selling porn and sports, cheap products and reformism they may, on a really good day, be wearing them.They either end up being goaded to insanity, prison, inhumane poverty, war, death or some combination of the above. And after the psychological damage from really being the lackeys of white devils and demons and murdering their fellow human beings with “glorious technology” in bright and colorful uniforms they need to very expensively be treated like war heroes, of which the only real ones are those who avoided wars altogether.  Without mass extermination of the false culprits, the facile consciousness of even the vain and pretentious and wrongly founded females would fail. I mean, you would become the despicable shrews, tattooed harlots and pieces of hell and evil that you really are…in another economy, the economy of an intelligent heaven and a very real hell.

Thus, the inevitable solution in a classist economy – feudalism, capitalism, empires, some primitive tribes, communism (really state capitalism, communism and social have NEVER existed on earth – is to deport the excrement of

dysfunctional economies and profitable weapons and chemicals to murder and die, and thereby regain false honor, and, for example, be used as an excuse to get the vain, proud and economically translated hateful supremacist witches copulating again just like real humans and other animals.

Deport our poops in foreign whores!  Deport our poops!
Now this writing has yet to really touch upon the meaning of the command, “Deport our poops in foreign whores.” There’s more difference between the meaning of these six words and the above then, for example, a high school diploma and a PhD.
We are approaching the topic…

Now humans cannot really violate the bodies of other humans the way certain spiritual beings can. You cannot, for example, as a flesh and blood human, violate, say, a block of people or a nation and take copies of all of them that can be reconstituted so that your wives and children could not tell the difference by sound and feel. I mean that you, member of the press reading this – there is really no one – could not, in less time than it takes to read six words, take, say, all the so-called world leaders and instantly replace them with, well, something completely different.

Certain other beings can. Whatever they are to themselves and God and other beings, you could consider them, in a way, as whores. If you appreciate being down to earth about this, you could think of them as “girls” that one day are inside world leaders and the next day are inside the dying and dead, and visa versa, and as such resemble high volume prostitutes or whores.  They make their living by spiritually killing and using humans in hell, earth and heaven, they are substitutes for human being mostly to generate power and spiritual profits – while manufacturers and owners win the monetary and financial ones and control oil fields.
Isn’t it a relief that the streets seem relatively and comparatively free of foreign people with weapons telling you what to do and receiving grandiose international publicity for putting underwear on your head and raping, gang-raping, your teenagers? Isn’t it perhaps, shall we say, religious of you to pretend that priests do not really make a living from violating boys sexually and then playing forgiveness and retribution and making an industry out of this, and of course guilt and vengeance and violence and laws and fees and penalties?  Of attempting to legislate how wombs are used and impregnated?No, people and nation worse than forsaken. They still do. 24/7. That’s why humans make an utterly vain and false and evil and apparently ineffectual religion out of the conquest of a people, and heinous murder. That is why you remnants of diminutive evil economies – that is putting it very politely  – are worshipping God when you eat meat and put on makeup and clothes and go to the unerringly evil institutions called religions and particularly churches. They are all false. Heinous. Despicable. Hypocrites.  The New Testament write that churches will become the most evil organizations.

To use more than one word, religious pretense and charity and feeding the poor, and the techniques mentioned above and others have unquestionably prevented true love and charity and making humane and efficient of human economies.  It’s a false industry for control, enslavement and profit.  
Classist and sadistic circles of power cannot be any other way. But more than that, they represent mind-destroying and intelligence and will destroying forces that prevent true human wisdom and intelligence…in ways that are transparent to those not controlled,programmed and enslaved.Deport Our Poops In Foreign Whores.

