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Are You SURE You’re Making The Right Decision

Fellow human beings:

I know life is hard, and the economy is tight, – I have well over 1000 Internet scams from all over the world -and you surely have other obligations….

I’m writing to beg and appeal for your help in ANY way. As someone with three full college and university degrees (BA Management Engineering, Claremont Men’s College – now Claremont McKenna College, CMC), BS, MS Industrial Engineering, Stanford University) I know the opportunity not just of a life, but of a planet’s history when I see it – and I have, literally. Some 1000 humans, including God and Christ more than once, incarnate in 15 nations.

I’m not asking for any financial or monetary commitment or donations – there is absolutely nothing you can purchase, use your Paypal or credit card for, or even give any information or sign an obligation to…. I’m really and truly making writing this notice for your sake, and for the sake of all earth and more.

While studying the topics in college and university that I consciously and deliberately thought might benefit the most people on earth – organizing goods, services, people, plant and equipment most efficiently, particularly in a potential future world where this would save and help the most people as an occupation, save the children who were poor and starving fastest – it was more than obvious not only that a world without competition and products for profits would never come to pass, but that humans and life – including my own, would never achieve the change to make the fundamental difference for enough people globally to possibly persuade earth to eliminate major problems intelligently. Humans would never REALLY eliminate war, terrorism, starvation, malnutrition, unemployment, poverty and crime, they would never eliminate wages, money and any of the problems that religions and nations take as the status quo.

So I decided to write to the topic of “freedom and the press” by putting advertisement in the Stanford Daily – the the newspaper staff approved of and published, again, none requesting anything to do with money and finances. One of these had to do with the current US President, who I interviewed personally as an award winning high school reporter in my hometown. The university was considering winning his presidential library at the time, and without personal notice from the administration, or even a phone call to my residence, my parents were contacted and I was suspended.

I returned and graduated with two full degrees after taking many business school and doctoral level classes, and relentlessly traveled the world at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries – and commanded, rebuked, reviled, condemned, pleaded with and instructed EVERY nation on earth in 10 languages from 16 nations using emails to embassies, government offices, financial institution and stock exchanges, labor and trade organizations and religions, plus poster, fax and regular post, vying for the top elected office to every nation in both centuries. I literally never received a single financial contribution, although a professor and fellow travelers helped translate documents for me, I stayed nights in open fields, abandoned and demolished buildings and under bridges purposefully, so that others could readily do better in various way, but could not as physical humans really do so more inexpensively, now prophetically curse, rebuke, revile, beguile and condemn earth more forcefully in writing – nor more instructively as to the best solutions.

Among those incarnated for me were people I knew in high school, college and university – it is hard to make a mistake when you and the person reincarnated are the only two non-Chinese people in an outlying area of Beijing, and have known each other for years in school; when the actors you are performing with for free have an extra baby, and they give you a large photo of a college friend in another city in China without you every informing anyone of your location or speaking a word of the same language – and angels literally demonstrate incarnating part of the entire stage acting crew as the “copies” walk one direction and the original cast goes another.

I am actually writing you for the same reason those who invented and popularized the computer and social networks might appreciate co-workers, volunteers and “angel investors” – this is not just the opportunity of a lifetime – it is the chance of a planet’s history. I am also writing to you for the same reason the person know and worshiped by perhaps a billion humans asked someone to take his place on the way to being crucified – looks like I apparently have a slightly better chance at the data structure possibility of giving you my mission and improving the economic and data structures of how sustainable economic infrastructure is used in the interactions between developing spiritual gifts and bringing heaven to earth for the good of every.

When the technology of a planet improved, it is our chance as human being to use this for the greatest good. I hope it is obvious to you both that the spiritual world really does effectively come before the physical world, and that advances in technology beyond current modern transportation, communication and information will not be able to make the exponential change for living human beings that really pays for itself spiritually without global fundamental changes that do not just end starvation, wars, terrorism and all earth’s major problems, but leave a vacuum where they once existed – much more than enough jobs and good housing, free education and food for every – Earth’s New Priorities.

This essay is written partly to employ those who already exist in heaven, purgatory and even recycle and alter and improve the data structures of hell. To do this effectively and profitably for God and Archangels personally, it literally takes a whole nation’s global efforts just for starters.

