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You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition – Improved Social/Economic Heuristics

You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition, Unemployment, Terrorism and Crime

(Make a completely positive version, one with “and” instead of (     ), … then humans, actually read up to this point and do so, and use social media and any and all influence to vie for any and all offices with this document as your “election platform” – try vying for “appositive” (I bet that no human knows what this word means AND can get back to me on the internet in writing, of course defining “appositive” and related terms in writing) as well….)
Earth's best actions explained - you can save lives - and love.
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Love Letters to My Fathers by “Laura Solomon”

WARNING: Forget my name – Writing For Effect By Topic and TRUE STORY


Bisbee – NY, Tucson, TUS, PHX, Phoenix, Arizona, AZ – “Border Towns, Immigration, Interaction, Diversity and Incentive”

When more than love is in your heart – God, Archangels, daughters, cousins, fathers and sons – teams that reincarnate “Relatives that Reincarnate” – Sargon

Father’s are loved for how they make you feel, what they are through more than time, and what they exemplify about the world, doing what you believe in – social economics.

Write about loving/appreciating/honoring your father. Not only did the writers and business owners and progeny who felt and acted this way incredibly increase their chances to be alive again and reincarnated, they also helped others to do so regardless of their sex.

Although as a scientist, management engineer, statistician, accountant and programmer we have in this case an insufficient sample size to make too meaningful correlations, the evidence is still utterly overwhelming, and consistent throughout history, and supported by some of the biggest names in “the business”.

Know you never fall in love again….

One recent high school graduate showed me one essay with some spelling and grammatical errors that might be an average essay on a state standardized rubric for English currently in use for a high school. But she just wrote about how very much she loved and appreciated her father, in a family that apparently had divorced where her father took care of her. Bet by writing about the same topic, loving and appreciating your male progenitor(s) – in addition to a religious connotation of progenitor – that this is a top score by topic.  In an ever increasing and at times exponential way, writing by topic promotion, saving lives, extending life quality and wise experience and stability truly overrules the actual testing rubric, practically, used in earth’s nations for standardized testing and evaluation.

Why John is so long at the fair….

Please allow the visually verified evidence of being incarnated on earth as a teen at least four times be enough to effectively convince you.   Writing encapsulating wise topics and earth as unlimited “set”, the topic and “economic and data structure actors”, God, Archangels and all that relates to reincarnation. Just a B essay on loving her father as submission is enough.

Ask how this compares to those who are popular elected officials, biblical figures, God and professors being incarnated in addition to their original biological bodies….

Sociology, honest, decisiveness, practical life and missions….

Girl songs, girl music and singers, love’s conspiratorial vibration – shaved too

This high school grad also appreciated her twin sister, and this may have really meant and did at one point mean angelic incarnation of herself with what appeared to be cherubim that can appear on earth, and gave me “verbal” permission to relate to her biologically. Now I get a warning that this writing is too accurate – perhaps for the diminutive conspiratorial guardians of you, reader, and those with less than Godly intelligence in the effects of love and friendship.  Economy of data structure and presentation, house looking down on entertainment and action.

Kia17.4.woman – God make more women just like you are!

Incarnated at least four times in a different city to effectively play “star roles” on earth – a poor bohemian in the hippy side of town, a new university student on campus, an astronaut with full spacesuit, and driving her own truck that was bigger than the one her family had – all this in addition to still having her own original body, which I heard lived across the entire nation with her mother occasionally. Her father owned a club in a small town near an international border.  Club owners, PhD’s, Presidents, Prime Ministers, royalty, acting instructors, publicists, lawyers, vegans and fruitarians, “Fathers and Public Life”….

Einstein went shopping and filled up a cart at the health food store; God took a walk north at sunrise, stood by the downtown public library – naked – after earlier playing Flamenco with two guardians….

You still do not understand. This means being incarnated on earth again in addition to your physical body. DO NOT BE TOO THEORETICAL ABOUT THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS IN “DATA STRUCTURE”.