Now human, if you and the people and readership were really interested in being obedient to God, you would only eat of every herb yielding seed and not eat the forbidden fruit.  You would, in other words, be vegetarians and not eat apples.   But that is the heart of hearts of God and the facts of comparative biology, vegetarian fruitarian reading this essay.
If you are into the business of predicting and controlling people for power by economies of angels and their products – witches, wizards, devils, sorcery, worship, demons and the violence, torture, imprisonment and control of those not of the popular opinion….(partly to move through “social event time” instead clock time and space….
Somehow the flood of Noah, twisting the heads of doves, killing and burning up sheep, destroying Sodom and Gomorrah and killing your favorite son publicly seems just a little to inhumane and ill-advised – do not be too quick to justify what you REALLY do not understand, as yet sub-intelligent humanoids with some technology and wealth.  He saw how it would be and then – did not quite realize that this mode of operation lacks intelligent planning – said He was sorry in Genesis….and later found disfavor in the statistics of taking a census because no more angelic illusion and dishonesty could be rightly used to give humans transparently false justice….
He saw how it would be and said He was sorry….which does show a lack of good planning and provisioning in a merely human kind of way, so three times or in thousands and thousands of years of wars, holy wars and vanity, arrogant torture and scarcity and malnutrition so we have to enrich the futures market and make some manna, bread, wine and extra fish, while the carnivorous biological fruitarian humans make love drugs, steroids and human growth hormones….and play with fashions and make-up….The rest of what humans call the Bible and western religions are examples of a failure of data structure, not new doctrines for new peoples.
All that is vanity.  You are a vegetarian biologically.  The rest of modern economy regarding this topic is a lie for profit and reinforced by pseudo-science.  You would never vote for the continuation of capitalism, of class society.  Goods and services would be produced for human needs and use and not for profit.  Know The Futility of Reformism before it is too late; vote for nothing less than a World Without Wages, Money, Poverty and War! – and elimination of the root of all evil for intelligent reason – you might still be the first on earth to do so….Now human, consider this very carefully:  If your mission, goal, object and hope was to prevent international nuclear wars that poison and incinerate and exterminate over 2.5 billion people, no, not fish, human beings, then you would do what you can both personally and as global policy to deploy forces surpassing all military build ups to, at first, the most impoverished areas of earth that have not practiced genocide nearest to current war zones.
These forces would attempt to engender a World Without Wages, Money, Poverty and War by making sustainable economic infrastructure, full employment, free public transportation, housing, clothing, clean water, vegetarian food and superlative medical and other care.   And actually behave maturely and intelligently about provisioning, saving lives, extending life quality and expectancy.
Are you living in a world where the last so-called world leader, the president, perhaps best know for his clear intentions to be an example as a lawyer and leader by showing how men can feed the poor in the White House itself?  Blow Job Mr. President…. Are you living under an administration where the vice president and president, Dick and Bush, are named after genitalia?  It’s been over 2000 years and not a single church or religion even came close.  BJ, MP!  Blow Job, Mr. President.  Take the hint, vegetarians, and redeploy before…you never knew me.
In times of peace, Dick (Cheney) and (George) Bush can be together or apart, in private or in public.  However in heightened security situations, Dick and Bush must be kept hidden and separate….
Whenever war is declared, for whatever reason, and whichever side is declared the victor, one side is always, invariably the loser — the world working class.
There is one extreme emergency situation that is apparently not well known to the general public.  Dick in the Bush.  Here comes nuclear war.  9.11.01, NASA needing another seven astronauts twice, peace keepers and daisy bombs – moving through even time with prophesy, spiritual and physical murder, cannibalism and carnivorism does allow for a synchronicity of humor on this planet of pollution, starvation, malnutrition and sub-intelligent profits at the expense of every in terrorism and war.
Do you think God somehow appreciates what you could have taken as one of your own telling you the truth?
After creation humans get lesser versions of God that cycle peoples and kings, rulers, virgins and armies, and the rich – and continuously violate families who may disagree despite government pap about human, constitutional and legal rights.  Vegetarians, biological and created vegans, vegetarians and fruitarians, and that is really almost all of you (except for those of you who have claws and fangs like cats and dogs) you have been told more truth in one email than all churches told you in 2000 years.   This means that if you appreciated God, biology, science or religion, you would really still be vegetarians and not eat apples.  Love Law.
Humans are being deported and moved around in angels and copies of murderers, demons, devils and relatives of lesser Gods for wars fought over trade routes, spheres of influence and private property and the rest is dysfunctional propaganda that makes human emotions and lives into profitable production centers for power and the sport and profit of conflict.  So are your angels, God and gods, nations, owners, soldiers and supporters of capitalism and production for profit – and they are all woefully in general and on the whole doing a sub-intelligent job of this for thousands of years and still are – earth’s so called Messiah said forget My name and think not that I come to sow peace, but to set brother against brother.
And it has long been divide and conquer, setting men against women, Jews, Catholics, Muslims and Christians all against each other, lovers against each other family against family, racism, tribalism and war long before this and remains so, not only to mainly produce power, but to continue with the ludicrous and false justice designed for the wealthy and deluding the vast majority even after death.  Moving through “social event time” and one type of angelic and human victim to the next while playing hero, Messiah and good people, violating the rules of obviously fruitarian biology and the Garden of Eden and making up new sects and religions, nations and causes along the way.