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You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition – Improved Social/Economic Heuristics

You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition, Unemployment, Terrorism and Crime

(Make a completely positive version, one with “and” instead of (     ), … then humans, actually read up to this point and do so, and use social media and any and all influence to vie for any and all offices with this document as your “election platform” – try vying for “appositive” (I bet that no human knows what this word means AND can get back to me on the internet in writing, of course defining “appositive” and related terms in writing) as well….)
Solving earth's worst problems
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World Administration – 54 Policies and 7 Examples of Wisest Changes in Local to Global Economic Policy

World Administrator: Economy, Military, Employment – Ending Starvation, Poverty, Crime, Terrorism and Wars



Theory and practice behind the collection of local to global policy inspiring all peoples to best increase life expectancy, blessing, intelligence and bring new life, improving both life quality, diversity, longevity, reform, revolution and good and wise freedom.   This planform means you can vie for any office with earth’s best campaign, “A” answers to economic and thousands of year old problems that computers, international and multi-lingual Internet and media imply in marketing, production, transportation and new directions in social emphasis that make best attempt to solve local to global problems – our last as best chance given new technologies to improve earth most efficiently and save life-years, lives and make them all more worth living.

Some policies increase safety and compassion, some correct very widespread wrongs, partial truths and failures in provisioning, social data structures and planning to meet wiser comfort zones and increased opportunity for better action, hierarchical social cross training and better action, from the quickest reform and evolutionary policy saving lives to best legal revolution and eugenics as immigration and relocation policy, and these policies herald in a new why – voting for yourself and policy, being the “independent one”.  Not developed originally from a party based or secular theory – management information, macro-economic policy priorities, law and better traditions increasing health and well-being for every in earth’s most critical and exemplary areas, economic/social policy areas where we save the most lives, increase life quality variously and correct longest standing wrongs and omissions, social and behavioral improvements that mass production and better communications, transportation and planning make possible, best legal and macroeconomic solution all in one place.



1) Eliminate death penalties

2) Increase the use of action amounting to banishment and relocation to new states, provinces and nations

3) Writing, training and employment/volunteer opportunities and training with Internet job searches is encouraged in education, training and detention, and this means better long term planning for all people

4) Allow those who are detained to fast, go without food, and receive vegetarian meals without excuse, with ready free access to writing materials

5) Even acts of euthanasia/accidents/tragedies/Act of God are treated as reason for relocation

6) Previous act of murder, even those of legalized military murder and self-defense, are also treated with free opportunity for relocation and new job opportunities

7) Lateral jobs transfers are increased with new emphasis on global relocation

8) Travel, immigration and Foreign Service are opportunities for permanent relocation

Increasing use of penalties/awards that amount to banishment (this penalty, particularly when taken globally and inter-culturally, made the difference not only in new personal lives, but a greater awareness and life for all, as did increasing the transfer rate of deployment and lateral job transfers to new locations for employees) and greater territorial restriction; nations and courts will effectively admit, as will hospitals and educational institutions, that the fault for crime, accident and “Acts of God” remains as the obligation of the state, nation and planet.

What humans won in relocation policy and planning was a saner and wider array of choices and lifestyles taking into account increased human genome viability with just the opposite of previous myth – those bred with parents of greater diversity are encouraged, relocation as simply better decision, a management information decision, operations research, industrial engineering and greater social psychology approach, not one based on traditional moral practice and custom nor retribution.

Freedom to travel and relocate freely eliminated violent crimes, social and mental problems, as did increasing the transparency and ease of the safety net of social, job, education and volunteer opportunities with better planning.

More than just good law – good social, spiritual, better justice and economic use…

When the state is found guilty of not effectively relocating those who have requested new housing and employment, particularly if this has led to crime, they will be given options of relocation that imply the solution to crime remains better services and opportunities. This means that no act of murder will be tolerated, not in defense nor for any other reason; not as an act of states nor nations, nor “accidents” or of medical procedure. Whenever this is for any reason violated, by military, civilian or professional personnel, penalty amounting to banishment /restriction will be enacted, as will practical housing, clothing, medical care and employment and training.

Not enough emergency solutions involving peace, support, freedom and public opinion are being used – we need not allow starvation, malnutrition, unemployment and destitution…

This type of emergency action regarding humans remains necessary partly because interactions with the infinite data structures of heaven and hell; and because human life is not held sacredly enough and ever developed to its full potential. Those detained for this reason will always be allowed to write and be recorded and express themselves while being detained.  Procedures of accounting, application and identification cost intelligence, patience, goodwill, spirit, human mental log time, wasted resources and heart.  We have tens of thousands of starving lives to save today.  Save them.

Relocation, even for those exercising the role of doctors performing euthanasia, terminating the life of patients deemed to be “brain dead), will also be banished and quarantine and raised to a much higher standard of agreement then is commonly used in Superior Court. This will remain in effect until such decisions are literally made by computer program, and surely these programs will be held to a much, much higher standard erring on the side of territorial restriction, banishment, relocation and the opportunity for published expression, “Writings of Captives….” volumes of prisoners, detainees, inmates, those in jail.

For those who yet have issue with this conclusion, consider all the stories of what amounts to killing and murder from other times, and that in a world where those from other times are for various reasons incarnated, we must either hold and detain or admit  penalties are harsher and therefore we may in fact somehow fall to them….  We also face a penalty in failing to relocated that amounts to principality and possession, and an increase in problems that implementing free travel, better planning for full employment and immigration all solved.

Hell at infinite distance and heaven as an undefined space are essentially infinite data structures and we bring hell to earth with human retribution and dysfunctional payment and punishment; not a single human child in all earth’s history is really well raised on earth from some perspective and obviously (know any who were raised and eat only fruit, and received five full years of mother’s milk…. and this does not count family blessing and descent/ascent from Godly lineage); better policies mean always err on the side of life preservation and expression – if a human can write reasonably well, they are reasonably fit. Penalty and “legalized murder and death” led to hell on earth literally.  This fact REALLY outweighs any common rubric of punishment, permanent and restricted incarceration and life-shortening death penalty.

Part of being independent, evolving and intelligent means that policy, not personality and leadership, mean that any and all may progress in effective activity and potential action; improve your set of answers and vie for public office even if it is an afternoon’s symbolic attempt as a star – clear your conscience of the essential act to correct tens of thousands of years of economic, social and administrative problems, you have some of the best solutions now.

Know surely this contention is “no contest” for being correct; although it may lead to endless discussion and study and has for thousands of years, what this passage implies stands forever, eternally and literally and without exception. We are above God in justice to begin to efficiently take responsibility as a society for starvation, lower life expectancy and finding all better and additional jobs for all and any.  That is part of how it is done.

Earth has enough pictures and movies and acts of violence, terrorism and death…. There are graphic pictures of what in most countries are illegal death penalties, these may be used for various purposes, and in fact are available to children using the Internet….  Punishment in general is a wrong response enacting hell on earth spiritually to some extent and literally in a backward world!

Enforcement had to grudgingly admit that if they could not do the equivalent of prevent crime in fact through and in time, if they could not do better than catching the cat pooping on the rug it did absolutely no good to even take up the time the do the spiritual and corporeal wrong of rubbing her nose in it.  For thousands of years people had to admit that from an sociological, scientific, religious and even a more well-rounded psychological view practice and understanding allowed wrong emphasis and “pseudo-science” to be wrong for thousands of years, and in practice still fail to fulfill the need for more intelligent planning with the common good, not profits, as a new motivation.

A truth about these policies is that humans and the planet are unworthy, unworthy to have the empathy, compassion, kindness and intelligence to break free of established power structures and give supporting such policies a try as creative hobby, campaigns for public office that amount to weekend try-outs as actors and stars, intimidation by the data structure and egoism of hell that has been already brought to earth and inculcated into penalty as human justice, primitive concepts of leadership that are hangovers from tribalism.  When freedom really means free – free public transportation, that really means more accurate freedom of spirit and better and safer judgements globally with more efficient and therefore freer good spirit and intelligence.


9) Decisive and global support of federal and global programs for billions of new jobs over time in earth’s worst areas, inspiring earth to rightly and decisively end all starvation, malnutrition, hunger, unemployment and war simultaneously by exceptional international example to those who would have been involved in wars, crime and terrorism

With international educational, energy, mining, building, sanitation, agricultural and employment contracts, we will increase the life expectancy of people globally, and the quality of life. Incentives will be given to permanent residence and settlement of consultants, administrators, managers and employees to what for them are new areas globally, relaxing travel and passport restrictions and requirements to inspire an example that not only amounts to bringing new life to earth’s worst areas, but also improving the areas on earth where tribes and life began to increase habitability (this means that human life proved more than glorified virus, they did not just bloom and die out after using up resources) and mating, prolonging the life of the human genome and promoting earth’s best customs and practices, including availability of local art and products, real estate and opportunities with direct Internet marketing and micro loans to very small businesses is most critical to improving the quality of life with more direct business opportunities.

These are the jobs that fulfill the best hopes, dreams, prayers, innocent expectations and promises of generations, potentially increasing genetic and social diversity, the diversity that put human justice, fasting, veganism, standing guard and standing corrected in the wisdoms above God, Allah in mercy, compassion, kindness and above new confidence in independent and altruism, nobility, improved action and opportunity, intelligence in administration, fostering genius and wisdom, efficiency and intelligence in action that solved social problems with comfortable and transparent reserve capacity, bringing new confidence in society for all peoples.

10) Completely free medical, dental, vision, health and child care

This means that you can walk into a health care facility and get health care without question, as a free right, for being a human being. (Then it will be easier not only for all to get humane care, but for humans to be incarnated without identification. [So many have cried and been concerned about miracles, sickness, disease and prayer….this proposed law is a small part of what it takes globally to answer these….]).

Humans, you have no idea how primitive the policies of some nations are – making health care free decreased health problems by allowing people to avoid the destructive worry of bills, costs and undue responsibility.  It is not so much that any had to earn rights directly and by paying, it is that economic participation was tailored locally to internationally to make a wiser and more productive difference in the efficiency of life, what to take for granted and what made a good difference.

11) Increase transfer rates for employees between cities, states and internationally; these are leaves for the healing of cities, states and nations; people will be afforded very easy free Internet access to public jobs globally

Since increasing transfers, troop rotations and opportunities for relocation helps give people and those seeking employment fresh starts and a new environment that can, with good local support, mean that they are more responsible, have realistic confidence in the system, and be more alive, these lateral transfers and promotions will be advocated globally.

12) Free public transportation

All buses and public transportation are free for all to use – increasing the goodness and graciousness of society so that those unemployed can more easily find jobs, the elderly and poor, like school children, can all ride the buses and trams, trolleys for free, and can more freely find what they need and view the sites of their cities and state, and more gracious is demonstrated to tourists and visitors. Free public transportation is paid for with increased gas, energy taxes, purchase and special substance taxes better reflecting social costs, and these are more regularly voted and acted upon.

In the longer run, humans are raised to appreciate opportunities and education, volunteerism and employment in a world that does not waste lives with a means of exchange, by wasting life, time, energy, thought, heart and resources paying at every bus, trolley, tram ride, and being motivated not only for the simple goodness of being alive and choosing better ways, but by superior social and spiritual data structures designed for easy pride-less service.

13) Global educational programs, media coverage and publicity, the “what” of these economic policies will be promoted to preempt the “who” of all stories and sports, fashion, society and celebrity coverage

Humans have compromised intelligence, wisdom, goodwill, confidence and practicality to promote idolatry and pay for it spiritually and continually.  All heaven, earth, purgatory and hell have been compromised by the expensive, poor quality production, products and data structures of earth, this is a planet’s literal and unarguable historical lessons of failure, misconception and needless loss, starvation, unemployment and undue hardship.  Internet use for education without advertisement is encouraged.

These are government policies and press releases; no abridgment of freedom of the press is at all intended. When the accent of the press focuses on the most critical policies and practices globally, we move toward a new efficiency in promoting the best practices and ideas.  One goal is to have books and educational material devoid of authorship, published anonymously, reviewed professionally for goodness of content and organized by topic.

14) Better housing for those who live in the street, and with fewer regulations. Unused hotels, apartments and homes will be purchased by for use by the poor and those seeking jobs, and detention

15) This means that government housing and identification will be made available more freely and easily, and that those who do not possess this will be given shelter and vegetarian food, water, clothing, transportation and help to find jobs regardless

Promoting policies that are true on more than one level – biologically and socially, increasing the minimum standard AND available opportunities for all peoples, supported by religion and science for human needs, not for profits, we win the support of all time

16) When deportation occurs, international agreements will be made to deport to nations that the individual has never resided in; giving the new opportunity of a no return policy and easy immigration that is more practically provisioned by computer and international agreement and policy.  An example of a policy to popularize as an ideal, such as more uniform international employment statistics….

17) Work abroad programs are encouraged to be made easy and practical, with clearer and internationally well planned opportunity for immigration AND moving on to immigration and employment in new locations on leave

18) Vegan, vegetarian and particularly fruitarian and other food donation centers are encouraged, and

19) Public planting of edible fruit trees instead of ornamentals

20) Encouragement and deductions and marketing for fruit and vegetable producers

21) An object will be for stores to be able to display and offer basic foods for free to any, and this is paying for increased farm support

Provided more trust and security for all humans, more and wisely won faith in society and trust in a most basic and simply way, and this reduced the desperation of crime and brought prosperity globally.

22) Increased supervision for charity, philanthropy and donation centers

23) Increased guard jobs and standing jobs/corrected (this represents a form of honor that angels and God aspire to, a honor simply human, a good coming of age ceremony, a tradition from all time worth reintroducing to society, standing up all night and standing corrected for better guardians and maturity/responsibility….)

24) Making sure lists of available food, shelter, clothing, health care and donation centers are up to date, efficiently optimized and available publicly, as well as housing and job opportunities arraigned in more complete, easy, practical packages

25) All medical care and health care will be free, as will all emergency services (there will be a reduction in accounting for insurance and records, and this will be replaced with efforts to improve housing and services and international employment opportunities)

26) Part of the meaning of these new policies of freedom, provisioning, care, society, facility and availability is that the pay-as-you-go system of accounting will be replaced by freer goods and services

The pay as you go system ruined spirit, hearts and minds and resulted in absolutely needless frustration.  We assume and rightly inspire a greater responsibility in adulthood, altruism in helping earth’s peoples as priority beyond war in force, emergency and effectiveness

27) Freedom for those convicted of marijuana and alcohol offenses and retro-active elimination of their sentences – what defines responsible use is very much more narrowly restricted to immediate and obvious demonstration that impaired ability to perform service is the standard NOT legislating growing, use, distribution except as local/town territories, taxation and impairment standards

28) Burden of finding better employment and housing for those who commit crime, and eliminating defamatory public record available on the Internet will rest with the state, national and private institutions

29) Popularization of fasting, standing corrected, standing guard both in private residences, businesses, governments and schools and for many good reasons worthy

30) International and local contests in the “virtue economy” or 29 above, in areas of charity, philanthropy and non-profits preempting sports, fashion, personality…the “what”, “why”, “where”, “how”, “when” of stories comes before the “who”.  View that precisely as our new responsibility and opportunity, the emergency of ending starvation and increasing standards of living wisely – the best “what” of investment and action, personally, city to state and province wide and internationally

Why be offended at simply taking into account what people believe in, practice, do and more realistic possibilities of what constitutes better action, even as a holiday and national policy – it’s easy if you know earth.  Take a chance for all that exists, all humankind, and try again.  It may cost only a little time and be a very much wiser priority.

