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DRAFT: You Are World Administrator – Promotions

Ready to

Campaign as the first woman US President!

Why not – all it takes is a campaign link, news agency emails, a Twitter account and you are ON – to be the best World Administrator, Leader, Prime Minister, Chancellor and Pope in all earth’s history.

From a kindergarten project for parents who know their child deserves the opportunity of a lifetime, to fulfill the dreams, hopes, prayers and good expectations of all history and God, to Hispanic, Oriental, and other people who live to bring honor and glory to their homelands and the nation they love – you can vie as governor and more today.

A star is made and born….

Hundreds of people run for governor of California, dozens of people in just Tucson campaigned as President of the United States. And the cost is nothing to very little, to a billion euros – our team can simply offer package deals in conjunction with an advertising firm so that actors, public figures, parents, owners, shareholders and any can attempted the greatest – and maybe wisest and most intelligent – move of their lifetimes and a planet’s history. This is a great move – literally – for any aspiring actor, for any star, and even as a memorial to the person from history you admire, love and respect the most so that their best dreams, hopes and responsibilities can be justified.

Do you love and adore God and the Messiah – what do you expect their campaign as president and vice president would be like as a campaign platform – with the press of a few buttons on the internet you can personally beg earth to elect them!

Do you love your parents and want to honor your mother and father – secretly run them for president!

What if you are patriotic about the leader of another nation – then, as a star, they can vie for president of this nation and ANY, safely, as a secret gift, as a boost to their own agenda.

You are world administrator and communicate news agencies globally and in many languages with earth’s best economic platform, proposed new laws, holiday, traditions featuring veganism, fasting and wisest local to international administration.

NOTHING TO BUY, nothing to trade, no information needed @PrimeMinisterAZ on Twitter @realteenrebels @destitutepoor write vegetarianat12@yahoo.com for your local to global campaign in election policy and planetary administration.  ONLY Free for 10000 and more years – Sargon!

We can tailor the campaign for any and all beliefs, and of course the most popular ones – complete Utopian campaigns to those that are identical to major candidates. Everybody wins.

As a psychologist and sociologist, this type of exercise allows any to fulfill latent needs and desires – and very intelligent and wise ones – to do the best for all peoples. This type of campaign makes parents and friends utterly inspired; weep tears of absolutely joy! (Shhh – this type of campaign fulfills what God by most of His names, archangels and all really might know their candidate needs to fulfill the best, love, faith, hope, charity and compassion for all people and history. I won’t even tell you in writing:

איר זענט באַגריסונג צו, פֿאַר בייַשפּיל, קאמפאניע ווי דער ערשטער פרוי וועגאַן פּריים מיניסטער, יו פרעזידענט פון טיילאַנד מיט דעם וואַלן פּלאַטפאָרמע – איר קענען מאַכן אַ פּרויעקט אויס פון עס און אַ שטערן ס פּרווון …. דעם טיפּ פון קאמפאניע סאַוועס מענטשן פון ברענען פאַרפרוירן אין די פירעס פון גיהנום באמת.

Get the police and secret service ready – those campus co-eds will be so in love they are going to rape administrators when they know that they are here and now ending all wars, terrorism and saving potentially 20000 starving children EACH DAY with your campaign as US President and World Administrator.

And when terrorists find out they can promote fasting for the goodness of Allah instead of fight for a living in the true righteousness and freedom of our great nation, they are going to beg forgiveness on their hands and knees five times a day in prayer.

Perhaps such a publicity product has a short life time cycle with a very quick ramp up, and is virtually impossible to patent…then you have started what may be the truly and by any reasonable definition the wises and greatest business in intelligence that people have, with endless opportunities for ancillary business in travel, security, promotions and contracts.

This is well past your final warning – if you do not get back to me I may just run a campaign for you as Prime Minister of earth’s most impoverished nation(s), and even give you the name of a wise king and state you are looking for hundreds of wives. FINAL WARNING.

By the way, your relative died today. He didn’t have any decent clothes, and was so emaciated that he looked like he had walked out of Dachau. Since there were no sale-able assets in his estate nor any will, I assume that this will be sufficient information on the matter. He could not afford a regular burial, and his remaining affairs and debts were adjudicated by the state. He did not have any living relatives that I know of; if this is not the case then I am sure he might appreciate it if you informed them. So very tragically sorry. Simply giving you the project above because I know he would have wanted to appreciate it, and use it to save lives if you could. I know he always had hoped you could be his reader and work on a project with him, and expected and wanted all the very best for you and all yours.

Laura Solomon


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