Best Answers to Earth’s Final Exam – YOURS to Get the A+

These answers to earth’s worst problems, plus commandments by the same writer are not only readily Optimizable multivariable heuristics to solve earth’s worst problems good retro-actively from the Industrial Revolution to long past the end of corporeal life, they are good for all planets that evolve anything like souls, spirit, heart, technology, economies, mass production techniques and global communication. God has literally come to earth for this writer and activist more than once!


World Administrator

Fellow human beings:

I know life is hard, and the economy is tight, – I have well over 1000 Internet scams from all over the world – and you surely have other obligations….

Please pretend that we are in a college/university course where answers to previous exams are available to all students.  These are A answers to earth’s final exam by content – you can adapt them for all ages, cultures and languages, use them to prevent terrorism, wars, unemployment and starvation, and vie for public office in fact or as a global attempt to end earth’s worst problems most efficiently and rightly inspire a better economy abroad and at home.

I’m writing to beg and appeal for your help in ANY way. As someone with three full college and university degrees (BA Management Engineering, Claremont Men’s College – now Claremont McKenna College, CMC), BS, MS Industrial Engineering…

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