Conspiracy, secrecy, hatred, channeling, redirecting and better options


Hatred and Negative Emotions, Conversion and Freedom

Improving the use of spiritual existence optimally; improving the economies and data structures of heaven and purgatory, earth and even hell. Profiting from example, justifying the past as more honorable example….

There are certain economic actions that inspire “negative” emotions that are “profitable” to the economies of all Archangels and God combined.  Is any economy worse than none – are the economies of Hell and Purgatory, Earth and Heaven all a form of benefit for those involved in a sense – then what humans consider inexplicable tragedy such as genocide, the great flood, starvation, sacrificing in war are somehow profitable “spiritually”; and if you do not know that this is true, then they are profitable retroactively, by going back in what appears to be time and reforming actions and history in “social event time”.  Because you are so good at popularizing fasting, veganism and standing corrected, those who made other decisions are allowed other choices….then there comes a time when good, wise and great actions surely inspire more good and grace then sitting, meditation, scholastic achievements and prayer.



One thought on “Conspiracy, secrecy, hatred, channeling, redirecting and better options

  1. Something very, very few can even contemplate off hand, something one in a billion humans really does, insufficient sample size and information and no good reason to identify the precious few….many accept jealousy as a very wrong and negative way to be – yet “I am a jealous God”, “Have no Gods before Me”…. There is a vast difference between being good and REALLY being Godly…one purpose of this writing is to note that something like popularizing fasting as much as possible is almost always good, particularly when people fast with maturity and carefully.

    Then consider, human reader – I know full well that you are socially programmed and a product. I would literally have to conquer you personally and by God and Archangels and give you different guardians for you to make a wise decision, one about earth’s economies and what to do – even if you have many PhD’s, are doctors, lawyers, billionaires, CEO and President and Prime Minister. I literally consider humans of the 20th and 21st centuries – and all humanoids in general, practically hopeless as far as being good students, rightly. Earth is an empty set of the worthy, as far as I know, please, I beg you in open contest – prove me wrong: a contest of virtue, in writing; a contest of graciousness and good effect in potential – and tell me what you are willing to stake, put up for keeps…


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