This is part of not only personally doing what is altruistic, noble and right; we are clearly attempting to reinitialize the very data structures of God, Angels and all that exists in myth, legend, religions so that they support idealism, and bring better guardians and all the future to earth now. So you see, that no matter your beliefs regarding these and other social issues, one aim is to promote the legal and peaceful reinvestment not only of all that exists in belief and theory, but of all you believe and know to be true, so it has a better chance of working well and much better for every.

Your intelligence is worth considering globally – give it a wise try from here, vie as world administrator yourself!

Fulfilling the best hopes, dreams, prayers, good expectations of earth more comfortably and with intelligence practically, making the wisest short to medium term changes in economy, macroeconomic policy and opportunity and better sociology lead to improved spirituality and altruistic example, The New Global Intelligence, Wisdom and Planning.  We now have the intelligence to help make state, local, educational and training facilities more like a good sibling, educator, parent, and fulfill very long standing hopes, dreams and expectation more wisely and intelligently.

So if you believe what humans have put forward in religion and art exists only in writing and the human mind, our object is to fulfill the ideals of these in practice globally and diverse opportunity more wisely; if you know that God by all His Names and Angels exist and surely, our mission is to inspire an earth that rightly makes their existence and miracles a continuous fact here and now in all ways honorably to you personally.  (So you see that these policies can clearly amount to global support of the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”, as well as taking care of any and all as you would yourself in clear and simple ways such as housing, employment, child care, provision of food and clothing, plus eventual elimination of money and the wages system no less than globally.  The New Golden Rule of Intelligence Compassion, better planning for any.)

There are much simpler, free and healthier ways to work travel and transport, relocation and activity than human commerce readily admits….


31) All Internet marketing, sales, delivery is legalized for all vendors

Military and civilian forces will be deployed, with global agreement, to, as a first priority, provide Internet marketing to vendors in nations with the lowest life expectancy, the poorest nations, so their local products, real estate, art and investment will be available globally, shortening the path to responsible and charitable global investment, donors and buyers.

32) Religious organizations leave their doors open 24/7 for all and any or lose their tax exempt status

They are encouraged to post guards and assistants and work continuously to end all starvation, malnutrition, poverty, unemployment and war. Pictures and posters and statues of humans are discouraged except as example – do the pictures support a practice and style of clothing, grooming and dress that makes the difference. As in some major cities, areas will be saved for practices that are popular, such as gymnasiums with community showers, various dietary and social practices; however the expectation is that, with decisive global action and quickly increasing popularity, better alternatives for all will become exponentially evident to every.

33) More jobs are offered for people straight out of high school, and best performance of students is awarded by the state at every high school and junior high with volunteer and job opportunities

Top performers are not only encouraged with the best job opportunities, but also encouraged to have children early to promote eugenic and genetic improvement.

34) Nations and peoples that are not as closely genetically related are encouraged by global free transportation and settlement bonuses to have children and more children, particularly in nations that were not involved in world wars and that did not use nor consider harboring nuclear weapons and that are not at war.  Arraigning marriage and future relatives in new nations is a bonus to immigration.  Better statistics for better and more practical purposes, more honest pictures of immediate and planned employment – what works best in extending life expectancy, quality, standards of employment, education, freedom, protection, immigration, travel and living opportunities.

When these policies are very widely carried out globally, people move ahead and gain grace and new assurance in better, more intelligent and worthwhile investment and development globally, and in the profit of better spirit and confidence, yet some are counter intuitive is what may partly be viewed as a lost “definition war” – try promoting the worst compassionately instead, because you AND economies are that good.

35) All reference to “pride” and “negative emotions” is taken out of police, military and other advertisements and publicity – even these policy changes are done more by vote and nomination, contest and improved function and pridelessness.

It is very clear that giving publicity to these problems amounts to reinforcing their perpetrators and adherents, great sin and bad economies. So does advertising what people feel and think – these are private issues, not to be made generally public – improved economic solution(s), and planning/provisioning, not just ” moral sociology” more honestly reboots the consciousness of all pertaining to any.

This is part of an invasion of personal data structures that has very, very wrongly committed entire human beings and nations to causes without possible knowledge and realization as to what is meant, particularly in the all the data structures that represent biological humans.   People turn inward really because of hypocritical, frustrating, freedom hampering and lack of more gracious and wise, intelligent and effectively empathetic mature humanity.

Concern with what people think and feel is a completely personal matter, what is to be done to eliminate unemployment, mal-employment, starvation, poverty, destitution and the goading, desperation and frustration that leads to crime is paramount.  New goal, outward economic and social solutions that spell efficient, kind, compassionate and well provisioned free, not just introspection and sociology.

Public concern with what people think and feel is a form of social and spiritual parasitism; those with longer thought patterns and deeper and wiser conclusions are being violated and quick witted but inaccurate conclusions as to what is meant are being made at everyone’s expense.  The unwise and reactionary are surviving; the deeper and wiser conclusions of humans are being slighted for invasive expediency.

36) The United Nations and governments will attempt to end all borders globally and reduce the number of nations and requirements for travel; international laws will be adapted that prevent deportation to the nation of origin; travelers must go on instead of going back.

37) It will be made clear to military and civilian personnel that transfers and foreign service mean that they do not return to their nations of origin; they may resettle in the nation that they are assigned to or go on to a place they have never been before.  This one act ends a form of demonism, territorial pride, possessiveness, the vanity of rewards on earth when the good work of ending starvation, malnutrition and unemployment have not been reasonably accomplished globally, jobs that improve education, building, housing, vegan, vegetarian agriculture and vending and opportunity.

38) Civil rights cases are always put forward by the state – the major verdict being sought is that companies that have been shown to violate civil rights will be under new name and management and subject to retro-active class action against owners, managers and employees and effectively clients and customers.

39) When plea bargains are made that involve restitution, promises to pay must be made by the relatives/friends of the defendant, else the plea bargains will not be allowed.

40) Trial by jury is guaranteed even for those who cannot afford it personally; the state may not routinely coerce defendants to plea bargain, accept a reduced charge and plead “guilty” and “no contest”, nor require them to take classes in understanding the judicial system and get stigmatized by mental examination if they refuse to plea bargain.  The right to more speedy trials will be assured, as will the right to examine the accuser in court.

Ludicrous hypocrisy and unconstitutional court behavior is making absolutely unnecessary repeat offenders and mental patients, enforcement sadist of misdirected intent and service and emotions and encouraging what amounts to home and business invasion and endless demonism.  The right to examine the accuser, and even find cause to separate and relocate will be more internationally considered.

It is long, long past time that humans realize that their problems are most accurately caused by impossible economic and social conditions and what are more accurately “Acts of God and Angels” given earth’s circumstance; families and neighbors are set against each other socially. All cases that are brought before detectives and police must be further investigated, yet more maturely, practically and humanely, and referred and transferred to the corrected jurisdiction of those who take the complaint with potentially very expedited and immediate resolution.

41) Part of the meaning of these policies is that the potential of all has been undervalued since time began; we are promoting what amounts to kind, compassionate treatment, recycling, freedom, and finding the most productive places for all to work, making it easy for people to move on from unproductive, adversarial relationships that lead to violence and domestic violence.

42) As part of the training for police, enforcement, lawyers, judges, politicians and those elected to public office, they are required to spend time as inmates in jails, prisons and mental institutions. Further, they are required to stand the entire time without food, and their performance at this requirement will be made very public, including the amount of time they can manage to go without food, water and stand.

No one in public office, nationally nor globally, is exempt from this requirement. The meaning of this requirement in that all owners, administrators, executives, presidents, prime ministers and those in public office are required to endure the worst penalties that their institutions have to offer; they may not have proxies stand in for them, nor will mere confinement to their residences be accepted.   Exceptional academic, business and professional records do not excuse those involved in the privilege of public service from sampling and attempting to endure the worst penalties in an exemplary fashion before actively being involved in enforcement, law and the judiciary.  Angelic and Godly proxies may not stand in for biologically existing humans on earth.

This policy also means that those who have been owners and managers, major stockholders and owners are also encourage for publicity and many other reasons to volunteer to endure the very worst penalties society has to offer; to attempt to live in the street and in public welfare institutions and provide stories and photographs relating the experiences globally.

Are these humans really understanding not only the penalties that are being dealt, but the potential for humans to really reform and have better and more intelligent and efficient lives – are humans really empathetic and experienced enough to do anything more than relocate and provide better jobs and employment, training and education is the question that enduring penalties in this way answers.

43) The state must seek to act more uniformly in cases. Judges, attorneys and courts have become routine acts where symbolic and dramatic dress up is played and bad and dysfunctional evaluations and “rulers” that do not give consistent and objective verdicts and effectively take into account education and testimony and act on the warnings and concerns of both victims and the accused.  Defendants may not be prevented from speaking; they may not be silenced nor persuaded to plead guilty. Right to confront potential accuser before the state is maintained as opposed to coercive plea bargaining and sentencing.

Making objection verbally and in writing is clear cause for further investigation. The vehemence of the objection is cause for investigation regardless of the accused – the error is on the side of the state to make educational and other alternatives and housing and opportunities available, as well as increased investigation of relations and those involved, even if not directly involved with the accused and those bring charges.  The pridelessness of objections, as well as what amounts to goading, sadism, mockery and unnecessary force is considered also.

More speedy trials will be an object and defendants may more readily get bench trial, confront accusers, avoid plea bargaining and seek alternatives in sentencing, avoiding pleading guilty/no contest, and courts avoiding this unless relative/friends/the state/attorney financially guarantee damages to be paid.

44) Local, state, national, international and global voting will be increased rapidly and decisively on all and any issues, and Internet voting.

The purpose of this voting and feedback will ultimately mean that humans vote on what type of goods and services will be promoted; standing public computers will be made continually available for voting, and voting and other rights will not be taken away for criminal reasons. Increasing standards, simplicity and claims for advertising, with the object of increasing the quality and safety of all products and the simplicity of labeling will be the objective.

45) Alcohol, firearms, cigarette, marijuana, gasoline and “product taxes” will be increased to pay for these initiatives – a longer term objective will be to make a freer and more productive society, increasing both personal productivity and good action to the point where both better lifestyle and activity and destination decisions make a more gracious difference to all

46) The purpose of production will ultimately be to produce the highest quality goods and services for all without price so that people choose better lifestyles and these are made easier to attain.  Increased social effectiveness and spiritual reward will be new motivations, both in socialization, spirit and travel and relocation with occupation/employment in a world where the object will be to produce the highest and best quality of goods for every freely and with adult responsibility and more than clinical goodness – ease and freedom of use and wise provisioning

The energy and commitment that goes into addiction and obsession, habit and collection will be channeled easily and intelligently into better services and opportunities that inspire all to a better world convincingly.  Providing better help is part of both economy at  some levels and training and sociology.  It is always the assumption that every so-called accident, every type of dysfunctional behavior is in fact a call to a better society, from disease and genetic defects to crime and addiction.  Genetic defects, for example, are a call to free public transportation and settlement and mating of people of diverse backgrounds.

47) The purpose of these local, state, provincial, national, international and global policies and incentives is to provide the peaceful, legal and democratic education to increase life expectancy and end all starvation, malnutrition, hunger, unemployment, disease, poverty, crime, terrorism and war; this means that we are attempting to practically inspire a world without wages, money, poverty and war in comfortable, legal, peaceful, democratic and global way to be remembered and emulated, repeated as life saving measure in increasing confidence and saving lives globally and locally, a better and wiser participatory democracy

So from one religious perspective this amounts to eliminating the “root of all evil”, money; from another spiritual perspective it amounts to not wasting time, action, heart, soul and spirit with coin, cash, card and computer identification; from an economic perspective it amounts to having a more mature society wherein people and resources are not wasted in accounting and idolatry.   Free public transportation, health care, assured housing and readily available jobs mean better and more opportunities, new intelligence, kindness and security and new participation for every in a more wisely productive world.

48) New holidays will be created that involve fasting, standing corrected, standing guard, fruitarianism, veganism, building and public writing contests.  Maturity and kindness, spiritually more rewarding virtue, intelligence and wisely empowering lives saved, clinical accuracy in improving lives

These will feature photos, news agency and media coverage of standing with arms high above the head, standing up all night, and social recognition to those who avoid eating and using resources. We are looking for holidays that mean contrition, choosing to abstain for many reasons, human sanctity, with personal and public record of fasting and the new jobs that ended starvation as if celebrity, society and sports coverage.

49) Parents will have to realize that because of the possessive nature of parenting that children are sometime much better raised by those who are not related to them biologically, and ceremony of choice in allowed for couples of any kind, sanctioned as they, any and all organizations and voters wish to afford – when intelligence in practice goes beyond instinct in practice….

50) Volunteerism and working jobs that a productive in an educational environment is better for children and young adults; money is not only the root of all evil, it is a waste of spirit, heart, lives and time and the log time of all peoples.  What kind of freedom in transportation, recreation, places to stay, visit, work and housing really make the most of each person is the question new places and economies vie to answer

51) Stores will be encouraged to carry basic products for free, and more and more products will be available without charge given government, administration and private support.  Humans have obviously exceeded the point where accounting and procedures should be replaced by cross training, full awareness of the entire production and administration process and increased human responsibility and understanding without wasting time, resources, spirit and employment with forms, endless referrals and accounting

52) Buildings for public housing will be staffed and constructed to have public computers (and computers and public facilities that people can use while standing, including restaurants) available for residents for all services, as will libraries and an increase in public facilities providing every conceivable form of care

53) An objective: decrease the need for repeated local travel for jobs, medical care, housing searches, food, clothing and to reduce the use of fuels and increase the compassion, simplicity, humanity and ease of service; the state and nation will purchase and use empty buildings for housing not only until all homelessness is eliminated – until there is ready excess capacity in all cities for immigration

54)  Sectors of cities will be established that allow people of different practices, not just religions, to partake of those practices freely and without legal obligation

We seek to more wisely give people freedoms of expression, relocation, training, education and better choices – use the social networks to vie for public and campaign for office yourself today. The wisest change between what exists and what we may most accurately attain.


