"Higher Duties", wisdom

Security, Guarding, Standing Corrected and Multiculturalism

Wisdom, Security, Guarding and Standing Corrected


One tradition from thousands of years ago that should be made more popular is guarding, standing corrected.  This is something that those of any age can practice and costs only time; a new habit, fashion and experience for all people – even those who are handicapped could practice guarding and ideologically standing corrected.

When you know that the spiritual world comes before the physical (a lesson in writing from over 2000 years ago) you know that you should have guards standing corrected for endless reasons, and for the physical world also.  These are new jobs, volunteer jobs, a way to inspire better care, information and understanding for all – even your own relatives – behavior that can be viewed as punishment, reward, education and a way of gaining increased intelligence.

Can you imagine a college and university, with the added problems of spring fever, hazing, mockery and the student body with nothing to do, that endures campus death, social negligence and still charges in expenses some five times what other universities do – and still lacks student jobs and fails to hire those who will perform as guards, guardians?

Standing guard and standing corrected put humans in a better position to vie with even angels, depending on your beliefs, and literally God by all His names and even gods for wiser and more intelligent action on earth, and applies to all cultures, requests for safety and better transportation and responsibility.  Standing guard, increased security and standing corrected are practices that all people and cultures and ability levels can benefit from practically, and it’s relationship to success and lowered crime can be evaluated statistically and socially.

People make all kinds of claims to be wise, love, intelligent and care for themselves and family. Guarding and standing corrected are ways to clearly and overtly do this….is it going to be worth a little less bed time, perhaps less eating, reading the news, watching what amounts to entertainment and video games to try standing corrected and write about the experience.

Now people have been considering this for thousands and thousands of years and part of the answer is obvious.  Increase standing corrected and guarding more, and guarding out, and continue behaving evasively and increasing guarding more and more, for all people, for your own residence, apartment, house and those of friends.

All dressed up and nowhere to go?  Try standing corrected and standing guard – try this at a party when you have now one left to talk to and everyone seems set.

One reward to begin with, one better behavior, may simply be to report one suggestion to the other participants, one idea, one better organizational behavior after standing guard and wrongly finding the coast is clear.

How do I write “wrongly” when you have not even tried this yet?  Because, for example, one of your “guests” is invariably going to find some mishap, early employment termination, loss of life – if you really guard intelligently, you can find out who and do more than warn them, do more than make a passing comment, and follow through in writing to the best of your ability.

You have a mission, alternative behaviors, and a promotion in writing that only the best of guards and security every get.  If the very, very wealthiest of humans was REALLY good at what is described above, then they would live longer, have more children, and end up in heaven truly AND KNOW IT wisely.  When you next stand up, reader, you are my security.  I have ruled the planet you live on in two centuries from more than 10 nations in more than 10 languages, and God and angels come to my town – as God and angels in apparently living human bodies.

You owe me at least your college/university tuition and don’t forget to stand corrected – and have at least a potential sense of multicultural humor.

Admiral Hymen Phillips Bendover.

(Forget My Name – hp Bendover)

Consultant Rapha Solomon Light

  Security, Personal Sanctity, Guards, Standing Corrected, Multiculturalism and Better Service

“Life through time can be like living in a sphere that is guarded by angels of various types, God, Archangels, ability and what lives in ‘social event time’.  To really break out to a new level, you need efficient performance, new ideas, tactics, plans, priorities and additional activities and wise connection that mean sustainable business and opportunity.  To move ahead, you need to lend exemplary support to what all need to make a better world.”  – Laura Solomon

If the spiritual world comes before the material, the signs of home invasion and the loss of sanctity may mean conquest in ways that even the most expensive systems cannot protect against – here’s part of the solution personally.

Increasing home security can be an enticement for some, and a deterrent for others – what may make the difference is taking…

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