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Special OPS, Secret Service, Intelligence in Promotions – Ending Terrorism and War

Earn your standing: Stand for peaceful, legal and optimal honor for any

Topics worth covering at least once

There is no good phrase to cover this assignment – it is to prevent terrorism and war long before they happen, and intelligently and legally. Like solutions that are as elegant as the equation that relates energy to the speed of light and matter, they can seem very simple.

Promote fasting globally and in many languages. For those who fight so-called holy wars, this is righteousness and goodness – good for Allah, God by all His Names, Archangels, Prophets and every. The emails to embassies, government offices, religious organization, labor and trade unions, news agencies and other nations are freely available for every nation and international organization at educational and public libraries – the Europa World Yearbook is one source.


Simply write to encourage fasting. Some say that if only fasting was popularized over 100 years ago, then the impetus for genocidal starvation camps and even world wars would have vanished; that simply promoting fasting and veganism and similar ideas and practices sufficiently and globally – retroactively – would have been enough to save millions of lives from world war.

Thought experiments saving lives for millennia to come….

Promoting travel and settlement in areas that are not at war and were not involved in world wars and do not harbor nor consider nuclear weapons in another exceptional, peaceful, legal and G-rated way to boycott what in the the minds and hears of even God and Archangels and all attributed to them supports wars, conflict, clash and desperate, illegal and undemocratic terrorism, crime, genocide and war.

Obviously, these are heavenly, very long term to medium term solutions to the problems mentioned – and mandatory preparation for real human intelligence in communications and global understanding, wise cooperation, education and defeating the reasons for terrorism, war, crime and fraud and over-optimistic estimate rightly, safely, legally, socially and too the good of every – these actions redirect what are taken as enemies intelligently, with empathy, compassionately and wisely.

Enact and propagate these very long term, eternal, beyond biology solutions for every – always allow wise heroism in ending earth’s problems in the very long term it always at least gives better evidence.  Give better evidence, quantify individual participation.


If you even just went to junior high school and use the Internet, please let me assure wisely – these solutions are worth writing about before and as part of your school assignments and before you play video games in the action on earth and all that pertains to life. Why spend years learning how to use weapons and not even consider the good “weapon” of writing to really help people do what they believe in more effectively – and thereby find better activities socially – I mean that this is part of earning your “golden belt” and rank no matter what type of warrior you are!

To be even more realistic – these are writing topics good for all educational levels, and may I respectfully suggests that you start in K-12. Actually write elementary school letters to the editor, mere high school essays on fasting and veganism from many angles being as positive as you can – then know this was enough for God and angels to reincarnate on – because when you write that way when you are younger, it matters so much more in the long run. Now write that way for your younger self, as remedial and extra credit work.


Godly service standards, more than one cherubim, Making- earth as set, stage….

Standing more, standing corrected, standing guard, greater availability of standing computers – the frugal fruitarian communicating more than any and every and wisely….you have your conspiratorial secret service assignments – for all earth and more than a lifetime.   World Administrator


3 thoughts on “Special OPS, Secret Service, Intelligence in Promotions – Ending Terrorism and War

  1. I am a Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Clayton Holistic naturalpath student and a National Holistic Institute Graduate. I have three girls 12,9&6. My 9 year old took herself out of Brick and Mortar school due to she “feels I am not receiving the education I need to be a kindergarten teacher and soccer coach, here.” I was 300lbs and on more government pharmaceuticals then I can remember. 15 years as a military spouse almost killed me and my family. I know now there is a better way. I plan on sharing that message with the world. Just as soon as I find time. Thanks again for adding me.


  2. التوصية تغيير اسمك ليكون مدير العالم، ونشر في أمريكا ولغة أخرى، مع العلم جميع مشاركاتك في نهاية المطاف سوف تكون علنية ما لم نصوت على خلاف ذلك، بدءا حساب ورد وتويتر والانضمام ينكدين وأصبح بارعا مع الشبكات الاجتماعية ويكون اجتماع تنظيمي / حزب / النشاط، وذلك باستخدام البحث جوجل، ترجمات مجانية، والحصول على قراءة لارسال الفاكس والبريد العادي، والتواصل إلى الأقارب والأقارب والأصدقاء المحتملة، شركاء العمل، تقف تصحيحها.


  3. La recomendación de cambiar su nombre para ser administrador Mundial, publicar en América y otro idioma, conocer todos sus mensajes con el tiempo se hizo pública a menos que votar de otra manera, a partir de una cuenta de wordpress y Twitter y unirse a LinkedIn y convertirse en experto con las redes sociales y tener una reunión de organización / partido / actividad, mediante la búsqueda de google, traducciones libres, y conseguir la lectura para enviar fax y correo ordinario, comunicar a los familiares y parientes potenciales y amigos, colegas de trabajo, ser corregido.


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