Fasting saves lives
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Breaking even in good earth behaviors private and public….letters to friends, comrades….



To an politician known in K-university:


What humans and life never honestly realize is what is most needed for salvation, recycling, love and wisdom’s compassion…unconsidered multivariate solutions win AND most natural with periodic corrections.  Besides these, increased polling on issues making the difference in quanta administration in very long run to short term and personal refocus.  How life changes with free and increased public transportation remains exemplary.

Every person you meet is an EMERGENCY OPPORTUNITY. Offer them everything in intelligent and wise graciousness when you first meet them… If the emergency is not immediately on earth – it is in a way and more – then assume that it is in heaven, hell and purgatory and related data structures and that part of the solution is to be compassionate, kind, empathetic and gracious, since humans never even get enough breast milk naturally and fresh fruit regularly, let alone wise and effective family care and opportunity.

When the apparent human is completely occupied – and you have extra ability to consider, consider what the guardians REALLY want. We have been in hell all our lives and must eliminate all wars, terrorism, unemployment, starvation and disease and crime and child abuse rightly and intelligently to all peoples to progress and just break even. This election campaign can be modified for all ages, languages, cultures and educations and represents decisive changes that make sufficient difference to be intelligent, worthwhile to God, Archangels, humans, the economy and voters and all humankind and animals – there is yet good reason to run your house pet, dolphin, elephant or any with permission:

When rent goes through the roof – retroactive implementation and “social event time”, seasonals…

Activism as full time occupation, planetary rent, price, market and the new accounting…


ANSWERS: Earth’s Final Exam


Read and copy the link and rule the world, vie as president, prime minister, even any religious office and non-profit – no campaign does realistically better for a human.  Run for ANY elected office on a modification or the answers to Earth’s Final Exam.

No, you did not understand rightly. These are the A answers to earth’s final exam by topic and in fact, easier than junior high school algebra for sure! Better than any US President EVER does, surely, truly. Much easier than (high school, college, university) first year physics lab, really – in topic and focus, not in wording and presentation – be very careful in a world where content is not everything.  Differences in packaging these for “practical” implementation is a dependent and independent variable with timing cycles and an exponential function, most naturally.  No world leader or economist, political scientist nor computer comes better realistically on earth, partly because wise changes come in packages that imply changing of the guard decisively and for good reason, NOT smooth little reforms that effectively look like a good show at best instead of decisive change.  To be a good package, the guard changes decisively in the spiritual world also, in heaven, purgatory, hell AND earth!  So you might conclude that in a way, no “leader” has ever been elected to public office!!

One of God’s names is The Independent One – consider a world where people are free enough to decide for themselves practically – about everything, at least to the extent of opinion polls!  Absolutely EVERYONE deserves this right, by intelligence and conservation of command – a rabid dog that kills people deserves the right if possible!  The point is that democracy, freedom, health care, science and intelligence REALLY do not come in the packages that people have been acculturated and led to expect.

I have a potential girlfriend for (your son if you) are interested.  [Refocusing to longer term deals, practicality and tribal intelligence in spring and summer….  Marketing is naturally “political” in the display sense; the difference between peacock and practical is education, team work, wisdom, motive efficiency, practicality and follow through.]

WARNING: You do not pass at various social and multicultural levels….one is “theoretical Hebraic friendship”, with an accent on the theoretical – I have yet to meet a living person who really did on earth.

The most disgusting place I could find in New York was a men’s hotel that is four stories high and only two short blocks east of two Youth Hostels that are across the street from each other – this is an opportunity, like Clinton having his office in the black part of NY. This one hotel is more unsanitary and rat and bug infested than any place I have stayed in over 50 nations, with men who have mental problems AND are/were violent criminals. Bust everything you dare, start in nations you will never visit for safety….you cannot humble this planet enough, nor rightly with just writing.

More people will die in coming terrorist attacks in the Middle East than in 9/11, and these are all preventable.

(This one link and related embedded links and and other brief writings are good until past the end of time, after the end of biological life and more – no computer nor world leader EVER does better on planet earth.  From just another street person looking for a Youth Hostel, men’s hotel or a free place to stay in your town, US President Mel Wymore. AND that means we could make an Internet Marketing, Image Making and Consulting firm out of: You Are World Administrator – election campaigns and solutions that actors, public figures, kids and the whole family can run internationally to solve earth’s problems – in an afternoon.)

You could rule all earth for thousands of years with just this writing and some instruction in theory, and the difference between theory and practice can be assumed to be predestination, and two ways to get out of that paradigm are having an extra child and being maverick wise and great, exceeding a mere US President.  To do this practically you need at least three continuously standing guards – and to understand something: we are really not playing a game of statistics and odds, collecting information on public opinion, cycling this and presenting it and calling it “leadership” – nothing of the kind!

And at least one photo with your eyes open very wide – this takes practice – and one standing with your arms held high above your head, as if you are conquering, cheering, getting arrested, in purgatory standing corrected and deserving more….

Train humans to do in the social media as if they are exemplary candidate for public office WITH A CAMPAIGN THAT THEY EVOLVE THROUGH TIME.   ALWAYS KEEP THE ORIGINAL as a new standard of excellence in “data structure”… of course your campaign is available in Spanish and many other languages….

Then what languages and cultures mean in a way is simply packaging, programming, protocol and angelic classification – you are generally “better on” in one that is different from yours, and you might as well go Icelandic, Scandinavian and fruitarian – then go as God’s class on earth, go as an alien.  See how the expression is most commonly “better off” – this language is not optimal and also needs “reprogramming”; in a movie sense the expression is much more accurately better on.

So very sorry – part of the spiritual world is attempting to control and murder me clearly and obviously in a racist and sexist way – it’s a sub-intelligent planet almost wholly – always has been….  Writing, cultures, command, PhD’s and very high test scores – none of these require “intelligence” per se, let alone wisdom!  Sorry to see how it will be and know this whole planet, including myself, will fail at significant improvement – ending starvation, poverty, malnutrition, war, terrorism, crime and unemployment.  This is VERY easy….and very practical….   The rest could be simplified to mean established power structures, control and financial profits, guardians that need replacement….so tragically apologetic….

אנחנו לא יכולים להרשות לעצמו, מבחינה חברתית, מבחינה כלכלית, מבחינה רוחנית …. שואל אותי להראות לך איך להוציא את הטוב ביותר כל מלחמות הקודש, בטרור ובמלחמה בדרכים שאינם עולות כלל (זמן) ומדורגים אושר קהל רחב.

No podemos permitir, socialmente, económicamente, espiritualmente …. me pidas que te mostrará cómo tomar mejor toda Guerras Santas, el terrorismo y la guerra de una manera que no cuestan nada (tiempo) y están clasificados audiencia general aprobado.

Við getum ekki efni á því, félagslega, fjárhagslega, andlega …. spyrja mig að sýna þér hvernig best að taka út alla Holy Wars, hryðjuverk og stríð á þann hátt sem kosta ekkert (tími) og eru metnir almennt áhorfendur samþykkt.

Editing is done to improve writing, readability, grammar, multiculturalism – one fascinating difference between the original and a more readable copy is that the original implies that thought and culture come in longer programming statements without a period, separated by commas, semicolon….


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