But what I am asking you to do is very easy….

Would you consider a minute’s meditation and part of a day’s effort to solve earth’s worst problems? An extra paragraph letter to the editor of your newspaper or favorite magazine?

For one minute after you are finished reading, if the answer is really effectively no or I’ll consider it but have something else to do, simple turn around and stand corrected with your hands over your head for 30 seconds. The meaning of this exercise is that NOBODY yet has the right guardians and objectives and plan to succeed optimally, not for themselves, all earth, all earth themselves and heaven or ANY combination of these by any and every definition. This is more than a theory – it is completely self evident. Has anyone ever died on earth, is anything even possibly not optimal in any economy – then stand corrected to have prevented/improved or even be innocent of it!

Of course it looks like you and all your friend cannot possibly change earth’s worst problems – or even any major problems – effectively! Earth’s billionaires and those deemed biologically superior and talented can often not even manage to afford a single extra child! 40000 people literally starve to death each day and cannot afford decent sanitation, clothing, or a single good meal!!

Humans, my fellows, comrades, guardians – the person who wrote this has personally witness some 1000 humans incarnated on earth again, at least temporarily – they sometimes to always have clothing, a car, a cell phone, friends, get to talk a walk, have a conversation, eat at a restaurant, fly on an airplane with a passport, stand guard outside buildings and even stand corrected and see a relative. Are you sure you and we are making the right decision, do you know ANYONE else, even in fiction, who makes such a claim?

I submit to you that this is really and truly worth more than a minute of your time – yet I would be impressed even if you literally just spent 20 seconds! Truly. Particularly if you write me back and tell me.

As a valedictorian who graduated in three years instead of four and with honors, I wholly assure you that these are the A+ answers to earth’s final exam by content and topic – not really by writing style, translations and adaptions and form. That means that the writing of this author were calculated to be valid from before writing began to long after biological life ceases to exist on earth – they reform, evolve and revolutionize all life and what represents it, and are especially good for any planets that develop technology and mass communication – particularly if you live thousands of years and travel though “social event time” instead of biological time, as God, Gods and angels do.

So at the least what succeeding means is that those from even thousands of years ago, those of the Old Testament and other religious books, get a few extra moves, a few more minutes to be alive on earth again, and even exist on earth today. Do not be confused to consider anything but a win-win-win-win-win situation, do not be inspired to control and dominate and follow unwisely expecting that if others succeed you get less and fail. This is the time in history, from the 1970’s to now, to make your best public moves.

It takes only part of a day to vie for World Administrator on Twitter by tweeting the follows – news agencies and non-profits and others representing all earth from @PrimeMinisterAZ and @DestitutePoor – I set these accounts up for any to use, and as you know you may have many Twitter accounts, and a free writing blog at and to you can send a photo, your own campaign and problems solving, mine exactly or your personal adaption of it – no rights reserved.

Looks like I did not actually in writing ask you to pray, fast, donate or give away anything. Looks like the person whose campaign – which is REALLY yours for free – is not really asking for any contributions or donations. You are welcome to write me in for any and every elected office globally. The campaign is truly, in fact better than all earth’s leaders, rulers, political parties, governments and consulting and educational institutions combined on this entire planet to date – including God and all Gods – partly because it clearly and in writing includes them….yet again, if you for ANY reason find this is not true, you are welcome to leave comments, copy the entire writing and improve it for any and all organizations and peoples.

These are the greatest pearls of wisdom and intelligence, worth more than nuclear energy and computers combined if used property, and worth more than an entire new planet and billions of lives if used optimally over time. ANY written offers considered – the standard of making them in writing is for ethical reasons and to correct a very long-standing problem that exists with angels and heaven.

I began this essay with the expectation of begging and pleading and imploring you in writing to help and make contributions, donations and lend every and any good assistance. Please forgive me if I have somehow done less in lending a certain type of emphasis to emergency problems and solutions, to unique and once-in-a-planet’s history opportunity, which I alone could not possibly live up to, even were I above all God; I beg your apology and help if I have actually done less by doing more. Please, I beg you, give every possible assistance and help, and if you still cannot, stand corrected, stand guard and reconsider.


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