Ending border problems
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Border Problems, Immigration, Economic and Educational Investment Policy and Management


Border Problems and Immigration – Solutions Increasing Standard of Living with New Jobs


It took thousands of years and billions of lives for economies and people to earn this type of intelligence and administrative wisdom.

How to solve the border, immigration, unemployment and crime problems:

Offer to improve the economy of Mexico until people are indifferent to crossing the border, both legally and illegally.  America and other nations has the education, skills, expertise, technology and resources and can develop the long term economic commitment to wisely and even profitably make agreements to bring the standard of living up so that illegal immigration disappears.

Deeper thought, better planning and consulting and forecasting, longer term investment and solutions….

Use consultants in management information systems, industrial engineering, agriculture, city planning, education and multiculturalism to improve land use, construction, education, and employment and job opportunities in Mexico.  With this kind of foresight, planning and business Americans choose to travel to and immigrate to this Mexico, and invest there, instead of Mexicans in desperate situations committing crime, starving and dying in the desert and illegally working in the US.

Is our economy and multicultural sociology really superior?  If so, they we can afford the agreements, rental and ownership rights to profit from improving border and Mexican economies – it simply takes international agreement, investment, consulting and the commitment to use resources and intelligence to reach beyond temporary border problems, pride, secularism and nationalism to improve Mexican standards of education and living.


What humans fail to realize is not only do they not use their own resources efficiently; they fail in their beliefs regarding religion, politics, economics, and diet and compassionately, kindly and with empathy improving the lives of all peoples.

For example, earth as it is can afford to stand more guards not to arrest, punish, imprison and reform human behavior, but to directly earn the wisdom and intelligence, the brilliance and genius of God, Angels, gods and all those who have ever existed – high and low guards that simply exist to provide a pride-less patriotic environment so that heaven and all the good hopes and dreams of people throughout history abide and are effective on earth.

Are there empty apartments and buildings without occupants for months and years while those both legally and illegally in the US sleep in the streets, under bushes and bridges and trespass and steal just to survive?  Then these can be used to educate, house, cloth and feed humans, rightly inspiring them in the traditional goodness of law, constitutions, philosophy, religions and ideologies that improve the life expectancy and quality for all.

Why do these solutions take so long to even be written, let alone come into existence practically?  Because in a classist society that has promoted racism, sexism, ageism, pride, secularism and hatred, dis-economies develop that waste lives and resources and pollute the atmosphere and these are deleterious for all people – from the wealthiest to the poorest and all life.

Scarcity before the Industrial Revolution and competition and groupings for power and control, instead of prosperity and honorably awarded virtue lead to the gaps in intelligence and good administration regarding not only borders, immigration, prostitution, crime and temptation and ludicrous hypocrisy, but bring the new opportunities for all of use as people, voters and citizens to peacefully, legally and democratically revolutionize and reform economies, sociologies and societies.

We have that opportunity now – the opportunity to end the crime and endangerment of people attempting to live better lives by moving and immigrating.

What is being suggested is that this state, cities, counties and nation make agreements not to use police and weapons to arrest those enduring hardship and temptation, but to inspire the very economies of what humans think of as heaven, purgatory and hell to alter their data structures for redemption, education, new and inspiring jobs that increase the quality of life and life expectancy for all peoples.

We can be that example, not only to those in Mexico and Arizona and other border states, but to all peoples.

Even if you think of the situation as insolvable, and that these possibilities are for the very wealthy, God, Archangels and Messiah, I very respectfully suggest to you as journalists and human beings that it is at least worth putting forward once – your solutions to earth’s worst problems.  And know surely that solutions involving higher walls, expensive surveillance, incarceration without training and imprisonment literally bring Hell to earth, these type of punitive solutions and continued wars lead to humans being used as white devils, demons, and all the fallen and diminutive forms that frustrate, kill, and set up humans to be used as pawns and actors for murder, torture, terrorism, racism, sexism, ageism and prejudice.

Such solutions goad people into thinking that we have been impossible hypocrites, and worse than simply being evil murderers and exploiters for private property, spheres of influence, trade routes and expensive advertising are all of this type of evil and bad economy PLUS making publicity about heroism, justice, rights, constitutions and a better nation and people.

America has literally ten times the prison and incarceration rate as other nations; the mental patient business is not genuinely people with chemical imbalances and medical conditions, it represents people who have been disenfranchised from family and friends and treated in ways that they know are ignoble, unjust, hypocritical and wrong.  While pretending to be the righteousness and justice of God, glory and freedom, we have become the exploiters of teens who have nowhere to turn to but crime, drugs, sex, vandalism, violence and hatred.  From their perspective, they have little to no choice; find no honor in education and continued unemployment and stigmatization.

This writer has lived in over 50 nations, and commanded, rebuked, reviled, chastened, corrected and attempted to inspire this entire planet, every nation and all territories, from 16 nations in two centuries.  I have literally watched court guards verbally abuse those reincarnated from another century in a court building because they look out of place, weird, queer, different.  Part of the response to real transportation miracle and incarnation by the economies of God and angels has been to further abuse and misuse those from other countries, centuries and millennia – and give them nothing but abuse!

