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Now You’ll Never Fall In Love Again – by Sargon!


Empowerment, Chance, Wisdom and Being “Wisdom’s Good Acts”


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More Than Yesterday and Social Event Time

Know you never fall in love again,
Now’s the time and here’s the place
Be who, what, where, now’s when:
Golden angels leave the earth
These days with little more
Than yesterdays.

–  Sargon

Yours took feeling of yesterdays to be in love:
Take wisdom fast!

If you never fall in love again,
Now’s the time and here’s
The chance, be who, what, where and
When – Goodbye – and when you cry, comin’ over on that Sunday afternoon….

“Sargon was here, but not often enough.” Laura Solomon – white rose on Facebook



“Write Teenager”   (Freer)    My Love Singing Free   (Write Teenangel)

My teenager wrote today, he called up just to hear you singing,
Teenager wrote today, she called up to beg in God’s name:
All of the world is yours,
Love means this when it’s true and free;

Be freer, that we are free, to be free, that we are,
Teenager write today, damn earth for all wars –
That should never be,
Teen angel writes today, honor needs

To be true and free,
Teenager write today, beg for worlds
That may never be,
All the world is yours,

Love means this when it’s you and me
We are freer, that we are free, freer that we are,
All the world is yours forever.


New expectations and social event time – standing up all night, eating only when others do not, standing corrected as an exercise, improving timing with others and all that has ever existed, learning how to stand guard for your residence, family, what you believe in and putting forward earth’s best solutions to the planets worst problems as YOURS – it’s like sending a greeting card to your future friends, business associates; like taking a stand that will continue for thousands of years on earth and have a similar stage in development on ANY planet that “evolves” and has life, particularly those that build, construct, refine and give new meanings to efficiency, wisdom, goodness and right action – this one essay is more than all others gave you IF YOU DEPLOY, USE, ACCEPT AND TAKE IT AS YOUR OWN – the writings above included of course.  An example of a better event in “social event time” is making it to the bus, subway, train, boat, airport, plane when your wisest friend and best friend gets on….and inspiring free public transportation, standing corrected and fasting, veganism and better business!


4 thoughts on “Now You’ll Never Fall In Love Again – by Sargon!

  1. Now you never fall in love again,
    Know you’ll never fall in love again,
    And you’ll never have a seventh
    Of the life on earth
    Your daddy did,

    Now you’ll never have a first
    Romanance, own a pretty place
    And get a second chance,
    Not one: Golden Angel
    Left the earth today,
    With little more than yesterday,
    May you never fall in love again,
    Prophetess you won’t have half the life
    On Earth, your daddy did:

    You starve and never get a second chance,
    Own a pretty place and have a first romance,
    Now’s the time and here’s the place
    To take a chance, in love eternally,
    Now you never fall
    In love again, know you never fall in love again
    (In love again, no you never fall in love again),

    All earth’s nations don’t have half the time on earth
    Your daddy did – yet you never have a first romance,
    Own a pretty place or get a second chance, not one,
    Try to be to earth far away,
    This time together,



    Next stop eternity,
    Now you get to be in love
    Again, now’s the time
    Here no place say:
    Who, What, Where, Now’s When
    Beguiling all the earth

    These days brings little more than
    Yesturdays –

    You have to live life at least as
    Hero totally on, even if in a small
    Way, being example to all
    @PrimeMininsterAZ and @DestitutePoor
    On Twitter and arizonamakingleight on You Tube
    AMLeight Morning news tomorrow It Happens:

    Betting as outcome in international publicity and communications

    “Incentives For Success” by Laura Andrea Solomon

    “Reform and Revolution”, “Watching Earth’s Nations Fail”, Evolution and Education – what is really better – Free Travel, Journalists Only – Sargon’s Challenge

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