People will clearly be allowed to lead productive lives and try new lifestyle, new experiences personally in varying term in certain sectors of cities if they so choose, fasting, veganism, fruitarianism and not using gas and oil and eating only raw food should they so choose, practices that may in some senses and to many be compromised life-styles, new and productive occupation with intelligence, renewed choices of socialization, custom, traditions, practices, reasons and uses.  Standing guard for a new tomorrow, standing corrected with renewed confidence in our nation and all peoples setting as a first priority ending starvation, profitably improving standards of living and bringing new jobs abroad and opportunity in promotions at home, with the new traditions bringing the honors, intelligence in planning, provisioning, compassion, freedoms and good care that brought the best and wisest of all times here today, and better choices and opportunities for all.


Note: If you stand for any and all of these policies, actually stand corrected, not just now, but for participatory democracy and intelligent administration over different time frames, people of all ages, education levels and mobility. Part of what inspires successful implementation of personal, state, national and global policy is not merely being euphemistic about standing corrected, not only standing corrected ideologically, but actually physically standing corrected for as long as you can AND educating and popularizing as efficiently and quickly as possible. One expectation is that people and advertising will redirect their energies to decisive national and global policy examples that really make the difference.   Taking your stand as elected official, even if only in writing once, is an exercise that engendered new empathy and understanding in global policy and personal promotions in earth’s endless waste and emergency, and making a more productive and wiser world.

This means that you may immediately take this writing as your own for any and all purposes, and are free to befriend me and add any policies that you would appreciate.  These were very rough policy objectives developed by and through someone who has lived as the wealthiest and poorest in over 50 nations, and watched over 1000 humans transported and at least temporarily incarnated, including what humans call God, as well as real miracles on earth.


WARNING – A Call and “Calls to Action and Activism”:

Being involved in this type of endeavor means that you are subject to what amounts to life and death proposition in everything that you do and may be….it is like building a spaceship, and takes an extremely varied crew, and all the expertise and knowledge, love and ability that you possess. That means that at minimum standard, every paragraph and every sentence is a life and death issue; a policy that means saving thousands of lives if correctly enacted, yet also a multicultural implementation and persuasion and marketing ideal not of profits at all, yet of nobility/altruism/global good most efficiently.

Some of what these policies imply are tantamount to the realization that people are literally paying to be classed, stigmatized and made diminutive from their better selves to support dysfunctional power structures and, no matter your wealth, education, experience and connection, in some way really be put down, eliminated, controlled, made into a lesser self and throwing away well-intentioned social care that society and economy have yet to even come close to efficiently actualizing.  This realization alone brought an end to racism, civil rights abuses, involuntary destitution, poverty and improved education, opportunity and training – and action – globally, as more than just macroeconomic policy for medium and long-term solutions.  Your action and conclusions made the difference.  Make it wiser, more alternative, do no harm and bring better opportunities and solutions, ease up on leadership and control of what really, for thousands of years, truly and obviously does not work by hampering and limiting action.



English, American, Australian, New Zealand…about writing, ethics, accuracy, “data structure” and meaning. Consider “incorrectly” placing a modifier that could either refer to people, a person, or the environment associated. The written language herein used is not “naturally” good enough to pithily/readily give the accurate meaning without compound/complex sentences or programming statements that amount to the word “CASE” in Pascal/C+. One interpretation in the interactions between humans and angelic, Godly data structures is that the environment itself is altered…you are literally not quite living on the same earth, not really in the same building, not literally having the same “in” with the same people and all that represents them given certain actions.


You mean the whole world to me….

This means that what “is real” in various senses changes. One easy way to look at this is that you simply have different guardians and the physical earth, the material earth has not changed at all. Others are more or less real to you depending on who they are programmed to perceive you to be, how you are manipulated angelically and in other ways in all the data structures the represent you, and its translation to earth. This is not really true in practice.  One truth amounts to inspiring interest in a place, a building, and beings that are capable of making entire copies of the place and building maintaining life therein.  You more meaningfully and with better opportunity change and adapt, evolving and hone your interaction, intelligence, varied ability, skills, presentation and independence – this is a rough goal of society, government and institution.

Let’s get real….

Actually being concerned/interested/fascinated/occupied in the above topic amounts to being popular in a very academic and small community, one might readily argue. This is not the case. Then simply consider this type of statement as meaning that the imperative to win “blessing and favor” from all that ever existed in current earth endeavors is very much more contingent on earth’s ability to use what was won in the past hundreds of years in industry, technology, communication, supply and building to make the changes in civilization that save billions of lives over time, including ones like free public transportation, housing, vegan/vegetarian food and clothing that not only help people find employment and afford a more gracious planet, but save people the moves that make a world that in saner, safer, healthier and freer, free from cruelty, sadism and murder, a world that eliminates and minimizes cruelty to all life forms.

A New Compassion and Empathy amounted to viewing wider social and intercultural causes and making more gracious and efficient social solution and opportunity.  Science, religion, practice, education, travel, immigration, relocation and training, all with better planning at every level, noting best opportunity for improvements spelled a paradigm for a better world, and a better occupied world.  Very long standing problems were seen as chance for better and bigger solutions globally.



Example 1: Destroy (very publicly) and rebuild more buildings to end terrorism; use remaining properties more efficiently to improve living conditions and global communication and writing.  The public destruction ends a type of demonic and public social, economic, educational and behavioral coup on intelligence, and it means we can readily afford better and more inspired use and noble, altruistic, exemplary action locally to more than globally, and that may mean more variety and type of contrition.

Example 2: When children are in kindergarten, you might give them the expectation that publishing a magazine with seven articles or a short book, play or story is their objective in life temporarily….and stand guard and stand corrected for this and many other reasons publicly and privately.  Where they will go to school, what can be improved in education, data structure, social training and new opportunity, longer and much longer goal setting and explanation, plans, explanations, opportunities, even if very humble ones in writing, that really mean creativity, problem solving, reporting and improvements are at least potentially optimized with explanation and better solutions.  This type of growing up, maturity and provisioning/planning made a better world more deeply.

Example 3: One object of building will be that there is always free excess capacity for housing, immigration, transfers and that people are more inspired to, for example, put forward themselves, others and even symbols for elections.

It is more the platform than the candidate and leadership that matters….

Inspire earth to end terrorism by making national and global decisive investments in sustainable economic infrastructure abroad; a global act of good faith and news jobs unprecedented and exemplary.   It is more than obvious that people are being goaded to crime by what amounts to ludicrous governmental and murderous, invasive and parasitical social hypocrisy.  Fasting, standing corrected, more virtuous humans with a rightly founded new faith in people and economy.

Ultimate hopes: In a scenario where time no longer exists the opportunity to go back and fix economic problems still may….

For-profit planet that does not come close to rightly inspiring all peoples: make your publicity focus on what actually happens, true stories, instead of fantasy, science fiction, romance, society, games and video games, and make earth’s number one sport real international and global empathy that ends the clash of ideological hypocrisy and insufficient charity, and in effective and sub-optimal economic infrastructure, security and provision and opportunity, particularly to relocate in new areas with no return.  Spiritual resources are being wasted by accounting for dysfunctional production for profit and competition, bad products and primitive polies of retribution are being used to further goad nations and peoples to war for material and short minded objectives.

Part of the meaning of bringing a planet back from social and other hells is that of a type of sacrifice, a type of abandonment of territorialism and possessiveness.

Example 4:  Consistency, practice, best timing changes and environmental cycles

Many are concerned, object to and decide they like things the way they are for what amounts to consistency and accounting practices, stability and established reasonably good control. Books have been committed to these topics, as well as mathematics, economics, political parties and other sciences and beliefs of many kinds. Increase international transfers no return and, with exceptional good public announcements and buffered planning, vastly increase good jobs and services globally.

Life for more peoples, fundamental virtues, economics, planning, policy and the new “social glories”…

Example 5: New jobs by voting, congressional, presidential action in negotiating internationally for building, land use, mining, agriculture and city planning contracts, engineering, design, intercultural work-study research and education, training and relocation in earth’s areas of lowest life expectancy, in efforts exceeding preparation for all world wars as if the goal was to save the 40000 humans who starve to death each day and increase life quality and expectancy intelligently and with much further study in earth’s most impoverished areas

Allowing people to migrate and move more freely avoids violence and increases awareness of environment and more life for many peoples.  It is really better to change and move more frequently – EVEN IF IT GOES AGAINST SOME OF YOUR INSTINCTS AND PRACTICES, EVEN IF IT IS HARD and takes great consensus, change(s) of heart and commitment.

Assuring excess housing capacity in all areas and better, more practical services, employment, jobs, volunteerism and humane opportunities changes the decision to one of “best” from hard, difficult to calculate and impractical. Moving not only good people, but providing better choices and opportunities won new freedom for practical provisioning, humane services and empathetic expectation.  Easy, humane and productive moving eliminated various type of crime basically caused by what amounts to tribal/parental/partner/economic considerations.  Moving on no return spelled better lives and even miracle globally, less crime, war, terrorism and needless discontent.  I challenge you not to make it at all heedless.


Example 6: Penalty, practicality and social station, responsibility and means

If the president and congresses fail to implement policies as obvious as free health care, free public transportation, improved immigration and moving on policies and jobs both here and abroad with international work programs, they consider moving and continuing to govern while travelling to earth’s poorest nations, bring the best messages, humble estimates and deals to develop resources and improve jobs, living standards, longevity and economic productivity and efficiency, standard of living, wisdom and intelligence.  It’s worth more than the next dozen trips to Mars and the moon, satellites and weapons, if viewed an obvious and clear way….


Example 7: Vie for office – World Administrator, President, Prime Minister, any and all

@PrimeMinisterAZ, @destitutepoor – two Twitter accounts – global news agencies, vegan and other donation centers, charities, philanthropies, non-profits and closely related – start your campaign on wordpress.com, writehere.com and popularize it in the social networks, by email and via the press, locally to globally.  Test your cross training and skill and all you may be through time to all the world – that almost always remains as part of a lifetime viable alternative for you and others, something internalized potentially and generally left as hopeless and decided upon by others.

Wiser activism, action, activity, hobby, doing….


It can mean something as simple as putting into writing your best directions in improving all earth as macro-economics – a top-down approach to even travel and leisure, see how you would administrator earth and compare and try again, improve your first attempt.  Find new activity, self-actualization and increased confidence in participatory democracy and action.  Look for “best clear improvement trends” and keep as precious ideas whose time may never globally and in all data structures and societies come to pass – your ideals for better administration, government, democracy, justice, activity, employment, new jobs, volunteerism that’s worth it, and exactly how and when to make better and smoother outcomes taken positively and productively, like removing viruses and advertisements for profit, adware, malware and spyware from your spiritual data structure in more than the earthly picture – that has always, for tens of thousands of years, been woefully compromised, and this means very quick and exponential popularity wins and successful macroeconomic, promotions, persuasion and real acceptance wins the best world from earth.

You’ve really been doing worse than fooling yourselves from the perspective of limited data structure and effectiveness possibilities in communication and intelligent, compassionate and fair change and care and gracious intelligence and alternative, good first for every.  Use this campaign, modify and make your own, expand it and adapt it linguistically, start with an issue and bring reason, justification, insurmountable evidence that even has a spin on popularity AND profitability/practicality.

Part of the truth is that it is better because migration brings you more life, many, many times more life and in ways you really cannot calculate accurately and all together in a dynamically changing model.  But better care, opportunity, social, political, religious, scientific and particularly effective investment and administration, communication, publicity, marketing for public support, not profits first, made a new operational systems and management information example to all and any.   Make it look easy AND communicate, do business, succeed more and with good example, and do so in addition to your travel plans, and extra temporary variable in cross training.

Design and look for more decisive social wins that have to do with economies that effectively reproduce people spiritually to some extent – part of the solution is a leaner and more efficient world automatically, with realistic chances that have to do more with better learning, implementation and improvement in economy and standards.  Some “social wins” are very small, personal “diet” in a greater and even historic use of the term as practice, exercise, routine improved; some more than global and eternal in reasonable and occasionally partly counter-intuitive solutions that win more intelligent and productive innocence and life, goodness and example.

It’s more than big ideas and thinking big, if you can afford it in thought and communication….

This whole planet is not even close, never has been, not even when miracles were written of and before. This means that all the above proposals should be done very decisively, and the penalty for failing to implement them should be, in general, banishment and more help, apprenticeship, parenthood, guidance in socialization, seeing bigger pictures, not getting trapped in diminutive sociologies that generate violence and dysfunctional power struggles, and implementation.  How you think and feel about it is up to you, and may you have better and more democratic action and ease of opportunity, the maverick and big opportunities to change economies globally and for all times.

What is brought represents good business, wise practice, improved facility and way and an end to limiting assumptions about what good care really means, rethinking standards of service and “gearing/way/mode” of people in ways that improved short and longer term planning.

If the current president or prime minister attempts to bring millions of new jobs to this nation and earth’s most impoverished areas at once with a new jobs program and fails, he has to finish his term in Scandinavia, for example, or one of earth’s nations of lowest life expectancy.  There are several factors essential to this kind of thinking intelligently supported wisely: ability to leave example in writing and global action, to inspire/persuade rightly, convince to exemplary action, investment, new activity, additional interest and success, follow through communication, education, deepening of understanding, merit and action wiser, worth considering in fact, not just dominant theory and logic, worth “social estimation and targeting” as strategy, reasoning and example.

You can today vie as Prime Minister of one to all of earth’s most impoverished nations to some 200 nations and territories by using Twitter new media follows and a single writing link, and using Google translations and hash tags for all languages.  What is stopping you – solve the problem completely to some level for your own exemplary peace of mind, global citizen.  Really do not, really do not pass at this obvious definition of world class in free action, and this is truly everybody’s loss in some way.

Then I hypothecate putting forward your position as “World Administrator”,  president and prime minister, governor, senator, representative no matter your stand, station and influence, is really worth it at least once.  You need and deserve the “star role”, realize this early.  Vie for earth’s most impoverished nations, it makes too much sense and at some point really becomes a better decision than other activities comparatively. As a graduate of Claremont and Stanford whose traveled to over 50 nations, this is my “A” answer – you can, as fellow “students and inhabitants of earth”, copy it and get your own A+. The inspirations for science, God, Messiah and what is attributed to them have all made “participatory demonstration” – this makes a greater and more intelligent and wiser difference globally – ready now, World Administrator?

Yet this type of honor/duty/opportunity requires no explanation – an old “A” exam good for you as the wisest changes putting humans above God in justice, the best delta, DAZ (delta alpha omega), the wisest attempts at the best change.  You have your own computers – it’s worth a writing assignment from time to time, a global coming of age ceremony in intelligence and implementation, potential success and your personal understanding of all the powers and influences talked and written about to you personally, reader.

The above paragraph submitted as sufficient proof, argument and proposal unless you provide written comments and questions, given current wordpress.com, Facebook, email, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or other educational or social media  format.  You have just had your chance with what commanded all earth in two centuries and for a person in an “economy and data structure” for whom even God really makes an appearance biologically in more ways than one. Take it today, this week, this month and for millennium to come, and even retrospectively if you can – vie as an elementary school student for public office, evolve your campaign in the next few decades.  This was a great start truly, and even above greatness surely.  It’s deeper than earth if you do it right.




