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A meaning of infinite price, “priceless”, one-of-a-kind….



A Meaning of Infinite Price, “Priceless”, One-of-a-kind


When the price of action, ideals, ideas and writing becomes infinite, it means that it takes miracle to make it right. This means transporting people back in time to earth’s best opportunities in global communication: at the beginning of the Internet as global communications, when free social and business websites began to trend and gain exponential popularity, and the time when transportation from heaven, purgatory and even hell, and the idealistic reformation of these economies wisely and for virtue, meets “social event time” in the economies of God by all His names, Archangels and all the forces and power that solve earth’s worst problems retroactively. You can make exemplary contribution to knowing this succeeds.

What it takes to be worthy, and worth it….

This can be very simple: fasting, fruitarianism, standing corrected, standing guard, and the practices that free people from retrograde guardians and established power structure justice. Having the idealistic practices, investment and campaign policies, and the ways that succeed socially – not just with human beings, but with the spiritual world that comes before the physical world – and the spiritual world that influences and affects the physical world.

Take care, and be very careful and exemplary…

When you succeed at the above, you will find that you come into conflict with any and all earthly authority – and what is worse, you will literally find that their is a part of God, GD, Hashem, Allah and other gods that come into opposition in some ways – you may literally have to combat and disobey these intelligently – and find yourself apparently totally alone in doing so – getting by God to be with God to be with those you love and retroactively reform history.  See how this is obviously above simply “knowing God’s plan for you” – there is truly more than one being and part of God to you in the “data structures and economies” of heaven, purgatory and all related economies to earth!

Part of what makes this profitable is reinforcing the best people and practices, and using your knowledge and ability in every way that is good – including promoting gold and stock prices for the profit of those who are the best agents, idealists, public speakers and communicators – those who fast, fruitarians, vegans, vegetarians – those who promote the practices such as leaving with no return, going to places that have not supported world wars, are currently at war, and do not harbor nuclear weapons. Supporting those very few who will show the relentless determination to solve earth’s problems with the equipment on their backs, globally.

Earth is the empty set of the worthy….

Part of making peace is promoting optimal child care, extended breast feeding times for humans, and inspiring God and His to safely have more children wisely. So this is a mission that literally goes beyond special agents and science fiction, PhD’s, doctors, leaders and Messiah – do all the above and rightly inspire God, Gods, Archangels, and the best humans to fearlessly have more children to make peace and divert angelic and other guardians away from terrorism, war, crime and inadvertently giving more popularity and publicity to problems instead of optimal personal to multilateral and “inter-universal” solutions.

I balk at you and all yours are, ready reader, and all who taught you anything including your guardians, professors, the wealthiest of all and any earth, all so-called “leaders” and all you and they know.  You have not understood the writing above right and by implication!!  Balking is a Godly skill.  Take my hand – I did not offer it to you….  You do not understand even the purpose, the “why” of this three line paragraph!!!!


Be very careful about being optimistic and praising in writing….

This is the age when a colorful picture and a line of writing are called brilliant, wonderful, given global publicity for actors and dress, fashion, endless reformism that truly do not solve earth’s problems, partly because it is not promoted effectively, and partly because fundamental solutions require fundamental changes in building, traditions, customs, laws and ownership and control of the means of production and distribution. Free public transportation instead of pay-as-you-go – this one act of global reform gives freedom for the unemployed and poor to find jobs and resources and uphold the faith in government that helps and crime; yet no state, province or nation actually allows free public transportation, which is as practical and gracious as taxing energy and fuel prices differently!  No, leaders, administrators, elected officials and engineers and promoter DO NOT POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, they have not in earth’s history.  By not even promoting free public transportation, you are losing “tourists” by “miraculous transport and incarnations” – you are wasting your prayers for God and all His on earth instead of even writing two paragraphs as letters to a newspaper, magazine and public opinion letter.  You are wasting part of yourself!

This writing is meant as more than a call to action. Tweet and use LinkedIn and the other social media to vie for the top office of any and every nation – it only takes a day and 200 tweets to set a world and personal record. You are world administrator – and you do not have to break a single law, rule, custom or tradition to do so! @PrimeMinisterAZ has news agencies representing all earth, and this website at has a campaign platform for you.

Here is one last inspiration for encouragement: some 1000 humans, God, Messiah and angels of all ages, with and without equipment such as everything you might have on your person to camera, car, and the ability to interview people and use the cell phone – already incarnated at least temporarily on earth, from those from thousands of years ago to those who have yet to be born.

Read that last paragraph again – it is true by visual and auditory observation in fifteen (15) nations. Would you appreciate attempting to help and do business with someone who has incarnated about 100 times as the one worshiped as the Messiah and Son of Man – it is the type of business that last more than forever. Do you estimate that you can really put in more than a semester’s or quarter’s worth of college/university/high school effort with this kind of opportunity….

Guardians of the human reading this – STAND CORRECTED AND STAND GUARD – you are being replaced.


One thought on “A meaning of infinite price, “priceless”, one-of-a-kind….

  1. Pretend you went to a college/university, or even high school, where the best outline in reading and answers for an exam were freely available for you to use, study from, and even copy and give to your peers.

    Here they are – these represent A answers to Earth’s Final Exam that are good from the 1850’s to long after the end of all biological life. No rights reserved. (More surely than someone with three college and university degrees can still get an A in junior high algebra, I assure you.)

    With all the best expectations for every, I know you can get an A+. And I can literally exist to turn your current score into the best score to get to the wisest levels of existence for every. Instructor, comrade, teacher, consultant Lawrence Morris Leight (Lawrence Leight) still available for questions and office hours at Facebook, Twitter, wordpress and LinkedIn. Do just what you should to be a student that is remembered forever and eternally – we’ll make the best win intelligently and wisely that we can for you and all.

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