economy, virtue

Draft Outline: Playing for Virtue – The “Virtue Economy” and Earth’s Realities

Know you’ve never been mellow, until earth’s angels cried alone, and begged for feeling of their golden love beside you, AZ be mellow, know love’s respectful side, and stay up always knowing there’s nothing…

Formal photos for job, school, yearbook and essays, to include with college/university/academic writing for later promotions, history of school, work, cities and education and training that mattered, the facts of decisively growing up and being in love.  What you could have done that meant more and better and a bigger win….unfulfilled dreams, hopes, expectations and change making the wisest good.

“In ending suicide, terrorism, crime and war, and their motivations, wisdom is truly a difference between a good strategy, tactics, performance and virtue in truth; wisdom assures success.

News from AZ, Kelly and friends that made the difference, why and changes you would like to see….

Life can be an inward struggle completely, maximizing the ease of what you sow, working smarter not just for earthly profit, but for heaven and the very long term. Why childlike responses are often best; the limits of multi-tasking and the synergies of wiser agendas. Increasing lateral transfers, troop rotations, reassignments and adding extra life and intelligence to administration, scheduling and good devotion.

Retreat may mean a wholely inward struggle in truth and honest, love, wisdom and progression

Not in making it, not even in making boys ask for it – God no, save us all –

Thanks for the photos of you and Kelly Making,


Best of expectations for you Arizona Making Leight.

“Go as big as you can early, AZ – it saves life and lives.” – Prime Minister AZ Making

“Running for public office quickly and efficiently is a way of being friendly in spring time,

of meaning ‘best wishes’ to earth worlds.  So you cannot vie for office early enough.  The “how” is another type of win, and usually means better service to you as an individual.


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