Some nations of hateful, jealous, mocking, insulting, ignoble, rude and resentful, bitter, violent, dysgenic and criminally proud wage slaves, good for nothings, dependents on the state and cripples, drug addicts and dependents of paper, coins, plastic cards and documents and representatives of owners and controllers continue, as those who have been annihilated by continuous wars and genocidal racism in nations of the greatest crime and incarceration and torture, to be genocidal and prejudiced (demonic, backward) racists and nationalists, making mental patients out of those who simply find ignobility, hypocrisy and compromised constitutions and laws and those who have been ostracized, mocked and stigmatized out of their better guardians and selves; humans are being made into undesirables, cripples, inbreeding and mental patients by being forced to stay in one place and with people of too similar genetic backgrounds, 40,000 starve to death each day.

Activists and reformist protesting continue to give pictures and evidence of violence and so-called leaders national and global popularity, in a world where even children, it is written by “scientists”, have seen tens of thousands of murders on plastic and glass screens and glossy paper and movies before they reach juvenile adulthood….and women are routinely used to defile, denigrate, insult, control, shorten the lives of and be used as weapons against men and women, of social demonizing, un-humble prejudice and spiritual/social control and murder, where even those from other planets that have never been met physically are portrayed as viral malware, adware and spyware genocidal….part of so-called women’s liberation meant that females could make the same despicable, egoistic, proud, vain and idolatrous mistakes that men have made.

Find the “good reasons” and sublimate them into better practice and then move back to the world and iterate the solutions and popularize what best works for more and more people.  The solutions above earned an “A” for tens of thousands of years in various ways.

Earth failed at quickly, efficiently and to the benefit of all, intelligently solving major problems, and is practically a “no show” at the event for all peoples.  You can “vote” today with your follows and friend requests.  Too much awarding publicity and not enough free action that brought the wise return of innocence and inspiration. A price was exponential losses in the most critical and greatest potential time of history for what this planet believed in and held to be true.  Fall from grace, belief, effectiveness and goodness.  This is simply a definitional fact.  Choose one chance at international action before making it an emotional one, I promise – honor your intelligence at least once in local to global and greater administration, problems that are typical to all life forms.

What are obviously biological fruitarians, frugivores and vegetarians indulge in eating the flesh of animals publicly and wantonly, and profess all kinds of beliefs and philosophies and succeed at none in realistic practice, not of religions, state and national administrations nor any other, except science and absolutely pseudo-science, technology and ownership for profit, while using animals and humans as test subjects for profitable drugs and dysfunctional medical treatments and false science for profit, and while very publicly promoting charity, philanthropy, non-profits, religion and freedoms in ludicrous and dysfunctional ways that absorb time and resources that result in giving by Gross Domestic Product and personally of no more than 0.2 to 4.5 percent for any class of society; some 20000 children starve to death each day and international wars, sports, personality, celebrity, sexuality, fashion and make up and very minor social interest stories of expensive heroism and dysfunctional investments continue to make up almost all front page headlines that offer little to nothing practical to any.

What humans never decided rightly on the whole meant insufficient protocol for rules of engagement in economy and participatory democratic good solutions….

In this city of over half a million I have heard daily racism, and racism against Indians, black, Jews, Orientals, Caucasians, Muslims, Arabic peoples and Hispanics that has made state and national headlines….and home invasions and continued violation of people and property, even in what are considered the best neighborhoods, continues lethally and wantonly, and in ways no human rightly and effectively understands publicly, earth has inspired a spiritual world war three of rage, resentment, bitterness and violation and diminutive and short minded decisions….every time a human even sets foot on property that may eventually belong to a religious organization, particularly a church, every time they even look at a government symbol of enforcement, each time they watch an actor, performer, model or person on the Internet or in an advertisement they are asking to be violated and controlled and “unduly influenced” FOR THE REST OF THEIR “natural” LIVES AND MORE, their own talents and abilities and lives wasted.

People are so very limited, repressed variously and misguided and wrongly that backward, diminutive lives and intellect, vanity and dysfunction have been made a cyclical daily order – lack of good activities, productive change and heart, soul and thought.  And in a planet that has really confused itself with being flat and tortured and murdered for religion and land, only such a negative and punishing, chastising and objecting realization remains as positively good and straight in correcting problems.

Earth was a planet of ludicrous, heinous, egregious and wicked and evil misdirection and misunderstanding, crippling processes worsening problems unnecessarily based on wrong beliefs and social/economic inadequacy and scarcity and bad products for profits…despicable pride and hatred and simply wrong for thousands of years, social torture and the idolatry of leadership made people false and sub-intelligent, literally bringing hell to support the peoples of earth – human penalties of vengeance, war and punishment meant bringing hell to earth literally and the loss of billions of lives, the loss of all that people and all they believe in spiritually value.

Really live up to the occasion….see what more than just the apparently physical world holds in store for you when you try to do what any world class person does to improve world class, action, kindness, compassion and wise humility.

This is not one word, one phrase, nor one sentence exaggerated in implications, even for unborn children in their mother’s womb, and angels entrapped into living on earth in and from human bodies, and of course the devils and demons that people become, particularly in nations of egoistic arrogance, public pride and race and other hatred, which is accused globally and publicly, locally, and treated mockingly and sadistically by “authorities” of torture and what amounts to racist genocide of minority populations. Another way to put this is that there is something worse than genocidal murderers – ludicrous and un-compassionate hypocrites in law, religions and government constitutions and policies who pretend that they are free, liberators, glories and saviors while they remain legalized murderers, oppressors who are literally supported by devils and demons, hatred and pride.

And yet a final way to put this “evaluation of state” is that to solve these problems most practically and productively always somehow know that good communication for wisest change is a best solution solving way, best path – life is always at as much as a state of emergency as you can particularly intelligently take it and act, so this emergency solution writing is already available in earth’s top 20 languages – make it yours and better as a “social hobby”, for sport, for better argument, for planetary wisdom and your legacy.

Some nations of hateful, jealous, mocking and resentful, proud wage slaves, good for nothings, dependents on the state and cripples, drug addicts and other dysgenic lumpin, good for nothings, dependents of paper, coins, plastic cards and documents and representatives of owners and controllers continue, as those who have been annihilated by continuous wars and genocidal racism in nations of the greatest crime and incarceration and torture, to be genocidal and prejudiced racists, idolatrous of state, nations, religion and ludicrous murdering underemployed and misdirected religious phonies, backward and primitive peoples murdering and being used to woefully dominate both spiritually and physically, and nationalists….

الصيام يمكن أن تنقذ حياتك – للخضروات والفيجى يدافع عن النباتيّة، بعد الفاكهة

“World administration – the best of immediate macroeconomic and political action, reformism and investment and new jobs to save lives and greatest potential increases in life quality and expectancy, the new jobs that save millions over time.  We should inspire and obey with all possible support, saving lives with more force than all efforts at world wars.”

“This writer is an inspiration to kindness, compassion and justice above God in action, policy, law and focus – history takes more than a pool in time, changing course globally for you, by any name, World Administrator.”

Join World Administrator and Vegan World Administrator on Facebook, @destitutepoor and @primeministeraz on Twitter.

Economic incentives and investment policies ending unemployment
economic policy, employment incentives, foreign investment, Greece, investment policy, new jobs, unemployment

Οικονομία, την απασχόληση, η στρατιωτική πολιτική, κοινωνικά κίνητρα – ΕΛΗΞΕ πείνας, της φτώχιας, της ανεργίας και της ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ – Ταυτόχρονη Λύσεις

Οικονομία, την απασχόληση, η στρατιωτική πολιτική, κοινωνικά κίνητρα – ΕΛΗΞΕ πείνας, της φτώχιας, της ανεργίας και της ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ – Ταυτόχρονη Λύσεις

Βάσεις για τα δημόσια και ιδιωτικά θέματα:

1). Δωρεάν δημόσια μέσα μεταφοράς. Όλα τα λεωφορεία και τα μέσα μαζικής μεταφοράς δωρεάν – αυξάνοντας την καλοσύνη και την ευγένεια της κοινωνίας έτσι ώστε αυτές οι άνεργοι πιο εύκολα να βρουν δουλειά? ηλικιωμένοι και οι φτωχοί μπορούν να βρουν πιο ελεύθερα αυτό που χρειάζονται, παίρνουν νέες θέσεις εργασίας και να δείτε τα αξιοθέατα των πόλεων και το κράτος τους – μια πράξη της νοημοσύνης? πιο ευχάριστος για τους τουρίστες και τους επισκέπτες. Πληρώνεται με αύξηση των φόρων φυσικού αερίου και ενέργειας.

Κάνουμε μια ασφαλή και δωρεάν τρόπος για όλους μας πρώτη προτεραιότητα για τη μακροπρόθεσμη, θέτοντας τα θεμέλια της καλοσύνης, ευγένεια και τη βιώσιμη οικονομική υποδομή κάνουν τη διαφορά! Δωρεάν δημόσια μέσα μεταφοράς κάνει τη διαφορά στη διάσωση ζωών, το φυσικό αέριο και για την κινητοποίηση υποστήριξης για όλους τους λαούς. primeministerAZ στο Twitter καιdestitutepoor (vegan και άλλες μη-κέρδη, φιλανθρωπικά ιδρύματα, φιλανθρωπίες). Είμαστε χρησιμοποιώντας την τεχνολογία για να πάει δεξιά πίσω στην καλοσύνη των σοφών γνώμη, την ευφυΐα στα ταξίδια και τη νέα «καλή ευγένεια” των ανθρώπων και όλων των γη. Κάνοντας τη φροντίδα και την ανησυχία της καθημερινής ζωής εξαφανίζονται – έτσι όλοι κάνουν σοφότερες αποφάσεις, έχουν κυριολεκτικά και σοφά να έχουν μια ελεύθερη κοινωνία, εκ νέου εμπνέοντας εμπιστοσύνη ότι τα θέματα ψήφο σας για όλους τους σωστούς λόγους. Μου συνανθρώπων Οι λόγοι είναι απλοί, και οι απλοί λόγοι κερδίσει – το υπόλοιπο είναι ένα λογιστικό πρόβλημα που επιλύεται καλύτερα στην κβαντική και ταυτόχρονα για πρώτη φορά από την εκπροσώπηση, σε εθνικό επίπεδο, καθώς και νέο κόσμο σας.

Όταν οι λύσεις είναι καλό για όλους, και ο ισχυρισμός αυτός είναι ακριβώς στον τομέα της λογιστικής ….

Είναι αρκετά καλό για τα παιδιά; Στη συνέχεια, ας είναι αρκετά καλό για σας, και όλους τους πολίτες, τους επισκέπτες και τους φίλους μας. “World Friends” κριτικό δοκίμιο που έρχονται σύντομα, δωρεάν στο Internet για εσάς: Τι κάνατε για να κάνει μια καλύτερη πλανήτη – το τμήμα αποτελεσμάτων. Προετοιμασία δωρεάν δημόσια συγκοινωνία στην πόλη σας κερδίζει την ελευθερία. Κάν ‘το, υποστηρίζουν δωρεάν δημόσια συγκοινωνία τουλάχιστον μία φορά. Σοφά σημαίνει ασφάλεια, σεβασμό, με βιώσιμο τρόπο, για κάθε. Κάντε τις καλές νέους φίλους με δωρεάν δημόσια μέσα μεταφοράς, καλύτερη εθελοντή και την καταβολή των ευκαιριών απασχόλησης, την καλοσύνη και ευγένεια – και απλούστερο λογιστικό, ευκολότερη δράση για όλους, και καλύτερες επιλογές – είναι ένα μάθημα που όλοι έπρεπε να μάθω.

2) Παγκόσμια εκπαιδευτικά προγράμματα, τα μέσα μαζικής ενημέρωσης και δημοσιότητας, το “τι” αυτών των οικονομικών πολιτικών θα προωθηθεί για να προκαταλάβει το “ποιος” όλων των ιστοριών και τον αθλητισμό, τη μόδα, την κοινωνία και την κάλυψη διασημότητα. Αυτές είναι οι κυβερνητικές πολιτικές και τα δελτία τύπου, καμία περικοπή της ελευθερίας του Τύπου είναι καθόλου προορίζεται. Όταν η προφορά του Τύπου επικεντρώνεται στις πιο κρίσιμες πολιτικές και πρακτικές σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο, κινούμαστε προς μια νέα αποτελεσματικότητα στην προώθηση των βέλτιστων πρακτικών και ιδεών. Πραγματικά δεν είναι ένα έθνος ικανοποιημένοι με μια θέση στο top 20 ….

3) Καλύτερη στέγαση για εκείνους που ζουν στο δρόμο, και με λιγότερες ρυθμίσεις … αχρησιμοποίητο ξενοδοχεία και διαμερίσματα θα αγοραστούν από για χρήση από τους φτωχούς και όσους αναζητούν θέσεις εργασίας. Αυτό σημαίνει ότι η κυβέρνηση της στέγασης και της ταυτοποίησης θα διατίθενται πιο ελεύθερα και εύκολα, και ότι όσοι δεν διαθέτουν αυτό θα δοθεί στέγη και φαγητό για χορτοφάγους και το νερό και τα είδη ένδυσης και βοήθεια για να βρουν δουλειά, ανεξάρτητα. Προώθηση πολιτικών που είναι αλήθεια για περισσότερα από ένα επίπεδα – βιολογικά και κοινωνικά, με την υποστήριξη της θρησκείας και της επιστήμης για τις ανθρώπινες ανάγκες και όχι για τα κέρδη, θα κερδίσει την υποστήριξη όλων των εποχών.

4) Για Χορτοφάγους, Χορτοφαγική και ιδιαίτερα οι φρουτοφάγος και άλλα κέντρα αιμοδοσίας τροφίμων ενθαρρύνονται, και τα δημόσια φύτευση των δέντρων βρώσιμα φρούτα αντί για καλλωπιστικά φυτά, την ενθάρρυνση και τις εκπτώσεις και εμπορίας για τους παραγωγούς φρούτων και λαχανικών? ένα αντικείμενο θα είναι για τα καταστήματα να είναι σε θέση να εμφανίσει και να προσφέρουν βασικά τρόφιμα για δωρεάν σε οποιοδήποτε.

Την καλύτερη φροντίδα στα συμπονετικός και προφανείς τρόπους, με βελτιωμένη απόδοση για όλους τους καταναλωτές και μια πιο έξυπνη ζώνη άνεσης είναι αντικείμενο μας. Παρέχοντας μεγαλύτερη εμπιστοσύνη και ασφάλεια για όλους τους ανθρώπους, περισσότερο και σοφά κέρδισε πίστη στην κοινωνία και την εμπιστοσύνη σε μια πιο βασικά και απλά τον τρόπο, και μείωσε την απελπισία του εγκλήματος και έφερε ευημερία σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο.

