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The Meaning of Matter and All Life – The Meaning of Life – and Free Public Transportation


The meaning of life can be very simple, yet completely true, though not in encapsulation.

The “meaning” of inorganic minerals is to become organic, to be evolved in to plants; the meaning of these is to be evolved and eaten by animals; and the meaning of these is to develop spiritual quantities and energy and data structures – heart, spirit, souls, minds – and of course bodies that manipulate the physical world – minerals, plants, animals, humans, and sometimes angels.

A meaning of creation is to initialize the existence of man and woman to a created and evolving earth, and compare what evolves to the data structures of heaven to most accurately move through “social event time”.

The exceptional value of viewing the world and more this way is that it can lead to exemplary administration, government, law, policy and literally bringing heaven and God to earth in fact, and by observation in the 20th and 21st centuries and beyond. For example, is it common that children are allowed to ride the school bus for free, without stopping near the driver and paying in coin, cash, tickets and cards? And is this a way of upholding innocence, goodness, youth and life – and of letting these exist with freer spirits and souls than adults who have to pay or present tickets and cards for public transportation?

Then I clearly and obviously submit to you that a more innocent, goodly, Godly and free earth surely has free public transportation, and rightly, – with souls and spirits that develop more efficiently.

I lived in Beijing, China for about six months, and took public transportation almost every day and very seldom afforded a taxi. I never paid for a bus in six months – they are simply so crowded that people do not pay. You would vehemently support free public transportation locally, nationally and globally if you saw the wholly Chinese citizens of Beijing fill with joy and admiration all together – with not even a word on my part – just to see a different kind of person riding the bus for free and know the secret honor and glory of supporting a better world.

These observation and policies, for humans on biological earth, clearly and surely lead to administrations that are good – in that they are the best possible democratic changes in economic, military, civilian, legal and investment policy, long after the sun expands and there is no no biological life on earth, during peace and war, emergencies, genocide, holocaust, apocalypse and catastrophe – if you actually collect data about these life and death events, then you can quantify the economies of God, Archangels and all related to them toward humankind and economies and nations.  These are the best decisive changes in laws, decisive in that they make the difference in way – like free public transportation and publicity that supports fasting, standing corrected, standing guard and veganism, and in decisive and great enough and pervasive enough ways to make the difference in earth administration all at once.

So that writing and communication and discussion is truly worth it to you personally…

But practically, in a world where people pay for buses even if they are poor, what is it worth to promote free public transportation – I submit to you that it is wise to promote this at least once, as much as you can, as a ballot issue to be voted on publicly; as an issue before city and state governments and the senate, house and congress; as part of an election campaign platform. And if you do not agree, then know surely that God’s blessing and that of all angels is mine personally on this one issue alone. Surely, truly, verily, in fact and by visual verification – you can see and hear Him.  It is worthy writing a letter to the editor and “lobbying” for what you might think is impossible and impractical at least once in every legal and practical way you can.  It is worth getting on the bus if you are not sure and stating, “I wish public transportation were free so that the elderly could go sightseeing with tourists, and that all could be treated more graciously.”

Incredible award – the last bus driver that allowed me to ride for exactly one stop for free, because I did not have the change at the time, won a heart of gold and more literally, immediately, and visually….the right decision for even five minutes won more than a human may earn in a lifetime – what is celebrated in song and myth!

The best decision is to leave comments and copy this writing as your own as if we are students or I am your favorite professor and you would appreciate, as it is allowed and regular procedure to have a good set of answers to the final exam – so that you can make them even better and adapt them for all ages….there are more exceptionally good decisions, and they are very simple, as are solutions to problems on planets that have for thousands of years variously gone wrong – you should ask for them…. These answers to earth’s final exam are good from the development of public transportation to the end of time, but not “social event time” – which is what God and angels live in generally, if you did not know.

That means you could take the answers back to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and popularize them for the good of all life, and doing so successfully can be a secret service job, a special forces opportunity, a mission more valuable than literally being the Messiah.


One might have a linguistic objection to the above case – that plants and minerals do not in and of themselves have meaning. Yet for a species that has consciousness and builds factories, industries, homes and has agriculture and land use priorities, for an nation that lives for God by all His names, and even for people who have absolutely no religious beliefs or anything akin to them, surely and obviously they appreciate the simple freedom of free public transportation, graciousness to visitors, the elderly, children, the unemployed and those with low incomes and the nobility of good freedom; meaning also that even if people are complete atheists and materialists, godless or agnostic, they still have a concept of freedom and spirit, soul and freedom of expression – so free public transportation wins on all counts, and this type of freedom is a profound value is understanding the meaning of matter and life, and making a better world for every and all – practically, by vote, and by public administration, law and government.

To put it more simply, you win reincarnation and freedom, innocence in the best sense of the term and increased efficiency of the log time of human consciousness by understanding the meaning of life above, and actualizing, “voting for”, writing about and communicating intelligently for free public transportation.  Is human life really better in all respects than animals in cages and people in prisons – do we all get free public transportation and free meals – I submit to you that the rights and responsibility of humankind should surely be reordered and vastly increased, and that the data structure solutions in earth’s real economies are simple and true, and the fact that they represent major changes is really a decisive plus – it has the effect nationally and, with intelligent promotions, globally that this planet and all the represent it need to make the difference on earth, as it is in heaven.

It’s a truism, a circular proof, the proof and logic is in the meaning of the words themselves.  The meaning of life is to use inorganic matter, and the meaning of vegetation is to make biological beings, and their meaning is to profit angels and God(s).  No, it’s not the whole truth, but the simplifying solution is practically worth defining first BECAUSE IT LEADS TO WISER and MORE INTELLIGENT GLOBAL ADMINISTRATION – for all beings, IF YOU COMPASSIONATELY, KINDLY AND VERY CAREFULLY COMPENSATE THOSE WHO ARE TRAPPED IN ESTABLISHED POWER STRUCTURES, which can in a simple way mean getting those who  make cards, coin and machines better jobs.

I did that already!  They can develop their spirits, souls and hearts by riding free public transportation. Yes human, like e=mc(c) it is that simple.

Quickly,  disregard the entire essay!  It means that these 15 minutes of writing are literally more intelligent the ANY president, prime minister and world leader!  I didn’t even use a superscript for C squared!  (Please don’t be one of those academics, do us all a favor and have an extra child and run for public office instead – then get me a computer that is faster and I’ll try and get for you back in some way.)

No, you still do not really appreciate and “understand” – just riding the bus standing up, and even with your arms above your head, IS MORE THAN ALMOST ALL HUMANS COULD DO FOR ALL OF HISTORY BY THE 21st century.

Special Note to the Reader: I beg you to make this writing worth it to me – take it as your own and copy edit it, adapt it for all ages and educations, purposes and professional levels – we can make the difference for a new world on earth.


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