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How You Solve All Earth’s Problems – Realism in Promotions and Education

Go back to Hell, Damnation and Perdition, Religions – God never knew you.

This essay has nothing to do with believing in God, Allah, Jehovah and knowing and “appreciating” Gods and gods. I KNOW they exist – and not only because they and their representative get incarnated on earth as physical beings to me personally!

Quite honestly, it also has little to do with practicing the religion(s) of your choice.

The New Testament clearly and unequivocally, as it is written: Churches will become the most evil places on earth.

This means do not go to them, for ANY reason.

You are not Mine! I revile earth’s religious organizations – they do not come reasonably close on the whole to practicing what they preach at the elementary school level. God originally gave humans fruit to eat AND almost all Gods, angels AND humans are biologically fruitarians to the extent they have biological and physical bodies. Do yourself a favor and care not for the exceptions, at least until you meet them.

If you had religion right, you would start off fasting, standing corrected, standing guard, just eating fruit and avoiding apples. All the rest of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments and the Holy Books, are stories of economics and social data structures that come after a prophetic apology in Genesis: He saw how it would be and said He was sorry.

Will Christians ever make the leap in intelligence and go to admire Hebraics because all they believe in is based on and in them; will they make the same realization that those who breed horsed, dogs and cats make – that if they worship members of a certain breed, like Australian Shepherds, then they should go hang out with them, and not pretend they are too meaningfully a different breed and only one is good and worth worshiping, admiring; dysgenic inbred keeping to “yourself”.

Do horses and cows eat the brains of their own, do you have the intelligence of dogs that cross breed – after thousands of years and science, pseudo-science for profit and lies for promoting dictatorships, capitalism and state capitalism, humans almost universally do not know how to eat and have good children with people most different from themselves EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE THE CHOICE.

Now you tiny little evil and wicked vanities from the nations where this language originated and is most common, see if you can understand this: I have absolutely nothing against you! I do not need to manufacture ANY emotions or feelings about these issues. That is a part of invasive exploitation of making what is private – your thoughts, beliefs and feelings – public to sell products, services and humans. With all your clothes on and make up and vain, clownish, pathetic little practices and beliefs you are literally like pornography for profit – you are making what was private public to earn your right to live.

Completely naked humans are less offensive than those dressed, and more realistic. God Himself has existed completely naked on earth and in public just for me and a relative, so absurdly is this one above ALL your leaders, owners and public figures of EVERY kind – to God and Archangels and those far superior to humans from other planets that may have, in fact, not actually killed and tortured each other because of the belief that earth is flat and not the center of the solar system and universe just a scant few hundred years ago. You diminutive pseudo-religious, nationalistic phonies may still expect that He is so bad at staging you are supposed to look up to Him and be blinded, and employ racists and murderers to keep people disgustingly reciting words over and over again on your knees and bellies to prove it.

Do not worry about seeing Him naked – you have to be the one chosen for over three thousand years, and be in the right time and place…. So please, no need to protect you angelically and derived poor little selves. I have no realistic expectation that you will give up eating dead animals because of ANY truth, quite frankly.

So very sorry, earth’s religions are in Hell. They always have been, and always will be. Particularly the Christian ones are like adware, spyware and controlling malware, that drives people to wars, ruins and divides brother against brother and children against parents and people that would be sane into misbegotten legal, criminal, biological and mental problems. All this is done so that God and others can use religions to control and influence people in genocidal, “holy” and other wars and terrorism for power and spiritual and financial profit, moving through “social event time” – and time and space – by prophesy, and continue pitting the religious against non-aligned families to divest people from private property and independence. This is what “firewalls, data structures, heaven, hell, purgatory and the equivalent are really for, in the more honest scheme of things – one often forgotten realistic difference between Archangels, God and humans.

There may not be enough room in Hell. Peace be with you? Rest in peace? Perdition. Cease to exist. THAT IS THE PRICE TO NOT ENACTING THE BEST SOLUTIONS TO DECISIVELY AND INTELLIGENTLY ENDING ALL WARS, STARVATION, UNEMPLOYMENT, CRIME, TERRORISM AND DISEASE AND NOT STARTING WITH A BILLION NEW JOBS IN EARTH’S WORST AREAS, in efforts roughly exceeding ALL preparations for all earth’s wars. This estimate is close enough, I assure you.

Do not stay with the same people too long and somehow manage to get crucified for Me. No, I mean You, reader.

Another despicable truth is that God all by Himself is not really particularly concerned overtly with good administration, ending all starvation, wars and genocide, what people commonly conceive of as virtue. It’s conflict and adversity every day, for thousands of years. (I am personally part of the payback in this investment futures market. Invest retroactively if you know what is good for You.)

