draft: Wisdom in Eugenics, Immigration, Education and the Spiritual World

Consultant Rapha Solomon Light

Their has yet to be intelligent government on earth, government and administration optimizing goods and services, immigration policies optimizing life and intelligence, education that leads to the wisest love and productivity in the spiritual world. Not any time in history has really been close – what was wise lacked in some ways intelligence and wasted life; what was apparently intelligent in education lacked wisdom and strategic productivity and spiritual intelligence, and promoted established social power structures and economies at the loss of life, the very long and obvious promotion of pseudoscience that justified common practice – science that simply used mathematics to disregard obvious fact about biology and comparative biology and sustained industry profits at everyone’s expense.

This is not an article about trendy reformism. The changes that really make the difference, the changing of the guard that inspired the promotion of earth to decisively increased longevity and inspired heaven…

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