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You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition – Improved Social/Economic Heuristics

You are World Administrator – Ending Wars, Starvation, Malnutrition, Unemployment, Terrorism and Crime

(Make a completely positive version, one with “and” instead of (     ), … then humans, actually read up to this point and do so, and use social media and any and all influence to vie for any and all offices with this document as your “election platform” – try vying for “appositive” (I bet that no human knows what this word means AND can get back to me on the internet in writing, of course defining “appositive” and related terms in writing) as well….)
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Business Idea – For a Better Planet – looking for entrepreneurs, team members, angel investors

worldadministration.com  veganworldadministrator.com


With this proposed image, public media, personality, election and acting promotions corporation, clients can vie/campaign and take a stand as world administrator, prime minister, president, chancellor and any office of ANY organization, in any and all languages to media, government offices, news agencies, businesses.  This company gives any a chance to take a stand on world administration and ending earth’s worst problems, publicly participating in the programming, education, voting and popularity and acclaim or wisely and intelligently solving earth’s worst problems and increasing life quality and expectancy.


It’s your best chance to end earth’s worst problems

The intriguing part of this company is not just public response, but potential clients.  Of course those who actually run for public and private office can employ and use worldadministration.com, which remains in existence indefinitely, yet the focus of this start-up is the poor, mental patients, drug addicts, felons, the disenfranchised and even the dead, Archangels, God(s) and ET’s!  That’s right, you can literally run your unborn child as world administrator for any and all public offices, and safely run a symbol, a pen name and an organization!

Do not say those who turn the world on its head, put the poorest people and those disenfranchised in the place of so-called leaders, lack understanding….and certainly not those who calibrate the data structures of even heaven, purgatory and hell to redeem and enlighten those who have been categorized wrongly since before knowing the world was even round instead of flat….

It is wise and intelligent to make your statement to the world, all nations and people, about how you know this planet should be run at least once, no matter how futuristic and idealistic your views.  Any and all political organizations are welcome to run candidates for any and all offices – and offices of privately and publicly held companies. When you positively, freely and legally put your best ideas forward to the public, everybody wins in an improved global democracy; those who would take illegal measures to vindicate themselves have a public and legal alternative, taking out a reason to support terrorism, crime, war and acts deemed illegal and dysfunctional by any.

We change and design campaigns for any and all political, economic, social and personal views of each client….with viable solutions for the poorest nations and people with the worst problems, particularly when people feel rightly, from a personal and instinctual view, that the world needs to know – and they are free to satisfy curiosity and to know the real response of all they believe in and the world personally when people and the organizations they represent really communicate what they believe in as if they are stars vying for elected office.

Campaigning for top office brings back a new dignity and honesty, a new reason to live for so-called minorities and those who have been given various cause to be disenfranchised from society.  For those who have been classed as felons and mental patients, they can regain the dignity and respect, the nobility and goodness of themselves and society and add a new and positive activity to their lives – stating exactly what they believe in to the media, and thereby get the feedback and final answer publicly for what they have kept in secret.  Those who would continue in desperate and illegal acts, and acts of self-destruction, war and terrorism are given a new and intelligent reason to live, and a safe and legal outlet for the frustrations of being misunderstood and maligned, slandered, treated with prejudice, incriminated and libeled.

A new planet of real intelligence and wisdom, of real conservation, the conservation of life and work….

Sure, wars are obviously fought over private property and spheres of influence and for power and trade routes and national, corporate, religious, racial and other types of supremacy – this company allows those who would have participated in these murderous acts to take out the excuse of frustrated self-expression and find out just how the world would treat them if they could present their views intelligently, globally and in many languages – they do not have to commit acts of war and terrorism, crime and violence to be heard and communicate to the press intelligently and in a multilingual way – we bring a new intelligent, wise, written compassion, kindness, empathy and communication to the world overtly.  We are taking out the fact and feeling of literally having to commit acts of crime and terrorism to gain publicity – and attempt, even if unofficially, to vie for public office the way actors do when they make movies, they way politicians compete when putting forward election platforms.

We are a form of intelligent, wise social vengeance, and in a way, when you compare love and life, wisdom and intelligence on earth to what all children innocently expect, and all the data structures in which humans are and have been said to exist for thousands of years, all deserve a better and more intelligent chance in life – all do, without exception.  Life is undervalued and always has been.  To put it another way, we redeem heaven AND hell, purgatory, God, angels and gods and all related data structures on the stage of earth and more through time.

This is how to redeem on more than the stage of earth – by allowing what people are socially planned with to be set free in honest and truth publicly, so that the secret wishes, hopes and dreams of those from thousands of years ago and those yet born come true in the goodness of a better world.

This new freedom gives people a wise and intelligent outlet for what could have been unwanted criminal tendencies, addictions, terrorist acts and even acts of war, and answers to questions global and beyond.   People can answer social questions of economies of scale, the response of earth and everything they have ever believed in – and when they reform, repent, give up, become more worldly and intelligent, so can their campaigns.