Would you and the spirit and intelligence of what is you appreciate living at least four times as much as you do now, in “acting roles” approved literally by God, Archangels, other “capable powers” and Your family and self? What do you estimate is the advantage to you in various time frames of being alive again four times and maintaining consciousness and even being better of and at least as good as the original? Have you found a man, boyfriend and even a savior and God that you can go out with on one single date and give you what all technology, all the wealth of earth and it’s authorities in fact cannot, in the past 2000 years for any?

One hard way to view the topic

WARNING: DO NOT BE AN UTTER FOOL AND COMPLETE LOSER UNWISE AND SUB-INTELLIGENT, nor a pseudo-academic insulting scoffer – this is a completely true story.

The only correct answer is, “Yes”, yet you do not have to repeat it like a mantra or even ask once, optimally. You could spend your life on your knees, and you could actually do the right things…. It is worth asking once though, if you talk at all. (You can hear both God and Christ state that they would like to be reincarnated at this point, and some others.)

One sure scam is not living life to it’s fullest…this has to be T for true – earn your A+ in ACTION easily.


A truth is that this type of thing is programmed and predestined….at least effectively for almost all.  Ask how to outperform this apparent fact….having more children and the commitment to have children early and travel….

The grandfathers of two business owners where incarnated after just a chat in one case and coming close to purchasing a night’s lodging at a family hotel. It is obvious that they came from cultures and families that appreciated and honored their fathers. Err on the the side of compassion, empathy and kindness, and with feminine love and affection, men.  Err on the side of being gracious and showing people around intelligently, err on the side of improved business etiquette and giving all your contact information, at least an email.

[PHOTO of MALE TEEN with MALE BABY in MUSCLE SHIRT – SONG, “Obama’s Number One Clamorama” caught a tan, some muscles, crabs and clam….local to global solutions are worth personal promotion.]

Ki for President and Why

Make earth right and kosher the first time; one being to represent all, the child of man in perpetuity by ideology, change that makes the wisest good once.

Now some of you are offended at this part. I am not the person in the photo above; the baby is neither mine nor the person pictured…he is the subject of a photo that is incredibly deserving in some ways – fasted, lived on only raw food for at least three years with a fruitarian diet of only fruit, vegetables and nuts, three year high school valedictorian with straight A’s, first place in extemporaneous (high school and college) and impromptu speaking and among the top two high school news editors. Holding up a child and still in college/university….

This type of issue is covered by multiculturalism and commandments that are greater than God’s. It essentially means bringing back traditions that are better than modern practice – like fasting, being a vegan, actually and literally standing corrected and standing guard for those who need you, those who can help all humankind, and what you believe and and how to best promote in wisely.  It means that civilization inculcated and reintroduced the best traditions and practices, collapsing part of the spirit, heart, intellect frustrating stops of a pay-as-you-go mentality, while at the same time giving better opportunities in performance, choices and conservation of effort in a more open society, a much more intelligent and exemplary democracy.

One is making the most and best of what you have – marrying your employee and continuing to fulfill your dreams in good business; giving the opportunity to one male student to have a child with you as a coach/professor, and taking care of all the finances/education/training/travel for his son’s whole life….

And the baby is also deserving – he is the child by a female professor and one of her students. And this is also a type of warning for a planet where having children when you are in your teens is not viewed positively enough, and having student-teacher relations can mean a 20-year prison sentence.

Please make the right choice today….

Now really attempt to be the same kind of deserving. Write a two page love letter about your fathers, distant male relatives, God/Allah/GD/Jehovah the Father…and if you are really good, write about God the Son, the relative, the Brother.  Guardians angels and God are even closer to you than your own children in a way, and yet an infinite distance apart – life could be viewed as making up the difference wisely, retro-actively, and on earth as it is in heaven.

I really cannot afford to do more, reader – not any has effectively supported me on earth, nor even come close – of course except for my fathers. This means that God and all angels can take their blessing and business off of earth forever – 1000 humans incarnated in 15 nations – vied for all earth’s top elected national offices – no campaign contributions, not a single extra friend unless incarnating them in a different place and “time” – a different “clock and calendar time”, a similar “social event time”.

