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World Administration Policies, Law and Economics: Earth’s Problems Solved All in One Place – Your A on Earth’s Final Exam is Free in My Class

Most efficiently solving earth’s problems – how, what, where and why

Now available as a petition globally – please befriend me on Facebook, LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter @PrimeMinisterAZ (news agency follows) and @destitutepoor (vegan and other non-profit accounts locally to globally) that can be contacted to end earth’s problems by the best heuristics that really make the difference – the best of reform, economic policy, peaceful, legal and democratic revolution and evolution/eugenics.

Lawrence (Morris) Leight,,

All comments, questions, offers, volunteers encouraged – read the other articles on world administration for earth’s top 30 policies to solve earth’s worst problems all at once and contact me to campaign internationally for all elected offices, plus 18 commandments evolving, reforming, revolutionizing any economy through time and limiting solution sets – sure bets (If you use reverse time logic, these are the de facto programming states that are as commandments [which include God’s] to bi-pedal sentient beings, God, Gods, angels, ET’s and humans – universal commandments/programming statements for all life).

Consultant Rapha Solomon Light


Stands on public and private issues:

1) Elimination of the death penalty; increasing use of penalties that amount to banishment (this penalty, particularly when taken globally and inter-culturally, made the difference not only in new personal lives, but a greater awareness and life for all, as did increasing the transfer rate of deployment and lateral job transfers to new locations for employees) and greater territorial restriction; nations and courts will effectively admit, as will hospitals and educational institutions, that the fault for crime. accident and “Acts of God” remains as the obligation of the state, nation and planet. When the state is found guilty of not effectively relocating those who have requested new housing and employment, particularly if this has led to crime, they will be given options of relocation that imply the solution to crime…

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4 thoughts on “World Administration Policies, Law and Economics: Earth’s Problems Solved All in One Place – Your A on Earth’s Final Exam is Free in My Class

  1. On my planet EVERYONE is world administrator. Your writing is part of the “social computer code” that designed me! It is in your best interests to attempt to live on my planet, no matter where you are! This is a “natural” problem that comes in quanta, a collective unit of measure, in this case about a million human lives. Influence immigration so that over a million human settle in Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia, New Zealand and Finland that would have otherwise settled in a nation that promoted racism in world war and has nuclear weapons. It’s worth promoting once! So is free public transportation…tax lien sales, gold and ending all starvation, terrorism and war, and it is also worth promoting a better deal for every.
    Increased breast feeding times sought for all humans. Issues that will not lose for thousands of years, particularly on average. The fact that these changes inspire new holiday, significant change and cycle necessities and long-standing tradition is almost wholly a plus, a positive fact and not a hindrance. You are not only nor even primarily looking for “smooth” administration and comfortable maintenance – you are looking for significant change that makes the difference at least potentially, safely, in the very long term and retroactively.

    Pretend you are surely calling all your shots and see what kind of game you’re playing. Keep going back to this mode at least until you confirm the mode AND find you are NEVER playing the game, living the life you expect, NEVER!

    If you did not nor were not able to make this conclusion, expand your search to more complicated ways involving you, society and assumption.

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