We are really nobility and intelligence in a world where rights exists in writing and are endlessly and always somehow compromised.  Our new .com supports education, communication, due influence and persuasion and learning, freedom of expression instead of desperate measures; our company makes people real stars, not sellers of commercial products for profit and endorsement.

When people become world-class in safe, legal and intelligent ways, all benefit from multiculturalism with a more mature outlet for expression.  Our campaigns are calculated to make the difference in quantum ways, in major changes that bring billions of new jobs, save lives from “accidents”, develop wiser – and even more humble and correct prophecy and predictions and make critical changes to all economies – personal through global and beyond.

World Administrator, worldadministration.com, veganworldadministrator.com is not just a chance of a lifetime, it is the true chance of a planet’s history in communication, intelligence, presentation, wisdom and constructive, positive goodness – and productive, written and intelligent competition and peaceful compensation and new activity and outlet for any and all.

Ready for partners, team members, people who agree and can help as “God and angel investors” and team leader – I am looking for only the consultant’s consultant place in this Internet start-up.

I already campaign personally in 20 languages from 16 nations in two centuries via regular post, email, social networks, fax, poster to EVERY nation personally – news agencies, educational institutions, special interest groups, publishers, embassies, government offices, stock markets and financial and banking centers, trade and labor organization and religions.  People needed who attempt to do what they believe in and know is right and can be an example to all – and make a company that angels and God(s) would literally invest in!  See, humans write with conspiracy about “angel investors” – if you could see what I do you could see the real angels right now – and God!!

At this site at WordPress.com are examples of two campaigns with the top 30 changes in economic, military, social, transportation, international jobs, new holidays and the wisdom, compassion, kindness, empathy and training and education programs that are calculated to increase life quality and expectancy globally, and make a better economic infrastructure for all intelligent and wise life that has existed on earth, and may ever be, until long after the end of all corporeal life, plus 18 commandments on the same WordPress site that evolve, reform, revolutionize and intelligently change planets from before corporeal life could write-through all of linear time and “social event time.”

Please consider apologies – knowing how it will be, writing one….vegetarianat12@yahoo.com

This company is for a better planet in more ways than one: a far superior planet to earth, and what this earth may ever be, and for making this planet better than it remains after being used by children of lesser gods for power and profits, and gods and religions that are ignoble and spawn less than intelligence and what obviously amounts to idolatry and so-called holy wars, and yet a world where there are still good hopes, dreams, expectations, prayers and promise.

We offer help designing campaigns to suit your political, economic, social, moral, religious, spiritual and other beliefs, faiths, knowledge and aims.  Would you like to just launch a humble Twitter campaign to a news agency from each nation and set a personal world record today, World Administrator?

How about a presence on social networks, writing platforms, emails to embassies, trade and labor organizations with options for these to respond, leave feedback and suggestions – we offer different package deals to suit your ability, needs and budget, so in a very early beta way your campaign for any office is ready now, and our team has enough work for entire planets available, and every belief system and all humans benefit by transparency and improved social feedback, protocol and wise intelligence.  Intelligent, wise, genius and good service are what makes the difference, guarding your attempts at making a better world as if they are literally those of all the future, God and all life.

Know any others who have communicated to every nation on earth at embassies, news agencies, government offices, trade and labor unions, stock exchanges and financial centers and never in their lifetime received a single campaign contribution, kick-back, endorsement – NO MONEY INVOLVED – from 16 nations in over 10 languages via regular post, email, fax, poster and campaigned for the top office of EVERY nation!  No nation, organization, people nor even God(s) and Archangels can make this claim.

The 18 Commandments – commandments that include God’s yet span from before writing began to long after the end of all corporeal life – and other campaigns for “World Administrator” are available on WordPress by Lawrence (Morris) Leight, plus the document for all earth may ever be that reproved all earth’s nations and governments.  Here’s on of those two example campaign to most efficiently and practically end earth’s worst problems:


Let all people’s know the truth, though heaven falls….

WorldAdministrator.com is an idea for a better planet, a planet that is far superior to earth in the 21st century, a planet that literally does more than bring all heaven to earth.  Your decision today can help make that planet one we both live on – tens of thousands of children starve to death today and this planet is at war – I will work with the first to reasonably respond in writing – because I know you are going to have to overcome the truly impossible to do so – your own social programming plus generations of living on a for-profit planet of secular and national interests.



Connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn (@primeministerAZ and Lawrence Leight) and Facebook at Lawrence Morris Leight – you can’t give me too much information – I can live literally to make earth a better planet, and just for you truly, straight up!  This is earth’s potentially greatest time in history with international communication, computers, cell phones, Internet, TV….  WorldAdministration.com can put the poorest up for earth’s best economic, political, social, peaceful, legal and democratic campaign – true intelligence, real wisdom, activism that absolutely makes the difference for sure in the most positive and highest ways – as above, so below.

When truth on earth is in fact better than fiction….

Let’s be realistic, and no, it’s not at all about finances – it takes at least three continuous standing guards to be and even realistically play as a star to be a candidate for national office, and five to be God standing on earth – I’ve watched Him, and well over 1000 humans incarnated in 16 nations.  Send me a bio, resume and all abilities you would like used and dreams, prayers and good expectation you know should come true today.



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