5) Εντελώς δωρεάν ιατρική, οδοντιατρική, το όραμα, την υγεία και τη φροντίδα των παιδιών. Αυτό σημαίνει ότι μπορείτε να περπατήσετε σε μια μονάδα φροντίδας υγείας και να πάρει την υγειονομική περίθαλψη χωρίς ερώτηση.

6) Η αυξημένη εποπτεία για τη φιλανθρωπία, η φιλανθρωπία και η δωρεά κέντρα? αύξηση των θέσεων εργασίας φρουρά (αυτό αντιπροσωπεύει μια μορφή τιμής ότι οι άγγελοι και ο Θεός φιλοδοξούν να, μια παράδοση από την όλων των εποχών αξίζει να επαναφέρει την κοινωνία), φροντίζοντας καταλόγων των διαθέσιμων τροφή, στέγη, ένδυση, την υγειονομική περίθαλψη και η δωρεά κέντρα είναι ενημερωμένα, αποτελεσματικά βελτιστοποιηθεί και είναι διαθέσιμη στο κοινό σε ένα κολλέγιο και πανεπιστήμιο επίπεδο εύκολη οργάνωση διαθέσιμα ελεύθερα εγγράφως και στο Διαδίκτυο.

7) Κατάργηση της θανατικής ποινής? αυξανόμενη χρήση των κυρώσεων που ανέρχονται σε εξορία (αυτή ποινή, ιδιαίτερα όταν λαμβάνονται σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο και μεταξύ των πολιτισμικά, έκανε τη διαφορά, όχι μόνο σε νέα προσωπική ζωή, αλλά μια μεγαλύτερη ευαισθητοποίηση και ζωής για όλους, όπως έκανε και την αύξηση του ποσοστού μεταφοράς ανάπτυξης και της πλευρικής δουλειά μεταβιβάσεις σε νέες θέσεις για τους εργαζομένους) και τη μεγαλύτερη εδαφικό περιορισμό? έθνη και τα δικαστήρια θα παραδεχτώ αποτελεσματικά, όπως τα νοσοκομεία βούληση και εκπαιδευτικά ιδρύματα, ότι το σφάλμα για το έγκλημα παραμένει ως υποχρέωση του κράτους, το έθνος και τον πλανήτη. Όταν η κατάσταση έχει κριθεί ένοχος δεν αποτελεσματικά μετεγκατάσταση όσους έχουν ζητήσει νέα στέγαση και την απασχόληση, ποινή για την παράνομη δραστηριότητα θα ισοδυναμούσε με το να τα ταξίδια, υψηλής ποιότητας εκπαίδευση και η διάταξη μεταφοράς και παρέχοντας νέες θέσεις εργασίας για όσους έχουν παραπλανηθεί για τη διάπραξη του εγκλήματος.

8) Το σύνολο της ιατρικής περίθαλψης και της υγειονομικής περίθαλψης θα είναι ελεύθερη, όπως θα όλες οι υπηρεσίες έκτακτης ανάγκης (θα υπάρξει μια μείωση στη λογιστική των ασφαλιστικών και αρχεία, και αυτό θα πρέπει να αντικατασταθούν με τις προσπάθειες για βελτίωση των συνθηκών στέγασης και των υπηρεσιών και των διεθνών ευκαιριών απασχόλησης? Μέρος του έννοια αυτού είναι ότι το σύστημα pay-as-you-go της λογιστικής, θα πρέπει να αντικατασταθεί από δωρεάν αγαθά και υπηρεσίες.

9) Η ελευθερία για όσους έχουν καταδικαστεί για μαριχουάνα και το αλκοόλ αδικημάτων και αναδρομική κατάργηση της ποινής τους? το βάρος της εξεύρεσης καλύτερων θέσεων απασχόλησης και τη στέγαση για όσους έχουν διαπράξει το έγκλημα, και την εξάλειψη δυσφημιστικό δημόσια εγγραφή διαθέσιμες στο Διαδίκτυο θα παραμείνει στα χέρια των κρατικών, εθνικών και ιδιωτικών ιδρυμάτων.

10) Αύξηση του ποσοστού μεταφοράς για τους εργαζόμενους μεταξύ των πόλεων, των κρατών και σε διεθνές επίπεδο? αυτά είναι τα φύλλα για την επούλωση των πόλεων, τα κράτη και τα έθνη? παρέχουν πολύ εύκολη δωρεάν πρόσβαση στο Internet σε δημόσιους θέσεις εργασίας. Δεδομένου ότι η αύξηση των μεταβιβάσεων, εναλλαγές στρατευμάτων και ευκαιρίες για μετεγκατάσταση βοηθά να δώσει στους ανθρώπους και για όσους αναζητούν νέου ξεκινήματος της απασχόλησης και ένα νέο περιβάλλον, που μπορεί, με καλή τοπική υποστήριξη, σημαίνει ότι είναι πιο υπεύθυνοι, να έχουν ρεαλιστικές εμπιστοσύνη στο σύστημα, και να είναι πιο ζωντανή, Αυτές οι πλευρικές μεταφορές και τις προσφορές θα πρέπει να υποστηρίζεται σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο.

11) Αποφασιστική και παγκόσμια υποστήριξη των ομοσπονδιακών προγραμμάτων για δεκάδες εκατομμύρια των νέων θέσεων εργασίας στις χειρότερες περιοχές της Γης να εμπνεύσει γη για να σωστά και αποφασιστικά τερματίσει κάθε πείνα, τον υποσιτισμό, την πείνα, την ανεργία και τον πόλεμο ταυτόχρονα με εξαιρετικές διεθνείς παράδειγμα για όσους θα έχουν συμμετάσχει στους πολέμους και την τρομοκρατία.

12) εκλαΐκευση της νηστείας, στέκεται διορθωθεί, στέκεται φρουρός τόσο σε ιδιωτικές κατοικίες, επιχειρήσεις και σχολεία, με τις προσπάθειες να κάνει διαγωνισμούς στους τομείς αυτούς και τη φιλανθρωπία, η φιλανθρωπία και μη-κέρδη προκαταλάβει τον αθλητισμό, τη μόδα, την προσωπικότητα … το «τι», “γιατί”, “όπου”, “πώς”, “πότε” των ιστοριών έρχεται πριν το «ποιος». Αυτό είναι μέρος της όχι μόνο προσωπικά να κάνει ό, τι είναι αλτρουιστική, ευγενής και δεξιά? είμαστε σαφώς προσπαθούν να προετοιμαστεί εκ νέου ότι πολύ δομών δεδομένων του Θεού, έτσι ώστε να στηρίζουν τον ιδεαλισμό, και να φέρει την καλύτερη φύλακες και όλοι το μέλλον στη γη τώρα.

13) Όλα τα μάρκετινγκ στο Διαδίκτυο, οι πωλήσεις, η παράδοση είναι νόμιμη για όλους τους προμηθευτές. Στρατιωτικές και πολιτικές δυνάμεις θα πρέπει να αναπτυχθούν, με παγκόσμια συμφωνία, με, ως πρώτη προτεραιότητα, να παρέχουν την εμπορία του Διαδικτύου με τους πωλητές σε χώρες με το χαμηλότερο προσδόκιμο ζωής, τα φτωχότερα έθνη, έτσι ώστε τα τοπικά προϊόντα, τα ακίνητα, την τέχνη και τις επενδύσεις τους θα είναι διαθέσιμες, συντομεύοντας τη διαδρομή για υπεύθυνη και φιλανθρωπικές παγκόσμιων επενδύσεων.

14) Θρησκευτικές οργανώσεις αφήνουν τις πόρτες τους ανοικτές 24/7 για όλους και οποιαδήποτε ή να χάσουν αφορολόγητο καθεστώς τους. Ενθαρρύνονται να αναρτήσετε φύλακες και οι βοηθοί τους και εργάζονται συνεχώς για να τελειώσει όλο πείνα, τον υποσιτισμό, τη φτώχεια, την ανεργία και τον πόλεμο.

15) Οι περισσότερες θέσεις εργασίας που προσφέρονται για τους ανθρώπους κατ ‘ευθείαν από το γυμνάσιο, και καλύτερη απόδοση των μαθητών που χορηγείται από το κράτος σε κάθε λύκειο και γυμνάσιο με εθελοντές και τις ευκαιρίες απασχόλησης. Οι κορυφαίοι εκτελεστές δεν είναι μόνο ενθαρρύνονται με τις καλύτερες ευκαιρίες απασχόλησης, αλλά και ενθαρρύνονται να έχουν τα παιδιά νωρίς για να προωθήσει την ευγονική και την γενετική βελτίωση. Εθνών και των λαών που δεν έχουν ως γενετική συγγένεια ενθαρρύνονται από την παγκόσμια δωρεάν μεταφορά και το διακανονισμό μπόνους για να έχουν τα παιδιά περισσότερο τα παιδιά, ιδιαίτερα σε χώρες που δεν είχαν εμπλακεί σε παγκόσμιους πολέμους και ότι δεν χρησιμοποίησε ούτε εξετάσει υπόθαλψη πυρηνικών όπλων και ότι δεν είναι σε πόλεμο.

16) κάθε αναφορά στην “υπερηφάνεια” και “αρνητικά συναισθήματα” έχει ληφθεί από την αστυνομία και άλλες διαφημίσεις και τη δημοσιότητα. Είναι πολύ σαφές ότι το να δοθεί δημοσιότητα στα προβλήματα αυτά ανέρχεται σε ενίσχυση των δραστών και των οπαδών, μεγάλη αμαρτία και το κακό οικονομίες. Έτσι, δεν διαφημίζουν ό, τι οι άνθρωποι αισθάνονται και σκέφτονται – αυτά είναι ιδιωτικά ζητήματα, δεν πρέπει να δημοσιοποιούνται. Αυτό είναι μέρος μιας εισβολής των δομών δεδομένων προσωπικού χαρακτήρα που έχει πολύ, πολύ κακώς δεσμευτεί όλο το ανθρώπινο όντα και τα έθνη να αιτίες χωρίς δυνατή γνώση και συνειδητοποίηση ως προς το τι σημαίνει, ιδίως στους όλες τις δομές δεδομένων που αντιπροσωπεύουν βιολογική ανθρώπους.

17) Τα Ηνωμένα Έθνη και οι κυβερνήσεις θα προσπαθήσουν να κλείσουν όλα τα σύνορα σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο και να μειώσει τον αριθμό των εθνών και των απαιτήσεων για ταξίδια? διεθνείς νόμοι θα πρέπει να προσαρμοστούν που εμποδίζουν την απέλασή του προς το έθνος της προέλευσης? ταξιδιώτες πρέπει να συνεχιστεί αντί να πηγαίνει πίσω.

18) Θα πρέπει να καταστεί σαφές σε στρατιωτικό και πολιτικό προσωπικό που μεταφέρει και ξένη υπηρεσία σημαίνει ότι δεν επιστρέφουν στα έθνη καταγωγής τους? μπορούν να μετεγκατασταθούν στο έθνος ότι έχουν ανατεθεί ή να πάτε σε μια θέση που δεν έχουν πάει ποτέ πριν.

19) Τα ατομικά δικαιώματα περιπτώσεις γίνονται πάντα από το κράτος – το μεγαλύτερο ετυμηγορία που επιδιώκεται είναι ότι οι εταιρείες που έχουν αποδειχθεί ότι παραβιάζουν δικαιώματα των πολιτών θα είναι κάτω από το νέο όνομα και τη διαχείριση και να υπόκεινται σε αναδρομική αγωγή ενάντια ιδιοκτήτες, διευθυντές και υπαλλήλους .

20) Όταν οι ευκαιρίες λόγου χάρη στις οποίες συμμετέχουν αποκατάσταση, υπόσχεται να πληρώσει, πρέπει να γίνονται από τους συγγενείς / φίλους του κατηγορουμένου, αλλιώς δεν θα επιτρέπεται οι ευκαιρίες λόγου.

21) Δοκιμή από την κριτική επιτροπή είναι εγγυημένη, ακόμη και για εκείνους που δεν μπορούν να το αντέξουν οικονομικά προσωπικά? το κράτος δεν μπορεί να εξαναγκάσει συνήθως κατηγορούμενοι για απολογίας, αποδέχονται μειωμένης χρέωσης και επικαλούνται “ένοχος” και “δεν διαγωνισμό”, ούτε τους ζήτησε να λάβουν μαθήματα για την κατανόηση του δικαστικού συστήματος και να στιγματιστούν από εξέταση της νοητικής εάν αρνηθούν να απολογίας. Είναι πολύ, πολύ τελευταία φορά που οι άνθρωποι συνειδητοποιούν ότι τα προβλήματά τους είναι πιο ακριβή προκαλούνται από αδύνατο οικονομικές και κοινωνικές συνθήκες και ποια είναι τα ακριβέστερα «Πράξεις του Θεού και των Αγγέλων” συγκεκριμένη περίσταση γης? Οι οικογένειες και οι γείτονες που ένας εναντίον του άλλου κοινωνικά. Όλες οι υποθέσεις που φέρονται ενώπιον ντετέκτιβ και η αστυνομία πρέπει να διερευνηθούν περαιτέρω, και αναφέρθηκε και μεταφέρθηκε στο διορθωμένο δικαιοδοσία όσους παίρνουν την καταγγελία.

22) Μέρος της σημασίας αυτών των πολιτικών είναι ότι το δυναμικό όλων έχει υποτιμημένη επειδή ο χρόνος ξεκίνησε, προωθούμε αυτό που ισοδυναμεί με το είδος, συμπονετικός επεξεργασία, την ανακύκλωση, την ελευθερία και την εξεύρεση των πιο παραγωγικές θέσεις για δουλειά για όλους.

23) Στο πλαίσιο της κατάρτισης για την αστυνομία, την επιβολή, δικηγόροι, δικαστές, πολιτικοί και όσοι εκλέγονται σε δημόσια αξιώματα, οφείλουν να περνούν το χρόνο τους ως κρατουμένων στις φυλακές, φυλακές και ψυχιατρεία. Επιπλέον, οφείλουν να σταθεί όλη την ώρα χωρίς τροφή, και η απόδοσή τους σε αυτή την απαίτηση θα γίνει πολύ κοινό, συμπεριλαμβανομένης της ποσότητας του χρόνου που μπορεί να καταφέρει να πάει χωρίς τρόφιμα, νερό και να σταθεί. Κανείς δεν σε δημόσια αξιώματα, όχι σε εθνικό ούτε σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο, απαλλάσσονται από την υποχρέωση αυτή. Το νόημα αυτής της απαίτησης από το γεγονός ότι όλοι οι ιδιοκτήτες, διαχειριστές, τα στελέχη, πρόεδροι, πρωθυπουργοί και εκείνων δημόσιο αξίωμα που απαιτούνται για να αντέξει τις χειρότερες ποινές οι φορείς τους έχουν να προσφέρουν? μπορεί να μην έχουν πληρεξούσια σταθεί γι ‘αυτούς, ούτε θα γίνονται δεκτές απλή τοκετό να τις κατοικίες τους. Αγγελικό και θεοσεβής proxies δεν μπορεί να σταθεί για βιολογικά υπάρχοντα τους ανθρώπους στη γη. Η πολιτική αυτή σημαίνει επίσης ότι όσοι έχουν ιδιοκτήτες και διαχειριστές, τους κυριότερους μετόχους και ιδιοκτήτες ενθαρρύνονται επίσης, για τη δημοσιότητα και πολλούς άλλους λόγους, για να προσφερθεί εθελοντικά να αντέξει το πολύ χειρότερο κοινωνία κυρώσεις έχει να προσφέρει? να προσπαθήσει να ζήσει στο δρόμο και σε κοινωφελή ιδρύματα και να παρέχει τις ιστορίες και τις φωτογραφίες που αφορούν τις εμπειρίες σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο.

