Wisdom in Eugenics, Immigration, Education and the Spiritual World




There has yet to be intelligent government on earth, government and administration optimizing goods and services, immigration policies optimizing life and intelligence, education that leads to the wisest love and productivity in the spiritual world. Not any time in history has really been close – what was wise lacked in some ways intelligence and wasted life; what was apparently intelligent in education lacked wisdom and strategic productivity and spiritual intelligence, and promoted established social power structures and economies at the loss of life, the very long and obvious promotion of pseudoscience that justified common practice – science that simply used mathematics to disregard obvious fact about biology and comparative biology and sustained industry profits at everyone’s expense.

This is not an article about trendy reformism. The changes that really make the difference, the changing of the guard that inspired the promotion of earth to decisively increased longevity and inspired heaven on earth, made changes that are not possibly really comfortable, nor meant to be. The religions that earth followed have been replete with stories of war, effective genocide, murder and racism – and to overcome these types of sacrifices with intelligence truly, very pervasive changes have to be effected decisively.

Increasing lateral transfer, moves to new locations for employees and companies, shorter office terms with international consulting and resettlement and troop rotations with incentives not to return and to find foreign spouses as a bonus, not a fringe benefit – these are policies of decisive and great change.

And yet the ancient policies of society and even war, law giving, prophesy and command are not wisely followed even thousands of years later. Do you know of a single army, a single religion, a single nation that actually advocated fasting for seven days after battle, and the troops of a person whose name literally means wisdom did thousands of years ago? See how the very simplest of lessons have yet to really be learned on earth?

It is not that these lessons are really hard; they need to be acculturated and popularized – religions, health advocated and social economies are like shear vanities of wishful thinking for not fasting, and making this sport, competition, policy, a right of passage to any rank, and of course a practice of youth and health that even animals that are injured know is good. Humans have made pretense to being above all other life, that earth is the center of the solar system and universe, and that they are as gods and goddesses and have yet to even effectively and publicly actualize the intelligence of animals by choosing not to eat, and the intelligence of longevity and wisdom and control by doing this as practice, a practice of freedom.

To develop naturally wiser practice, to express love more naturally, as well as appreciation and honor, it is better to have children at younger ages – and to this type of innocence freer and gentler spirits and wiser and kinder demeanor are developed, and the gifts of heaven bestowed on a far better earth. The truth is simply that this earth is not worthy, retraining takes lifetimes, and revolutionizing the economy to wisely support younger child bearing ages, and older people having children with younger ones, simply is too far from being accepted to be wisely promoted. It is partly for these reasons that angels say the word “selah” – which does mean to deeply consider, yet it also means that this is a concept that lasts forever in heaven and not really in the economies of earth practically; it also means an opportunity that has passed and gone by in heaven and on earth.

Then in this generation it is wise to promote such ideas once – professors being awarded for relations with students instead of punished; that this is not just accepted, it is in fact required! High school students who get pregnant and have a child should be awarded a home, good employment and free transportation – not sent to abortion clinics for counselling. And this is a generation when these teaching should be enacted; when the mass production techniques of the Industrial Revolution and global transportation and communication make a much larger population practical.

And of course those who are genetically superior, those who have truly exceptional performance – valedictorians, body building, acting, owners and of course the wealthy and Godly should all be socially awarded and encouraged to have more children – particularly with those most genetically different from themselves to increase the longevity of the human genome. These last advantage are something we could potentially have over on those from thousands of years ago, yet really do not – even the most wealthy and supposedly intelligent actually fail to have more children in general when compared to those who are poorest. – because earth and it’s for-profit nations cannot afford to create this kind of heaven on earth, not socially and economically, and not even for billions of euros in the case of almost all humans.

Earth is the empty set of the worthy….

There has not been a single human on earth raised rightly by an obvious comparative standard: have they received some five full years of human breast milk; are they raised as raw food fruitarians – this is a very easy standard! None fulfill it out of over seven billion humans. When you can no longer think of this as a practical social standard, consider it a Godly one – all this and they get the best free education, live without needing money whatsoever, get visited by angels and God incarnate.

Humans must be awarded to immigrate to new nations; families should be awarded for leaving their nations of origin; nations that are not at war and have never been at world war and do not harbor weapons of mass destruction should always be favored – this type of decision and “sacrifice” even causes guardians and God to reconsider – when it is done decisively and effectively.

People look at poverty as a punishment – it can be looked at as an opportunity; not really for those who are poor, mostly for administrators and the electorate to make better decisions that really make a big difference – free cell phones did, and so can free public transportation – then traffic deaths fall, all are given the advantage of being as children and riding for free, tourists are shown better graciousness and goodness. You only have to try the few examples of free public transportation to know that freedom can really be made to be free, and this freedom really brings angels and God(s) to physical earth more honestly and justly – and wisely. Free public transportation, health care, communication and food really establishes honor in society rightly, intelligently; really makes working better than jail, prison, institutionalization and brings freedom the heart, soul, mind and spirit – and this is what makes humans really great and goodly; this is what makes people want to live again rightly.

The most brilliant benefit of a modern economy is that these changes can be made to be more intelligent sacrifices that what God originally allowed, and more scientifically sound from a eugenic point of view, and more humane and youth-giving. We do not have to all stay together and wander in the desert for 40 years; when cities are abandoned those who leave do not have to commit incest to survive as they did in biblical times, and pay the genetic consequences – we can move to new areas of earth and get a change that does all peoples good.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is obvious that the way religion – going back and becoming legion – is put forward has simply succeeded for thousands of years, from primitive tribal society to feudalism and capitalism – fail to appreciate this and you obviously in a way fail to appreciate society. What religions have failed at is a type of honesty and effectiveness that many deride for many reasons, and when polling and taking account of people and knowledge reaches a new level, these reasons, even if they are utterly untrue in most ways, will be inspiration for more effective study and promotions. Reasons that are even tenth on a list of causation are worth research – this makes a more intelligently run world and wisely, supporting polling, mathematics, statistics and more humane research that saves live directly.

The educational practices of fasting, veganism, standing guard and standing corrected, and a minute meditation that allows you to correct yourself from doing what you are about to and standing corrected and literally turning around and standing guard and deeply considering priorities accomplishes part of these goals, for a five class semester.

Reversing “meaning” inflation….

These changes as put forward, even if they save billions of lives – a child born IS a life saved – and end starvation and all terrorism, crime and war are still only reformism! Revolution means the fundamental way goods and services are produced, owned and controlled has changed, as in Feudalism to world capitalism – communism and socialism have never existed on earth – what has been called this is merely dictatorial state capitalism, and more wishful thinking without sufficient free and democratic education for all.

If you would like a course in legal, peaceful and democratic revolution in fact, you will actually have to ask for the course – I do not expect you would effectively appreciate it otherwise, they way humans are treated today, and programmed and guided.


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