Take care – this is “advance and post-doctoral business” that may not be completely approved of in some circles….then you may consider the legality of “importing” humans this way – sometimes they come with ID, car, cell phone  – consider writing about the truth of love and intelligence before you make impossible fiction out of topics that are too theoretical for almost all readers….very few have really justified even there high schools and the education and teachers and those involved sufficiently, truly.

At this particular time in earth’s history, if you are really ready to go all in with writing, you can do the above for all the God(s) of all nations, peoples, religions. You can write love, wisdom, data structure intelligence and life for any as your sons, relatives, brothers and fathers. And yes, there is a way that makes this work for the One True God, if you are that kind of goodly.

You may feel two things, hear at least two opinions on the above. One is from God and says how you are worthy, another is from some diminutive version of humans. Go for it. Go with your first dream and inspiration, let me very heartily assure you.

Your life is judged on impact, on personal achievement. Yes, there are biblical stories read by a billion, and one woman’s that is admirable is washing a man’s feet with her hair.

The girl mentioned at the beginning of the story could not afford any. @realteenrebels1 on Twitter

SPECIAL NOTE TO THOSE WHO OVERSEE HUMANS: No biological human is, in writing, asking for a multiple choice and essay exam – the tragedy of your misguidance and ill-provisions is mine, Archangels, God, cherubim and angels – and the future of this woefully retrograde, dysfunctional planet earth, wisely and innocently in the very best sense of the terms.  Reader you did not appreciate the story above – it is true, about someone literally and on earth incarnated four time in addition to their original physical body and completely true, factual, visually verified.  Befriend “Laura Solomon” on Facebook. Sargon’s Special Notes

Wisest changes in national administration that save lives and improve life wisely.
education, global, holy, mentor, news, sacred, tutor, volunteer, wisdom, WORLD

EARTH’S EMERGENCY Response: Fasting, Celebrity, Deserved Public Image, Popularity and Worthiness


Fasting, Celebrity, Acclaim, Deserved Public Image, Popularity and Worthiness


Fasting Can Save Your Life – and it worth publicizing, popularizing, discussing globally


When people earn global celebrity and popularity, real causes for humans beings may seem illusive – investors, actors, models, politicians, those who are successful in philanthropy, business, authors, sports, God, writers get fame and notice for so many reasons – yet earning their way to basic topics that make the difference to solving the world’s problems can seem easier than earning the next front page publicity on the gossip and people columns. Is somehow putting forward a case to solve global problems a world beyond the next fashion statement on a magazine; is expressing a public need to end starvation and war somehow a less popular personal social act then dress, gossip, sports personal romance….

I suggest to you that, particularly given the number of crises puplicized personally and globally, that life and death issues, concerns regarding starvation, war, genocide, disease, death, building and construction, sustainable economic infrastructure and how best to solve these problems, regardless of your beliefs and station, is a more realistic choice for every. Mere reform and concern are not enough; actions exceeding all preparations for war are necessary to turn this planet around from a collision course of disfavor, a fall from grace and unending crises, terrorism, unemployment, poverty and war; not only in personal conscience, but with regard to your every and any belief.

It is worth your time to write to this higher standard, and make long term conclusions regarding hobbies, interests and action. The standard means you always write to make the life and death difference; you use your Internet skills to attempt to save lives and bring the best for all economies. If this becomes a contradiction for you then write me.

The most critical and essential time in history to make these global reforms, evolutionary and peaceful, legal, democratic revolutionary changes is now, when the Industrial Revolution and global communication on cell phones and the Internet first makes issues and availability of goods and services most popular to all and every.

Human, this is not just your chance, it is the chance of a planet’s history. Don’t waste it. I beg and plead with you, and for you, and more than all humankind.

Fasting and eating are decisions/practices that people make every day. That is part of what makes this a life and death issue. Only the first three reasons below make fasting a critical issue not only to all life, but to all history and all beliefs regarding all this planet has ever been and may ever be in all data structures.