That’s right, my fellow human beings – people in Arizona are so very narrow minded and secular, so very ungracious and uncreative, so very socially cruel and unkind that the response to prayers answered with reincarnation and transportation from the economies of heaven in verbal and social abuse by those employed by the state – for nothing, just for the way people from another generation look and are encoded socially and spiritually!

It is worth improving land use, education, building and construction and bringing the new and improved jobs and opportunities to people that give them regular and well-understood work that does not just eliminate poverty, but inspires the world.

May I beg, plead and implore you not to let the prayers of those from the past thousands of years be wasted, not to let the good hopes, dreams, expectations and promises of parents, children, civilizations and cultures be used up in wars, violent enforcement, hatred and pride when you can clearly choose, intelligence, wisdom, compassion, kindness, empathy and what simply and obviously amounts to better administration of physical earth AND wiser and more practical social solution.

Here are a set of solutions not only to border problems, but to all the major problems of earth and its life and physical economies.  No matter your beliefs, no matter the seeming impossibilities of completely eliminating all crime, all wars, all starvation and malnutrition, these solutions are worth putting forward in your magazines, papers and speeches.  Regardless of your beliefs as to human nature, profit and punishment motives, these solutions are worth putting forward at least once intelligently.



My fellow human being, the question is not who is going to pay for these solutions.  When you fail to provide human and workable solutions to earth’s problems of poverty, destitution, unemployment, war, starvation and crime we all pay for it, not just on earth, but forever.

This planet has not only been predicted and controlled, it is made utter fool out of by economies, poor technology and inferior products for profits instead of human use, by angels, humans heaven and hell, and data structures of God, Archangels, conquerors and others in the greater scheme of things – and this view of classism and predestination STILL DOES NOT MEAN THAT VOTING AND WORKING FOR NOT JUST TEMPORARY CHARITY, COMPASSION, KINDNESS AND LOVE IS STILL WORTH IT, it is your best mission, more interesting than going to other planets and science and more worthwhile than earth’s poor alternatives, more worthwhile than all earth’s economies have to offer.  And yet it is the wise planning, consulting and sustainable economic infrastructure that matters; the commitment to know that not a single person goes unemployed and stays in the streets without choosing that lifestyle AND having better alternatives available.

Sometimes humans literally have to go through hell and their own secular programming and habits to REALLY do the right thing….

We have developed the technology to bring better and more profitable jobs to all peoples, all economies, and all societies.

Not all the solutions are obvious, such as never returning home when stationed abroad, choosing the sometimes more limited diet of being a fruitarian and vegan instead of killing animals and using their bodies – yet when you are truly inspired, when you can really communicate freely and legally, you and all your ancestors in all data structures will know that you have done more than just the right thing – you have inspired a world that fulfills the good hopes, dreams, prayers and innocent expectations of all history through all times.

The truth is as obvious as the hands on your arms – they have no claws like cats, dogs, lions and bears, biological vegetarian fruitarians, and this truth came before commandments, laws and talk of love, angels and Messiah – both by evolution AND by God, Hashem, Jehovah, Allah, Rapha and greatness and wisdom and even intelligence by all names.  We can improve both land use and malnutrition with a better focus in agriculture.

I know you will consider offering people the charity, love, kindness and practical graciousness and hospitality that begets wisdom, wiser and more intelligent children, and a world where not just these mere reformist solutions that solve earth’s worst problems are implemented, but a world where God and Archangels and all intelligent life lives again on earth for the goodness and privilege of better lives, wiser, more intelligent and noble mission – a world where literally the mistakes and compromises of all time and even God, gods, archangels and heaven are intelligently and wisely improved and those good solutions implemented on your earth.

You are welcome to befriend me on Facebook and LinkedIn, and follow me on Twitter for local to global news agencies and affiliates, charities, philanthropies, vegan and other non-profits and even read commandments that evolve, reform and revolutionize all life on all planets – commandments that God has literally stated are greater than His – and include God’s commandments.


(I do not believe in keeping people ignorant – the Bcc line contains the emails of all the major newspapers and magazines in Arizona, and if you would like the emails of earth’s embassies, governments, labor and trade unions, religions, financial centers and educational institutions, please ask, and you may leave any comments, suggestions, improvements, additions, offers at wordpress.com, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.)



2 thoughts on “Border Problems, Immigration, Economic and Educational Investment Policy and Management

  1. These are the solutions to all border and immigration problems, and the links contain practical, viable and optimization solutions to all earth’s worst problems. Over time in a for-profit society that developed from economic scarcity and secular and classist control, wiser and deeper long term solutions to problems are clear, simple and obvious; implementing them takes education, international and global cooperation, understanding and renewed dedication to compassion, kindness, wisdom and the care that can make earth a world better place.

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  2. Publicity to the nations and people that wish to immigrate showing poverty, destitution, crime and civil and human rights problems AND negotiating government and private contracts to develop the sustainable economic infrastructure, education, job opportunities and agricultural, mining, building and energy resources of the nation that, for example, most want to immigrate for reasons of a better life UNTIL PEOPLE ARE INDIFFERENT TO MOVING BETWEEN NATIONS FOR THAT REASON.

    Solutions like better and higher fences, surveilance, enforcement and deportation and capture of “illegal aliens” are short minded solutions that NEVER solve the fundamental economic problems and lead to death, demonizing, social cruelty and wasted lives.


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