24) Το κράτος πρέπει να επιδιώξει να ενεργεί πιο ομοιόμορφα σε περιπτώσεις. Οι δικαστές, οι δικηγόροι και τα δικαστήρια έχουν γίνει ρουτίνα πράξεων, όπου συμβολικά και δραματική φόρεμα μέχρι παίζεται και το κακό και δυσλειτουργικό αξιολογητές και «άρχοντες» που δεν δίνουν συνεπή και αντικειμενική ετυμηγορίες και να λαμβάνουν αποτελεσματικά υπόψη την εκπαίδευση και την μαρτυρία και να ενεργήσει σχετικά με τις προειδοποιήσεις και τις ανησυχίες των τόσο τα θύματα όσο και ο κατηγορούμενος. Οι κατηγορούμενοι δεν μπορεί να εμποδίζεται από το να μιλούν? δεν μπορεί να σιωπήσει. Κάνοντας αντίρρηση προφορικά και γραπτά σαφώς προκαλέσουν για περαιτέρω έρευνα. Η βιαιότητα της ένστασης είναι αιτία για την έρευνα, ανεξάρτητα του κατηγορουμένου – το λάθος είναι από την πλευρά της πολιτείας να κάνουν εκπαιδευτικές και άλλες εναλλακτικές λύσεις και τη στέγαση και τις ευκαιρίες που υπάρχουν, καθώς και η αυξημένη διερεύνηση των σχέσεων και των εμπλεκομένων, ακόμη και αν δεν είναι άμεσα που εμπλέκονται με τον κατηγορούμενο και εκείνων που φέρει χρεώσεις.

25) Τοπικό, εθνικό, διεθνές και παγκόσμιο ψηφοφορίας θα αυξηθεί σε όλους και οποιαδήποτε ζητήματα, και ψηφοφορίας μέσω του Διαδικτύου. Ο σκοπός αυτής της ψηφοφορίας και την ανατροφοδότηση θα σημαίνει τελικά ότι οι άνθρωποι ψηφίζουν με τον τύπο των αγαθών και υπηρεσιών που θα προωθηθούν? στέκεται κοινόχρηστους υπολογιστές θα είναι συνεχώς διαθέσιμα για την ψηφοφορία, καθώς και δικαίωμα ψήφου και άλλα δικαιώματα δεν θα πρέπει να λαμβάνονται μακριά για εγκληματικούς λόγους. Πρότυπο και τις απαιτήσεις για τη διαφήμιση, με σκοπό την αύξηση της ποιότητας και της ασφάλειας όλων των προϊόντων και την απλότητα της επισήμανσης θα είναι ο στόχος.

26) Το αλκοόλ, πυροβόλα όπλα, τσιγάρο, μαριχουάνα, βενζίνη και σχετικών φόρων προϊόντος θα αυξηθεί για να πληρώσει για αυτές τις πρωτοβουλίες? Ο σκοπός της παραγωγής θα είναι τελικά να παράγουν την υψηλότερη ποιότητα προϊόντων και υπηρεσιών για όλους, χωρίς τιμών, έτσι ώστε οι άνθρωποι επιλέγουν καλύτερα τον τρόπο ζωής και αυτά γίνονται πιο εύκολο να επιτευχθούν.

27) Ο σκοπός αυτών των τοπικών, δημοτικών, περιφερειακών, εθνικών, διεθνών και παγκόσμιων πολιτικών και κινήτρων είναι να παρέχει την ειρηνική, νομική και δημοκρατική εκπαίδευση ώστε να αυξηθεί το προσδόκιμο ζωής και στο τέλος όλα πείνα, τον υποσιτισμό, την πείνα, την ανεργία, τη φτώχεια, το έγκλημα, την τρομοκρατία και του πολέμου? Αυτό σημαίνει ότι προσπαθούμε να εμπνεύσει σχεδόν έναν κόσμο χωρίς μισθούς, τα χρήματα, τη φτώχεια και τον πόλεμο.

28) Νέες διακοπές θα δημιουργηθεί το οποίο περιλαμβάνει τη νηστεία, στέκεται διορθωθεί, στέκεται φρουρός, fruitarianism και veganism. Αυτά θα περιλαμβάνει φωτογραφίες, το πρακτορείο ειδήσεων και της κάλυψης των μέσων ενημέρωσης που στέκεται με τα χέρια ψηλά πάνω από το κεφάλι, στέκεται επάνω όλη τη νύχτα, και κοινωνική αναγνώριση σε όσους αποφεύγουν την κατανάλωση και τη χρήση των πόρων. Ψάχνουμε για διακοπές που σημαίνει συντριβή, επιλέγοντας την αποχή, για πολλούς λόγους, τα ανθρώπινα ιερότητα.

29) Καταστήματα θα πρέπει να ενθαρρύνονται να μεταφέρουν βασικά προϊόντα για δωρεάν.

30) Κτίρια για δημόσια στέγαση θα πρέπει να στελεχωθεί και να κατασκευάζονται έτσι ώστε να έχετε κοινόχρηστους υπολογιστές διατίθενται για τους κατοίκους για όλες τις υπηρεσίες, όπως οι βιβλιοθήκες και η αύξηση των δημόσιων εγκαταστάσεων που προσφέρουν όλες τις δυνατές μορφές της περίθαλψης, με το στόχο να μειώσει την ανάγκη για επαναλαμβανόμενες τοπικές μετακινήσεις για τις θέσεις εργασίας, την ιατρική περίθαλψη, αναζητήσεις στέγαση, σίτιση, ρουχισμό για να μειωθεί η χρήση των καυσίμων και την αύξηση της συμπόνιας, του ανθρωπισμού και της ευκολίας της υπηρεσίας? το κράτος και το έθνος θα αγοράζουν και να χρησιμοποιούν άδειων κτιρίων για τη στέγαση, όχι μόνο έως ότου όλα το πρόβλημα των αστέγων έχει εξαλειφθεί – μέχρι να υπάρχει έτοιμη η πλεονάζουσα παραγωγική ικανότητα σε όλες τις πόλεις για τη μετανάστευση.

Σημείωση: Αν σταθεί για οποιαδήποτε και όλες αυτές οι πολιτικές, στην πραγματικότητα στάση διορθωθεί. Μέρος του τι εμπνέει την επιτυχή υλοποίηση των προσωπικών, εθνικό και παγκόσμιο επίπεδο η πολιτική δεν είναι απλώς να ευφημισμό για στέκεται διορθωθεί, όχι μόνο στέκεται διορθωθεί ιδεολογικά, αλλά στην πραγματικότητα φυσικά στέκεται διορθωθεί για όσο χρονικό διάστημα μπορείτε και την εκπαίδευση και την εκλαΐκευση τόσο αποτελεσματικά και γρήγορα όπως δυνατόν. Αυτό σημαίνει ότι μπορείτε να πάρετε αμέσως αυτή τη γραφή ως δική σας για οποιοδήποτε σκοπό, και είναι ελεύθερος να με συναναστρέφονται και να προσθέσετε τις πολιτικές που θα εκτιμήσετε.

Οι καταχρήσεις και πολύ λάθος και λανθασμένη ενέργειες των κυβερνήσεων της γης δεν είχε απλώς κοστίσει εκατοντάδες εκατομμύρια ζωές στον πόλεμο και την πείνα, συνεχίζουν να κοστίσει δεκάδες χιλιάδες ζωές κάθε μέρα, και οι λύσεις που στην ουσία είναι τόσο πρακτικές όσο και μία λέξη, μία φράση και μία παράγραφο απλό.

Εφαρμογή των πραγματικών πρακτικών και πολιτικών διαρκεί πολύ περισσότερο από ό, τι δημοκρατική συμφωνία σε τοπικό, εθνικό και παγκόσμιο επίπεδο … παίρνει ένα νέο ενδιαφέρον για τι ποσά για να είναι δημοφιλής, ανθρώπινη και επικερδής για όλους. Πάνω από εσάς βρεθούν λύσεις σε όλα τα προβλήματα που οι πλανήτες που περνούν από βιομηχανικές επαναστάσεις και έχουν μάζα ανάγκη επικοινωνίας για όλη την ιστορία.
Τώρα, με την απόφαση να διαδώσει αυτά αποτελεσματικά, πράγμα που σημαίνει όχι μόνο αποτελεσματικά από τεχνολογική και λειτουργική σκοπιά, αλλά με σύνεση από τη σκοπιά της «πόσο θα μπορούν και αυτά αλλάζουν τα οικονομικά της γης” – θα πρέπει να έχετε καμία αμφιβολία ότι ήθελα ένα κολλέγιο / πανεπιστημιακών σπουδών που μελέτησε για μήνες, μία καλή και σαφή παρατεταμένη προσπάθεια να προβάλει ιδιαίτερα αυτές τις ορθές πρακτικές, όπως η νηστεία είναι σίγουρα αξίζει τον κόπο να σας προσωπικά σε όλες τις οικονομίες και τις δομές δεδομένων που υπάρχει και μπορεί να υπάρχουν για εσάς για περισσότερο από όλα στη γη.

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الاقتصادية والتوظيف والصحة والقوات المسلحة السياسات – المنتهية الجوع والفقر والحرب GLOBAL إلى CITY :


مدير العالم: الاقتصادية، والعسكرية، سياسات التوظيف – إنهاء المجاعة والفقر والجريمة والإرهاب وجميع الحروب – كسب ألف لعشرات الآلاف من السنين


GLOBAL إلى CITY: الاقتصادية والتوظيف والصحة والقوات المسلحة السياسات – المنتهية الجوع والفقر والحرب

يقف على القضايا العامة والخاصة والعالمية:



1) القضاء على عقوبة الإعدام.

زيادة استخدام العقوبات التي تصل إلى حد النفي (هذه العقوبة، لا سيما عندما تؤخذ على المستوى العالمي وبين ثقافيا، أدلى الفرق ليس فقط في حياتهم الشخصية الجديدة، ولكن زيادة الوعي والحياة للجميع، كما فعلت زيادة معدل نقل ونشر الوحشي نقل العمل إلى مواقع جديدة للموظفين) وتقييد الإقليمي أكبر. وستعقد الدول والمحاكم يعترفون على نحو فعال، كما مستشفيات الإرادة والمؤسسات التعليمية، أن الخطأ للجريمة. حادث و “القضاء والقدر” ما زال كما من واجب الدولة والأمة والعالم.

عندما يتم العثور على اية مذنب لا نقل فعال أولئك الذين طلب المساكن الجديدة والعمل، لا سيما إذا أدى ذلك إلى الجريمة، وأنها سوف تعطى خيارات إعادة التوطين التي تعني الحل لجريمة يبقى الخدمات وفرص أفضل. وهذا يعني أن أي عمل من أعمال القتل لن يتم التسامح مع، وليس دفاعا ولا لأي سبب آخر. وليس كما فعل من الدول ولا الشعوب، ولا من “الحوادث”، ولا من إجراء طبي. كلما كان هذا هو لأي سبب من الأسباب انتهكت، من قبل الجيش، والموظفين المدنيين أو المهنية، عقوبة تصل إلى النفي والتقييد الإقليمي سيتم سنت …. لا يزال هذا النوع من الإجراءات الطارئة المتعلقة البشر الضروري ويرجع ذلك جزئيا التفاعل مع هياكل البيانات لا حصر له من السماء والجحيم. ولأن الحياة البشرية لا عقد بقداسة بما فيه الكفاية وضعت من أي وقت مضى إلى كامل إمكاناتها. المعتقلين لهذا السبب سوف دائما أن يسمح لكتابة ويكون تسجيلها والتعبير عن أنفسهم أثناء اعتقالهم.

هذا النوع من العقوبة حتى لأولئك الذين يمارسون دور هذه العقوبة (الأطباء يؤدون القتل الرحيم، إنهاء حياة المرضى تعتبر “ميتة الدماغ) ويستخدم، كما سيتم نفي والحجر الصحي ورفعت إلى مستوى أعلى بكثير من اتفاق ثم شيوعا في المحكمة العليا. هذا وسوف تبقى سارية المفعول حتى يتم إجراء مثل هذا القرار حرفيا من قبل برنامج الكمبيوتر، وستعقد بالتأكيد هذه البرامج إلى الكثير، أعلى بكثير المخطئين القياسية على جانب التقييد الإقليمي، النفي، ونقل، وإتاحة الفرصة للتعبير المنشورة، “كتابات الأسرى … “. مجلدا من السجناء والمحتجزين، السجناء، الذين في السجن. بالنسبة لأولئك الذين بعد لديك مشكلة مع هذا الاستنتاج، والنظر في جميع قصص ما يرقى إلى القتل والقتل من أوقات أخرى، وأنه في عالم حيث تلك من أوقات أخرى هي لأسباب مختلفة المتجسد، يجب علينا إما عقد واحتجاز أو الاعتراف بأن العقوبات هم أشد، وبالتالي فإننا في الواقع قد تقع بطريقة أو بأخرى لهم ….

الجحيم على مسافة لانهائية والسماء كمساحة غير معروف هي أساسا هياكل البيانات لانهائية. حقا يتم رفع لا طفل بشري واحد في تاريخ كل الأرض جيدا على الأرض من بعض منظور واضح (تعرف أي الذين تربوا وأكل الفاكهة فقط، وحصل على خمس سنوات كاملة من حليب الأم …. وهذا لا يعد نعمة الأسرة والنسب / الصعود من النسب الإلهي)؛ يخطئ دائما على جانب الحفاظ على الحياة والتعبير – إذا كان الإنسان يمكن أن يكتب جيدا إلى حد معقول، وأنها تناسب معقول. تعرف بالتأكيد هذا الشرط هو “لا مسابقة” لكونها صحيحة؛ على الرغم من أنه قد يؤدي إلى نقاش لا نهاية لها والدراسة وظلت لآلاف السنين، وهذا ما يعني مرور تقف إلى الأبد، إلى الأبد وحرفيا ودون استثناء. الأرض لديها ما يكفي من الصور والأفلام وأعمال العنف والإرهاب والموت …. وهناك صور بيانية لما في معظم البلدان عقوبة الإعدام غير القانونية، وأنها يمكن أن تستخدم لأغراض مختلفة، في واقع الأمر هي المتاحة للأطفال باستخدام شبكة الانترنت ….

