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Security, Guarding, Standing Corrected and Multiculturalism


Security, Personal Sanctity, Guards, Standing Corrected, Multiculturalism and Better Service


“Life through time can be like living in a sphere that is guarded by angels of various types, God, Archangels, ability and what lives in ‘social event time’.  To really break out to a new level, you need efficient performance, new ideas, tactics, plans, priorities and additional activities and wise connection that mean sustainable business and opportunity.  To move ahead, you need to lend exemplary support to what all need to make a better world.”  – Laura Solomon


If the spiritual world comes before the material, the signs of home invasion and the loss of sanctity may mean conquest in ways that even the most expensive systems cannot protect against – here’s part of the solution personally.

Increasing home security can be an enticement for some, and a deterrent for others – what may make the difference is taking the solution up several levels – actual standing guards, increased home security, surveillance and the knowledge that some of the best solutions are not really of earth, really not of this world.  If intelligence and God and Archangels and Messiah and the spiritual world comes first, REALLY comes first, what amounts to complex solutions that give greater visibility and awareness out of the box of conventional thinking are superior.

They live and move through “social event time”, not clock time….except this as a lemma, a prerequisite to an Einsteinium thought experiment, a testable hypothesis.  That one sentence best leads you to the right ways AS A SINGLE G-rated sentence.

It means God, archangels and what is attributed to them live in “social event time”….

Humans life has been predicted for thousands of years – that is part of what prophesy, moving in “social event time” instead of clock time are all about – that is how God and angels live!  So, just as all you may ever be is already in the “data structures” of heaven, so all that happens on earth is in the data structures of angelic and other event times.  Do you have posted “high guards” that interpret signs and voices, information and feeling like God and Archangels?  If not, literally all the security in the world will not save you, depending on what you are looking for!  See exactly how “high” the bar is to a quantum better performance, and what that means in quantity of what is produced and dispersion.

Obviously, increasing human security and technology is  one indication of appreciated security and solutions – if this were sufficient, then many from thousands of years ago would already be as gods and live forever and obviously, I assure you.  Yet I submit to you that counter-intelligence, being counter intuitive, has a wise place in an overall strategy.

Because it affects what you do every day….

Have you tried fasting to refocus your deeper goals; given intelligently to the poorest peoples in a personal record setting way; attempted, at least in writing on the world wide web to solve earth’s worst problems and honored your own male progenitors in particular in and exemplary fashion.  If you have not, then in a critical way you have not earned guards and security!

Consider starting off simply by making a list of what you are searching for in security – have you found yourself obsessed with the not-yet-ever-happened-to-me possibilities and overlooked a daily routine that in any way implies you do not appreciate security, personal sanctity, guards, exceptional service?  Then again you may not really wisely deserve good security from and angelic and other perspectives.  I have yet to meet a human in over 50 nations that has verbally or in writing expressed that they really do!

Wisdom appreciates the company of the wise – what humans in these generations that have gone so very far wrong for thousands of year lack is real graciousness, kindness, compassion and assurance of good provision and security.  Even when it is as free to do so as the computer you are viewing this writing on, you have not even attempted to write a few paragraphs of letters to the editor, magazines, newspapers, news agencies, government offices and the media to intelligently try to solve earth’s worst problems – a course worth of effort in all the courses you took in school, college, university to finding better solutions! Even an impossible, a fictional, a fantastic attempt to put forward best solutions to educators, investors, philanthropies, military and the government.  Then to some, revolution can be peaceful, legal and democratic, and to others, it means go back and be more innocent and wiser that what humans call love.


2 thoughts on “Security, Guarding, Standing Corrected and Multiculturalism

  1. All offers will be considered – increasing security, guarding standing corrected – these are solutions all people could appreciate in some way, and consider the spiritual world as coming before the physical world, meaning that if you are only considering increasing technological security, building walls, fences and better gates, then you are missing part of the best focus.


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