Universal reasons to abstain, to show contrition by fasting


To be put in God’s Book of Life
To be closer to (acceptable, exemplary, blessed, necessary, critical, the one He views all history and life from, on endless mission with/for) God, Gd, Allah, Hashem, El Shaddai, El Elyon, Adonai, Yahweh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah-Raah, Rapha, Shammah, Jehovah Tsidkenu, Mekoddishkem, El Olam, Elohim, Qanna, Jireh, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Sabaoth

To retroactively reform history avoiding all wars, starvation, death for all humankind, bring God(s) and Archangels, and those from other planets to earth and redefining heaven, hell, purgatory and earth and its interactions with life and the universe forever and eternally
To be like and closer to and worthy of Archangels
To be wisely be worthy of Extraterrestrial intelligent life
To be independent, the Independent One
To free up the economies of guardians
To be wiser than those who predicted/anticipated/controlled heaven
To refocus your actions and intelligence
To be pure of heart, body, mind and spirit
To live forever, wisely and intelligently
To do miracles wisely
To eschew the ways of the earth
To more innocently, rightly and effectively understand “data structure” and “economy”
To be closer to peacekeepers
To be a Messiah
To avoid the spirits and existence of those killed in battle
To refocus your goals toward the future and heaven
To become a prophet
To protest war
To show submission
To be kinder and meek of spirit
To be wiser than those who predicted/anticipated/controlled you
Because discretion is the better part of valor…to avoid violence
To show respect for the dead, so their spirits go to heaven
To give your system a rest from eating and digesting
To do better than the expectations of angels, God, prophets and humans
To give up bad habits, sin, vice and consumerism
To efficiently lose weight
To take a vacation from eating and consumerism
To keep yourself sacred and holy in that you avoid the carnivorous ways of society and those you know
To save money and be more economical
To be better than Kosher…less is really more
To avoid the wide gate of habitual eating and gluttony
To set yourself apart from all and any
To garner a better deal with all that you are, were and may be
To meet great ones, reincarnated people and God on earth
To be an example to all
To win and inspire love truly
To entice and inspire better service
For the fascination of seeing how the world appears to change
To understand relativity, your place in economies and data structures
To overcome addiction
As behavior modification, punishment
To inspire social change
To show that you value soul, spirit
To have something very good to write and talk about
As a pure challenge
To fit into clothes you wore when you weighed less
To be free of capitalism and a means of exchange
To be a model, and actor
As friendly competition
To debunk myths about nutrition
To learn something new
To be kind to animals
To free up the data structures of you eliminative organs
For blood tests
To overcome enervation
To take life slowly and easily
To challenge yourself by seeing what you can do while fasting
To take true joy and be given joy by angels
To bring heaven to earth
To be reincarnated and alive again
To inspire any to know that you are worthy
To be unique
Because scientific studies show that early fasting leads to longer life
To literally be above God in a way
To be clean, free of unclean spirits
To be good enough to change history rightly
So that your biology can be good enough to be used to rule angelically
To inspire others to fast and go without food
To be good enough to REALLY copy this page and promote it
So that you can be good enough to know that this writing is free and you may treat it as yours, including publishing it under your name
So that you know you have found the best and most critical writing to changing both your whole existence and earth’s and may not only act accordingly, but correct WriteHere so that they will have better copy editing and multilingual policies
Because absence makes the heart grow fonder
To know the difference between cravings and real hunger
So that God and angels and your family can show that they care and love you
To inspire others to serve any better…you are their best opportunity for service
To surprise yourself as to what you can do while fasting
To be more precise, ounce for ounce, as a being
To be more accurate regarding angels and prophesy
To be more acceptable as company
To replace your own spiritual guides with yourself and wiser guides
To win more business with heaven and angels, so that you may guide others
To forget about jobs, sports, makeup and putting on an act for others
To compete for virtue, not power
So that not only your prayers are answered, but that you may answer the prayers of every
So you are lighter when someone carries you
To prevent surgery and illness and let the body heal itself
To avoid taking both legal and illegal drugs
To be sexy
To inspire the love of your spouse
To fast for your husband, wife, children
To show devotion
To demonstrate excellence
So that your spiritual audience will have something good to talk, think and meditate on AND communicate to you in retrospective time and others
So that your life will not be wasted
To quit “cold turkey”, because it is easier than dieting
To be radical, revolutionary, one of a kind, maverick
Those who are poor have more children…to be poor enough to procreate
Because a natural response to fasting is to mate more….
To honor many religions simultaneously
To earn this writer as your guide
To get away from all carnivores
So that God decides not to dine on the flesh of kings
So that Jesus has something better to do than tell people to eat His body
To both reform and revolutionize religious practice effectively
To inspire those who work for you
To search through angelic data structures for new employees
To uncover hidden medical problems
To see what angels and the universal economy has already prepared
So He knows he was suboptimal to make wine, bread and fish
To reform all earth’s history retroactively and prevent billions of deaths
To make women pregnant like archangels do, without sex
To meet intelligent life from other planets
To travel through both space and time
So that you can be your own guide in heaven, earth and on other planets
To reformulate and reprogram and refocus your life
To more quietly reflect upon the past and what will be
To win favors from those who do miracles
To win the aid of those in heaven, purgatory and other planets