2) دعم حاسم والعالمي من البرامج الاتحادية والعالمية لمليارات من فرص العمل الجديدة مع مرور الوقت في أسوأ المناطق الأرض ليلهم الأرض لعن حق وبشكل حاسم وضع حد لجميع المجاعة وسوء التغذية والجوع والبطالة والحرب في وقت واحد عن طريق القدوة الدولية الاستثنائية لأولئك الذين لديهم شاركت في الحروب والجريمة والإرهاب.

مع الدولية التعليمية والطاقة والتعدين، والبناء، والصرف الصحي، والعقود الزراعية والعمالة، وسنعمل على زيادة متوسط ​​العمر المتوقع للشخص على مستوى العالم، ونوعية الحياة. سيتم منح حوافز لإقامة دائمة وتسوية الاستشاريين والإداريين والمديرين والموظفين على ما لهم مناطق جديدة على الصعيد العالمي، وتخفيف القيود ومتطلبات السفر وجواز السفر ليلهم مثال يرقى ليس فقط لجلب حياة جديدة لأسوأ المناطق الأرض، ولكن أيضا تحسين المناطق على وجه الأرض حيث بدأت القبائل والحياة لزيادة سكن والتزاوج، وإطالة حياة الجينوم البشري والترويج لأفضل الأعراف والممارسات الأرض، بما في ذلك توافر الفن والمنتجات والعقارات والفرص مع شبكة الإنترنت والتسويق المباشر والمحلي القروض الصغيرة للشركات الصغيرة جدا هي الأكثر أهمية في تحسين نوعية الحياة مع المزيد من الفرص التجارية المباشرة.

3) خالية تماما الطبية، طب الأسنان، والرؤية، والصحة ورعاية الطفل.

هذا يعني أنه يمكنك السير إلى مرفق الرعاية الصحية والحصول على الرعاية الصحية دون شك، كحق مجانا، لكونه إنسان. القانون (ثم سيكون من الأسهل ليس فقط بالنسبة للجميع للحصول على الرعاية الإنسانية، ولكن بالنسبة للبشر أن تجسد دون تحديد الهوية. [العدد الكبير وبكى وكانت تشعر بالقلق إزاء المعجزات، والمرض، والمرض والصلاة …. هذا المقترح هو جزء صغير من ما يلزم عالميا للإجابة على هذه ….]).

4) زيادة معدل نقل للموظفين بين المدن والدول ودوليا؛ وهذه هي الأوراق لشفاء المدن والدول والأمم؛ سيتم منح الناس من السهل جدا الوصول إلى الإنترنت مجانا على الوظائف العامة.

منذ زيادة التحويلات، وتناوب القوات والفرص المتاحة لنقل يساعد على إعطاء الناس وأولئك الذين يسعون يبدأ جديدة فرص العمل وبيئة الجديدة التي يمكن، مع دعم محلي جيد، يعني أنهم أكثر مسؤولية، لدينا الثقة واقعية في النظام، وتكون أكثر على قيد الحياة، سيتم دعا هذه التحويلات الجانبية والترقيات على مستوى العالم.

5) وسائل النقل العام مجانا.

جميع الحافلات ووسائل النقل العام مجانا للجميع لاستخدام – زيادة الخير والحفاوة من المجتمع حتى أولئك العاطلين عن العمل أن تجد بسهولة أكبر فرص العمل، وكبار السن والفقراء، مثل أطفال المدارس، يمكن لجميع ركوب الحافلات والترام وعربات مجانا، ويمكن العثور بحرية أكثر ما يحتاجون إليه وعرض مواقع مدنهم والدولة، ويتجلى أكثر كريمة للسياح والزوار. يدفع ثمنها مع زيادة الضرائب الغاز والطاقة.

6) البرامج التعليمية العالمية، والتغطية الإعلامية والدعاية، و “ما” من هذه السياسات الاقتصادية سيتم الترويج لاستباق “من” جميع القصص والرياضة والأزياء والمجتمع وتغطية المشاهير.

هذه سياسات الحكومة والنشرات الصحفية، ويقصد على الإطلاق أي اختصار لحرية الصحافة. عندما تركز لهجة الصحافة على السياسات والممارسات الأكثر أهمية على مستوى العالم، ونحن نتحرك نحو الكفاءة الجديدة في تعزيز أفضل الممارسات والأفكار.

7) سكن أفضل لأولئك الذين يعيشون في الشارع، ومع عدد أقل من اللوائح …. وسيتم شراء فنادق غير المستخدمة، والشقق والمنازل من قبل لاستخدامها من قبل الفقراء وتسعى تلك الوظائف.

وهذا يعني أن الإسكان الحكومية وتحديد سيتم إتاحتها أكثر وسهولة، وأن أولئك الذين لا يملكون هذه ستعطى المأوى والغذاء النباتي والمياه والملابس وتساعد على إيجاد فرص عمل بغض النظر. تعزيز السياسات التي تحققت على أكثر من مستوى واحد – بيولوجيا واجتماعيا، بدعم من الدين والعلم لاحتياجات الإنسان، وليس لتحقيق أرباح، ونحن كسب تأييد من كل وقت. عندما يحدث الترحيل، وستبذل الاتفاقيات الدولية لترحيل للدول أن الفرد قد أقام أبدا في.

8) النباتي، وغرس نباتي وبشكل خاص ويتم تشجيع مراكز التبرع الغذاء ثامر وغيرها، والعام من أشجار الفاكهة الصالحة للأكل بدلا من نباتات الزينة والتشجيع والخصومات والتسويق للفواكه والخضار المنتجين. سوف كائن أن يكون للمخازن لتكون قادرة على عرض وتقديم المواد الغذائية الأساسية مجانا إلى أي.

تقدم المزيد من الثقة والأمن لجميع البشر، أكثر وفاز بحكمة الإيمان في المجتمع والثقة في طريقة أبسط وببساطة، وهذا قلل من اليأس الجريمة وتقديمهم الازدهار على الصعيد العالمي.

9) زيادة الإشراف على المراكز الخيرية، والعمل الخيري والتبرع. زيادة فرص العمل الحرس واقفا تصحيح (وهذا يمثل شكلا من أشكال شرف أن الملائكة والله تطمح إلى، وهو تقليد من كل العصور يستحق إعادة تقديم للمجتمع)، مما يجعل القوائم متأكدا من المراكز الغذاء والمأوى والملبس والرعاية الصحية والتبرع المتاحة تصل إلى الآن، الأمثل بكفاءة ومتاحة للجمهور.

10) كل الرعاية الطبية والرعاية الصحية ستكون حرة، كما أن جميع خدمات الطوارئ (سيكون هناك انخفاض في المحاسبة للتأمين والسجلات، وسيتم استبدال هذا مع الجهود المبذولة لتحسين السكن والخدمات وفرص العمل الدولية؛ جزء من معنى ذلك هو أن نظام دفع الاستحقاقات أولا بأول المحاسبة سوف تحل محلها السلع والخدمات المجانية).

11) الحرية للمدانين من الماريجوانا والكحول الجرائم والقضاء الرجعية نشط من مدة عقوبتهم. فإن عبء العثور على عمل وسكن أفضل لأولئك الذين يرتكبون الجريمة، والقضاء على السجل العام التشهير متاحة على شبكة الإنترنت على عاتق مؤسسات الدولة والوطنية والخاصة.

12) تعميم الصيام، والوقوف تصحيحها، حارس يقف على حد سواء في المساكن الخاصة والشركات والمدارس، مع محاولات لجعل مسابقات في هذه المجالات، والخيرية، والأعمال الخيرية غير الربحية استباق الرياضية، والأزياء، والشخصية … “ماذا”، “لماذا “،” أين “، و” كيف “،” متى “من قصص يأتي قبل” الذين “.

هذا هو جزء من عدم القيام شخصيا فقط ما هو الإيثار ونبيلة والحق. نحاول بشكل واضح لإعادة تهيئة هياكل البيانات جدا من الله، والملائكة وكل ما هو موجود في أسطورة، أسطورة والأديان بحيث تدعم المثالية، وتقديم أفضل الأوصياء وجميع في المستقبل إلى الأرض الآن. هكذا ترون، أنه بغض النظر عن معتقداتك بشأن هذه القضايا والاجتماعية الأخرى، وهدفنا هو لتعزيز إعادة استثمار قانوني وسلمي ليس فقط من كل ما هو موجود في العقيدة والنظرية، ولكن من كل ما آمنوا وويعرف ليكون صحيحا. حتى إذا كنت تعتقد أن جميع أن البشر قد وضعت قدما في الدين والفن موجود فقط في الكتابة والعقل البشري، وجوه لدينا هو تحقيق المثل العليا لهذه الممارسة على الصعيد العالمي؛ إذا كنت تعرف أن الله على كل ما قدمه أسماء الملائكة والوجود وبالتأكيد، ومهمتنا هي ليلهم على الأرض التي تجعل حق وجودها والمعجزات حقيقة المستمر على الأرض …. (هكذا ترون أن هذه السياسات يمكن أن تصل بوضوح إلى الدعم العالمي للوصية، “لا تقتل”، فضلا عن رعاية أي وجميع كما تفعل نفسك بطرق واضحة وبسيطة مثل السكن والعمل، ورعاية الأطفال وتوفير المواد الغذائية والملابس، بالإضافة إلى القضاء النهائي على المال ونظام الأجور لا يقل عن عالميا).

13) جميع الإنترنت والتسويق، والمبيعات، وتقنين التسليم لجميع البائعين.

وسيتم نشر القوات العسكرية والمدنية، مع اتفاق العالمي، ل، كأولوية أولى، وتوفير الإنترنت والتسويق للبائعين في الدول التي لديها أدنى متوسط ​​العمر المتوقع، أفقر الدول، بحيث منتجاتها المحلية، والعقارات، والفن والاستثمار يكون متوفرة، وتقصير الطريق إلى الاستثمار العالمي مسؤولة والخيري.

14) المنظمات الدينية تترك أبوابها مفتوحة للجميع و24/7 أي أو تفقد الضرائب وضعهم معفاة.

يتم تشجيعهم على الرد على الحراس والمساعدين والعمل مستمر لوضع حد لجميع المجاعة وسوء التغذية والفقر والبطالة والحرب. محبطون الصور والملصقات وتماثيل البشر باستثناء ما هو سبيل المثال – القيام الصور تدعم ممارسة وأسلوب الملابس، والاستمالة واللباس الذي يجعل الفرق. كما هو الحال في بعض المدن الكبرى، سيتم حفظ المناطق للممارسات التي تحظى بشعبية، مثل صالات رياضية مع زخات المجتمع، ومختلف الممارسات الغذائية والاجتماعية؛ لكن التوقع هو أنه، مع العمل على الصعيد العالمي حاسم وزيادة بسرعة شعبية، بدائل أفضل للجميع سوف تصبح واضحة بشكل كبير على كل.

15) وتقدم المزيد من فرص العمل للناس مباشرة من المدرسة الثانوية، ويتم منح أفضل أداء الطلبة من قبل الدولة في كل المدارس الثانوية والإعدادية مع المتطوعين وفرص العمل.

لا يتم تشجيع كبار الفنانين فقط مع أفضل فرص العمل، ولكن أيضا لتشجيع إنجاب الأطفال في وقت مبكر لتعزيز تحسين تحسين النسل وراثي. الأمم والشعوب التي لا تتعلق بشكل وثيق وراثيا تشجعنا النقل وتسوية العلاوات الحرة العالمية أن يكون الأطفال أكثر من الأطفال، وخاصة في الدول التي لم تشارك في حروب العالم والتي لم تستخدم ولا تنظر إيواء الأسلحة النووية والتي ليست في الحرب.

16) كل إشارة يؤخذ ب “فخر” و “المشاعر السلبية” للخروج من الشرطة والجيش وغيرها من الاعلانات والدعاية.

من الواضح جدا أن إعطاء الدعاية لهذه المشاكل يرقى إلى تعزيز هوية مرتكبيها وأتباع، خطيئة كبرى والاقتصادات سيئة. فهل الإعلان ما يشعر الناس ويعتقدون – وهذه هي قضايا خاصة، وليس على الملأ. هذا هو جزء من غزو هياكل البيانات الشخصية التي التزمت جدا، خطأ جدا الكائنات البشرية كلها والدول لأسباب دون معرفة ممكنة وتحقيق لما هو المقصود، وخاصة في جميع هياكل البيانات التي تمثل البشر البيولوجي.

17) الأمم المتحدة والحكومات سوف تحاول وضع حد لجميع الحدود على الصعيد العالمي والحد من عدد من الدول ومتطلبات السفر؛ سيتم تكييف القوانين الدولية التي تمنع الترحيل للأمة المنشأ؛ يجب المسافرين على المضي قدما بدلا من الذهاب إلى الخلف.

18) سوف يكون واضحا للأفراد العسكريين والمدنيين الذين النقل والخدمات الخارجية تعني أنهم لا يعودون إلى بلدانهم الأصلية؛ قد الاستيطان في الأمة أن يتم تعيينها لأو الذهاب إلى مكان ما لم تكن أبدا من قبل.

19) الحقوق المدنية يتم وضع الحالات دائما إلى الأمام من قبل الدولة – الحكم الكبرى المنشودة هي أن الشركات التي ثبت لانتهاك الحقوق المدنية ستكون تحت اسم جديد وإدارة ويخضع الطبقة العمل لالرجعية فعال ضد أصحاب ومدراء والموظفين .

20) عند إجراء مساومات نداء التي تنطوي على الرد، وعود بدفع يجب أن يتم من قبل أقارب / أصدقاء المتهم، وإلا لن يسمح الصفقات نداء.

مكفول 21) المحاكمة أمام هيئة محلفين حتى بالنسبة لأولئك الذين لا يستطيعون الحصول عليها شخصيا. الدولة قد لا إكراه بشكل روتيني المتهمين لنداء صفقة، وقبول رسوم مخفضة والمرافعة “مذنب” و “لا مسابقة”، ولا تتطلب منهم لأخذ دروس في فهم النظام القضائي والحصول على وصم عن طريق الفحص النفسي إذا رفضوا نداء الصفقة.

وهو طويل، منذ زمن طويل أن البشر يدركون أن مشاكلهم هي سبب معظم بدقة بسبب الظروف الاقتصادية والاجتماعية مستحيلة وما هي أكثر دقة “اعمال الله والملائكة” نظرا ظرف الأرض. يتم تعيين الأسر والجيران ضد بعضها البعض اجتماعيا. جميع الحالات التي يتم إحضارها من قبل رجال المباحث والشرطة يجب التحقيق أبعد من ذلك، وأشار ونقل إلى اختصاص تصحيح من أولئك الذين يأخذون الشكوى.

