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DRAFT: Conspiracy, Secret Service, Special OPS, Terrorism and “Holy Wars”

Special OPS, Secret Service, True Intelligence in Promotions – Ending Terrorism and War


Earn your standing in standing for what is peaceful, legal and optimal in honor for any….

Preventing terrorism and war long before they happen, intelligently and legally, has never been an effective strength of governments, nations and organizations. Yet is a world of convoluted interests that is for profit, solutions that are as elegant as the equation that relates energy to the speed of light and matter – that address the “honor and belief systems” of those who promote terrorism, torture, war and crime can seem very simple.

Promote fasting globally and in many languages. For those who fight so-called holy wars, this is righteousness and goodness – good for Allah, God by all His Names, Archangels, Prophets, Wisdom and every. The emails to embassies, financial centers and banks, government offices, religious organizations, labor and trade unions, news agencies and publishers are freely available for every nation and international organization at educational, embassy and public libraries – the “Europa World Yearbook” is one source.

Simply write to encourage fasting. Some say that if only fasting was greatly, wisely and effectively popularized over 100 years ago, then the impetus for genocidal starvation camps and even world wars would have vanished; that simply promoting fasting and veganism and similar ideas and practices sufficiently and globally – retroactively – would have been enough to save millions of lives from world war. From one arch-angelic perspective, the advantages of fasting and even starvation are a reason for genocide and starvation, work and death camps to be allowed.

Promoting travel and settlement in areas that are not at war and were not involved in world wars and do not harbor nor consider nuclear weapons in another exceptional, peaceful, legal and G-rated way to boycott what in the existence of even God and Archangels and all attributed to them supports wars through some economy – even if through the data structures, service standards and fire walls of God, gods, heaven, purgatory, popularity and hell, conflict, clash and desperate, illegal and undemocratic terrorism, crime and genocide. Then you travel only to nations not at war and resettle only in nations that have never been involved in world wars, you have cast you physical and economic vote as a human being, and that vote comes back and forward to God, Archangels, human service and economies and all attributed to these. If you have absolutely no religious beliefs, than the simple economic truth is elementary – these nations have been bad, and you will not give them financial, tourists, travel support and publicity. Then time does not finish and go on the way linear history suggests, it moves by “social event time”, and being decisive enough to make the right moves internationally makes the only difference that you can make, besides knowing you are doing the right thing for all concerned.

Combining this type of practice – fasting and veganism – with the travel and settlement advice above does include part of what was God’s warning, and really does prevent death and war – no one would have traveled to and settled in nations supporting the first world wars and the impetus for violence – carnivorism among clearly fruitarian humans – would have been avoided. The New Virtue Economy implies that bringing back the goodness and virtues of society – competition for virtue, not power – fasting and raw food fruitarianism, brings virtue directly from God, and wisdom that inspires earth rising to the occasions of global starvation and war more practically in finding better alternatives for profit, increasing spheres of influence, true intelligence and multiculturalism in that the best practices are brought up from all cultures. After thousands of years, it clearly appears that sex, violence, war and iconoclastic heroism still sells, and the moves above are part of what constitutes true global and international intelligence – The Right Direction, peacefully, legally and wisely.

When religions, peoples and belief practices REALLY do what they believe in, and this is multi-culturally good, we all make better decisions…

The mission to realistically, widely and effectively promote the above is indeed a mission with a narrow gate – one of true and natural human intelligence. There is always a place for this in any society, the challenge remains to make it the majority position safely, wisely, carefully. So you see that promoting this type of idea once is really beyond question, not subject to objection rightly – making a lifetime career out of being in the obviously correct minority can still be as unfortunate as claiming the world is indeed round and earth is not even the center of the solar system, let alone the universe – it can lead to loss of a good name, loss of friends, loss of employment and much worse. This is a Special Operations Assignment, a Secret Forces Mission, a way to earn your golden belt in communication, business, investments, publicity, history, travel and education.

Obviously, these are heavenly, very long term to medium term solutions to the problems mentioned – and mandatory preparation for real human intelligence in communications and global understanding, wise cooperation, education and defeating the reasons for terrorism, war, crime and fraud and over-optimistic estimate rightly, safely, legally, socially and to the good of every – these actions redirect what are taken as enemies intelligently, with empathy, compassionately and wisely. If you even just went to junior high school and use the Internet, please let me assure you – these solutions are worth writing about before and as part of your school assignments and before you play video games and watch movies in the action on earth and all that pertains to life. Why spend years learning how to use weapons and not even consider the good “weapon” of writing to really help people do what they believe in more effectively – and thereby find better activities socially – I mean that this is part of earning your “golden belt” and rank no matter what type of warrior you are!

To be even more realistic – these are writing topics good for all educational levels, and may I respectfully suggests that you start in K-12. Actually write elementary school letters to the editor, mere high school essays on fasting and veganism from many angles being as positive as you can – then know this was enough for God and angels to reincarnate on – because when you write that way when you are younger, it matters so much more in the long run. Now write that way for your younger self, in many languages and particularly, for example, Scandinavian languages and the languages of those peoples not currently at war first, as remedial and extra credit work. See how just the one suggestion of writing to nations and in the languages of those not at war that were not involved in world wars and do not currently harbor and support nuclear weapons takes all the fight and clash out of the feeling of “success” – it takes this out of God and Archangels and all earth also – the profits from economies of genocide, war, torture, control, desperation, crime and murder.

Standing more, standing corrected, standing guard, greater availability of standing computers – the fasting frugal fruitarian communicating more than any and every and wisely…you have your conspiratorial secret service assignments – for all earth and more than a lifetime – for all life, retroactively, and even for more planets than earth, if you follow the right writer, World Administrator. When you really do the above, you win a few more minutes of life for those who tried to do the right thing – even thousands of years ago, and those who love you and supported you, and respect you wisely.


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