Why are you un-compassionately daily eating animal flesh and products? Why make wine, bread and fish – none of these are optimal human foods! (A reason is the carnivorous humans amplified metabolism on steroids, human and animal growth hormones, sexual enhancement drugs and dead animals and animal products simply out-communicate vegans and fruitarians – so do people on illegal drugs in a way. And they more more of industry, profits, expensive and polluting energy waste and literally bloody polluting mess. This is of course profitable at everyone’s expense, depending on who you are and what you “own”….and of course, God is generally an infinite distance away from all humans, in data structures like heaven, purgatory and even hell that no man may follow, and within people and the hearts angels and others gave them temporarily – so He has no realistic reason to be overly concerned.

That’s why the brother who made animal sacrifices to God, the ones who twisted the heads of little doves as part of being priests and Rabbis, part of a “living”, get to kill the brother who makes the vegetable sacrifice after Eden. More clash it has to do with generating the power by torture that God needs to contemplate with….

So vie and campaign for world administrator, president, prime minister and all that you really know is right and believe in; make that hit record album and public speeches rivaling all and any and publish your book and get pregnant, and maybe you vegans, fruitarians and vegetarians will be able to produce as many children as welfare patients eating meat on illegal drugs and have the impact of the phonies, owners, doctorates and consultants who APPEAR lead and govern and support wars they pretend are in your interests, and have been set up to make cheap and unhealthy and over-advertised products at everyone’s expense, including their own.

Help. I am not meeting my production quota for social effect…. Please, I beg you – spare virgins, extra fathers, billions in campaign staff and at least two jet airplanes, gold credit cards, new relatives, real estate, an extra house and car – anything you can spare….

“Brother My Son, Son of Man” a book about the endless condescension and patronizing, dominating and lethally insulting traditions that brought earth to it’s knees. It will never be written without your support.

(At least ten more children by different concubines from around the world entirely at their and family’s expense, more resources at my personal command than those who invented and popularized computers and run Presidents and Prime Ministers – at least ten of these, and you may get a new planet, a World Without Wages, Money, Poverty and War! [And of course devote your entire existence to me for more than forever and all you may ever know as if I am your parents, lovers, marriage partner(s), first and most secret love, and at least all your formal education, training, dreams and acculturation and more.])

More honest than GD and the Messiah too…. (HINT: Popularize fasting, standing corrected, standing guard, veganism, fruitarianism, The Eden Diet and decisive economic infrastructure of the highest and most efficient quality that immediately solves all earth’s unemployment with legally negotiated energy, mining, building, educational, agricultural, sanitation and mal-employment problems.)

Then “appreciate” the next round of international terrorists attacks, war, disease, mal- and unemployment, poverty, starvation and genocide and nuclear weapons use. This planet is becoming “late and retrograde”. NASA stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts. You have been predicted, controlled completely and wasted your lives in an extended game – with technology – of what amounts to “RIP Perdition”. 9/11 I NEVER KNEW YOU.

Om du inte uppskatta detta är någorlunda övertygande och bedragande sophomore gymnasiet skrivande ELLER faktiskt är intresserad av att göra något som gör skillnad, GÖR VARJE SKRIFTLIG försök att kontakta och bli vän MIG.

আপনি এই এই কারণে হয় প্রবর্তক এবং অনৃজু দ্বিতীয় বার্ষিক উচ্চ বিদ্যালয় স্তরের লেখা অনুমান বা একটি পার্থক্য তোলে যে কিছু করছেন আসলে আগ্রহী না থাকে , যোগাযোগ এবং বন্ধুত্ব করতে প্রত্যেক লিখিত চেষ্টা করা.

As jy nie skat nie dit is redelik oortuigend en verlok stage hoërskoolvlak skryf, of is eintlik belangstel om iets te doen wat ‘n verskil, maak asseblief elke skriftelike poging om kontak en bevriend.

Ef þú meta ekki þetta þetta er nokkuð sannfærandi og heillandi sophomore menntaskóla stigi skrifa eða eru í raun áhuga á að gera eitthvað sem skiptir máli , gera allt skrifað átak að hafa samband og vingast.


2 thoughts on “How You Solve All Earth’s Problems – Realism in Promotions and Education

  1. These answers are calculated to bring about the changes that are best for God by all His names and Archangels – and all human life. No matter your beliefs, politics, religion(s), I assure you such a platform is worth considering and writing about once, and promoting in many languages and globally.

    Pretend you went to a college/university, or even high school, where the best outline to the answers for an exam were freely available for you to use, study from, and even copy and give to your peers. Here they are – these represent A answers to Earth’s Final Exam that are good from the 1850’s to long after the end of all biological life. No rights reserved. (More surely than someone with three college and university degrees can still get an A in junior high algebra, I assure you.)

    With all the best expectations for every, I know you can get an A+. Instructor Lawrence Morris Leight (Lawrence Leight) still available for questions and office hours at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


  2. “Back commanding” – wars, death camps, God, nations – there is an endless amount of victories to be won, and results to be demonstrated profitably. Some people are good enough to know, even organizations, that giving a damn is more than an expression….so is taking responsibility, maturity, and miracles….


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