22) جزء من معنى هذه السياسات هو أن إمكانات كل ما تم مقومة بأقل من قيمتها منذ بداية الوقت، ونحن تعزيز ما يرقى إلى نوع والعلاج الوجدانية، وإعادة التدوير، والحرية، وإيجاد الأماكن الأكثر إنتاجا للجميع للعمل.

23) وكجزء من التدريب للشرطة، وإنفاذ والمحامين والقضاة والسياسيين والمنتخبين للمناصب العامة، التى تلزم لقضاء بعض الوقت كما السجناء في السجون والسجون ومؤسسات الأمراض العقلية. وعلاوة على ذلك، يطلب منهم الوقوف طوال الوقت دون طعام، وسيتم إجراء أدائها في هذا المطلب العام للغاية، بما في ذلك مقدار الوقت الذي يمكن أن ينجح في الذهاب من دون طعام والماء والوقوف.

لا أحد في الوظائف العامة، وليس وطنيا ولا على الصعيد العالمي، معفى من هذا الشرط. معنى هذا الشرط في أن جميع أصحاب، المدير، يطلب من المديرين التنفيذيين ورؤساء ورؤساء وزراء وتلك في الوظائف العامة على تحمل أسوأ العقوبات التي مؤسساتهم لهذا العرض. قد لا يكون وكلاء تقف في بالنسبة لهم، ولن تقبل مجرد الحبس لمساكنهم. وكلاء الملائكي والتقوى قد لا تقف في القائمة للبشر من الناحية البيولوجية على وجه الأرض. يعني هذه السياسة أيضا أن أولئك الذين كانوا أصحاب ومدراء، حملة الأسهم الكبرى وأصحاب وتشجيع أيضا للدعاية وأسباب أخرى كثيرة للتطوع لتحمل أسوأ جدا المجتمع عقوبات لهذا العرض. في محاولة للعيش في الشارع وفي المؤسسات ذات النفع العام وتوفير القصص والصور المتعلقة التجارب على الصعيد العالمي.

24) يجب على الدولة أن تسعى إلى العمل بشكل موحد في القضايا. القضاة، أصبحت المحامين والمحاكم الأعمال الروتينية حيث لعبت رمزي ومثيرة اللباس والسيئة والتقييمات مختلة و “الحكام” التي لا تعطي الأحكام متسقة وموضوعية وتأخذ على نحو فعال في تعليم الحساب وشهادة والعمل على التحذيرات والمخاوف من لكل من الضحايا والمتهمين.

لا يجوز منع المتهمين من التحدث. ولا يجوز إسكاته. جعل الاعتراض شفهيا وخطيا وتسبب بشكل واضح لمزيد من التحقيق. لشدة الاعتراض هي سبب للتحقيق بغض النظر عن المتهم – الخطأ على الجانب للدولة لجعل البدائل التعليمية وغيرها والإسكان والفرص المتاحة، فضلا عن زيادة التحقيق في العلاقات والمتورطين، حتى لو لم تكن مباشرة تشارك مع المتهم وتلك توجيه اتهامات.

25) المحلية، والدولة، وسيتم زيادة التصويت الوطني، الدولي والعالمي بسرعة وبشكل حاسم على كل وأية قضايا، والتصويت عبر الإنترنت.

والغرض من هذا التصويت وردود الفعل يعني في نهاية المطاف أن البشر التصويت على أي نوع من السلع والخدمات سيتم الترويج. يقف أجهزة الكمبيوتر العامة سوف تتاح باستمرار للتصويت، ولن تؤخذ التصويت وغيرها من الحقوق بعيدا لأسباب جنائية. ومعيار والمطالبات للدعاية، بهدف زيادة جودة وسلامة جميع المنتجات وبساطة وضع العلامات أن يكون الهدف.

26) سيتم زيادة الكحول والأسلحة النارية والسجائر، والماريجوانا والبنزين وضرائب على المنتجات ذات الصلة لدفع ثمن هذه المبادرات؛ فإن الغرض من إنتاج تكون في نهاية المطاف إلى إنتاج أعلى نوعية السلع والخدمات للجميع دون السعر بحيث يختار الناس أنماط الحياة أفضل ويتم إجراء هذه أسهل لتحقيقها.

الطاقة والالتزام الذي يذهب إلى الإدمان والهوس، وسيتم توجيه العادة وجمع بسهولة وذكاء في الخدمات والفرص التي تلهم كل لعالم أفضل مقنع أفضل. هو دائما افتراض أن كل ما يسمى حادث، كل نوع من أنواع السلوك المختل هو في الحقيقة دعوة إلى مجتمع أفضل، من الأمراض والعيوب الوراثية للجريمة والإدمان.

27) والغرض من هذه، والدولة، والسياسات المحلية المحافظات والوطنية والدولية والعالمية والحوافز هو توفير التعليم السلمي والقانوني والديمقراطي لزيادة متوسط ​​العمر المتوقع وانهاء جميع المجاعة وسوء التغذية والجوع، والبطالة، والفقر، والجريمة والإرهاب والحرب. وهذا يعني أن نحاول أن يلهم عمليا عالم خال من الأجور، والمال، والفقر والحرب.

28) سيتم إنشاء العطلات الجديدة التي تنطوي على الصيام، والوقوف تصحيحها، حارس، ثامرية، خضرية ومسابقات الكتابة العامة واقفا.

وهذه ميزة الصور وكالة الأنباء والتغطية الإعلامية من يقف مع الأسلحة عالية فوق الرأس، واقفا طوال الليل، والاعتراف الاجتماعي للذين تجنب تناول واستخدام الموارد. نحن نبحث عن العطل الذي يعني الندم، واختيار الامتناع لأسباب عديدة، قدسية الإنسان، مع السجل الشخصي والعام من الصوم كما لو كان من المشاهير والمجتمع والتغطية الرياضية.

29) وسيتم تشجيع المخازن لنقل المنتجات الأساسية مجانا، والمزيد والمزيد من المنتجات ستكون متاحة من دون تهمة إعطاء الدعم الحكومي والخاص.

30) سيتم تزويده بالموظفين عمارات الإسكان العام وشيدت لأجهزة الكمبيوتر العامة (وأجهزة الكمبيوتر والمرافق العامة التي يمكن للناس استخدام بينما كان واقفا، بما في ذلك المطاعم) المتاحة للسكان لجميع الخدمات، وكذلك المكتبات وزيادة في المرافق العامة وتوفير كل تصور شكل من أشكال الرعاية. الهدف: تقليل الحاجة إلى السفر المتكرر المحلي لفرص العمل، والرعاية الطبية، وعمليات التفتيش السكن والطعام والملابس للحد من استخدام الوقود وزيادة الرحمة، والبساطة والإنسانية وسهولة الخدمة؛ فإن الدولة والأمة شراء واستخدام المباني الفارغة للإسكان ليس فقط حتى يتم القضاء على كل التشرد – حتى يكون هناك طاقة فائضة جاهزة في جميع المدن للهجرة.

ملاحظة: إذا كنت تقف عن أي وجميع هذه السياسات، في الواقع تقف تصحيحها. جزء مما يوحي التنفيذ الناجح للشخصية، والدولة، وطنية والسياسة العالمية وليس مجرد كونها ملطف حول يقف تصحيح، ليس فقط يقف تصحيح أيديولوجيا، ولكن في الواقع جسديا يقف تصحيح لطالما يمكنك وتثقيف وتعميم بكفاءة وبأسرع وقت ممكن. واحد التوقع هو أن الناس والدعاية وتوجيه طاقاتهم إلى أمثلة السياسات الوطنية والعالمية الحاسمة التي تجعل حقا الفرق. هذا يعني أنك قد تتخذ على الفور كتابة هذه السطور كما بنفسك عن أي وجميع الأغراض، وأحرار في اقامة علاقات صداقة مع لي وإضافة أي السياسات التي كنت ممتنا.


تورطهم في هذا النوع من المسعى يعني أنك تخضع لما يرقى إلى أن يكون الحياة والموت اقتراح في كل ما تفعله، ويمكن أن يكون …. هو مثل بناء سفينة الفضاء، ويأخذ طاقم متنوع للغاية، وجميع الخبرات والمعرفة والمحبة والقدرة أنك تمتلك. وهذا يعني أنه في الحد الأدنى في المعيار، كل فقرة وكل جملة هي قضية الحياة والموت؛ سياسة هذا يعني إنقاذ آلاف الأرواح في سن بشكل صحيح.

ملاحظة حول اللغة والمعنى: الإنجليزية والأمريكية والاسترالية ونيوزيلندا … عن الكتابة، والأخلاق، والدقة، “بنية بيانات” والمعنى. النظر “بشكل غير صحيح” وضع التعديل التي يمكن إما الرجوع إلى الناس، شخص، أو البيئة المرتبطة بها. اللغة المكتوبة المستخدمة هنا ليست “بشكل طبيعي” جيدة بما فيه الكفاية لبكلمات سريعة / بسهولة إعطاء معنى الدقيق من دون مركب / الجمل المعقدة أو بيانات برمجة هذا المبلغ لكلمة “القضية” في باسكال / C +. تفسير واحد في التفاعل بين البشر وهياكل البيانات الملائكية، الإلهية هو أن البيئة نفسها يتم تبديل … كنت حرفيا لا يعيشون تماما على نفس الأرض، وليس حقا في نفس المبنى، وليس حرفيا وجود نفس “في” مع نفسه الناس، وكل ما يمثل لهم نظرا إجراءات معينة.

تقصد العالم كله بالنسبة لي ….

هذا يعني أن ما “هو حقيقي” في مختلف الحواس التغييرات. واحد طريقة سهلة للنظر في ذلك هو أن لديك لمجرد الأوصياء مختلفة والأرض المادية، لم يتغير الأرض المادية على الإطلاق. البعض الآخر أكثر أو أقل حقيقية لك اعتمادا على الذين مبرمجة أنهم ينظرون إلى لك أن تكون، وكيف يتم التلاعب لك angelically وبطرق أخرى في جميع هياكل البيانات وتمثيلكم، وترجمتها إلى الأرض. هذا ليس صحيحا حقا في الممارسة العملية. الحقيقة تبلغ الملهم الفائدة في مكان، والبناء، والكائنات التي هي قادرة على صنع نسخ كاملة من المكان وبناء حياة الحفاظ فيه.

دعونا الحصول حقيقية ….

يجري في الواقع المعنية / المهتمة / فتنت / المحتلة في المبالغ الموضوع أعلاه لكونها شعبية في المجتمع الأكاديمي جدا وصغير، يمكن للمرء أن يجادل بسهولة. ليست هذه هي القضية. ثم ببساطة النظر في هذا النوع من البيان بوصفه وهذا يعني أن حتمية للفوز “نعمة وصالح” من كل ما كان قائما من أي وقت مضى في مساعيها الأرض الحالية هي جدا أكثر من ذلك بكثير يتوقف على قدرة الأرض على استخدام ما فاز في مئات الماضية من السنوات في الصناعة، التكنولوجيا والاتصالات وتوريد وبناء لإجراء التغييرات في الحضارة التي انقاذ حياة البلايين من مرور الوقت، بما في ذلك مثل وسائل النقل العام، والإسكان، نباتي / نباتي الغذاء والكساء الحرة التي لا تساعد فقط الناس يجدون فرص العمل وتحمل كوكب أكثر كريمة، ولكن إنقاذ الناس التحركات التي تجعل عالم في تعقلا وأكثر أمنا وصحة وأكثر حرية.

مثال 1: تدمير (علنا جدا) وإعادة بناء المزيد من المباني لإنهاء الإرهاب؛ استخدام خصائص المتبقية بشكل أكثر كفاءة لتحسين الظروف المعيشية والاتصالات العالمية والكتابة. عندما يكون الأطفال في رياض الأطفال، وكنت قد تعطيهم توقع أن تنشر مجلة مع سبع مواد أو كتاب القصير، اللعب أو القصة هي هدفهم في الحياة مؤقتا …. والحراسة والوقوف تصحيح لهذا وأسباب أخرى كثيرة، سرا وعلانية .

إلهام جميع دول العالم لوضع حد للإرهاب من خلال جعل الاستثمارات حاسمة الوطنية والعالمية في البنية التحتية الاقتصادية المستدامة في الخارج. فعل العالمي حسن النية لم يسبق له مثيل والمثالي. للربح الكوكب الذي لا يأتي على مقربة من الملهم بحق جميع الشعوب: جعل التركيز الدعاية الخاصة بك على ما يحدث في الواقع، قصص حقيقية، بدلا من الخيال، والخيال العلمي، والرومانسية، والمجتمع، والألعاب وألعاب الفيديو، وجعل رقم واحد حقيقي الرياضة الأرض التعاطف الدولي والعالمي ينهي صراع النفاق الفكري وعدم كفاية الخيرية، والبنية التحتية الاقتصادية والأمنية فعال ودون المستوى الأمثل وتوفير والفرص، وخاصة للانتقال في مجالات جديدة مع اللاعودة.

مثال 2: يتم كثير المعنية، الاعتراض على وتقرر أنهم يحبون الأشياء على ما هي لما يرقى إلى الاتساق والمحاسبة الممارسات والاستقرار وفرضت سيطرتها جيدة إلى حد معقول. قد ارتكبت الكتب لهذه المواضيع، وكذلك الرياضيات، والاقتصاد، والأحزاب السياسية والعلوم ومعتقدات العديد من أنواع أخرى. زيادة معدلات نقل دولية اللاعودة و، مع الإعلانات العامة جيدة استثنائية والتخطيط مخزنة، إلى حد كبير زيادة فرص العمل وخدمات جيدة على الصعيد العالمي. انها حقا الأفضل أن تغير والتحرك على نحو أكثر تواترا – حتى لو كان يتعارض مع غرائزك والممارسات، حتى لو كان من الصعب. جزء من الحقيقة هو أنه من الأفضل لهذا السبب ويجلب لك المزيد من الحياة، والعديد والعديد من مرات أكثر حياة وبطرق كنت حقا لا يمكن حساب. هذا الكوكب كله ليست حتى قريبة، لم يكن أبدا، ولا حتى عندما كانت مكتوبة معجزات وقبل ذلك. وهذا يعني أن جميع المقترحات المذكورة أعلاه ينبغي أن يتم ذلك بشكل حاسم جدا، وعقوبة لعدم تنفيذها يجب أن يكون النفي. إذا كان الرئيس الحالي أو رئيس وزراء يحاول جلب الملايين من فرص العمل الجديدة لهذه الأمة والمناطق الأكثر فقرا الأرض في وقت واحد مع برنامج عمل جديد ويفشل، لديه لإنهاء فترة ولايته في الدول الاسكندنافية، على سبيل المثال.

يقدم الفقرة السابقة كدليل كاف، حجة، الاقتراح إلا إذا كنت تقديم تعليقات وأسئلة مكتوبة، وبالنظر إلى الشكل الحالي.