NOTE: These reasons are not yet optimally ordered for various purposes, and every one may be made into a book, and a computer program, and even a guardian angel, human. They represent wish that biological beings fast, and popularize fasting. You can make them into essay tests….



If I am making all things new, including the earth, how is it that none of what is prophesied and predicted for thousands of years, and read by billions of people, really does not come true for you?


Topic writing, communication for effect, persuasive speaking and the imperative:

From before writing began to earth’s most widely recognized writing on religion, diet, agriculture, traditions, customs, practices, marketing and sociology, there are most fundamental considerations regarding focus and topic. Dietary concerns existed in event time for all species, both consciously, environmentally, regarding availability, charity and practice.

Writing about “fasting”, בצום, Le jeûne, Na tešče, 禁食, 齋 – best option for deserved popularity….

The “sciences” and mathematics, statistics and comparative biology have very obviously been used to support consumerism, prove that current practice is best and optimal, and persuade buyers to purchase goods and services without optimal regard for human needs and best practice.
Fasting and diet are the longest standing topics that concern all biological life. Mating and child care are other critical practices.

So as writers and journalists, editors and readers, consider the relationship between (fasting, diet, family, breast feeding) and all other topics. Writing on war, economics, politics and peace? Consider these in ancient and modern terms regarding fasting and diet; writing about non-terrestrial life – they surely have fasting as necessity, science and practice; writing about miracles, law and prophesy – these all came with a dietary precident that involved fasting; writing about health, disease prevention, peace protesting – topics such as these all fell to fasting in data structures that make the difference to all humankind.

Interested in really changing history, making history, solving world problems optimally in multivariate solutions….

Are you a member of an scientific organization, a political party, a professional group regarding law, real estate, religion, investment, stocks and bonds, precious metals….in a potential data structure, all of these are “vanities” compared to taking care of what humans do every day, taking care of clearly showing you are above and beyond custom and consumerism, programming social and traditions. Write about, promote and discuss, lecture on and give credence to and award fasting.

Accept this as emphasis, as reason to simply, to begin with, write about and popularize fasting….the lack of picture and name is done so that your most precious time will not be wasted in non-productive information….

This is your first and last chance, human; this writer has witnessed some 1000 beings reincarnated in 16 nations, some 100 times as many as the person worshiped as Messiah by a billion people, including God more than once.

The word “fasting”:

Сирни заговезни

Le jeûne
pun berpuasa
روزه گرفتن
O jejum
Смысл поста
Na tešče
El ayuno
Ăn chay, nhịn ăn
tukšā dūšā
ăn chay
na tešče
kev yoo mov